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    Build quality

    Tesla will fix these really quick. Probably even mobile service.
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    HW3 upgrades will start to roll out in Q4. Have to be patient. When HW4 rolls out, we will all be paying for that upgrade!
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    Anyone brave enough to try iOS 12 with Model 3?

    Works great. My expectation was that any known bugs had been fixed.
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    POLL: North-up or Heading-up

    Should be North up when starting. Normal map orientation when setting up navigation. When traveling should be heading up. Should be automatic switch.
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    Broken garage door opener

    Since 32.2, Homelink working flawlessly. Just had First experience with black screen during backing up, but Homelink now works.
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    Tesla App iOS Update: Version 3.4.4.

    Anyone else notice that the app app does not show any updates for Tesla app? All other apps show update history except Tesla app. Even though 3.4.4 is loaded, no history of updates.
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    homelink auto open/close, what is proper sequence?

    Make sure you have latest firmware update if you have homelink issues. Now auto close works 90% of the time for me. Also if you have CFL or LED lights, switch to low EMI LED bulbs from Genie. Available on Amazon. If it still does not work after these, call Tesla. It really does work now. When...
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    Future-proof NEMA 14-50 install

    Wires can be run through flexible conduit. Or you can splice Romex to conduit in a Junction box. Make sure this is to code if you want fire insurance coverage.
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    Future-proof NEMA 14-50 install

    Romex cannot be run in a conduit. There is too much thermal insulation and the wire will get hotter and may exceed its rating. If there is a fire, don’t expect the insurance company to cover. Romex is to be used INSIDE walls without conduit. I used AWG4 XHHN-2 inside 1” EMT. You can also use...
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    Mobile connector at 230v, 28mi/hr? voltage drop or normal?

    My install is with AWG 4 wire to cut efficiency loss, increase charging rate, and to reduce voltage drop. Yes those are all the same. The cost to use AWG4 over AWG6 is minimal and pays for itself in efficiency. People don’t know they are heating up the wires and paying for that heat. A 100’ run...
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    Head rests - so narrow and far forward

    Love the headrests!
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    Steering wheel finishing

    I just googled model 3 rough steering wheel. My original wheel was perfect I thought except a wrinkle and they replaced it and the stitching is REALLY rough. So some steering wheels are perfect and some are rough. Maybe two stitching suppliers. I’m going to contact the SC because it really...
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    2018.26.3 be4b11e update

    Color change by OTA update! What will they think of next?
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    Update fails

    The car should scan for all modules and build a list of versions for each module and then load the driver code associated with each module. This really should not be so difficult to maintain a database and compatibility and auto check for compatibility of a release before it is released against...
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    How to stop the car from heating the cabin?

    AGREE. I’ve seen it do this with 117F temperatures here in Phoenix! WTF I don’t need heating. I don’t need the heated seats to turn on. WTF. I don’t even need those icons ever. Just in the way. I also hate it when sometimes it won’t turn on the AC when I get into the car, but if I touch the fan...
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    Issues with firmware 2018.24.8

    I notice sometimes AC is wonky on 24.7. Of when getting into car and have to press fan symbol rven though it is already in Auto. Someone needs to recode all of the UI and operation logic in a simple state machine generator so that it is easy to read and review. They probably have so many...
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    Is there a list of all known bugs?

    I put in a feature request that known bugs are listed under the software release. It is amazing that they don’t have this because they would not need an enormous support staff to explain to everyone reporting an issue that it is a known bug and is expected to be fixed in release X.Y or are...
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    Trunk won't open on approach with 2018.26.x?

    This makes sense logically if you understand what’s tesla did in the update. The car is locked until you press the door button. The car has to be unlocked to open the trunk. I’m not saying this makes sense. Because if you have the App, then you should have the option to open the trunk or frunk...
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    Stateless Drive Selector Woes. Better Drive UI?

    Totally Agree. Happened to me once that the car was in reverse when I accidentally hit the drive selector instead of signaling. The car was going opposite of what I though it was supposed to. I thought the car had gone bonkers. The Drive selector indicator needs to be MUCH larger and color...
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    Stateless Drive Selector Woes. Better Drive UI?

    I made a u turn in my neighborhood and I thought it switched directions. I may have accidentally pressed the wrong arm, but I find that the drive indicator is severely lacking. The drive letters need to be 10x larger and color coded. The GUI needs substantial update to increase visibility and...
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    2018.26.1 Firmware - fixed Brake Warning & Vampire Drain

    Crossing fingers for next week SC appointment most issues are addressed by firmware update and new bumper paint(damaged paint in far lower left of bumper showing black plastic)
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    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    My wife did this in her van while I was in it. She was trying to back up but instead she was in drive and was pressing on the accelerator while the car was being stopped by the cement barrier. No damage. But it taught me that humans make mistakes (brain farts). Cars like this REALLY need to take...
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    Model 3 won’t start, help?

    I did the same. Friday the 13th is not lucky for me. Too many issues.
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    Model 3 firmware fine tuning wish list

    Larger font and icons are at the top of my list. Next VERY large RNPD indicator. Maybe even color coded.
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    Audio (Slacker) crackling sound?

    Send a message you tesla executives to ask them to prioritize fixing the firmware (codec/filter/...) to resolve. It is likely a variable exceeding maximum representable value in an IIR filter or something like that. Premium audio should not crackle like an old A.M. radio.
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    Feature Request: Mirror auto fold tied to HomeLink

    Top of my feature requests, AFTER all the bugs are fixed please.
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    Car turns off every time I get in

    2018.24.7 release and this happened a day after receipt. So many “software” bugs I’m taking into SC with list of quality issues with car.
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    Speaker static from some songs

    I’m thinking it is a loose speaker wire or the speakers are broken. Taking into SC to have this and other issues addressed.
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    The screen went blank/black, how do I bring it back/reboot?

    When this happened to me, I was able to bring back by touching the screen. Equivalent to a "Power Down"
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    Brake/windshield fluid

    It occurred starting 2 days after receipt. I'm expecting that it will continue until the root cause is resolved (software) or hardware replacement. I've got service scheduled.
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    Broken garage door opener

    Just happened to me for the first time. Apparently I'm encountering every bug being reported on the forums. Lucky me. It is like an ant hill, full of bugs. I suspect that the workaround is to reboot daily. It is like a pre Windows XP computer that you have to reboot a couple times a day.
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    Is the M3 steering wheel small?

    Not at all. I think the wheel is just the right size. It feels great to drive.
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    Red Brake Warning Light Stays On

    Yes, picked up July 13th. Occurred several times now. If this is a filter issue, these programmers need to learn about filter initiation to prevent glitches. My audio has crackling sounds like the speaker wire is lose or the speakers are torn. If this is a digital filter issue, this also is an...
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    My new Model 3

    Increasing icon and font size is the only request I have.
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    Why do people really want Tesla to fail?

    People wishing for Tesla to fail appears to me like fans of one football team wanting the other team to fail. This is a human psychological character and has nothing to do with benefits to society. Just think of these people as football fans of the oil burning teams.
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    Sunk-in hood

    Tesla should fix this. The rubber supports need to be adjusted first and then maybe can deform the hood a bit to match it up. Tesla should experiment on some of their cars first and get the technique down. Should not repaint since it won’t be as hard or durable as factory paint. Their stamping...
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    Large crack in pano roof

    This looks like a manufacturing defect being so close to purchase. If the failure is at an edge, this is due to inadequate grind during fabrication or mechanical damage during transport or installation. I saw a M3 at the store yesterday and it had a small chip at the edge of the roof glass. This...

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