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    Should Tesla move into the real estate market?

    Tesla continues to grow exponentially. With the massiv sales of new Model3 Tesla will have to build many new superchargers and/or expand the existing ones. Why does Tesla not follow the McDonalds model? McDonalds used to buy empty cheap plots of land and build a foodcourt there. As McDonalds...
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    Thesis: Tesla will focus and play a significant role in SelfDrivingCars Fleets.

    Teslas mission statement:to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible." SelfDrivingCar (shared) fleets will be a massiv catalyst for EV adaption. A SDC can drive to charge itself up when the owner doesn't have a...
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    Capacitive Electric Motor in the future?

    There have been some breakthroughts in the development of capactive electric motors. advatanges. -cheaper, use only aluminum instead of copper or other rare earth materials -higher efficiency, convert more electricity in movement energy -motors can be smaller and lighter then an comparable...
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    General Finance: S&P 500 investment on margin

    My broker offers a margin rate of 0.66% pa. Given that the avg. growth rate of the S&P500 is 5% it looks like good opportunity to make use of the low margin rate and borrow a bit to increase the performance of the portfolio. Of course the down side is that in a crash, we lose more, therefore...
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    Why the Ban in New Jersey has also good side effects for Tesla

    I think that most people will only read the News Headline somewhere "Tesla Banned in New Jersey" and even thought they wont read into details. Other people will read into the details and get more information about the car. It could have the same effect that the Nike Air Jordans Ban in the NBA...
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    Electric Supersonic Plane, Tesla Motors, SpaceX or new Company.

    at 25:00 Elon is talking quite specific about a "Supersonic, Electric, vertical take of and landing plane" and that he has "an Idea for it". The fact that he states that he cant focus on to many different things at once suggests that this project is not just some Idea, but on the ToDo list of...
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    Invisible Car Doors

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151497515212617 Why did that never catch on? That seems like an awesome Idea, and I think I would prefer that over the Falcon Wings.
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    Carlos Ghosn on the Future of EV, Autopiltos etc. at Stanford

    A very interesting talk of Carlos. Esp in 10:50 he has some very good arguments for EVs
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    Battery Swapping Event - Live Updates

    Is anyone doing it? links please
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    Bypassing the dealership laws with a car rental company

    As Tesla has a lot of restrictions in some states about displaying their cars and giving test drives, I was thinking what if Tesla acts in those state technically as a rental company. Or are there also restrictions for Car rental companies that Im not aware of?
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    Market reaction to a Metal-Air Hybrid Battery Announcement

    We discussed already what Elon might mean with one of his latest tweets "charging faster than refill a gas tank" While 90% of the discussion was about batteryswap I would like to focus this thread on the Metal-Air Hybrid. In my opinion this is the most exciting announcement Elon could make...
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    Military spending as a big part of Oil subsidies

    Why is it that a big part of Military Spendings are not considered as Oil Subsidies. I think The US Army wouldn't care at all whats going on in the Middle East and other Oil rich places in the world if the US wouldn't rely on that Oil. According to wikipedia the Military Budget in 2011 was 668...
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    Model X optional with non Falcon-Wing-Doors

    Since the presentation of the Falcon-Wing-Doors I was very sceptical how the general public will view such an big change to the usual car design. I always picture the scene in my Head where the Mom drops of her child at the school and instead of quick jump out the kid has to deal with the slow...
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    Parking on the street my be forbidden in 20-30 years

    I was thinking about the effects of autonomous cars esp. the fact that they can park themselves after the driver left the car (CES 2013 Audi A7 on youtube) If this technology becomes mainstream it would make sense for the city to forbid parking on the streets which usually takes up one left...
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    McDonalds Drive-Thru Frunk Prank

    After seeing this in Jalopnik someone suggested to make a Drive-Thru prank. e.g. paying as usual and as soon as you roll to the pickup, stop so the Person hidden in the frunk opens the frunk, grabs the bag, and craws back in the frunk and drive on. That would be an awesome viral video :D I...
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    Stanford Seminar - Dave Duff, Tesla Motors

    Modular Engineering, Electric Cars and More - Dave Duff of Tesla Motors
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    Model S Commercial

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    Induction Charging Wireless

    I found this Video. Inductive Charging - YouTube The EV are charged with wireless Induction thru pads that are build in in parking spaces etc. I think that would add a lot of convenience to EVs because that way the most drivers wouldnt even care to think about charging and I could imagine that...

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