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  1. Jeddi

    Tesla Model X Factory 20" Staggered Wheels with Tires & Sensors (SF Bay Ca)

    Set of four factory 20" staggered wheels and tires. Two Continental 275/45R20 and two Continental 265/45R20 tires. One wheel has scuff mark from light encounter with curb. Includes sensors. Not cracked or otherwise damaged. Please click through pictures to see high quality pictures. Sorry...
  2. Jeddi

    Wanted Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Tires (Bay Area, Ca)

    Looking to buy set of factory 19" wheels and tires locally (bay area, California)
  3. Jeddi

    Recommended Shop for Brake Job (east Bay Area)?

    Looks like I'm going to need new brakes. Anyone have recommendation for a shop near Pleasanton area?
  4. Jeddi

    WTB 19" Gray Slipstreams

    I have a set with tires and sensors in Pleasanton. Other than one curb mark, they're in excellent condition. Missing center caps. Looking for fair market price.
  5. Jeddi

    21" Grey Turbine (21x9)

    I have one charcoal gray factory staggered wheel with tire (no sensor).
  6. Jeddi

    WTB 20" MX Slipstream Wheels

    I have a set with tires (no sensors). I think market price for them is around $2k. Located in Bay Area.
  7. Jeddi

    Want to buy / trade for 21-inch silver wheels and tires

    Yeah I still have them. Send PM because I'm not getting notification.
  8. Jeddi

    Wanted - Tesla X 19" Cyclone Wheel & Winter Tires

    I have a set of Slipstream 19" wheels in east bay area.
  9. Jeddi

    WTB: Grey Turbines in NorCal

    If you can't find what you want, I have a set of silver wheels with probably first gen in east bay area.
  10. Jeddi

    Want to buy / trade for 21-inch silver wheels and tires

    I have a silver set in the Bay Area for $1850 with tires and sensors. Local pick up only however.
  11. Jeddi

    Wanted 19" Wheels & Tires in Bay Area

    Sure, PM me with details.
  12. Jeddi

    Wanted 19" Wheels & Tires in Bay Area

    Looking for a set of 19's for my Model S. Please let me know what you have.
  13. Jeddi

    WTB: 21" Grey Turbine Wheels

    I have a set of staggered dark gray wheels off a P85+ available for $2000. No TPS and light curb marks.
  14. Jeddi

    Random Model X sightings

    I believe the white one was a none Founder edition. I should back there Friday, if so I'll take a look and get some more info.
  15. Jeddi

    Random Model X sightings

    Yeah sorry I wont be posting peoples vin number.
  16. Jeddi

    Random Model X sightings

    I saw a few more Model X's at the service center today. Took a few more shots: https://www.facebook.com/TeslaPsychosis/posts/1719638538270272
  17. Jeddi

    I guess I can relax now. First door ding.

    Yeah you should be able to get most small dents out. I had two door ding (one you could see a straight line) and three bb gun shots that two shop told me they wouldn't be able to pull out. Cost me $500 to repair but I think it was worth it. BTW I too park in the back of every parking lot but...
  18. Jeddi

    Random Model X sightings

    The front T logo is floating. I like the gapped grill but I wonder how that will help with aerodynamics. Here is the best shot of the interior that I could get: https://www.facebook.com/TeslaPsychosis/photos/p.1711725495728243/1711725495728243/?type=3&theater
  19. Jeddi

    Random Model X sightings

    I saw this beauty sitting at the factory yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/TeslaPsychosis/posts/1711618275738965 I tried to take interior pix but the reflection through the glass wasn't picking up much. It had tan interior with really nice natural wood trim and bench third row.
  20. Jeddi

    Help: Trip planner woes

    Same issue here. First time doing that route so it was annoying. I cruise controlled the whole way @ 75mph, but if I would have known better I would have gone faster. BTW the whole way it was telling me to cross over to Fremont SC (30 minutes out of my way) which was really really annoying.
  21. Jeddi

    De-chromed and New Wheels

    I like it + the black plates too. How much does a wrap job like that cost?
  22. Jeddi

    Easiest Car to wash, ever?

    It's also the easiest car to dry. Just take it for a quick 0-80 drive and most of the water comes off. Kinda looks like warm speed.
  23. Jeddi

    Service Center Pleasanton Ca

    Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry guys!
  24. Jeddi

    Service Center Pleasanton Ca

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this (unless if I missed it) but there is a SC going up where the old Chrysler & Jeep dealer use to be. Being going there for years to get my Jeeps repaired (recalls mostly). The space was too tight for them but it should be more than enough for Tesla.
  25. Jeddi

    Wanted: Full set of 21" grey turbine wheels with tires

    Only the + package would have come with rear staggered wheels. I have a set of those available for $2750 with minor curb rash. No tires or TPS.
  26. Jeddi

    Wanted: 21" Turbine wheels

  27. Jeddi

    Wanted: 21" Turbine wheels

    You mind if I ask how much you bought them for?
  28. Jeddi

    21" Turbine Wheels - Grey

    I have a set of 21" staggered gray wheels off my 2013 P85+ available. Wheels only. Contact me if you're interested.
  29. Jeddi

    Wanted: 21" Turbine wheels

    I have a set of 21" staggered gray wheels off my 2013 P85+ available. Wheels only. Contact me if you're interested.
  30. Jeddi

    Set of four 19" Factory Wheels with Tires (TLC) - No Longer Available

    Set of four 19" Factory Wheels with Tires (TLC) I have a set of four factory 19" wheels on 245x35x19 Goodyear tires. The tires are in excellent condition, almost new. Wheels are in poor shape. They aren't bent or anything like that, but they have curb marks and paint residue. Ideal for...
  31. Jeddi

    Wanted Two 21" Turbine grey wheels (bay area)

    Looking for two good 21" Turbine grey wheels. Prefer to pick up in the Bay Area.
  32. Jeddi

    I don't get it

    lloyds where did you take this picture?
  33. Jeddi

    Anybody gone Bay Area to Tahoe yet?

    This year they held the concours d'elegance in Homewood. Seemed like a good show.
  34. Jeddi

    Anybody gone Bay Area to Tahoe yet?

    tenstringer009 we're neighbors! I have a cabin up in Tahoma. Typically I charge back up to 200 miles in Roseville to make it to Tahoma (with enough miles left for fudge factor).
  35. Jeddi

    Painting Brake Calipers in the SF Bay Area

    What's are they charging?
  36. Jeddi

    Anyone taken delivery of new steel grey?

    A few weeks back I was at the factory and took the following pix. Last one is of my 2013 MS.
  37. Jeddi

    Petition to force Tesla to come up with a retrofit for AutoPilot

    This is a ridiculous petition. I'm glad most of us here are on the same page.
  38. Jeddi

    Anybody carry a spare tire in the "Frunk"?

    I carry a stock 19" wheel and tire when I go on long trips. Fits just fine and I haven't notice a difference in driving dynamics. BTW I bought a complete set, so now I have a few spare 19" wheels/tires available.
  39. Jeddi

    Model S OEM Floor Mats

    I'll take them. I'll send you a PM.
  40. Jeddi

    Model S wont turn On after 6.0 update

    I tried it manual and had it remote and still had the same issue.
  41. Jeddi

    Model S wont turn On after 6.0 update

    Cars dropped off. On the plus side, they have a few MS loaners now available at the factory.
  42. Jeddi

    Model S wont turn On after 6.0 update

    Just got the 6.0 update earlier today. After the first drive the car doesn't come out of Off position. I tried everything (steering wheel reset, changing battery, etc). Called tech support and remote reset worked but same thing comes back when I get out of the driver side seat. I did...
  43. Jeddi

    Supercharger for iPhone - SOLD

    If the price is right I'll take a 10-pack. PM over details.
  44. Jeddi

    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Donner Pass Rd. (LIVE Aug 2014, 11 V2 stalls)

    That's strange, who would want to park all the way back there?!
  45. Jeddi

    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Donner Pass Rd. (LIVE Aug 2014, 11 V2 stalls)

    I used the charger earlier today. Not loving the location, being that it's in the back of the shopping center. But appreciate the option of having another SC option on my way to Lake Tahoe.
  46. Jeddi

    WTB: 19" Base Tesla Wheels

    I have a spare wheel and tire if you need one.
  47. Jeddi

    Help! Where are the savings?

    Yeah at this point it's not going to save you a ton of money. You have to drive a MS and see if it's worth it.
  48. Jeddi

    Optimum Opti-coat Pro Freshly Applied

    Same story here and that's exactly why I gave my business to Johnny. BTW the Opti Coat saved me ton of money last week after I put a dent in my lift-gate. It didn't even scratch the paint and for under $200 I was able to have the dent popped.

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