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  1. RVD98072

    Advisor won't add referral code for P3D (originally order 3D)

    My friend initially placed an order for a AWD 3. A few weeks later, he changed his order to a P3D and gave them my referral code for free unlimited supercharging. However, he said that his advisor will not add the referral code because it had to have been there when the order the placed. But...
  2. RVD98072

    12v cigarette lighter adapter plugged in for days?

    Summer is coming and this is the first summer with my X so it's camping season. I recently got a thermoelectric cooler...it's basically like an ice box but you plug it into your 12v plug in the trunk and it will keep the cooler pretty cool for you. Less bulky than my ice box since the X trunk...
  3. RVD98072

    free supercharging transfer cutoff?

    I tried to do some searches but it's confusing because information seemed to change a lot over time. I purchased an inventory X in oct 2017. When I check my car in tesla.com it says that free supercharging will not transfer if i sell the car. But in articles like this: Tesla's Free Lifetime...
  4. RVD98072

    Draining close to empty

    Is it bad to run the battery down close to empty all the time? On ICE, I'm used to driving until the red light is on for awhile and using an EV I usually drive until I'm down to <20 miles range left on the Tesla and <10 miles range in other EVs (e.g. Leaf, etc.). Is it bad to run it down that...
  5. RVD98072

    open doors from touchscreen?

    I've looked all over for this but haven't seen this in any of the videos or writeups. Can you open the doors from the touchscreen in the way that you can do so in the Model X (I don't know about the S)? I know it's a first world problem, etc. but I don't like opening and closing my doors from...
  6. RVD98072

    Added some decals to my Model X.

    I was actually a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to apply these correctly (my hands aren't the most steady) but it wasn't too bad.
  7. RVD98072

    Firmware updates fail?

    I had the firmware update for Santa Claus (2017.50.X) fail twice so far. I got the notice on Christmas day in the morning. I didn't need to drive so I had it install immediately. About 20 min or so later, I got a noice on my phone that the update failed. Later on that day, I got the notice...
  8. RVD98072

    Charging a Model X at 240v 16 amps vs 32 amps

    I have a L6-20 outlet in my garage so I was using my UMC to charge with that. The only problem is that it only charges at 240v 16 amps on the 20 amp circuit. Last night I installed a Tesla hpwc on a 40 amp circuit so it charges at 240v 32 amps. However, when I charged this morning, it seems...
  9. RVD98072

    No major problems with my car! But this is a problem...

    I took delivery of my Model X 3 weeks ago. I have driven over 2000 miles since getting this car on 2 road trips (SF<->LA and SF->Seattle). This was an inventory car with roughly 950 miles on the car with a build date of 8/2017. There have been no major problems with the car - FWD works well...
  10. RVD98072

    Aluminum pedals installed!

    I bought a set of aluminum pedals on ebay for around $35. These are obviously not OEM. It took about 3 weeks or so to get them delivered from Hong Kong. I bought just the brake and accelerator (not the foot rest) since I have the all weather mats and my mats cover the foot rest anyway...
  11. RVD98072

    Pretty decent rear lower trunk organizer found (and so-so one for the frunk)!

    I started researching some trunk organizers for the lower trunk area. I looked at a few custom made solutions online by the normal Tesla centered companies (evannex, etc.) and they seemed pretty good. While I think the custom ones are great because of the dimensions of the area (the back is...
  12. RVD98072

    thoughts on getting long range instead of SR for the tax credit?

    i am probably going to get the short range M3. i reserved my M3 on 3/31/2016 but at the end of the day so my place in line isn't that great. but i own a MX so i think that puts me ahead in the line a bit. i don't really need long range on the M3 since i already have a MX 100D. all of our...
  13. RVD98072

    vampire drain and the 12v battery

    ok, i'm a pretty new owner so i didn't really know but i left my MX at my work parking structure last week and left town for a week. i didn't leave it plugged in...just wasn't thinking or knew i should do that. i also didn't put the car into low energy mode or anything like that. i did that...
  14. RVD98072

    Bay area to Seattle over Thanksgiving

    I'm planning to make this drive next week in my Model X 100D. I have never made this drive in my Tesla but drove my ICE car last week. It took me around 14 hours door to door making a lot of stops for breaks, food, rest, etc. I left at around 7am and arrive at 9pm so I was always in pretty...
  15. RVD98072

    Frunk small compartment area

    So what do y'all put in that small compartment area in the front part of the frunk? I tried putting the tow hook and some stuff in there but it always falls out. I tried putting a plastic bin in there and using velcro but not sure if that's the best solution to utilize that space.
  16. RVD98072

    How comfortable are you with AP2 on .42?

    I recently got a MX (8/2017 build date). I only have around 1k miles on the car but took it for a road trip from the bay area to southern california to play with the car and get familiar with the features, etc. I tried autopilot a lot and found that it's great on the freeway in bumper to...
  17. RVD98072

    FWD on incline + calibration?

    I'm a pretty new MX owner. The other day I was at my friend's house and pulled out of his garage because it's too small in there. I was on the driveway but the FWD would only open a little bit (not enough to really go in/out easily. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't open up any more. The...
  18. RVD98072

    First Road Trip - SF Bay Area <-> LA!

    I just took delivery of my car this past Friday. I was originally going to fly to LA from San Jose but decided that it would be a fun opportunity to get familiarized with the car so I drove instead! It was a lot of fun. I left at 4pm and so there was a lot of traffic. I think it took me...
  19. RVD98072

    Bad delivery experience

    I'll write more later but my appointment was at 10am, I got here early at 9:30 so we were able to start early and it's almost 2pm now and still no car...:( Of course my schedule is all shot now... Had appointments to get the windows tinted, etc. but had to cancel or reschedule them all...
  20. RVD98072

    7 seater layout w/ child seats?

    I got the 7 seater configuration because I have a lot of people that I drive on a regular basis. It is usually me, wife, 3 kids (12, 4, 2), and grandparents. We have 2 car seats for the 2 youngest. One of the grandparents has mobility issues so it's a little hard for her to get in/out but she...
  21. RVD98072

    Dashcam Install - Calibred Customs (Johnny)

    i'll add a post with pictures after I get the work done but I just wanted to say that after doing a lot of research here on getting a dashcam installed, I sent Johnny a message on yelp and he responded very quickly (usually within a few minutes). Since from reading here it looks like he's the...
  22. RVD98072

    Model X 100D Lease vs Purchase w/ Loan

    I've read through the previous lease vs buy posts here but I have a few additional thoughts. My car is a $122k car marked down to $110k (due to referral credit + price adjustment). In the past, I have always leased cars. Over the past 15 years I have leased many cars by BMW, Nissan, Toyota...
  23. RVD98072

    WA state campsites w/ electricity (NEMA 14-50?)

    I'm starting to make my reservations for camping next summer at the WA state parks (birch bay, flagler, moran, etc.). This is the first summer that I'll have my Tesla. I know that some spots have electricity for RVs, etc. but the websites don't say what type of outlet it is. Is there a...
  24. RVD98072

    changing from lease to loan before delivery?

    i emailed the tesla finance guy so we'll see but does anyone know if it's possible to change from a lease to a loan last minute (but before delivery)? i'm scheduled for delivery on friday so it's a little less than a week away. i'm starting to have cold feet on the lease for a few reasons: 1)...
  25. RVD98072

    lease calculation (interest) question

    I'm reviewing my lease paperwork. I am leasing an inventory car (Model X 100D) that has been marked down ~$11k (including $1k referral credit). My numbers look like this: A. Gross Cap Cost: $110,762.00 B. Cap Cost Reduction: 2348.54 C. Adjusted Cap Cost: $108.413.46 (this looks like it's just...
  26. RVD98072

    inexpensive tint in NorCal / SoCal?

    Hi, I am planning to take delivery of my Model X 100D next week in Fremont. I will be driving it down to LA/OC next weekend (11/3-11/5) and then back up to the bay area for a few more weeks. I live in WA state so I'll be driving it home in late November but will be picking up the car in CA...
  27. RVD98072

    Nema 14-50 to L6-20?

    I have a Tesla coming and my home has an existing L6-20 outlet in the garage. I know that it's not great since it's only 240v 20 amps so it will only charge at around 16 amps but it's a lot better than 120v charging. It worked out well for me when I had a Nissan Leaf. I'd like to at least...
  28. RVD98072

    Delivery in Fremont vs somewhere else?

    Is there any benefit in taking delivery in Fremont? I was going to take delivery in Sunnyvale but don't want to miss out on anything if Fremont is better (factory tour?)
  29. RVD98072

    Please evaluate my quote for a X100D

    I received what looks like a decent quote for a X100D from my OA. Price: Model X 100D - $102,500 Pearl White - $1,500 White Interior - $3,300 Carbon Fiber Decor - $250 Seven Seat Interior - $3,000 Enhanced Autopilot - $5,000 Premium Interior Package - $6,000 Destination - $1,200 Total -...
  30. RVD98072

    Model X lease advice in WA and CA?

    I'm thinking of leasing a model X. I would like it to be white exterior + white interior + premium upgrade package + enhanced autopilot at 12k miles/year. I live in Seattle, WA and also Sunnyvale, CA. I own houses in both locations and spend my weekdays in Sunnyvale and my weekends in...

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