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    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Agree, seems to be poorly designed, simple table. Also shows some useless data like 0 Wh/km on 0 min / 0 km trip. +1. Not larger. Ability to swipe/shrink it to the left would be really nice. Or even make it full screen. Or make it a floating window that you can position wherever you like...
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    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Did you turn on the rear window defroster? It also turns on the mirrors' heater. Manual: "The exterior side mirrors are also heated whenever the rear window defroster is operating."
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    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Probably the rational is about frequency of use... I hope. You don't want something there all the time if you use it only few times in a year.
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    TeslaDrive for Sentry and music. What about video?

    Tesla support is actually saying that SSD drives are not supported... only USB sticks, which is really weird. Sometimes I feel like Tesla hires kids from university to develop these things and they literally feel like garage projects with 1 developer and minimal QA and testing.. forget about...
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    Sentry mode has turned off due to a sentry system error

    Still happening today on latest public update. Shame on Tesla not fixing important security feature. I suspect LTE/3G as the culprit because the errors happen randomly.
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    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    The problem: Inconsistent wake up behavior when on WiFi without LTE. Setup: Car sits underground, connected to the charger (charger connection seems to be irrelevant, unless charging is in progress, that's when car won't sleep, essentially delaying sleep), without LTE (grey bars crossed icon...
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    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    So you are driving every day, thinking "Oh I wish this was better!" What are those things? UI ? Interior ? Exterior ? Autopilot ? Tech ? Future features ?
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    MY accelerated on it’s own!

    And I believe that OP is legit fan of Tesla and certainly knows what he is doing.
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    MY accelerated on it’s own!

    I would bet that conditions that cause it have not yet been discovered, hence it's "impossible". It might be some really rare racing condition in multiple systems and there are a lot of them working together! Tesla's claim is legit because they believe it's impossible simply because they don't...
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    USB music not resuming since MCU2/AP3 upgrade

    Tesla is an advanced software company, don't bother with these perks, that seem to work perfectly in corolla, to work in tesla.
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    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    Crash might be an overstatement, but nonetheless some kind of downturn. Indicators are there, even on YT, in the comments. I would not ignore ANY.
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    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    Thanks, great info. Seems like anyone doing the delivery pickup these days should test the heat!
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    Battery Replacement Nightmare. Would like input!

    Unless they wanted to cover the poor inspection prior, which they have a record of, I'm sure, then it will make sense. Also a possibility that battery failed due to something else entirely and they did it to cover it up. But probably a manager of the SC just trying to save $$$. I'm not assuming...
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    Is Autopilot at fault in this accident?

    Truck's fault. All he had to do was to be patient, going around the slower vehicle in front. I don't expect truckers to be patient though, they treat everyone else as inferior on the road. I guess men in control of powerful machines usually do that... if they are dumb, which most of them, such...
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    Battery Replacement Nightmare. Would like input!

    Tesla is a suspect number one. Why, because it saves them $$$. They hire unqualified personnel, who are not paid well and careless. I would hire a forensics investigator to check the point of damage, it could be pretty accurately determined WHEN it occurred. Even from the pictures I have a...
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    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    Any fix for this issue? Looks like it's a serious concern, LOTs of people on YT reporting this in comments. Monday stock crash incoming? Sounds like recall is needed.
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    How I got Boombox to take custom tracks

    Boombox is another useless thing from Tesla. All I wanted from it is to play custom sound when moving or reversing and when I don't want ANY sound I would choose silent file. Why Tesla, why? Why interrupt music... The engineer who did this should be questioned.
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    How I got Boombox to take custom tracks

    Is it only capable of playing MP3?
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    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    I don't like it if it stays fixed. Need options. I don't need visualizations all the time for example. Bottom row should be customizable as well. If left side is collapsible, like a menu that would be nice. I don't always need to see the speed as well, could be a tiny number or no number...
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    Blog EV Startup Rivian Closes $2.5B Investment Round

    Rivian should at least make 1 vehicle.
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    Elon Musk Says Tesla Is 'Very Close' To Level 5 Self-Driving Technology

    However, what Tesla is developing with the respect to computer vision is extremely valuable in many other areas of application. We it's help we would finally be able to automate a lot of routine jobs, like packing and assembly. And this is great value, hopefully Tesla understands that.
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    Elon Musk Says Tesla Is 'Very Close' To Level 5 Self-Driving Technology

    Level 5 basic functionality = level 3 functionality. Elon's great businessman, pushing Tesla's sales and stock to the limit and beyond. IMO current hardware, even just cameras, are not enough for FSD. Rear camera is a useless parking camera for example, useless for FSD. It's fish-eye and lacks...
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    Best music system?

    Music system, considering its a car, is awesome in M3. However at freeway speeds it's irrelevant to a degree because noise from the road masks over the music and M3 has no road noise insulation compared to similar priced ICE cars. When driving slow or just sitting in the car it's great, for a...
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    Locked IN my Tesla

    Tesla should do a better job monitoring the 12v. Have a backup or something. This problem is stupid, shame on Tesla for not thinking this through.
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    Dirty Mobile Charger?? Black liquid.

    Adhesive maybe? Is it hot where you charge? Just get Tesla to replace it. Good luck.
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    center console wrap

    Get a pro shop to do it properly with precision and quality.
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    FSD saved us from being crushed by a semi

    My thoughts. But in general, great job by Tesla, especially in light of future FSD.
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    Urgh...my new car

    Communication with Tesla was only good with the local sales guy. After ordering I had no idea what was happening, when was happening and so on. Everything was like a surprise. It was at the end of 2019. Delivery was smooth though. Quality, I agree it's not the same as similar priced Audi or...
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    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    What if log of accelerator pedal position is not always related to physical pedal position? Car accelerating while on AP is using physical actuator or electronic/MCU/whatever logic to accelerate? What do logs show when AP is on? Maybe the accelerator pedal position is mimicked in the logs? After...
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    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    I'm not saying sensors are at fault, but car getting confused while reading too many inputs (guessing of course) from those sensors while "feathering".
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    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    I bet that it has something to do with mechanical part of the pedal and car reading it's position. I have a good gut feeling about it. The "feathering" part is the key. I bet the car reading the accelerator position values gets some kind of a error, array overflow or something. I will try to...
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    Washington Post Article

    Looks like those workers wanted to stay home until "covid-19 is over" and Tesla fired them.
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    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    My 2C. Sometimes bluetooth on the phone will "sleep" if you have a bunch of notifications or apps running in the background. It happens on my G6 if I for example get bunch of youtube notifications, car will ask for a card when trying to drive or won't unlock doors, its pretty random. Hope this...
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    Have you guys exp'd any slight jerks when stopping for stop sign or traffic light line? It seems to do a micro adjustments last second and jerks a bit forward.
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    Falcon wing door buckled on glass roof

    A bit of observation/speculation: I wonder if this is the problem that arises over time if you use falcon doors a lot. I'm not surprised that Tesla didn't test for longevity. I assume this car 2016-2017? Door were probably pulled down a lot manually or something like that (of even just normal...
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    Blog Report: Million-Mile Model 3 Planned for China Production

    If it drives faster than corolla, range is 200+ miles and can be charged at 50+ kW I think it will be great. Devil is in the details, need more.
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    Will Tesla be able to deliver FSD with HW3.0 and current Model 3 sensor suite, ever?

    From the article: "In fact, the better your model, the harder it is to find robust data sets of novel edge cases. Additionally, the better your model, the more accurate the data you need to improve it. Rather than seeing exponential improvements in the quality of AI performance (a la Moore’s...
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    Will Tesla be able to deliver FSD with HW3.0 and current Model 3 sensor suite, ever?

    Right now the main challenge is DATA. Not the ability to get the 3D representation of the world around the car. Even drones like Skydio 2 can easily see and avoid obstacles while following you. The real problem is this drone doesn't care about what it sees. Car needs not only to be able to know...
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    Tesla 3D Atlas?

    I suspect that, but ... one can dream! :)
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    Tesla 3D Atlas?

    If you've seen the body anatomy atlas you would know what I mean. Looking at Model 3 service repair manual you see all of these really nice 3D images of the car systems, inside-out. (see attached example) Tesla would actually benefit from having this information online. People will be able to...
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    Don't try this on the highway... 2020.4.1

    Thanks everyone for the comments. The bottom line car should never do ANYTHING like that, it should be SAFETY first and NOT making the exit. You can always drive back, but if you are dead or car is totaled it will be very hard to do. I also disengage NoAP all the time, because it's not there...
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    Don't try this on the highway... 2020.4.1

    Today I learned something new about Tesla's FSD AP. Luckily I'm still alive. When going on the highway with AP ON (without NoAP) and you are passing your exit, literally going next to the exit lane AND you enable NoAP car just rips towards the exit lane. Luckily for me the road was dry and...
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    Yellow Screen border, poor quality & workmanship, and poor customer service -- Arbitration

    With all things considered I pretty much level with Tesla's customer service. It's not Tesla's fault really, it's the reality of starting new company in Automotive sector, starting from scratch, trying to save every $ to survive. Hiring cheapest managers and CS reps as the consequence. Cheap...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    What's interesting is that written text is perceived differently by different people. Like degree of emotion that the author put in the text. Let me explain why I responded the way I did. The person expressed ignorance, laziness and stupidity in one sentence. These days with google at your...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    It's nice to meet you (the forum). You make no sense and provide no useful info on the matter.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    I'm simply looking through the glass and describing what I see. You are right it doesn't amaze me, hence the post. =). I'm worried about it cracking sometime down the road and I won't be able to prove it's not my fault. Bottom line it looks like glass warp. What really warps I don't care. I...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Thanks, you are the most level-headed one so far. Not following a random link by the way. Might want to copy/paste. In my book ignorance is not an excuse for spam or pointless posts. If you lack capacity to think and provide valuable input you should not post. Sometimes light insult gives you a...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Thanks for your input. It's amazing how Trump can *sugar* on everyone and become a president and I can't be a bit rude about stupid responses. Some sensitive people here, ready to defend and patronize. I agree I need to take a picture to have more proof. I have it planned for this weekend. Stay...
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    WOW...Superbowl commercials taking aim at Tesla.

    It would make sense. Industry is now clearly going all out EV and Tesla has no real competition? Maybe.

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