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    10.3.1 rolling out

    I think that will be a milestone for FSD - when the day comes that I am no longer self conscious (or embarrassed) to be using FSD around other drivers, who think I'm driving like an idiot. My experience yesterday (aside from FCW's) is that my car really, really liked hugging the double yellow...
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    10.3.1 rolling out

    Confirmed - yesterday's hilariously bad safety score didn't affect my beta eligibility. My car is currently installing .3 now after rolling back to .1 yesterday.
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    10.3.1 rolling out

    I had a 99 before 10.3... my safety score yesterday was 15 (FIFTEEN) thanks to all the collision warnings. Now I'm at 95 overall. And to top it all off I got my "12V battery is toast" alert yesterday. Not going to drive much for the next 1.5 weeks which was the earliest service appointment. I...
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    Rollback update. Fsd removed. Safety score is back

    More than a few people had their safety score damaged by all the false collision warnings with the 10.3 beta. I had a 99/100 this morning before the initial update, now it’s 95/100 after the rollback. I had one trip with about 5 collision warnings in a row (for no apparent reason). Hopefully...
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    Got 2021.36.5.2 But Now 2021.36.5.1 is Downloading

    Take a wild guess, nobody knows. My score is now down to 97 after the rollback, due to all of the phantom collision warnings while the beta was active.
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    Got 2021.36.5.2 But Now 2021.36.5.1 is Downloading

    I'm guessing this means that those who had 10.2 before will still have 10.2. For those of us that received 10.3 as our first beta, the rollback is to the regular GA (non-FSD) release.
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    Got 2021.36.5.2 But Now 2021.36.5.1 is Downloading

    I think Telsa just flipped the FSD "kill switch". I lost autosteer and cruise control on the way back from the store (after multiple phantom FCW's), after successfully navigating to the store on FSD. Now 2021.36.5.1 is downloading in my garage, which apparently removes FSD. After getting a...
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    Any 99 Safety Scores receive FSD Beta yet?

    The car is much more prone to alerts now, when FSD is not active. I think I got some sort of pedestrian warning after passing by people in my neighborhood, but they were already behind the car when it went off. I saved the clip (I need to get in the habit of doing that when something unexpected...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    First drive, just through my neighborhood. I realized that I never actually drive 25mph on the neighborhood streets, and by default FSD went the speed limit and it felt like I was driving like a maniac - I dialed it back down to a more reasonable 15mph. There were a couple times were collision...
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    Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.3 Coming This Friday 10-22-2021

    Well now 10.3 is installing on my car right now. I've never been so happy to be wrong!
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    Any 99 Safety Scores receive FSD Beta yet?

    "Probably" tomorrow, or maybe next week, who the hell knows.
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    Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.3 Coming This Friday 10-22-2021

    I finally got my score back to 99 yesterday after losing 2 points last week for a single collision warning. I think the problem is that too many people have gotten their scores back up to 99 now, while Tesla still wants to limit the rollout. It's because people aren't driving normally while...
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    Did release 2019.5.15 increase the range?

    Maybe the same applies to the 5% power increase, which is why some have reported no difference whatsoever and others have reported ZOMG IT'S SO MUCH BETTER NOW.
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    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model Y?

    Model Y will likely be my next car, but my Model 3 still has new car smell so that won't be any time soon! Definitely not until well after the Model Y has started shipping (and I'd want 7 seats which isn't until 2021 anyway). Overall I like my Model 3 more than my old S, but I miss the hatchback...
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    Does 2019.5.15 update have 5% power boost?

    Comes from the medical term where your body starts to heal, or you start to feel better, when you *think* you are getting a treatment even if you aren't getting a treatment (for example you've taken a sugar pill). In this case, if you get a software update and expect there to be more...
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    Does 2019.5.15 update have 5% power boost?

    I think it'll be noticeable but not night-and-day. Sort of like the difference between having a passenger in your car vs. not. I expect it to be more noticeable during freeway passing maneuvers than off the line, but you never know. When the update came out, there were a lot of reports at...
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    Trick to find all rattles in Model 3

    That's a great "why didn't I think of that" idea. I have a couple of rattles as well, and the one from the rear seat area is a pain to locate. If you don't want to bother with an app, you can just use this online generator in a browser on your mobile device: Online Tone Generator - generate...
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    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    Do you have to get a second set of wheels too? It would be much better just to have 18s that can accommodate the extra “lip”.
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    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    But I have this nagging feeling that Ludicrous will only come to cars with the PUP... so there’s that. There’s no reason for it, but that’s probably what will happen. Elon did say the PUP will be available separately but I wonder if that will really happen? And how much?
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    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    I guess us P3D- owners now have unicorns. I’d be a little bummed about ONLY having an option of summer tires, since Tesla doesn’t make any winter sets that fit with the PUP wheel hubs. If it’s any consolation, the price will probably go back up $3k or something in 2 days, while still no longer...
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    Performance Model 3 now shows 3.3 0-60

    No cheating, just using the numbers reported by reputable magazines. Tesla starts advertising quicker 0-60 mph acceleration for Model 3 Performance However I do wish Tesla used consistent methodology across all their vehicles.
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    Performance Model 3 now shows 3.3 0-60

    I suppose we won’t really know until the more recent cars are tested, but likely they just switched to using rollout vs. no rollout. The cars are already getting 3.2 second measurements to 60mph using the same standard used by Tesla’s S and X P100D, which includes 1ft rollout. Or maybe there’s...
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    Performance vs Dual Motor - highway speed

    For the real-world runs, you'd also need the real-world 0-60 times for those runs which would change the #'s again. I just used the factory #'s which don't include rollout (whereas the drag time slips do). So it's not an exact calculation of course - but the difference at 60mph would be much...
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    Performance vs Dual Motor - highway speed

    Here's some napkin math.... P3D quarter mile 11.8 @ 115, 0-60 3.5s AWD quarter mile 12.6 @ 110, 0-60 4.5s Therefore P3D went 60-115 in 8.3s AWD went 60-110 in 8.1s P3D acceleration from 60-115 averaged 6.6mph per second AWD acceleration from 60-110 averaged 6.1mph per second So even above...
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    Performance vs Dual Motor - highway speed

    What the..? You are directly comparing time-to-speed with time-to-distance. That is...not right. The 0-60 time (divided by seconds) gives you average acceleration. The quarter mile (divided by seconds) gives you average velocity. You're saying that acceleration is somehow equal to velocity...
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    "Track Mode" Exclusive to $5k Performance Package? Or all Performance TM3 will receive?

    1) There was no $5k package months ago 2) Track mode makes aggressive use of regen, not brakes (if anything, Track Mode would reduce the usage of brakes)
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    The Performance Upgrade Package Question

    The brakes will be less of an issue given the 50% stronger regen once you enable track mode. So I'd expect that a P3D (without the $5k performance package) and aftermarket performance tires will do quite well on the track, unless for some reason Tesla decides to restrict Track Mode only to cars...
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    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    I think another tenth can be shaved off with launch mode if it arrives. All the videos I've seen so far have been a little delicate with the full throttle, based only on the sound of the accelerator pedal in the videos. You gotta STOMP the piss out of it!
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    Dragy GPS Times

    That's your brain messing with you. I get the same feeling in my Model S 85, it seems to pick up around 25mph. But videos of my speedometer during a 0-60 sprint don't support that- just pure, linear acceleration. It's the combination of things moving faster in your visual field (combined with...
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    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    Yeah when I first heard about Dragy I assumed it was one of those apps that use the phone accelerometer. I didn't realize until later that there's a dedicated GPS box. Looks to be very accurate from review I've seen online.
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    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    I wonder if Dragy is as accurate when running on older phones. It seems it would be very dependent on the quality of the accelerometer in the device. Does it *only* use GPS?
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    Dual Motor Performance 0-60 times

    Tire pressure can affect grip too. You can try lowering by 5psi for more grip. Do it for science.
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    Poll: Fastest stock setup 0-60 -- Aeros or 20" Sport?

    I think both tires will be effectively identical for 0-60 sprints. The reason I say this is the 18" wheels give a 133ft stopping distance per Consumer Reports (after the software update). Some quick math - 60mph is 88 ft per second. Assuming constant deceleration, we can use 30mph as the...
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    Question for any who got a P3D test drive

    On S/X cars, when you hold down the "T" logo, a dialog box pops up and you have to type "performance".
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    Stock vs after market wheels

    Then Pilot Sport 4S on the 18" would be your best bet. Lighter weight, AND best handling. And the tires are much less expensive ($210 each, compared to $270 for the 19" size).
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    Initial impressions Model 3 Performance bs 85D model S

    This is the new world that Tesla has created: where 0-60 in 3.5s is “meh.”
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    P3D — First Trip Up Angeles Crest Highway

    If you hurry, you can be the VERY FIRST PERSON to ever post an in-car driving video of a Performance Model 3!
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    Tesla Lent Me a P3D for the Night!

    The additional stopping power is due to the grippier tires, not the brakes. The bigger brakes will come into play if you do repeated hard stops from a high speed. If you have 18's you can get Pilot Sport 4S in that size as well. May negate the efficiency gains of the aero caps. But braking...
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    Performance 3D with standard wheels?

    I'm getting the P3D without the perf package. If you regularly drive near the limits or go to the track, you probably want the perf package. It won't make any difference whatsoever on the street unless you're driving in a way that can land you in jail. A few other things I considered: Model S...
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    Roll Call: Who Ordered a P-AWD without Performance Upgrade?

    Depending on how you parse Elon's tweet, all performance model 3's get the lower suspension and the $5k upgrade package includes the stronger brakes. I wish Tesla could be a *little* less vague about what the actual specs are and what the content of various packages is. At any rate, I ordered...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    The BMW 5-series. It peaked with the brilliant E39 (4th generation) and has gotten worse and more bloated with each redesign. And let's not forget the horrible angel-wing taillights of the 5th gen model.
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    Main Screen keeps rebooting by itself?

    Was rebooting during my lunch drive. The is the second time since the 8.0 release that a large number of vehicles have simultaneously had these "reboot" episodes. Last time, it was a server side fix. But damn, two "mothership" issues affecting the entire fleet in a month, that's not good.
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    To D or Not To D - Driving Pleasure

    My next one will be a D (another MS or maybe model 3), but I can say after moving into a new house across town a couple weeks ago -- the enormous frunk really comes in handy when you have to haul cargo. I had my MS loaded up with more than my wife's MDX could handle. Multiple trips back and...
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    Nitrogen in stock tires

    No... the loss of pressure will be more predictable when there is a drop in temperature. Pure nitrogen doesn't change the ideal gas law (pV = nRT), it just adheres more closely to it compared to atmospheric air. It's pretty much useless except for racing.
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    P90DL kills 700+ hp Ford GT.....

    A Porsche 918 should be able to do it, for just shy of a million bucks.
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    Ludicrous with 19s: dumb? or negligible difference?

    What's funny is that GT race cars tend to use smaller wheels than their street counterparts. For example the Corvette Stingray with Z51 used 19" wheels but the C7-R uses 18". The Tesla 19" wheels don't handle as well because they are all-seasons, not because they are 19".
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    FDA approves Laser Headlight, when will Tesla have it?

    Because lasers are categorized as medical devices. You would think the easier thing to do would just be if we all agreed that headlights are not medical devices. It should fall under the transportation dept.
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    BMW tries to fight my Model S - somewhat successful...

    Damn. Swiss tow companies don't mess around.
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    Has anyone tested 0-60 and or 1/4 times since 7.0 update?

    0-60 times are unchanged -- see the latest posts in the "comparative times" thread. I honestly think they removed that feature from 7.0 but forgot to take it out of the release notes.
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    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    There's absolutely no discernible improvement below 60mph on a RWD car. Here are two runs in the same car (mine), same stretch of road, with the same cargo load. 5-60mph to eliminate any differences in the launch. Maybe it's got more acceleration above 60mph and beyond? Who knows.

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