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    Model 3 Accessories & Parts for Sale

    It's a standard Model 3 travel charger that comes with the vehicle plus the optional Tesla 240V plug adapter all packaged in the original Tesla travel bag.
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    Model 3 Accessories & Parts for Sale

    I sold my 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance. I miss it a lot, but it was the right move for me at this time. I prefer a local sale cash in Miami FL, but I can ship if you cover shipping costs. 1. Real carbon fiber, performance red covers for the left and right stalks on the steering wheel. Wish I...
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    XPEL Prime XR?

    Happy New Year. I did the tint and brake caliper paint at Miami Auto Spa in Downtown Miami. I went Xpel Prime XR Plus 35 all around including the roof, they did a single sheet for the roof to the trunk section. I would recommend going darker on the roof to the trunk, maybe step down to 30. I...
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    MYP pushed in Feb is in and they want me to pick up - but can't get trade in offer on SRY..

    Any recommendations on where to advertise a private sale? I've only ever traded in cars or sold to Carmax in the past.
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    Are there Stealth Y's

    When I bought my 3, I learned from this forum of the stealth version, performance model without the fluff of 20" wheels and spoilers, and was able to order one which I own today. With resale values very high right now, I'm thinking about trading in for a Y and curious if anyone has a stealth Y.
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 with XPEL Ceramic Window Tint

    I've attached a photo (not my car) to clarify, the rear glass goes over the rear passenger seats then there is a divider and another piece of glass that covers the front seats. I did the rear with a single sheet of 35% and in hind sight I should have only done the rear with 2 pieces so the roof...
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 with XPEL Ceramic Window Tint

    I have Prime XR Plus in 35 all around now since Dec 2019. I’m very happy with the quality and apperance, but in hind sight I should have asked for two pieces for the roof/trunk like 25 on the roof and 35 on the trunk instead of a single sheet of 35. South Florida’s brutal sun even with the AC on...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Bernie says he got 3 3's one at each of his 3 homes LOL
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    Subscription FSD is Coming

    Will be interesting to see how many people are willing to subscribe at it for the term of ownership. I can see it really taking off when city street navigation arrives, but I wonder what percentage of owners actually use FSD (over Autopilot) on a regular basis in a meaningful way.
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    Remote for Tesla App saved me from being stranded

    Like I said I haven't really been driving the last 7 months. When I was driving every day I had it in my RFID shielded wallet. I learned a lot of new things on this thread, most usefully I had no idea the Tesla app could start the car while unpaired since I haven't used it since I setup the car...
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    Complaints about Model 3 pricing

    Prior to model year 2020 my understanding is they label their vehicle model year (MY) based on the year it was built in so anything built in 2018 is a MY18. That changed in 2019. I received my MY20 in November 2019 :D The 2021 has substantial upgrades and even cheaper price and I'm glad to see...
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    Remote for Tesla App saved me from being stranded

    I've haven't been driving much since March due to the whole COVID thing or gone to any stores. I had a day off and decided to go to the supermarket and rejoin the real world for a brief moment. When I got back to my car with the groceries I was able to open the door and load the goods, but when...
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    Complaints about Model 3 pricing

    It's quite dumb to buy a outgoing model year so late in the year unless circumstances require it. He's probably fuming over how much better the 2021 is LOL
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    My MY20 has been garaged since March and likely remain that way until a vaccine is here. I drive less than 2 hours a week since so really the only time my Tesla sees action is on Sundays when I take it around the neighborhood to prevent rust and rot from setting in. That said as tempting as...
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    I'm still stuck on the buggy 20.8.1. Maybe cause I haven't driven the car in 4 weeks?
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    XPEL Prime XR?

    I did Prime XR Plus 35% all around. Looks great. South Florida sun and heat are brutal my car is parked out in the open all day at work no shade. The interior reaches around mid 90f inside at peak afternoon (measured by Tesla app) with outside temps being in the hi 80s. Now that the outside...
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    Radio slow after update

    I rarely listen to radio, but I do listen to my music library on my iPhone. Up until I upgraded to 2020.8.1 it worked flawless. Now it freezes on me if I click skip track a few times. Requires a reboot of the Tesla computer to fix the problem. The solution so far is not to use the skip track...
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    Firmware 2020.8

    BUG w/ Bluetooth and iPhone 11 Pro Max I updated my car last night and today the car would loose connectivity with the phone when playing music if I use skip track several times. It requires rebooting the computer and then manually reconnecting the iPhone. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    Thanks for sharing. I'm probably going to buy one this weekend at the local Tesla store.
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    Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    Yes apparently there are many ways to blind the pillar cam. The blinding I experienced is caused by fogging/condensation on the outside.. wiping off with a microfiber cloth solves the issue for me. It's not cold here often and maybe not cold enough to cause fog on the inside.
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    Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    Well the weather is cooling on SoFla again and the side of the car that gets blinded is fogged. I simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth before leaving home.
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    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    Since moving to iPhone 11 Pro Max last year Phone Key has been unreliable. Maybe fails 30% of the time. I’m considering buying a key fob because I use the frunk 2x every week day, but honestly I don’t really want to go back to a carrying key fob. How big are they relative to a normal cars key fob?
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    Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    The issue first occurred for me during a very cold front for south Florida, temps dropped to the 40s overnight and would be cold mid 50s in the morning despite the sunshine. As soon as the weather returned to 60s the issue disappeared. I'm inclined to believe it was condensation/fogging. I...
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    Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    Thanks for the feed back. It seems its the same issue as described in this thread. I wonder if there is a fix since the other cam doesn't do it. B-pillar cameras fogging up?
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    Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    Anyone seen this before. Started happening last Sunday and occurs every morning when I leave for work. It goes away after about 10 to 15 minutes of running the car and does not reappear till the following morning. I'm taking it in to service, but my brief experience with the service center they...
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    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    Put on another coat of Mequiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax spray and rinse as a booster to the original application back in December.
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I did the z-seals on my front doors like seen in the these two photos from the Op. I did not run a p-seal along the bottom or any additional seals nor the back doors. I did this the evening before I took the car into the service center to address a chronic and consistent rattling in the dash...
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    What's Your Favorite Ceramic-Infused Spray Sealant?

    So I did my first wash, rougghly 3 weeks after I applied Mequiars Hybrid Ceramic. I disappointed to announce the hood largely had no water beading and little sheeting. The water mostly just sat on the hood as a layer. The rest of the car seemed to to still be protected. I went ahead and did...
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    What's Your Favorite Ceramic-Infused Spray Sealant?

    Are layering one over the other?
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    What's Your Favorite Ceramic-Infused Spray Sealant?

    Using Meguair’s Hybrid Ceramic for just about a month now. I started with a foam wash, then a hand wash to scrub out bugs and red spots, then a whole body synthetic clay bar. Finally I did a base coat of the product followed by a second rinse off coat as recommended by Meguiar. The first coat...
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    Are the Chinese Model 3's superior to US?

    Will be interesting to see the reviews and comments of the Model 3's being delivered in China. Particularly if they have the same common defects as those here in the USA. Looks like Tesla put the frunk hooks back in for them.
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    Range Decrease since version 2019.40.50

    My 2020 M3P Stealth is just over 1 month old with1,360 miles and I'm having the same results. The last few charges max out in the low 260s; when I first got the car it had firmware v9 and was charging up to 279 (90%) so wet took a 15% range hit for 5% performance increase. Maybe they will...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Just got home from dinner with the Fam.. and my phone notified me its in process of downloading 50.1. I had a feeling it would arrive for Christmas :D
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    Winter charging issues, frozen charge ports, road trips

    I get stuck frequently here in the warm Florida weather with both Supercharger and mobile connector. I'll press the button on the handle and the light will light up blue but when I pull the handle the lock re-engages and the light starts flashing green. I use the phone to re-lock the car and...
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    I still have a DINAN chip from when I had an E36.
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    Cleaning tips

    Tide to Go. I recommend wearing eye protection since your going to be looking up to do the cleaning.
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    2K for half second is not bad when you consider what it would cost to achieve the same on a ICE vehicle. Too bad they're not offering a Christmas deal on FSD.. I'd roll the dice on it for 2K LOL
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    Red - Bumper color does not match body, service refused

    When I ordered my first M3 it arrived with much more minor paint issues, chip here and there, primer exposed in a few areas in the usual spots for Tesla. My desire to have the M3 especially with the free 2yr supercharging promotion at the time was very strong, but the voice of reason prevailed...
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    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    Thanks I'll read it. I don't have the proper setup for detailing so pretty much I'm forced to go Pro for something like Ceramic.
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    X-Care Extended Warranty for Model 3

    I submitted for a quote just to see what a 2020 would cost, but I'm leaning towards cutting loose at 4 years or 45K which ever comes first.
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    Thoughts on this look

    Got photos from different angles, would be interested in seeing a direct side view, rear quarter, and direct rear.
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    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    I got this one and it likely will work like the video for you if your ceramic coated. I'd caution those without ceramic coating or some other treatment that the $280 is better spent on a treatment. My car has not been treated with anything yet so it only really effective in spots where water...
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Yes, I anticipated buying the 40A Wall Connector with builtin 14-50plug. I've heard about swapping the plug on the standard Wall Connector.. do you get the full 48A for your model 3?
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    So I left it plugged in since Friday and the unit does cool down a little while after I remove the puck from the car. I even left it plugged into the car overnight in the rain though I sheltered it a bit by angling the car so the charge port was underneath the garage over hang. I was expecting...
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to try leaving it plugged in tomorrow.
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    So you leave it plugged in when not charging and if so does the Tesla light on the MC unit stay lit and the unit remain warm?
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Does anyone leave their Mobile Charger plugged into 240V 14-50 socket all the time and does the MC stay on (green light) when the puck is not inserted into the car? I noticed mine stays green and warm to the touch unless I unplug it. I'm interested in making my mobile charger a full time...
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    Detailers in Miami Florida

    Thanks I'll look into them. Wow that is a horrible tint job. Did you ask them to correct it?
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    Detailers in Miami Florida

    I got my tint done there and happy with the finished job. I'm definitely considering them as an option.
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    Detailers in Miami Florida

    Anyone have experience with a detailing shop in Miami that they would recommend. I'm looking for a high quality waxing service, not ready to seal the car with ceramic as I may opt in for a full color wrap next year.

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