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  1. Dan43

    New Model 3 purchase with new FSD board/chipset?

    Hi, Owned and sold (to move here) a Model S75 refresh but now getting into buying a Model 3. Looking at the threads interesting to see timescales and so forth for delivery. Looking at the standard range plus, metallic grey with the 19" sport wheels. Does the new car come with the enhanced new...
  2. Dan43

    Inventory drop online

    If correct looks like a few inventory cars have dropped online right now for those looking, biggest range of cars I have seen for sale for a long while :) 22 cars.
  3. Dan43

    S60 inventory $48,400

    Just seen this thought I would let others take a look.
  4. Dan43

    New to Vancouver - please forgive the newbie question

    I'm in Vancouver (new job from UK originally) and always wondered on this, why can't I go to the US and drive a used car back. Do any Canadian cars go the other way for example back to the US? Seems a shame as I'm busting to get into another Tesla MS for my time here but the used Canadian...
  5. Dan43

    Base model 3, no extras, has anyone put a deposit down yet with news of upturn in delivery times

    I'm very tempted now to put down the $1000 and configure a completely base, no extras, Model 3 at $45,600, maybe minus the BC $5,000 EV rebates. I owned a S75 before but sold this a while ago for this new job in BC but wondered if anyone is in the same boat as me as wanting just the very base...
  6. Dan43

    Tesla S75 for sal new job has come up

    Hi, Double posting but I have a black base model S75 RWD but with AP1 activated for sale. Will buy another Tesla (probably an X) in new location but need to sell this one, pay off the loan, and hope to have a bit left over. 29,400 miles. New tyres, nothing wrong no issues, been a dream...
  7. Dan43

    Used Tesla in Vancouver and Canada

    Hi, I have a new job in Vancouver due to start early April, and will sell my S here. Looking for used X mainly or an S, and wondered on the best places for used Tesla and also Lease takeover options. Naturally Tesla direct, there is Autotrader and I found LeaseBusters also, are there any...
  8. Dan43

    Vancouver MX or MS

    Hi, New position in Vancouver and looking to take on as a lease or maybe buy if loan allows. MX would be great, I have a S75 RWD, but the relocation I wish to find a local car. Selling S75 here. Not sure I can buy in the US and take north, any help or advise really appreciated. Thanks Dan...
  9. Dan43

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    Hi, Getting a new position in Vancouver from Europe and selling my brilliant S75 locally But I want to get a MX or maybe MS in Vancouver and checking my options. Can I buy in the US and drive across to Canada? Is there a lease takeover market in Canada? Any options greatly appreciated...
  10. Dan43

    Model X/S Vancouver/Canada WANTED

    Hi, I am looking for a Model X/S (current Model S75 owner in UK) for Vancouver due to new re-location. Happy to take over a lease. Thanks Dan
  11. Dan43

    Audio upgrade from stock base version in Model S

    Looking at upgrading the audio (I'm a bit of a 24bit fan, NAIM at home etc) and not finding much for the UK. LH, Light Harmonics seem to have gone quiet recently and most seem to have gone custom either on their own or with their local installer in the US. Has anyone had any upgrades done in...
  12. Dan43

    Hampshire/South Coast Tesla Owner meetings UK

    We had our first Hampshire TOC-UK meeting last night at Langston, near Hayling Island in Portsmouth. A couple of drinks and general chat but great to catch up with others who have interest in Tesla cars and how its future may pan out. Anyone else who wishes to join us on a monthly or bi-monthly...
  13. Dan43

    New S75 owner and quick mileage test

    Recent journey in an S75 I got the following numbers - 195.2miles using 53.3kWh at 273Wh/mi leaving me a potential 275.18 on a 75kW battery and 3.67mi per kW. Filling up now the typical readings were 12% battery with 28miles left, but at 53.3kW used and 21.7kW left I have 29% left, good for 80...
  14. Dan43

    S75 arrived yesterday

    Picked up S75 from Digbeth, Birmingham store. AP1/HW1 activated it is an ex-service car but looks and feels brand new.
  15. Dan43

    UK 5% increases now live

    Model S is now £62,000 basic base price and spec. Today that equals $74,600 UK price for Model S up £8,600 in under 6 months.
  16. Dan43

    Stock Facelift S75 with AP01

    Placed deposit on a stock inventory base S75, black with AP01. Ex-demo/service car UK stock. No extras, basic model but 75kWh battery and AP01 activated. I have held a S75 with AP01 on deposit while fighting all & sundry for the finance, flaming underwriters :-) But I may have some light at...
  17. Dan43

    UK Model S 70 on deposit

    Just asking but would any UK buyers be keen to take a very well priced demo Model S70, black with AP1 off my hands? Need to come to an arrangement but I have deposit placed but now can't commit due to outside issues suddenly coming along. Genuine and would rather pass the car on to someone...
  18. Dan43

    Used Tesla UK pricing?

    I have been looking for a used Tesla, and the recent drop to the UK site of a few used and up and coming inventory has got me thinking that for the UK market the used prices feel a little inflated. I don't see many used shifting that quickly, if at all in the main, and although the US prices...
  19. Dan43

    Model S75D - New owners

    I haven't seen much here or online of S75D purchases, general battery and ownership experience stories. Most appear to have gone 60 or 70 but little 75D related comments. Has anyone got/getting a 75D to relate stories to, thinking of ordering one soon.
  20. Dan43

    UK Model S purchase this week - current owners thoughts before buying

    Just a quick thread to get some thoughts on those who own a Model S already and their general feel good factor, if any, and ownership experience. Drivetrain, electric v ICE, using a more tech leaning car overall (I think I will like playing range wars with the car, updating and generally using...
  21. Dan43

    Model S60 new UK purchase nearly ready

    Hi, Very close to pushing the button on MS60 but very basic level spec and consider the options later. My P/Ex will cover the 30% deposit and the monthly PCP payments are £324 per month for 24months using online calculator on the Tesla site. It is the smooth drivetrain that is selling it along...
  22. Dan43

    Good energy free 2000 miles offer

    Email from Tesla UK promotion with Good Energy Over 2000 miles free motoring with Good Energy tariff We’ve been working with Good Energy to offer Tesla drivers a £100 discount on their standard variable energy tariff. Switch your electricity supply to Good Energy and you could get enough free...
  23. Dan43

    Model X man maths v Tesla

    Running the numbers it is certainly that all the man maths hasn't helped, can't see there is much in it overall, if going non-ICE then it is just the petrol/diesel savings per mile = to the cost of your electricity per KwH at home/work, those being the two main points of charging the battery for...
  24. Dan43

    Model X UK deliveries in 2016

    Really enjoying the threads showing new Model X arriving, some Founders and Bonnies 00002 Sig#2. Be great to see who in the UK from the early adopters and deposit/reservation holders gets started first with their deliveries and the dates they begin. Quite keen on this seeing as the UK grant...
  25. Dan43

    Model X US pricing v UK equivalent expected pricing?

    Model X now online via US site for builds and pricing. $80,000 for the basic model, the 70D version, conversion today via XE = £53,064.49 Cheapest US price found so far with incentives is $66,500 = £44,112.56 (Federal Tax $7500 + Colorado State $6000) Keeping in mind sales Tax in the US and...
  26. Dan43

    £50K zero percent loan in Scotland

    Apologies if this has been covered but has anyone seen this 0% £50K loan for EVs in Scotland via Energy Saving Trust? Electric Vehicle Loan | Energy Saving Trust Is there a wider UK equivalent? If this is available outside Scotland I would bite on a Model S through Tesla used programme. And it...
  27. Dan43

    UK used Model S pricing and timescales

    I am keen on a Model S but can't quite fund a new purchase. Used examples on the Tesla UK site via the Model S tab, the cheapest today is a 2104 85 for £57,500 with 9,389 miles. On the USA site the cheapest today is a 2104 60 6,140 miles at $58,000 (£37,545.00) Looking on the Tesla sales pages...
  28. Dan43

    UK Tesla overall so far

    Hi, Hate to say this but feel we have been getting the same old 2nd class treatment again even though you could argue with Lotus it may have all began here? Tesla PR has used the UK pretty well but I can't see any benefits pricing wise? Model X will be 2017 for UK and amazingly priced. Model 3...
  29. Dan43

    UK Telegraph new Model S review

    Tesla Model S: the future now - Telegraph In today online Telegraph.
  30. Dan43

    More Elon in AE : 500 mile range etc etc

    More Elon in Auto Express : Elon Musk: Tesla boss on EVs with 500-mile range and colonies on Mars | Auto Express
  31. Dan43

    Gen III and 400 mile Roadster range it seems?

    Tesla Model 3 to challenge BMW 3 Series - World Exclusive | Auto Express Article interview with Elon in UK Auto Express magazine. Dan UK
  32. Dan43

    Tesla/Ecotricity row - The Independent

    Misdirected email sparks electric car war between Tesla and Ecotricity - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent UK paper take on a 'misdirected' email from Tesla to Ecotricity.
  33. Dan43

    Telsa RHD on display at Motorexpo UK June

    EXPERIENCE MODEL S AT LONDON MOTOREXPOWe are pleased to announce that the first public showing of the right hand drive Model S will be at the 2014 London Motorexpo in Canary Wharf. UK deliveries of Model S will start in early June. To learn more about the performance and technology of the ground...
  34. Dan43

    Loosing the Tesla love?

    Am I the only UK possible purchaser who is now loosing the will to bother ? See what the Gen3 brings I guess. Thoroughly fed up waiting, sorry you had me hook line and sinker now I am loosing interest. Once we get Model S it will be 2 years before Model X and then Gen 3 hits US and we wait...
  35. Dan43

    6-7 months delivery?

    Hi, Does anyone else feel this is too long, that would mean 2 years after it's US debut? So either a Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Porsche Macan or a 2 year old Model S for the same cost? From a country that supplied the Lotus for the Roadster? Hmmmmm...... best Dan43
  36. Dan43

    UK Models S basic build spec/price/orders

    Hi, Having dallied for ages now and nearly buying a Roadster last year (just too expensive for UK models) and waiting for UK Model S pricing I am still not sure. I have a charger already installed and waiting (it was £75.00 for the 32 amp version via a grant). Super charger enabled I can wait...
  37. Dan43

    Model S - second thoughts?

    Hi, I have been following the Tesla story for a while now, have my stock options purchased, not a lot, but a little. Just wondering how the rest of the potential UK market is feeling for the Model S car now we have some reasonable user experience to fall upon? Having the charger installed...
  38. Dan43

    Model S UK possibly expected 1st Quarter 2014?

    The lovely UK Tesla rep while on the phone today has mentioned that she expects the UK deposit pricing to come down to the EU pricing for 2000 euro (£1750.00 roughly) once a build schedule has settled dates wise, but this lower deposit is the same 2 week period for a refund as other places also...
  39. Dan43

    Model S and X deposit dilemma UK only

    In the UK we still have a £4000 deposit ($6000) for Models S and X. In Switzerland it is 2500.00 CHF or £1739.00 equivalent, a huge difference, same for other areas. My dilemma is I would rather put the £4000 into stock for Tesla than place a deposit as we wont be getting deliveries for another...
  40. Dan43

    Financial Times UK Tesla overview

    http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b81abf26-e3fc-11e2-b35b-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2YCPLmKtK From July 03rd basically saying the real time will show once the early adoption and current phase passes. Reasonably balanced review. Best Dan43 UK Cotswolds
  41. Dan43

    RHD Roadsters from UK for sale

    Hi, Posted this in UK sub-section earlier just thought it maybe should have gone directly to here, just interesting to see Roadsters for sale elsewhere and their current values. Just thought I would add some links to UK RHD Roadsters for sale at the moment. 3 from James Edition and 3 from...
  42. Dan43

    UK Roadsters, the origins of the Roadster?

    Hi, I posted this in the for sale section (mods please change anything here) but asking myself, or please point me to the threads, how far did UK and Lotus help the early Roadster come into being? The main Tesla site has quite a good history of section, what do the posters here know, as we...
  43. Dan43

    UK RHD Roadsters for sale June 2013

    Hi, Just thought I would add some links to UK RHD Roadsters for sale at the moment. 3 from James Edition and 3 from Supervettura. I don't work for these guys at all just posting for any UK possible purchasers? I am stuck between wanting one, affording one, and the Model S. Our pricing seems to...
  44. Dan43

    LA visit no Tesla cars?

    A little subjective and observational. Business trip to LA and saw not one Tesla on the road? Model S or Roadster. Stayed in Van Nuys and drove all over the place. Visited Tesla store in Westfield Centre Canoga and went to Malibu not a Single sighting to be seen. Where are they all...
  45. Dan43

    Model X Q3 2014?

    Went to visit the Tesla store at Westfield today in LA. Lady serving, who was lovely, mentioned Q3 2014 for Model X. There wasn't one in the showroom. Dan43 UK
  46. Dan43

    Goldman Sachs, Gen III SUV, Model X 2015, from Tesla site

    Not sure if any of this is new or older news but just popped on the main Tesla site : Longer term, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) envisions selling around 500K units through a combination of the Gen 3 sedan (around 200K units), Gen 3 SUV (about 150K units), Model S/X (roughly 90K units) and the...
  47. Dan43

    2011 2.5 Roadster San Francisco

    2011 Tesla Roadster for Sale in San Francisco California - YouTube 2011 Tesla 2.5 Roadster for Sale Roadster for sale posted on You Tube 16th May. Direct link has a lot of photos and more video links. Dan43 UK
  48. Dan43

    Roadster UK round M25 mileage test

    Will a Tesla Roadster make it round the M25? | Car Video & Clips | Car Magazine Online Roadster test drive around M25 UK. Dan43 UK
  49. Dan43

    Elon Musk drives Model S through London, Nov 2012

    Elon Musk: from electric cars to Mars - ft business - companies - FT.com Elon on a test drive through London in his Tesla. Another video from the FT website, he is being interviewed while driving a LHD Model S. From November 2012. Enjoy Dan43 UK Cotswolds
  50. Dan43

    EBAY Roadster for sale $10,000 so far bid, BIN is $100,000

    Tesla : Roadster Sport in Tesla | eBay Motors Nice colour good pictures. Dan43 UK

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