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  1. K

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    I’m in the same boat on the delay to my plaid. Supposed to have been this week.
  2. K

    2017 Model S 75 only 10k Miles AP 2.5 $64,900

    I don't see where you can edit or delete the thread?
  3. K

    2017 Model S 75 only 10k Miles AP 2.5 $64,900

    Ok, changed my mind and pulled the trigger on a P90D. I will let this go for $61,900.
  4. K

    2017 Model S 75 only 10k Miles AP 2.5 $64,900

    Taken off the market - decided not to sell!
  5. K

    2017 Model S 75 only 10k Miles AP 2.5 $64,900

    like new Sep 2017 Model S 75 uncorked 4.3 0-60 with the refreshed seats (contoured back seat plus power front head rests). Black/Black textile seats. Also has high amp charger. AP 2.5. Tires are like new as I had 21s on most of the time. Asking $64,900.
  6. K

    2017 Model X P100D Red/White, 6 seat, 22" silver, 9700 miles $124,900

    Like new Model X P100D, asking $124,900.
  7. K

    Performance Model 3 is too cheap - about to drop some truth bombs.

    I was thinking about this today. I have a 6 month old Model S 75 (rwd). It has the high speed charging, 21” arachnids, and autopilot 2.5. What it also has std is air suspension, glass roof, alcantara headliner, better displays etc. It’s a 4.3 0-60 so to go to a M3P at 3.5 I feel like I’d be...
  8. K

    CHAdeMO adapter NIB

    Hi does that help? I’m gonna take it out of said box and plug it in. Lol. It’s not like a used battery. It’s an adapter. No one needs a new one. Or even a pretty one. They just need it to work.
  9. K

    WTF? Pre-Buy with Bitcoin on eBay? Scam?

    I read this as 185k to just take his RESERVATION not the actual car?
  10. K

    72amp charger not compatible???

    Does anyone have installation instructions? Is it difficult? My store said something about flushing coolant and more? Not sure I would want to but if I can bring more ammo to my store and let them try (at my risk) I would be cool with it. I was told by the person who sold it to me that he...
  11. K

    wow!!! the i8 is smacking down the tesla? huh>?

    I own both an i8 and a Model X P100D and Model S 75. All are awesome in their own way. I do truly love the i8's handling and comfort. It is a 2+2 (someone earlier said it was a two seater) with a little luggage space. I have enjoyed putting over 11k miles on mine and counting, especially...
  12. K

    72amp charger not compatible???

    Not sure what could happen. It's not like there are aftermarket charging units out there. It's a Tesla OEM unit. I would assume it either works or it doesn't.
  13. K

    72amp charger not compatible???

    When I bought the vehicle, I asked about it from Tesla direct and they pretty much stated that you couldn't purchase the upgrade anymore. I don't think I realized (or imagined) that it wasn't possible since many (if not most) 100kw vehicles had it standard (I know it's standard now on the Model...
  14. K

    72amp charger not compatible???

    I recently purchased a new Model X P100D a few months back with VIN 5YJXCBE47HF039565 and it came with the standard charger. I wanted to upgrade to the 72amp charger and got one from the forum here from another member. I was told by Tesla that it can not be installed due to a firmware...
  15. K

    CHAdeMO adapter NIB

    One just went for $300 plus shipping ChadeMo Adapter For Sale (Used Twice) I am interested but given that I can get one tax free for $450 shipped, it would have to be under $400
  16. K

    ChadeMo Adapter For Sale (Used Twice)

    dammit this board moves too fast!!! If anyone knows of another for sale I am looking. Thanks!
  17. K

    WTB: Chademo

    I’m also looking if you find one and have additional offers. Thanks.
  18. K

    [Poll] - Are you buying the new roadster?

    I'm in for one but 2020 is a long way away... :(
  19. K

    Anyone want to sell/trade referral jacket/luggage?

    Tempting. I like the current dark wood better than piano back but would love the entire CF if someone has it. Thanks for the offer!
  20. K

    Anyone want to sell/trade referral jacket/luggage?

    looking for Tesla jackets, men’s size L and women’s size L or XL. Also luggage. Willing to buy it or trade for that model S electric kids toy lol. Thanks! PS - anyone selling a CF interior for a model S? I missed one not too long ago
  21. K

    Model X "New Style"

    What you are envisioning is the rumored model Y
  22. K

    Crazy trade in value

    31k is a ton of miles. That’s about a third of the way to 100k. If it had 5k, different story. It always amazes me when people post stuff like this. It’s as if they’ve never owned a car before. Most cars a depreciating assets. Especially when driven many miles. On a cheaper car, it may...
  23. K

    Dang. 3-weeks in and "air suspension needs service."

    Lol. I too picked mine up end sep, 340 miles, model s 75 (not a D) and exact same firmware etc and happened this am then went away? Didn’t notice any difference in ride and hasn’t showed up again. I think .42 did it as well. Weird how they all happened exactly the same way.
  24. K

    Need Sale Feedback-2016 Model S60

    If an when you do sell, keep in mind that you are also competing against a brand new 75 (just stopped selling RWD model) that is a 4.3 0-60 with glass roof standard, air susp std, etc so the competition isn't just other used, it's new ones
  25. K

    Model S 75 (RWD) leftovers now showing as 5.4 0-60 vs 4.3?

    Turns out the base one I ordered had UTPB, dark headliner. Not sure if that is alcantara or not? I think it is. I think both are option codes for dark alcantara headliner
  26. K

    Model S 75 (RWD) leftovers now showing as 5.4 0-60 vs 4.3?

    UTAB is the option code for the dark alcantara headliner. Believe that is standard now.
  27. K

    Model S 75 (RWD) leftovers now showing as 5.4 0-60 vs 4.3?

    I sought out that vehicle because of the high amp charger upgrade. I originally had a base one spec'ed out and switched to that car for that exact reason. Looks like it has the "new" rear seat as well. Would love to see pics of your interior. Alcantara is standard now as well. PS - I am...
  28. K

    Model S 75 (RWD) leftovers now showing as 5.4 0-60 vs 4.3?

    So your guess is a site / display issue vs actually changing the car itself? Hoping so.
  29. K

    Model S 75 (RWD) leftovers now showing as 5.4 0-60 vs 4.3?

    I have a base Model S 75 on order, picking up tomorrow (fingers crossed). The ones I see in inventory still that matched mine went from saying 4.3 0-60 last week to 5.4? Do you think this is a typo or did Tesla recork them since discontinuing them? I am guessing it is a site error, but here...
  30. K

    Anyone Have 2 Model S's?

    I just bought a P100D Model X and ordered a Model S 75 as well. Why not get her a Model X to have some different options?
  31. K

    New Carbon fiber decor trim kit for sale-Raleigh,Nc

    Crap! I would have taken it! 2 mins late :((
  32. K

    charging stops after 10mins

    I just had the error twice last night myself on my home charger (Level 2, 30A BMW charger). Have charged a bunch of times without issue so no idea what's up. Disconnected and restarted. Seems to be ok now? Not sure what to make of it. Spent the weekend on a road trip where I supercharged...
  33. K

    Pricing drop

    On what? I didn't notice a drop?

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