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    Option when purchasing to select 18" instead of 20" on Model 3 performance

    Is is possible to select 18" instead of the 20" uberturbine?
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    Upgrade wheel + tire but got a question

    I have a Stealth Performance M3. I was looking at T S p o r t l i n e wheels and I asked whether they could replace the 235/40/19 tire with a +1 size (255/35/19) when I purchase the wheel+tire package. They would not do the +1 size, they say they do not recommend it. Using this online...
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    Notable Hints to add after 8 mths of operation

    Rain was pouring and wiper was on as I pulled up to speak at the drive thru to order. As soon as I cracked my window to order and the wiper began to wipe from bottom of windshield, all the water wiped came into the car. Since it was raining hard, a $*it load of water came in and soaked the...
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    Why is fan running when car is parked both in garage and outside?

    I live in SoFl and I don't have a dog. Lately, I noticed when my car is parked in the driveway and I approach it to drive I hear the fan running. I did not hear it turn on as I approached it. I didn't think much of it at the time. On another occasion, I went in the garage, no BT key in hand...
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    Calculating my cost per mile in my Model 3.

    I have a Stealth Model 3. Started with 85% state of charge this morning. Went to work and returned home..I drove 75 miles. Steady driving, no jack rabbit starts, combined highway and local. 75-80 mph on highway for 40 miles. Temperature outside70 degrees, ac set at 70. No heated seats &...
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    Is the Tesla 'T' emblem on trunk standard across all Model 3s?

    My stealth was delivered in Q3 2019, Florida. I have the Dual Motor with red underline bar but do not have the T emblem. I notice in YouTube vids, some do have it. Is this part of performance package only? If not, if I was supposed to get it does this warrant a service action or is it too late?
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    Sweeping left curve, I have P3d-, I find I have to adjust my steering inputs

    ...do others have this feeling too. I going around 65+mph. In all fairness, this is my 1st awd, I've driven rwds and fwds all my life. I've had Porsches, GTIs, and I was able to smoothly negotiate these sweeping curves...like the cloverleaf entrance & exits in Florida. In the P3d-, it is not...
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    Poor side mirrors coverage... found a way to eliminate blindspots...

    I turned my rear camera on! On multi-lane highway, it really helps since the camera has wide-angled lens. What would be awesome is if Tesla could stitch both the side cameras views to give us 180° coverage. I wonder if having the rear camera constantly on would demand a higher power...
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    Loud BZZZZ sound scared the hell out of me...

    Driving along the highway around 65mph with music from the radio and then I heard this continuous loud BZZZZZZ noise, like a bee buzzing but more bass to the sound. I thought it sounded like something grinding, like something mechanical rubbing. I could not tell the source of the noise. I...
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    Group buy for Model3 front fascia?

    Model 3s are becoming ubiquitous. Especially since there are no cost color options. Looking to see if there's an interest to buy the front fascia. Maybe with a group buy the price can drop to where it's more affordable since additional cost is required to remove, paint and install. Ascension...
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    NEMA 10-30 Charging for the first time at home.

    First time charging at home after buying this to hook up to my dryer outlet. https://www.amazon.com/Parkworld-886580-Splitter-Receptacle-3-Prong/dp/B07CVSJ6S9 I purchased the 20ft cable. Charge rate is 6kw at 240 24 amps. Initially, I saw the flashing green light on the car indicating that...
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    Front facia or bumper visual mod

    I saw this on eBay... I don't know if this is old or (new) news. Just a visual change on the flat nose of the bumper on the TM3. Thoughts? Tesla Model 3 Grille-Style 2 | eBay
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    Battery SMEs... Supercharging vs Charging at home (220)

    A good amount of new Tesla owners may be getting 2 yrs of Free Super Charging (SC) coming up. Since SC pushes a lot of electrons in a short period of time, does it degrade the battery if we only or mostly SC instead of the slower charging at home...given that we diligently charge only when soc...
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    What is the maximum # of miles should a car have when delivered 2b considered NEW?

    I realized that cars are moved around and sometimes test driven. What is the maximum # of miles should the typical new car show when being delivered? What # of miles is considered too high and should be discounted because of that. I know some performance cars manufacturers are tested for x #...
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    Best Proven App to test 0-60 times

    Can anyone recommend the best app to test our cars? I know about the Vbox, but, I really don't want to spend lavishly on a device I'm hardly going to use. The go for approx $400+. I don't mind buying an inexpensive app.
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    Think Elon will change option and allow lessee's to buy after lease... especially if car is MP3?

    If lessee has MP3 or dual motor, it may not be prudent to use these for "taxis"!!

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