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  1. Benjanos

    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    Could not agree more! LOL
  2. Benjanos

    WTB: Model S or X

    +1 for EV-CPO, its great. A few bucks for a subscription and you can even pull all historic data to excel. Biggest downside of an X for me personally is those rear doors. Just thought they could be a hassle in real life and a maintenance risk going forward. They also block the roof from roof...
  3. Benjanos

    Scheduled Charging

    Actually no, I have 2019.32.12.7 so that's the reason I guess.
  4. Benjanos

    Scheduled Charging

    Is scheduled departure an MCU2 thing or something? 2015 model I can only set when scheduled charging starts, not more.
  5. Benjanos

    One Pedal Driving Mode Model S?

    Interesting comment about the permanent magnet motors from srredbeard. I have wondered why my Tesla regen does not actually stop the car (like for example an i3 does). Maybe the permanent magnet motors allow much stronger regen at very low RPM.
  6. Benjanos

    strangers askin u questions bout ur Tesla- do u recommend ot not?

    Since my experience has been very very good, I always recommend Tesla. Although most people only ask two questions 1) how long does it take to charge and 2) how far does it go. Having said that I do feel terribly sorry for people like passhard who have been doing it tough. Customer Service is...
  7. Benjanos

    2014 P85 or 2013 P85+ please advise which one to buy

    Perhaps worth reading this so you can see what small things changed over time. Some things not obvious like the instrument display... Model S - Options by Year - Tesla Motors Club Wiki Also I think there is a consensus that build quality slowly improved over the early years (2012 to 2015), if...
  8. Benjanos

    When can we expect to see a CCS Adapter for the Model S?

    Not judging, but.... dude?
  9. Benjanos

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    Mine is a crusty old 2015 CPO clunker I bought 1 year ago. Yes the car was is pristine condition when the gave it to me. Yes they were super easy to work with, but here goes! In no particular order, i hate - The fact that it has never broken. Not even a bloody door handle... Give me a break! I...
  10. Benjanos

    Strange regen braking problem - shaking

    Strange it goes away after driving a while. Wonder if once the battery is warm and the regen becomes stronger the problem is less apparent for some reason. Did you recently change to winter wheels/tires? Wheel/tires can create strange problems sometimes if not setup right. Just a thought.
  11. Benjanos

    Smart air suspension vs regular on buying used S?

    No pano, no roof racks. Only reason I have a pano.
  12. Benjanos

    Elon Musk: Model S, Model X production continues for ‘sentimental reasons’

    So he does not like the Model X because road trips are a problem. Well good luck in the Mercedes and the public charging network. We can squabble about FSD and oh Tesla behalves like a startup. Meantime the SuperCharger network is not startup behavior, its a massive investment and commitment.
  13. Benjanos

    Smart air suspension vs regular on buying used S?

    Worth considering if you are buying in a way that has some warranty or not. IMO it adds complication and will one day cost money. My CPO has it. I didn't want it. But with second hand you can't choose every option. It probably reduces a lot of NVH which is good.
  14. Benjanos

    Clunky noise in steering components - covered?

    @KalJoMoS. Do you know what causes this? Something mechanical in the car or perhaps the Traction Control being over excited? BTW, literally a few minutes after my post, I drove out of my driveway at home (turned hard or a rain soaked road) and it also did the gripping/clunking/slipping sound...
  15. Benjanos

    Clunky noise in steering components - covered?

    This is an interesting question. When on hard lock my cars front wheels seem to be fighting each other like there is a limited slip diff in the front of the car (which I don't think there is). It's like the car tries to turn both wheels the same amount even though it cant because of the slow...
  16. Benjanos

    Used/"CPO" and Ludacris on 2015 P85D

    Agree with that too.
  17. Benjanos

    Elon Musk: Model S, Model X production continues for ‘sentimental reasons’

    I thought the pano roof was an 'off menu' option. Meaning its not on the web site but available if you go into a store and order the car.
  18. Benjanos

    Used/"CPO" and Ludacris on 2015 P85D

    Yep, re-read the OP and you are right. Since the car was knowingly accepted without it, no leg to stand on I don't think.
  19. Benjanos

    Used/"CPO" and Ludacris on 2015 P85D

    As whiteX mentions, its no loner available as an upgrade, means P85D owners like me cannot add it even if they want to. Therefore it makes P85DL's somewhat rare and possibly valuable. As such I'd press for them to apply it or compensate.
  20. Benjanos

    Elon Musk: Model S, Model X production continues for ‘sentimental reasons’

    Totally agree. If you listen to the earnings call, the whole 'context' was revenue and earnings and that was spirit in which he answered the question. But yes he could have been more tactful. Just Elon being human which I like to be honest. If people freak out, c'est la vie.
  21. Benjanos

    When can we expect to see a CCS Adapter for the Model S?

    Options are good, they are always good. But coming from an i3 I was so happy to move to Tesla and the Super Charger network. After I'd finally find a public charger, that's when the sweats started to set in. My hands were trembling as I fumbled in the glovebox for the bundle of subscription...
  22. Benjanos

    When can we expect to see a CCS Adapter for the Model S?

    I would have thought Tesla wanted a US CCS adapter available to reduce the strain on the SuperCharger network. At least reduce it a little. On the other hand, perhaps they have data from people who own a Chademo adapter. In 12 months I have used mine once and that was only to see if it actually...
  23. Benjanos

    Good deal on used P85D?

    2015 P85D CPO bought 1 year ago. Titanium. Color is a personal choice, I like mine. The 4 year warranty at the time (and free supercharging) was an influence and nice to have. I've dearly wanted 'L' but now, ah come on.... makes the kids giggle and Dad almost puke as it is. Zero problems to...
  24. Benjanos

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    This is exactly correct. Tesla made the right move IMO.
  25. Benjanos

    Questions about purchasing a used model s

    @Greengolfer. Can you post a pic of your 19" rims? It's a totally off subject question, but I am wondering are these dark grey 19" Tesla rims or non Tesla? Reason to ask is I have a set of dark grey classic 19" rims from the 2012-2015 era (who the seller told me they were genuine Tesla) but...
  26. Benjanos

    Guidance needed

    Hmmm.... 1) "after a little while started noticing a noise that has progressively been getting louder" - The annoying noise is not your car, you will need to upgrade to Wife V2.0 2) "also many of the voice commands have stopped working and even after numerous resets" - This is a common fault on...
  27. Benjanos

    25 minute hold for emergency roadside service

    It's a wasteland out there people, run-what-ya-brung. Only the strong will survive. Max and Blue had it figured...
  28. Benjanos

    25 minute hold for emergency roadside service

    For longer trips I carry a spare from company Complete Spare Tire Kits | Tesla, Camaro, Corvette, Dodge and More But of course for general running around its not really ideal/practical to have it in the back. Just wanted to let people know such a thing exists in case they are interested.
  29. Benjanos

    Brown Metallic Paint Question

    Hi exaccord, yes it's a rare car for sure being a P85D+ in that color. If it has Ludicrous, then it's probably one of a kind if it isn't already. Appears that color was made from 2012-2015 and according to Wiki "As of December 2015, a total of 107,228 Model S sedans had been sold worldwide...
  30. Benjanos

    used 75D or 90D?

    Hey zedpol. I was more or less in the same boat, 4 person family and the car had to do everything. Chose Model S over Model 3 because its bigger and has a hatchback which for me is more practical. Model X was not an option because of the doors, the price and no roof racks. A bigger battery on a...
  31. Benjanos

    Brown Metallic Paint Question

    Yeah, a bit of diversity is good.
  32. Benjanos

    3 Years In

    Nice update thanks wdolson. I agree, electric cars are super to cheap to run. I guess at some point governments will figure out they are getting less tax from EV's and they will try and tax us per kilometer or something. I don't really know how to make the calculation, but obviously the tax you...
  33. Benjanos

    Brown Metallic Paint Question

    I think there was 2 brown colors. One slightly deeper called Titanium Metallic. One slightly lighter called Brown Metallic. Not sure which one you have. According to EV-CPO, in the US there have been the following cars sold through the Tesla CPO program 12,652 cars in total 673 were Titanium...
  34. Benjanos

    12/14 p85D top speed

    I’ve had mine up to 240kmh (150mph) on the Autobahn. I’m not a fast car expert but it was very stable and very smooth. No shakes or vibrations of any kind, just totally planted. But is consuming power like hell at that speed and god knows what it’s doing to the tires.
  35. Benjanos

    Getting Data from Car?

    Thanks Amund7! Will let you know. Need more time to play
  36. Benjanos

    Driving an ICE after getting used to the S

    @darxsys: Totally agree! I get a rental when travelling for work every now and then. They are hilarious. Last one, a few weeks ago, I was with a colleague from work (who knows I drive a Tesla), so I took the piss out of it the whole trip. "whats that horrible grinding noise from up front?"...
  37. Benjanos

    Rookie looking for advice on pre-owned 2015 P85D

    My CPO 2015 P85D has been faultless over the last ~6 months. I actually wanted a 2015 because people on this forum had said it was a 'good year' for build quality. In addition its before the early 90 batteries which some say are troublesome, but you can get a few nice things like next gen seats...
  38. Benjanos

    Getting Data from Car?

    OK so I finally got the parts together to make my CAN bus scanning work. I used... This cable: You need to be careful which one you buy depending on the age of your Model S Tesla CAN Diagnostic Cable For MS/MX (Sept 2015 and up) - Crimped to Order OBD-II This ODB Scanner: It seems there are...
  39. Benjanos

    Should We Be Concerned?

    Suspect the 'Display Centers' will be more prone to closure than the Service/Display Centers. Personally not worried this will effect Tesla's future, if it really does they can reverse their decision. But somehow I find the perception of this... not good. Most people wont focus on the enormous...
  40. Benjanos

    Charge port pin erratic behavior?

    I know you have a Model S but this may be relevant...?
  41. Benjanos

    Can't leave car at airport... battery dies

    I am in the process of trying to get myself setup with TM-Spy or something similar to learn more about such things. It would help a lot to know what the car doing. scottm maybe the car is just using the 2A to charge the 12V battery or something. I believe the actual main battery heater is 6kW...
  42. Benjanos

    Fully Charged now have a Podcast

    Good question, I was listening on iTunes until now. I just went and checked and yes its available in my car. Seems TuneIn finds it. I guess the US cars have TuneIn?
  43. Benjanos

    Fully Charged now have a Podcast

    Many people may know the Fully Charged YouTube channel about EV's and renewable energy. Well they now have a Podcast which is fun.
  44. Benjanos

    TOU plans make a world of difference!

    All things equal, I like the idea of TOU plans because they are (in theory) grid friendly. As more and more people get EV's we will need to be conscious of optimizing how we use the grid. Coming home and starting your charge at 6pm just because you have a flat rate is not ideal.
  45. Benjanos

    Model S "CPO" vs. Standard Model 3?

    Give "Pegasus" a tap on the roof and let him know he has new fan over here! Virtually no chance to grab such a unique combination where I live. "Interceptor" looks at me every morning and says "Dad can I have a Ludi upgrade?". I honestly don't know what to tell him? Thanks God he does not know...
  46. Benjanos

    Getting Data from Car?

    Stay frosty team, I am still chasing some stuff on this one but fully intended to report my "goofy guide" on how I did this starting from zero experience and knowledge.
  47. Benjanos

    Model S "CPO" vs. Standard Model 3?

    Was more interested in the spec of your SWEET RIDE! Veeeeery nice spec huh :cool::cool::cool: Wow! "Pearl White P85D+, Tan NextGen Seats F&R, Pano Roof, Obeche Gloss Decor, Alcantra Headliner, CF Spoiler, 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels, Dual Chargers, Tech Package w/ Autopilot, SAS, Premium Interior...
  48. Benjanos

    Model S "CPO" vs. Standard Model 3?

    Hatch versus boot and general space was the the reason we ditched our M3 reservation and went for a MS. But we are a family of 4 with only 1 car, so it has to do everything. Collecting winter wheels for example.
  49. Benjanos

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    OK so I assume no iOS Does it work in landscape??? Just sat in my car and played around where I could get different devices to mount.
  50. Benjanos

    Getting Data from Car?

    OK questions 1 and 3 answered. RTFF! 1) Scan my Tesla listens to CAN3 (Powertrain) so you need to order the cable as such on the link above if you get your cable there. Thats easy. 3) Scan My Tesla have this link explaining the adapters they recommend. Cool... scan my tesla - Reccommended adapters

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