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  1. Nguyenning

    Came back to a bad door dent in parking lot at the grocery store. Sentry was off. Any chance I can get the footage?

    That’s what I thought. I actually don’t remember turning it off (I have it set as always on) bunmer.
  2. Nguyenning

    Came back to a bad door dent in parking lot at the grocery store. Sentry was off. Any chance I can get the footage?

    I immediately checked camera footage after seeing the dent (picture attached), but didn’t see any recordings. Looks like maybe a shopping cart, but it’s a pretty big dent for that IMO Any chance I can obtain the footage anywhere else? Or does it just not exist if it’s not recorded on my USB...
  3. Nguyenning

    Prices Paid, Discounts, Incentives, and Upgrades Offered

    Shoot me a PM... my advisor helped me and about 10 others on this forum find their car! He’s knowledgeable of the demo inventory units and extremely helpful.
  4. Nguyenning

    Want painted calipers? Don't want to spend $600+ on them?

    you’ll definitely want to spray clear coat after putting the decals on. It protects them and essentially seals them permanently in place so to speak. Otherwise it’s just a sticker vulnerable to the elements. holding up well after over a year now I think! Hardest part is masking around the...
  5. Nguyenning

    Plasti dipped 19” sport wheels for $40...

    No one sees the inside barrel (see my closeup pic) But yeah if you want to dip the inside barrel, you’d have to take the wheels off. almost all tutorials I saw and watched did not do that though.
  6. Nguyenning

    Plasti dipped 19” sport wheels for $40...

    Nah just masked the rotors and calipers with garbage bags. Overall very easy DIY project. Cleaning the wheels and prepping/masking took the most amount of time. From there, it’s basically 3 minutes of spraying a light coat followed by 15-25 minutes waiting to dry. Repeat for about 4-6 coats and...
  7. Nguyenning

    Plasti dipped 19” sport wheels for $40...

    We’ll see how long it lasts, but overall am very impressed with this stuff (first time using plasti dip). Would highly recommend to anyone considering powder coating... so far this is saving me around $450 and is easily removable when the time comes. Went with anthracite grey and just a little...
  8. Nguyenning

    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    Did you use glossifier? Wondering if it’d matter on a black car... I think matte black looks good against white car color. looks great man
  9. Nguyenning

    Plastidippin on 19's

    Looks GREAT! Ordering the Anthracite kit now. Did you do glossifier. A lot of folks say anthracite by its self already appears pretty glossy since it’s a metallic finish.
  10. Nguyenning

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Is this anthracite grey? Thinking about ordering some on dipyourcar.com
  11. Nguyenning

    TPMS not working on new tire

    Update, my new wheels finally registered. Just appeared on the screen as success. Took like 30 miles I’d say.
  12. Nguyenning

    TPMS not working on new tire

    Following this thread as I just swapped 4 wheels with another Tesla model 3 owner and our cars haven’t recognized/reset the TPMS yet. Tried Relearn TPMS and said it failed to relearn. Swapped my 18” Aeros for his 19” OEM sport wheels. Discount tire just swapped them. Our cars just show...
  13. Nguyenning

    TPMS reset on V10

    Did a swap of wheels with someone. 18” aero wheels for their 19” OEM sport wheels. Both sets had TPMS I drove around and my car never recognized them. Do I choose factory reset TPMS? Or relearn TPMS?
  14. Nguyenning

    4 OEM Wheels for Sale

  15. Nguyenning

    WTB 19” OEM wheels and tires for Tesla Model 3

    Could meet anywhere in Texas (I’m in Dallas)
  16. Nguyenning

    Philadelphia Wheel Swap - Giving 19” Sport Wheels

    what color wheels? Silver? Gunmetal Gray? Powder coated black?
  17. Nguyenning

    WTB: Model 3 OEM 19” wheels (or swap for my 18” with cash)

    Hopefully okay to post here. In the market for 19” wheels, preferably gray or black (if powder coated).... but open to silver to do powder coat myself. Would be willing to meet anywhere in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio or even Oklahoma. Shoot me an offer price if you have a set! I...
  18. Nguyenning

    WTB (or trade in Texas) - My Model 3 18" OEM Aero Wheels/Caps/Tires + cash for 19" OEM ones

    Bump. If not interested in a trade, I’d be interested in buying 19” wheels... preferably gray or powder coated.
  19. Nguyenning

    FS: 19" Model 3 complete wheel/tire set up, almost new!

    looks like post deleted? Sold?
  20. Nguyenning

    Model 3 Wheel Swap - Giving 19" Sport for 18" Aero

    I’d do this swap as well but am located in Dallas!
  21. Nguyenning

    FS- 18” aero wheel (1) with TPS and Cap

    still available? Where are you located?
  22. Nguyenning

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    What’s the best way to install these after you take the old emblems off? It says not to use the same holes because it’ll be loose. So do you poke new holes with a screw driver or something?
  23. Nguyenning

    Referral Supercharging miles extended!

    Woo mine went from December 2022 to January 2023
  24. Nguyenning

    Tesla App now showing Supercharging referral mile expiring date

    Ah that makes sense. Never saw this fine print myself but it does explain why my miles end in exactly 3 years ha
  25. Nguyenning

    Tesla App now showing Supercharging referral mile expiring date

    I have 11 referrals and 34,000 free supercharger miles since I got the car in April 2019. The last referral was December 22, 2019 and my miles expire December 22, 2022. I’d read somewhere that each new referral would extend your free miles an additional 6 months. That’s obviously not the...
  26. Nguyenning

    App loot box now says when your free referral supercharger miles expire

    Picture attached. Apologies if repost but just noticed the Loot Box where your referral supercharger bonus miles are located now has a set expiration date. For context I have 11 total referrals (most were when tesla was doing that 5K bonus mile referral campaign. My last referral was on...
  27. Nguyenning

    Performance Model 3 with 21" or 22" wheels?

    Would 21” Model S rims from 2017 fit on a Model 3 non performance?
  28. Nguyenning

    Pics of Model 3s with the new grey performance wheels

    Damn! Wish tesla sold these wheels... (in the states) now
  29. Nguyenning

    Are there really discounts for showroom or inventory 3s?

    sent via PM! He’s helped 6 people now on this forum find their cars... honestly he’s just super responsive and knowledgeable. Having dealt with a few sales advisors, that alone goes a long way.
  30. Nguyenning

    Vendor Group Buy - Self Presenting Doors

    interested. Wondering if it’d ever be possible to have a mode for the same self presenting door opening feature like on Model X when you just tap/press the handle in a little, and the door slowly opens up...?
  31. Nguyenning

    V10 Vampire drain warning: check Summon “Standby Mode” setting in car

    FYI not sure if this came with the new update, but it now says "EXCLUDE HOME, EXCLUDE WORK, EXCLUDE FAVORITES" with options to checkmark each when Standby Mode is enabled. So vampire drain at home (if checkmarked) shouldn't be an issue.
  32. Nguyenning

    V10 Vampire drain warning: check Summon “Standby Mode” setting in car

    I don't see anything saying "standby mode"... In the app under Summon?
  33. Nguyenning

    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    at what mileage are y'all getting tires rotated? Or what's suggested...
  34. Nguyenning

    Houston 18" and 19" Model 3 OEM Rims/ Tires for Sale

    Price for the 19"? I have 18" OEM wheels/tires/caps/covers if interested in some kind of trade + cash.... I'm in Houston often.
  35. Nguyenning

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM Floor Mats

    Sorry, just saw this... Yes the floor mats are still available. Have had a few interested buyers at $50 just not able to meetup (located really far from me in Dallas near Walnut Hill Supercharger... and not really worth the drive for such a small sale ha) Bump!
  36. Nguyenning

    WTB (or trade in Texas) - My Model 3 18" OEM Aero Wheels/Caps/Tires + cash for 19" OEM ones

    No curb rash or damage 5K miles and can get a tread measurement from Discount Tire beforehand Michelin tires OEM cap kit Aero hubcaps no damage either (been in garage since day one ha) Will throw in cash as well Looking to trade with anyone in Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin) who has OEM 19"...
  37. Nguyenning

    FT: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19" Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Did you ever sell these? In the market for 19" powder coated OEM wheels! Have family and visit Houston all the time...
  38. Nguyenning

    Tesla M3 Stock 19" wheels, Tires and TPMS - Dallas Area.

    Any interest in trading for 18" Aeros with caps + Michelin tires + cash? They're black ha Located in Dallas too
  39. Nguyenning

    POLL: Checking tyre/tire pressure on your Tesla

    Y'all do 43 psi for smoother ride? I forget what suggested is... 48?
  40. Nguyenning

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM Floor Mats

    Last try... best offer
  41. Nguyenning

    Can any sales rep see nationwide new, inventory, and used cars?

    My sales rep could see everything... he helped me out tremendously from Oregon (I'm in Texas). Got a great deal because of his diligence to be honest. Feel free to PM if interested in his contact info.
  42. Nguyenning

    Why I stopped displaying remaining miles

    Call me old school but I just prefer seeing the miles remaining. Even if I switched to percent, I’d just be doing the 3X math in my head anyway lol
  43. Nguyenning

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM Floor Mats

    Not sold yet... are you located in Dallas area? Happy to meet at a supercharger if so. (I'll PM ya)
  44. Nguyenning

    Sold a New Car, Found out its Used

    Definitely either return it or ask for a showroom discount. Tons of people here have gotten demo showroom units at heavy discounts. (I was originally sold one at a huge discount. Then few days before I was scheduled to pickup, turns out it had an accident history and they couldn’t sell it to...

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