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    Supercharger - Douglasville, GA (Target)

    Any updates on the status of this location? Looks like it would be active by now
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    Supercharger - Madison, GA

    Looks like the white transformer is there too. Hope to see it coming online soon 😊
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Does this mean MPPs valving is stiffer from hard to soft shifting the curve more to the right vs the KWs? This is assuming the progressive springs variable spring rates are the same? I agree with more educational blog posts about tuning these coilovers especially as these platforms are so...
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Have been using this as my daily set up the last few days. Feels sooo much more stable but still so smooth and not jarring at all. I wonder if this would be ok to keep it at this setting as a daily driver. Where I live, the roads are fairly smooth. Would this put more stress on the tires and...
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    UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE front lip review

    Love the Lip! But your right tire's outer edge treadwear looks abnormal to me. Either needs an alignment or underinflated if its the same on the inner edge tread
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    20" Model Performance Tires/wheels (silver) - 1500 miles - $2400

    Looking for a quick sale of OEM wheels/tires for local pick up. Augusta, GA Area Original TPMS/valve stems/Tesla Lug nut caps included as per pics. No curb rash or defects noted. about 8/32" tread left out of original 9/32" as per pics. $2400
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Only on one particular part of a friends driveway when I go straight. Its otherwise fine. I just don't want to have any scraping anytime so I might raise it 5 mm.
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    30 mm. I may raise it by 3-5 mm to get it perfect for me.
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    I am getting 20-40 wh/m lower than before depending on my speed. I have non staggered 245 18" A/S 3+ tires. It's the icing on the cake. The ride and handling are sublime:D
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    This is great! Short of corner balancing every install, this is a very good starting point. Thank you so much!
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    WOW! You have PERFECT cross weight balance! Would you mind measuring your central hub to fender distance (or something similar) for the four tires? You would be doing the community a great service! I just installed my coilovers as well and was considering getting it corner balanced. Since I...
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    MASTER THREAD: Comprehensive Road-Course Modification Guide — Optimizing the 3 for the track

    They do now . . . MPP Model 3 Cyber Rear Trailing Arms MPP Model 3 Cyber Rear Traction Arms
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Besides the recommended settings of 12/10 for compression/rebound, has anyone tried other settings and what was your experience for the street?
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    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    I am asking as well. Can we have a discussion of what settings would work for the sport coilovers?
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    Supercharger - Lithonia, GA

    Does anybody live near this location that could give us updates on the SC installation? I am driving down that way next week and wanted to supercharge there.
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    Supercharger - Lithonia, GA

    Agree COMPLETELY!! Tesla has a projected site for 2019 at Madison, GA 40 miles east down the interstate but this is fine too. WOnder what will happen to that site.
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    Madison, GA supercharger

    Does anyone have any updates on this SC site? I travel a lot on I-20 and this SC would be a great site to avoid the Atlanta SC and the downtown traffic.
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    White Model 3 LR in GA for Sale

    Looking to sell my Garage kept Model 3 in Multi Coat White with Aero wheels/ enhanced autopilot. Have the wheels lug nut caps and center Tesla cap as well. I have upgraded the all puddle lamps/glovebox/ trunk lights to the brighter "Abstract ocean" bulbs, put Huper Optik ceramic 30% tint on all...
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    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    If it is truly upgraded calipers making it a true Big brake kit front and back, then the $5K upgrade is a steal just on that alone. The 20 inch wheels, spoiler and pedals are the bonus! Rather have the 19" wheels though if it would clear the brakes.
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    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    Now that we have some idea of what the Performance package at $5K contains as far as the "upgraded" brakes, I don't think it is worth it. It appears the calipers are the same front and back save the red color. The rotor in the front looks marginally bigger (0.5-1.0") and is two pieced for weight...
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    Musk Says Model 3 Brakes Need Work, Firmware Update Coming in a ‘Few Days’

    I agree! These seem like much better options : Model 3 Brakes The Stoptechs sport and street appear to be the options more suitable for s street use with good initial bite. On my previous WRX, I used the StopTech Street Performance and their initial bite was great. The brake dust however...
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    alternative tires for 18" wheel model 3.

    Michelin 4S (Summer) or Michelin pilot sport a/s 3+ (all season), that's it! I'm looking forward to changing mine too. I just changed my model s tires from primacy mxm4 to a/s 3+ . Night and day difference after a thousand miles.
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    Model 3 Bliss

    I think the choice of low rolling resistance economy, non sport tires causes the traction control to restrict wheel spin. This limits the initial acceleration more so than the model s/x due primarily to weight. The model 3 weighs less so its traction would be less causing to to limit power more...
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    Android phone key work around with Tasker?

    I took your advice from your tasker workaround and my experience has been similar to yours as well with my Pixel 1. However If you could do another step by step instruction, it would be very much appreciated by me and the community:)
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    Advise from the group p85+

    If this is truly a P85+ with autopilot, you sir have a UNICORN! I would double check the P85+ designation by checking the struts and making sure they are the plus suspension parts and make sure it has autopilot. Assuming it is not a salvage title, This is definitely a great deal just based on...
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    Seeking ideas for dampening wind noise

    Thanks @insaneoctane. Duh! Why didn't I think of that! I put it on last night and drove it around this morning. To me, This made a significant difference especially under 70 mph! You can start to hear some wind noise above 55mph but it quite muted. Now I have to find a semi permanent solution...
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    Lug cap cover

    I like! Glossy black or carbon fiber ftw
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    Seeking ideas for dampening wind noise

    You could be right but the Mercedes ice engine may mask the wind noise more. My model s doesn't have the prominent wind noise but the gaps with the pano roof don't appear very large or they have rubber between the gaps.
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    Seeking ideas for dampening wind noise

    I think it's the small gaps around the windshield and front sunroof that causes the wind noise. If they had rubber molding like I've seen in other cars around these areas I think the wind noise would be much less. Can anyone suggest ways to fill in the gap like rubber moulding?
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    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Back in stock!
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    Michelin Summer tires or All Seasons (aero wheels) effect on Range

    Actually our temps have been all over the place in the morning, it is now closer to 45-46 now.
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    Michelin Summer tires or All Seasons (aero wheels) effect on Range

    As of now I have over 2000 miles on it, my tire pressures are 47-49 depending on temp (we've had variable Am temps) but my previous car was a bmw 335i that had pilot sports. I loved the handling of that car but I feel the model 3 is better. The car, I feel, just needs stickier tires to really...
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    Michelin Summer tires or All Seasons (aero wheels) effect on Range

    Just got my Model 3 and I feel the tires get squirrley when rapidly accelerating or when taking curves. I love the range of Michelin MXM4 but its traction is meh. I am considering changing my tires to Michelin Super Sport 4S or the Pilot sport A/S 3+. How much of an effect (percentage wise) on...
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    Large crack in pano roof

    This happened to me 2 weeks ago as soon as I got home from my delivery after a 2 hr drive from my SC. When I got home, I noticed several large cracks starting from the front of the sunroof. No noticeable break to the windshield at all. Called them the next morning on Sat. My delivery guy asked...
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    Key opens door but won't move without card in center console

    I had the same problem but also with occasional problems with the phone key. It would intermittently not connect to the car but once it did by unlocking the doors it wouldnt allow me to drive the car without the card on the center console. I spoke to the service advisor today who says he doesn't...

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