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    Dog Mode/Camp Mode not avail on Iphone App for FSD Beta

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, Hardware 3, 112K miles, Sfwr 2022.4.5.21, Iphone App 4.8.1-1032 Under climate when I swipe up I only have Defrost Car and Cabin Overheat Protection. I know we lag behind the features in the UI provided to the the non beta users, we just got the Super...
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    2527 mi Roundtrip FSD NOA and Beta

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta (2022.4.5.21), Hardware 3, 112K miles TL/DR only a few issues, worked very well. Completed a 2527 mile round trip Used 729 kWh Avg. Energy 289 Wh/mi. Super Charging $230.58 across multiple states, some with per minute rates. Used FSD Beta and Navigate...
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    Standard Morning Run on 2022.4.5.21, Improved

    2018 Telsa Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, HW3, 108K miles TLDR, nice “noticeable” improvements, nothing major, less phantom slowing, better turn execution. Installed the update last night. Did the standard morning run. It made the left out of the development smoother, slowed, then did a...
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    FSD Beta Users Dead Ended on 2021.44.30.21

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, HW3, 108K miles Two releases dropped since 30.21 and have since ended: 10.11 and 10.11.1. Is the Beta now limited to just a few FSD Beta subscribers on future releases? Were the 2 new releases so bad that it wasn’t worth continuing the roll out to the...
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    Cold Weather Wiper Service Mode and APP, Tire Rotation Alert

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, HW3, 107K miles Can Tesla put the ability to use the phone App to move the wipers to Wiper Service Mode when warming the car. Car was covered with snow and wipers weren't placed in wiper mode the day before. Would of been nice if it had the ability to...
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    The standard Test Run on morning route FSD Beta 2021.40.30.2

    2018 Model 3 LR, Dual Motor, FSD, HW3, 106K miles, FSD Beta 2021.40.30.2 Still Bad: Did the morning standard run and still no change with Phantom Slowing at the same spots. Didn’t really expect it seeing it is still 2021 and a .X.X release. New Good: Interestingly it mapped to the spot where I...
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    FSD Beta and Dashcam Clips

    Those on FSD Beta are you able to record any dashcam events? I do not see the camera icon, only the reporting camera for the Beta. I pulled the USB to look at the files that maybe on it, but I can not access them. Is this normal under the Beta?
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    44.30.5 Standard Morning Run Experience

    2018 Model LR, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta 2021.44.30.5, 104.7K miles I did the standard morning run to drop the wife off at work. Making turns from stop signs out of neighborhood still takes way too long, too much jerking of steering wheel, etc. no cars where on the road. You either disengage...
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    No improvement in 44.25.6 driving

    2018 Model 3, LR, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, 103K miles, 2021.44.25.6 I'm very disappointed in 25.6. I was hoping for significant improvements in driving performance unfortunately there is none and it may have introduced new ones. I did the normal morning run and it took forever to do a right...
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    2021.36.8.10 (FSD report)

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, HW3, 101K miles 2021.36.8.10 Downloaded and took a quick spin on same route I run each day, secondary back roads, farm fields, warehouses, developments. It is night time here so its dark out, high beams did their regular disco on and off. There may be some...
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    3 years >100K miles Battery and Service Status for those curious how its holding up

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, Long Range, FSD, HW3, 101K miles, 36.8.8 Battery and Servicing: Battery varies from 9%-11% loss, some days it shows 283 miles at full charge, other times it shows 278 miles at full charge Wall Charger at home, Supercharging on the road and 50/30 amp when camping...
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    Warning!!!! Do not recalibrate cameras in FSD Beta [RESOLVED]

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, Long Range, 99.8K miles. I just recalibrated the cameras and lost the FSD Beta capabilities, screen reverted back to AP and NOA only. I did a reboot and it is still AP and NOA only. The software still shows 2021.36.8.5 and the camera is still at top of screen...
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    2018 Model 3 AP/NOA, FSD Beta vs 2021 Model Y Autopilot

    2018 Model 3, dual motor, HW3 FSD, FSD Beta 2021.36.8.5, 99.7Kmiles 2021 Model Y, Dual Motor, AP Yesterday I drove my daughters 2021 model y on autopilot. The trip was ~180 miles round trip comprised of highway and back country roads. I must say I was really impressed with the standard...
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    Radar and Highway on 36.5.3

    2018 model 3, dual motor, long range, fsd, 99K miles, 36.5.3 Had my first highway run with FSD Beta. Once the car completed the onramp, the screen reverted to the NOA screen, which begged the question is it running on radar now or is it still vision and only the screen reverts back to NOA...
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    2021.36.5.3 (Beta 10.3.1) Observations from the North East

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, Long Range, FSD, HW3, 99K miles TL/DR – turns at intersections needs work, Y intersections are a challenge, radar turned off, no more phantom braking at known locations. Received the update yesterday evening. Took a quick spin of a couple miles, tail end of rush hour...
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    Make Lane Change the NOA exit module

    The Auto Lane Change feature works really well under Auto Pilot and NOA. Why not use that model for the exit ramps. Current exits on NOA ping pong too much, goes way right to the line then cuts back to the left before finally settling in the middle, not smooth at all. The lane change is very...
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    Need an Avoid garages button

    On a recent road trip back from Indiana to Pittsburgh, the routing took me into downtown Columbus, OH to a parking garage to charge. I had to back track down the highway to another charger rather than pay a parking fee to charge. Not sure why it picked one in downtown in a garage, there were...
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    Pivoting capability for Front Cameras

    If the Front facing cameras had the ability to pivot inside the houseing it would have better field of vision to the sides at intersections. It would be similar to a human turning his head to look both ways. Apologies if this was already discussed, but I didn't see it.
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    Tesla Camping Trip Circumnavigating the USA, ~12K miles

    2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, Long Range, FSD, 2021.4.18.2, 84K miles TLDR - Uneventful 7 weeks of camping “in” the Tesla at State Parks around the country. Two Bikes on Tesla roof rack with a Yakima bike rack Hotels on weekends – campgrounds were always filled and we didn’t know how long we would...
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    Turn off Pedestrian Avoidance/Braking

    2018 Model 3, LR, Dual Motor, FSD, 2021.4.6 Tesla really needs to turn this off. Not sure what happened with it but the original roll out worked well. I had one incident on a highway when a worker dragging a jack hammer up to the edge of the cones tripped it before I got to him. It was pretty...
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    Vehicle display and actual position of vehicles

    2018 Model 3, AWD, FSD, HW3, 2020.48.10 Last night I noticed when passing a vehicle, I was almost completely pass them and yet the display shows them still in front of vehicle or even with me. I normally haven’t paid attention to the screen, but last night I noticed all the vehicles were...
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    Increase Beta base

    I wish they would start to open up the FSD beta base. Here is an edge case of an intersection the current stop sign/traffic control FSD can not handle. North is up in the picture. If you are traveling north on Kesslerville road heading toward the intersection you come over a rise. Once you...
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    AutoPilot in FSD Beta and other questions (Long)

    A FSD Beta video (North Carolina) was posted the other day in Youtube. When he initially turned on AutoPilot, not with Nav on (FSD) the car started going and making turns at intersections on its own. No destination had been loaded. He had no idea where the car was going, he hadn’t plugged...
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    Observations with 40’s releases and recent road trip

    Phantom braking now on same road where it never did before. Car has been up and down this road thousands of times and now since the 40’s installed it's braking and sometimes hard where it never did. There’s nothing there, clear visibility, no overpasses or anything else. Frustrating. I just did...
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    Changed cabin filters, can't get the panel back on

    I changed the cabin filters, warning stuff a towel over the openings where the side panel is located, else if you drop the T20 screw, you will be in big trouble if it falls into those openings. Went to put the panel back on under the glovebox and can not get it to seat correctly. It's a...
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    Positive Service App and Service Center Experience

    I heard squeaking coming from the car the other morning. By the time I arrived home I wasn’t certain if I should continue driving the car. I put in a service request through the app and describe it as best I could. The service date on the app was over a week out and not at the closest service...
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    Prepping for the colder months – New Comers...

    We will soon be departing the stinky barnyard discussions (A/C smells), filter replacement, cleaning the coils, and revisiting: Decreased Range Tire pressure drops Blue dots – Loss of regen Frozen door handles/windows Charge port stuck Climate settings and Heated Seats Frozen washer fluid Snow...
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    FYI - TACC/AutoPilot after outage

    2018 Model 3 AWD, FSD, HW3, 36.10 Notice system was apparently resetting itself after a drive this am. Speed dropped to 15 on a 35 and did not change even after seeing the 35mph sign, it displayed the sign on screen. After a few miles it began working again. Red light, projected red line on...
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    Red light displayed as Green

    Sitting at a red light the other evening facing east I glanced over and noticed the display was showing green. I looked up at the light and it was still red. The sun was at just the right angle to cause the other lights to appear illuminated. I quick snapped a picture of it. Interestingly the...
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    Cameras in front and rear tailights???

    Do you think Tesla would ever add cameras in the front headlights and rear headlights for exiting parking spaces and for intersection? Currently cameras can't see those angles until you are far enough out. Putting them in the lights gives them protection and provides the angles needed to see...
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    Sentry notification window open and 2020.36 is out

    My wife and son took the car when they went for a hike. I get a sentry notification on my phone stating rear window is open. I went into the tesla app and closed it from the house. So cool. Also 2020.36 is out. I just got it, it has traffic green light chime, speed sign recognition and...
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    Search function on car screen, Tesla App revisions?

    Model 3 2018, AWD, FSD, 28.6 Is anyone having issues using the search function of the owners manual on the car screen. It only seems to work under the index tab, but not the other tabs? Tesla phone app. Is there any plans to provide more feature to it, like voice commands, statistical data...
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    Weekend Camping trip in the model 3

    TL/DR: Just did a weekend camping trip in the model 3, in prep for a week long one (shake out). So much easier setting up and tearing down a campsite. We froze our dinners in ziplock bags and brought a pot to boil them in and a backpacking stove, perfect. For coffee brought my mug and a pour...
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    Battery Charging in cabin feature 28.5

    I noticed after getting 28.5, my battery was set to 50%. I thought my wife had done it, or maybe I had mistakenly moved it without noticing it. Today I read on another Tesla forum you can now touch the black portion of the battery on the battery percentage and it will jump to 90% trip. If you...
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    Putting on and Removing bikes from Roof rack (model 3)

    Those of you who have roof racks, how easy/hard is it to get the bikes on/off? Do you open the door to step up to lift them up onto the rack, or do you have a step stool. Is there high probability of scratching the car and or glass?
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    iPhone Tesla App 3.10.6 Update avail

    iPhone 3.10.6 is now available. I downloaded and did not see anything different. The release notes list minor fixes. All the buttons appear the same. Has anyone noticed anything different with it.

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