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  1. deadlion

    Model 3 12v battery dead

    Last Thu was our turn. My son jumped in to drive to school and it died in the garage as soon as he closed the drivers door. I was about to try the 9V frunk pop and then jumpstart but thought I'd give Roadside Service a try via the app. As we waited for a reply my wife reported a horrible smell...
  2. deadlion

    Texas refuses to renew registration of Tesla M3 without emissions test

    NC also requires the test (in addition to an additional fee for EV's given we don't pay taxes on gasoline). The test is labeled an inspection that also includes safety and components testing (lights, horns, aftermarket mods, etc). Is the TX test emission only?
  3. deadlion

    Cracked rear glass, service center won’t cover under warranty:m. Options?

    Any chance you had Sentry mode active? Perhaps you caught something on video.
  4. deadlion

    Autopilot through highway 17 to Santa Cruz!

    Thanks for posting - my last time driving 17 was 20 years ago before I moved. Another time my buddy visited CA from TX. He missed the exit for Los Gatos and ended up going through the mountains. First timer, lost, and one curve taken too quickly and he totaled his rental car (he and his wife...
  5. deadlion

    I’ve never cried over a car until today...

    Funny thing - how versatile our tears. When I started reading, before seeing the pics, I thought you were sharing how the 3D sonogram had moved you to tears. So sorry about your beautiful Model 3. I'm glad your family was not sitting inside. You can build and customize another awesome Tesla.
  6. deadlion

    Summon never works 1st time

    Every since I went to 2020.28.6 summon has worked on the first attempt...will also continue to test.
  7. deadlion

    No spare tire caused a huge inconvenience

    Wait, the song said that "Green Acres is the place to be!" But seriously, sorry to hear about your experience especially when trying to get back to your dear family.
  8. deadlion

    Finally got around to installing aftermarket carbon spoiler...

    Stunning caliper color - well done. I have BMW M Performance brakes on my X5 and thought about also doing my 3's calipers in the same blue. Seeing your sled is great inspiration.
  9. deadlion

    Strange whirring noise when car is off [Update: fan noise while parked is not unusual]

    Trying turning on Climate via the app, then turn climate off via the app after 5-15 secs. I've had success doing this in the past when it did not seem the fan would stop on a mild temp day.
  10. deadlion

    Who has ordered?

    OK, I must be doing something wrong. I've been trying to order one since launch night but the order will not go through (tried laptop and device, multiple browsers, multiple credit cards). I've searched here and online. I'm sure its user error...
  11. deadlion

    Rodent damage: my washer fluid reservoir was leaking. It was chewed through by something.

    I wonder if some of this happened while the 3's were in Fremont, en route, or at local delivery centers. A few of us have noted falling washer fluid levels.
  12. deadlion

    Door Dinged Today

    I thought it was just me - I park on the end, away from the crowd some distance away. Upon return to the car the largest vehicle in the lot joins me in this remote area but over the line and too too close. I hate door dings. PDR may be the play.
  13. deadlion

    V10 for non FSD

    EA no FSD, got v10 last night. Watched Sunday Night Football via Hulu DVR to test it out - flawlessly awesome! I did not get phone notification regarding the update. I was heading out last night and saw the notification in the car. If you're waiting for the update and have not driven over the...
  14. deadlion

    First Mobile Service - Recall and Repair Items

    Mine is a 2018. Yes, I saw the posts about the grommets not needed for 2019's but I am unclear if the liner or other items have changed to avoid the need for them.
  15. deadlion

    First Mobile Service - Recall and Repair Items

    Apparently in an area not readily visible around the latch. Some models require part of the existing housing to be trimmed away. I'll try to get the recall details
  16. deadlion

    First Mobile Service - Recall and Repair Items

    First mobile service was a very positive experience. The tech was excellent (and arrived early). Repair - Wheel well liner grommets - installed 6 on each side, aligned liners - Mirror triangle trim - replaced both (they actually latch on, one of the old ones stuck out quite a bit) - Inner tail...
  17. deadlion

    Major traffic incident on the way to work! (dashcam included)

    Great manurever getting around the other car and the cows
  18. deadlion

    Recent screen "crash"

    Happened today while using navigation and streaming Pandora. Loud static screech (the sound an amp makes when shorting out) and the screen went black. It was likely 10-15 seconds before the self reboot. I used the turn signal stalk to change lanes while it was out; no indication in the car but...
  19. deadlion

    Center caps and lug nut covers for T Sportline's TST wheels

    My service center tried during a service appointment but couldn't get the center caps to sit flush. I've read a post where slight trimming was required. I opted to stick with TS's cap that came with the wheels. For lug covers I went with grey to match my midnight - got them on ebay and they've...
  20. deadlion

    XPEL and sensors

    Who did your XPEL install?
  21. deadlion

    Question: 530e vs. Model 3

    I have both - I've had the 530e xDrive M-Performance since Jan. With a 38 mile RT I'm averaging about 50 mpg over time - really great given the weight of the car. As @neroden mentioned, the ICE will kick on daily on the first leg with a 50 mile RT. If you can charge while at work that will make...
  22. deadlion

    My winter setup: 19” TST with Nokian R3

    I have the 19" TST met grey also but wished they were available in the space grey as the darker would be a better match to my MSM paint.
  23. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    What needs to be done to your P3D+? If I recall, did you have the charging port misalignment plus bumper issues? I ask because I have an SC appointment next week for panel appearance finishing and a small delivery scratch near the brake light (plus steering wheel alignment and a small interior...
  24. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Now the next hurdle is getting the screws out of the rear license plate holder to switch the temp plate for the permanent. Seems to be a screw to grommet mismatch issue - there are threads on this now. Light pressure, heavy pressure, push in, pull out - some are letting the SC deal with it. I...
  25. deadlion

    Has anyone ever gotten pulled over for tint before?

    I wish I'd thought of that as my preference is to tint all windows on sedans instead of dark in the rear only (like an SUV) and that's what I was left with. I knew I was not speeding as I entered the check area and didn't even think about the windows :(
  26. deadlion

    Has anyone ever gotten pulled over for tint before?

    Good question - it was a car registered in CA at the time.
  27. deadlion

    Has anyone ever gotten pulled over for tint before?

    Got a “fix it” ticket for limo tint on my BMW in a CA town at a pop-up checkpoint. Had to remove the tint on front driver and passenger windows.
  28. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Good point. There was confusion at delivery as to whether my inspection was done and the DM was going to have me get it inspected on my own and submit the receipt for reimbursement. At the last minute the inspection report was found in the glovebox. I got my plate today.
  29. deadlion

    T Sportline 18 inch turbines

    I'm running the 19" Space Gray's (30 miles in)...trying to decide on gray, black, or chrome lug covers.
  30. deadlion

    Model 3 Software Updates

    Just updated to v9. Summon worked for the first time since delivery.
  31. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Not too bad, I'll get something on the calendar. I would gladly reschedule to a later date to make space for someone with a mechanical issue.
  32. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Got the wheels installed (T-Sportline TST 19"). Now to get an appointment at the SC to get the panels buffed/corrected before getting PPF applied. Anyone know the lead time to get an appointment now that Q3 has closed?
  33. deadlion

    2013 Audi A4 Premium Plus - Quattro - CPO

    Original owner, certified preowned, pics and will be available for sale Sep 20 (located in the Triangle; near Raleigh, NC). - Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro Automatic - Exterior: Black - Interior: Chestnut Brown - Miles: 62150 - Reduced to $17650 OBO Reply or DM. Will add mobile number Sep...
  34. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Thanks, I'm thinking of PPF and Ceramic. Also, I'm sorry if its been asked and this is redundant, but have you ensured that Mobile Access has been enabled in your M3 settings? I had to enable it while other had it done at delivery.
  35. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Hey @Knightshade, where did you have your PPF done? Impressions?
  36. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Mike is the guy that I was referring to also who stabilized my delivery. From paperwork, detailing, engagement, team direction, SC communication, next steps - he touched all aspects - glad he was engaged.
  37. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    I did a thorough check today of the exterior, interior, and underneath and no additional quality, alignment, nor damage was found with this Aug 2018 build. I'll check again in tomorrow's new light since I'm still in the 48hr review/return window. I was waiting in vain for remote access to...
  38. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    We brought our MSM 3 home today! Can't believe its actually here. It was dark by the time we got it home to its newly (today) installed HPWC so I'll do another inspection and get pics tomorrow. The pics we got at delivery didn't come with the, well, Tesla experience nor the ambience we looked...
  39. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Confirmed, I stopped by today to drop off paperwork and the lot was already filling with cars from Charlotte with more trucks on the way.
  40. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    The emails with docs from the SA and the DA started flowing to me the day before the scheduled delivery (then it was rescheduled).
  41. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Was that the DMV doc that must be notarized? Though my delivery is pending for Friday, I got a request for this also in a separate mailing from the Delivery Advisor.
  42. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    No call no show so I reached out to learn that the 3 is still in Charlotte. The original United Road tracker showed it in Raleigh but this info has been updated also to show Charlotte (changed over the last few days). Their Vegas team was apologetic and has been very accessible and helpful...
  43. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Completed all Tesla and CU docs today, got the call that home delivery would proceed as planned for today. New 19" T-Sportline TST wheels were also delivered today. Now waiting on the 3.
  44. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Congrats!! If I may ask, what is your opinion of the build quality (alignment, paint, etc)? The delivery reports and the many checklists have me alert given planned home delivery for next week.
  45. deadlion

    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    I received a congratulatory call today to finalize planning and delivery. - Delivery changed to home for 9/25 (instead of 9/27 at the Raleigh center). VIN is 663XX. - My electrician is coming tomorrow to install my HPWC - Gotta finish cleaning out the garage! :eek: More to come.
  46. deadlion

    Greetings from the Triangle, NC

    Thank you - can't believe its almost here. Over the past 2 months I've notice many 3's in our area. I live in Apex and am starting to investigate the local Level 2 scene. My BMW is a PHEV but only includes a 20 mile range to supplement the ICE so not really worth hitting Chargepoint.
  47. deadlion

    2013 Audi A4 Premium Plus - Quattro - CPO

    Original owner, certified preowned, pics and will be available for sale Sep 20 (located in the Triangle; near Raleigh, NC). - Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro Automatic - Exterior: Black - Interior: Chestnut Brown - Miles: 62150 - $17899 OBO - Clean Carfax, no accidents, no mechanical issues -...
  48. deadlion

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    I see them now. The short replacement cycle for the new VIN is good news.

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