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    Made In China Model Y has 15.5 Lithium battery to replace 12V lead-acid

    So if the current system charges the 12V battery, why does it seem like it fails so soon? On cars that I use a battery tender on (especially during winter) the batteries seem to last years (4 yrs +). I don’t recall the last time I even changed a battery. On a separate note, is it pointless to...
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    MY Front Window Tint Only

    $150 per pair sounds right for ceramic. Rear glass is 25%
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    Steering Wheel off center?

    Odd, my steering wheel also slightly tilted to the right
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    Warning: Tesla punished me $4000 on adding configurations to my orders when reservation

    Unfortunate that this happened but like anyone who regularly reads the forum knows, any changes means the order gets updated to today’s price, whatever that may be
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    Exactly right. They also dont know, so only way to technically guarantee would be for the car to be produced in the year
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    Are gaps from black plastic to bumper normal?

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. Wasnt sure what I should be logging vs what’s within spec for Tesla
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    Are gaps from black plastic to bumper normal?

    for clarity, first pic is front bumper, second is rear bumper
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    Are gaps from black plastic to bumper normal?

    I havent flagged these to the SC but just wondering if its normal or something that should be fixed
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    Tinting sides only - 15 front, 55 rear to match?

    Any pics for how uniform it looks? @wynnek I ask because your rears are pretty different from @JLOC Any issues with 15% visibility wise? I’m used to the 20s in my current car. Did they also tint the small windows in the rear to match or were they already dark enough?
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    Tinting sides only - 15 front, 55 rear to match?

    Read through a few threads and just trying to confirm, but has anyone gone with 15% for front side windows and then 55% for the rear? Not sure if the right math is 25% factory VLT * 55% new tint = 13.75% which is close to the 15% up front and should look even. Do I need to tint the small rear...
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    Agree. I dont need a car until Jan so looked into delaying until then. The issue is depending on who you ask the answer changes. One advisor said I would go to back of the line and another said no promises but maybe I would be in the middle .
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    All-Weather Tyres for Model Y with 19" Wheels

    I’d look at the Michelin AS4 and Conti DWS06 as well
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    Will Jan 2022 deliveries be 2022 models?

    The offloading of demos had to do with closing the quarter. They sold off demos in Q2 as well (I couldnt even find a car to test drive back then)
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    Current Delivery Times

    Andddd welcome to Q4
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    It sounded like @Gurule92 was comparing what is preferred, a 2021 with low miles vs. a 2022 with higher miles. There’s no question all else equal consumers would take a newer year if everything is the same. There’s nothing to even test in that scenario as the newer year car wins every time
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    I’d agree with you. Let’s consider: For sale at the same price same options: 2021 with 5K miles 2022 with 25K miles No known updates between the two model years. My guess would be the 5K mile car sells faster and even with trade-in, would get higher value. Can test this by getting a...
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    Yeah, exactly, the one they sell for $5-10
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    Thanks for the tips! Any point on getting the can gun?
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    The gloss colors look interesting, my only concern there would it look “plasticity” the shadow seems like a pretty safe satin finish
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    Thanks, it had seemed most Model Y videos and pics I saw were using plastidip thus my question. To your point though, I want something to look smooth and as close visually to powdercoated as possible
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    Thanks for your comment! I was close to buying Plasti Dip but figured let me ask to see the benefits of Hyperdip.
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    Plastidip vs. hyperdip for Geminis

    Has anyone compared the difference on Gemini wheels? Wondering if hyperdip is worth 3x the price
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    iPhone13 Pro Max

    Seems odd Tesla didnt figure that there’s a bunch of iPhone users buying their cars….
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    RPM Tesla - PPF Installation Reviews?

    Auto Armour PPF in San Diego
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    Another induction vs Gemini thread…

    Sounds to me the MYP is the right choice if speed and handling is the goal
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    Is the expectation that over the next few weeks Sep builds for Oct deliveries will change over?
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    Pulled over for no front plate?

    Really depends on your area. I’ve found police typically won’t just pull you over for no front plate if nothing else is up (especially if it’s a nice car). Also, I’ve found that the nicer area, the more chance police are spending time chasing after things like tint and plates. Cops don’t care...
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    Painted Gemini wheels

    Looks sharp! What kind of lip is that?
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    Current Delivery Times

    I did a search but was curious if anyone knows the time from when you get a VIN, to when the car was/is built and then how long it takes to arrive to the SC for for pick up? (Eg VIN on Jan 1st, car is made roughly a week after, and you pick up 2 weeks after it’s built)
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    Current Delivery Times

    Agreed, everyone I know that has DIY epoxy has all had it lift afterwards. Either have it professionally done or lay Racedeck type tiles over your current floor and call it a day
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    Something to keep in mind with the Conti’s on the 19s. There’s not a ton of reviews on them on Tire Rack, so sample size is still small. When I did a search, there were people who were happy with both the Conti and Goodyears (Gemini and Induction) as well as others who thought they were crap...
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    I’ve been into fast cars for as long as I can remember. For a family car, the LR was fast enough and I wanted a comfortable ride (which is appreciated 100% of the time vs. the times you need to punch it). Will get AB, just cause, and call it a day. I’d regret it more if it was a harsh ride...
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    Love my model Y but...

    Of importance: 1) Blind spot detection in mirror 2) Cross traffic alert 3) cruise control that works and doesn’t phantom brake Nice to have: Bird eye surround view
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    Consensus on brand and percent window tint for matching rear windows

    Based on what I’m seeing, it seems like 15% on front sides and 80% on the back windows would give a good match. 20% appears to be good if the rears dont add tint.
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    First 2022 VINs (and changes) discussion / Thread

    I have also wondered when those would start changing over. Thanks for starting the thread
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    Would you get this repaired?

    I personally wouldnt want it repainted. Is there anything they can do to fill and make it less noticeable?
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    APPALLING quality control; alignment!

    While I understand your frustration, after driving 100 miles anything could have happened to the alignment. As such, once it was pulling I would have flagged it for repair
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    Agree. People have hard enough time getting regular warranty claims through without jumping through hoops, nevermind after it’s modified. Bottom line is mods are great, but you gotta play to pay.
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    Can’t Decide On A Color

    While I’d love that too, we’d have to order cars 2-3 yrs in advance lol
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    RPM "Sale" prices seem shady

    Looks like they re-sell what you can buy elsewhere at higher prices
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    Model Y front glass broke. Does Tesla warranty cover this?

    For $800 I’d rather not make a claim
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    Should I wait?

    Unless Elon has a user name and responds, this is all just speculation. Want or need a car soon? Order it. Every year there will be something different
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    Looking for shop - Spoiler Installation on Model Y - Seattle area

    What’s there to install other than using tape?
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    Replacing ONE tire

    With an AWD system, I’d also consider 3/32 borderline. The right thing to do would be to shave. I wouldnt change 2 tires out to a different brand as this is just making it more complicated for longer instead of solving it. That said, typically those comments are b/c you may burn out the diff...
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    Why CarPlay?

    Would also love CarPlay to be added. It’s so intuitive to use Wyze and use the cellular data that I’m already paying for
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    Gen 3 wall charger - connect to 80A breaker ok?

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to confirm what wire they are using. I may be overthinking it a bit since they are a licensed electrician and approved by Tesla, so chances are they know what they’re doing. Then again they said going with the 80A breaker would be fine…
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    Gen 3 wall charger - connect to 80A breaker ok?

    Thanks much for everyone’s comments here! Looks to be incredibly simple to unplug the 80A breaker and put in a 60A version ($13 at HD). Will also make sure they are using a #6 wire which I’m assuming if they are Tesla approved, should be a no-brainer and the minimum used
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    Gen 3 wall charger - connect to 80A breaker ok?

    Correct - main breaker in basement that the garage sub-panel is connected to is 80A. Assuming no issues that we’ll then have a 60A subpanel connected to the 80A main breaker. Pics of the subpanel in garage. Both the subpanel box and breaker are Siemens:

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