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  1. one2many

    cannonball run for model 3 Munich to Berlin ?

    Lots of folks ant to see what 100mph is, any interest ??
  2. one2many

    Could Tesla FSD used to prevent war

    Everything we see is so old in the UKr war. Why not send FSD cars to block the convoys?
  3. one2many

    2 years and my wife still loves it

    Well, two years and it is as cool as ever. I love that the UI guys change stuff around makes it feel like a new car every few weeks. Keeps my wife busy. Perfect car so far, only a few superduper charges but cool. Lost the stop light stuff but who cares. It does seem to eat up the tires a bit...
  4. one2many

    Buster for watchdog model 3

    This is a master of Tesla, knows all the models, all the ins and outs. Navi he has it covered, wind, space and comfort there is your boy. He is a very modest day trader that made lots of money just having a nap, others were in the chop. He is no stranger to speed. S, X , 3 is in his wheel...
  5. one2many

    Model 3 dogs names

    Well me and Buster were talking, He said lets let the big dogs speak. My last dog was cooper DB, just the jet guy
  6. one2many

    Model3 after lockdown

    So we all know after lockdown its going to be like summer of love 1960's style. We all feel bad for the folks that do our food, cut hair, Hotels that charge by the hour, and the partners forgotton. I am sure we are rusty on excuses to go out. Good ones : 1. I lost a bolt in my model 3, must...
  7. one2many

    model 3 new years resolutions

    Before the mods move this to the outer limits : 1. I will not compare the ID.3 to a Leaf, yes they both sink, and yes it is 2. The new user interface, well its new 3. I will not quote old songs, middle men who sell pills along the coast (UI developers) 4. I can say that a Xmas tree fits in a...
  8. one2many

    Is the model 3 better than sex

    Maybe we should exclude 18-25 ages It is very close, maybe a poll but we all do not tell it as it is.
  9. one2many

    Cars,faster than a model3 or performace

    OK, I think on paper I can smoke a M5 BMW, top end maybe not so much, I wanted to run my next door BMW guy for pink slips but he declined. Ok some of my posts were not on topic. On a magic carpet ride in an Ols 442, a living room on wheels, seemed damn fast. Super Bee not bad, and so on, Can...
  10. one2many

    VW ID.4 vs Tesla

    OK I know you are saying what does the "one" have to say here. Well a I hear it the ID.4 is made of hemp, at least you have lots of bong stories. Yes it is sold out in the US because it has a back seat bong holder, beer kegs to follow. If two ETRON's mate well you get an ID.4. They cannot use...
  11. one2many

    VW ID.3 beats Tesla model 3

    OK so I normally post very strange stuff late at night. Now I just have seen a review that the VW beats tesla. What Monty Python would say about the the ID.3 " it's a Leaf. It's a Leaf. OK after researching drugs of the 60'-80's i could not find one to make you say this. I watched the Utubes...
  12. one2many

    Has anyone found the life partner in the back of a model 3

    Sort of still under lockdown. Lets do a happy thread. My model 3 had great fit and finish. Had a paint shop for a few years and not that bad, all cars today have some orange peel. This should be a poll, but heck, this will not last long. ANSWER:MY WIFE
  13. one2many

    unhappy unhappy

    Just a song (John Prine) too many beers (lock down again) Dear Abby, Dear Abby, My model 3 creaks My wife hollows at me and kid are are all freaks every side I get out of is the wrong side of bed I might be more happy with a beamer instead Unhappy you have no regrets The car is what it is...
  14. one2many

    navi-not working- fun trip

    Had a great trip to Zurich and back to Munich. Psycho Navi is broke. May not be a big deal in the US but the damn Navi sent us into a endless loop between Kesswil and Romanshorn. Well the Navi is not a little broke but bad, turn left in 1 mile and then its gone. I feel sorry for the issue.
  15. one2many

    100 miles for a beer, yep model3

    Its been a long day of drinking beer. My wife AKA (FSD) screaming down the autobahn at 100mph to a remote church that serves beer. We used all but about 90 miles both ways on the battery getting around (181). Yes it is a senseless post but we are almost post lockdown except masks. I am...
  16. one2many

    Is the model 3 a good entertainment car

    Lockdown ends in 4 days so my last crazy post. In the old days we had big bench seats. Then came the invention of the make-out seat. We know almost everyone here has supper dark tint, and I am sure it not all about sun. We used to have a cooler bar to take with us. Please do not take this the...
  17. one2many

    washing maching moters the start of electic cars

    OK very slow day. So a very long time ago when our washing machine died we would always take out the motor. Always worked, it seamed unbreaking. I always asked why we could not use it in a go-cart. I never liked the idea that we would need an extension cord, and a very long one. After...
  18. one2many

    Why can't my model 3 trade stocks

    Sorry its most likely been posted, and my wife has the car and I am locked down. We have AI, we have a huge amount of processing power, the car does not need to sleep. It could trade stocks all day and night. Even if it only bought Tesla stock we would all be very rich. I am sure there is...
  19. one2many

    Air quailty in California in lockdown

    Sorry its a very slow day as always. It better now ?
  20. one2many

    Does the model 3 only have one working backup light or 2

    I was behind my new model 3 when my wife was backing out, I know it was a high risk thing to do. (please not try this at home) Only one was working. Tesla said that we only get one. When we send our German cars to the US they have two. What is next, door handles only on one side of the car.
  21. one2many

    Born to be wild

    Ok it a slow day. I wanted a hellcat,wife said no. I wanted a Harley, wife said no. Oil spots and broken legs. I wanted a P3d, wife said no. Too damn fast. So I am stuck with a very fast model 3. So I am sure as soon as things open up, we will dust off our old 8 tracks , open the windows and...
  22. one2many

    My heart goes out to the Tesla workers, families

    With all the shut downs world wide, its sad to have it affect the Tesla family. I hope this hardship does not last long and everyone can get back to the job they love. It goes beyond just the workers but but the folks that support them as on suppliers, food, or service. We all hope the best for...
  23. one2many

    The Telsa smile, have I joined a cult ?

    Ok I am having a slow day. Back in the day of firebirds, roadrunners, supper bee's and so on everyone would look at them and smile, wave and honk horns. I did not drive my Tesla today but I am still smiling. I cannot stop. I have other friends that were driving junk low priced cars that got...
  24. one2many

    ICE lingo gone forever, whats the ev lingo?

    Ok I having a slow day: lava soap ported and polished cubes Hemi super charged milled heads compression ratio short block. big block blue printed blower slicks burnout you are not coming in the house like that oil changes, type of oil trany rear end ratio points, timing, timing chain cam, full...
  25. one2many

    Germany sweet kids, tesla fans

    I had a visit from kids in our area, they asked if they could buy me anything so I would not need to go out, old people can sick. That's bad bug, how cool does this get. I group of kids pointed out cameras and all the features on my tesla. They all said they loved the car. Just like my love...
  26. one2many

    German Autobahn, new model 3

    My wife let me drive my new model3 today. It was my first time driving it myself, I let my wife drive the rental, so I bought it on my wife's suggestion. I have driven some very fast cars but I think this is the fastest. On the city streets my wife constantly yelled at me to slow down. From...
  27. one2many

    its' not my wife's car

    We saved with a leaf to get a real car. My wife has babied it like a puppy. Noe we have a model 3 and I can drive it anytime, Please just plug it in. What is going on with wife's and electric cars. I hope to drive it sometime this year.
  28. one2many

    Germany delivery today

    Yesterday they sent me papers and told me to go the DMV and get the plates. I was at the DMV at 7:30 today with about 20-30 people ahead of me. A total wait time of 2-3 minutes, got the paperwork done, go to the basement where the stamp the plates in front of you and was out in 10 minutes. Not...
  29. one2many

    hybrids are not EVcars , shut them out

    It seems that everyday someone comes out with an "EV" car that is not one. With the battery power of a flashlight trying to get credits that is clean, I guess I am one the few to say enough is enough. Get rid of credits for all car that are not fully electric. I am not a tree hugger but I do...
  30. one2many

    rather push a BMW than drive a Tesla

    I hope this is a fun topic. My boss told me this (in German) a few days ago. please add to the craziness.
  31. one2many

    I love my leaf , but ....

    Well my 24Kwh leaf is super, for 20 miles a day to work and back. At 55mph I can drive an hour . So we did this this to wait for a real car, save a ton of money on gas, my wife made the decision. Fast forward to the rental of a model 3 yesterday on the autobahn. Tires were a little noisy, a...

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