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    Loud whine under hood

    yesterday i went into my garage and my model S was off and plugged in on a trip charge. There was a soft wlectricwhining noise I hadn’t heard before. It kind of sounded like the whine you get when the A/C is on all the way but a little different. I took our ICE on the trip, didn’t want to...
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    Service calls

    when I had questions or concerns for my local service center I used to pick up the phone, dial the number, and just like with my Honda dealership, spoke with my service department within a few seconds. Now...apparently Tesla has changed things and every time I try to talk to someone I can no...
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    Don’t be afraid to complain

    Several of y’all know I am horribly frustrated with my Model S by all the repeated trips to the SVC and all thd problems I’ve had, nine trips to the SVC in 15 months and they are not all just little things. The latest is a steering issue that occurs randomly and causes the tension in the...
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    Climate not rebooting

    i was told by my SVC to do a hard reset of my MCU and Instrument Cluster all the way to the grey Tesla T weekly to try and help minimize issues. For the past two or three weeks when I reboot the MCU everything comes back up except for the climate system. I have to manually turn it back on. I...
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    Components in the trunk

    Ninth trip to the trip to the SVC for problems in 15 months. This time we are dealing with more radio and phone connectivity issues, again, my odometer resetting to zero, what seems to be a low powered hvac unit, and scariest of all, a steering problem. When I looked at my mobile tesla app, to...
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    Radio autoswitch

    my SVC recently upgraded my radio/phone to the 4glte connectivity board which fixed some of my problems. One thing That is happening every day, multiple times a day, is my radio will autoswitch stations. I get out of the car listening to something on slacker and when open the drivers door the...
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    Does warranty transfer to new owner?

    if I were to sell my CPO 16 Model S with 47,000 miles on it to an individual, not Tesla, would the remainder of my extended CPO service warranty go to the new owner or would they only get the balance of the original warranty?
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    Preset temp changes when I open the door

    i wasn’t sure if this was happening or not. Over the last few weeks it seemed as if I’d set my temp on my tesla app to one temp and when I got in the car it was something completely different. I have been having a lot of weird electrical problems but tonight just confirmed the temp change. I...
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    And the purpose of blasting a Roadster into Geosynchronous orbit is....

    SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, world's most powerful rocket, launches from Cape Canaveral
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    Phone interference

    if I’m parked and waiting for someone to come out of the store or waiting on the kids at their school and I have my Samsung phone in the little tray directly below the MCU I at time will get this weird static, buzzing, interference sound through the speakers. I know the obvious answer, move the...
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    Tesla solar coming to Home Depot

    Tesla solar kiosks coming to Home Depot Tesla solar kiosks coming to Home Depot
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    Odometer reset to zero twice

    I forgot that two or three weeks ago I looked down and my odometer read zero. After a mile or so it was back to true mileage. A week ago I received the warning, “Car may not restart!” SVC said my HV battery coolant heater was fried as well as my 12v batt after supercharging. A week after...
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    Auto present door handles

    long story short...I now hate my tesla after 8 trips to the SVC for different failures including electrical. I have also had three door handles shear off internally. One other member said he turned off the auto present handles to try and reduce wear and tear on the mechanism. What would...
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    Anyone regretting their purchase

    I was super excited to get my CPO 16 Model S 70D and sang praises to Tesla. However, in my 15 months of ownership and only 47,000 miles on the car I have been to the service center 8 times for three broken door handles (replaced with previous model not the new stronger ones), needing to have...
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    Why are Warning types not listed on the owners guide?

    i broke down last weekend 260 miles away from home with a warning that said, “car requires service. Car may not restart.” Roadside had it towed and we drove home in a rental. Turns out my battery coolant heater was going out and when I supercharged twice it sent it over the edge. I also had to...
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    Sudden change in steering wheel resistance

    I have my steering set to sport mode and a couple of times, while driving around a curve in the road, I have noticed that the steering wheel suddenly loses its sports mode resistance/stiffness for a few seconds which causes me to have to move the wheel a couple inches to compensate. It felt...
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    Worried New Owner

    long story short. I own a CPO 16 Model S 70D with about 42,000 on it. In 15 months of ownership I have had three door handles break, had connectivity issue after issue with the radio and phone unit which they upgraded to the 4g LTE after nine months which solved about 95% of my problems but...

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