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  1. SteveG3

    EV and Solar Related Policy Proposals Among US Presidential Candidates (and Fossil Fuel connections)

    found link to this re Mayor Pete's plans: "Zero emissions vehicles. We will immediately enact more stringent vehicle emission standards, requiring that all new passenger vehicles sold be zero-emissions by 2035, and all heavy-duty vehicles sold be net-zero emissions by 2040. We will work to...
  2. SteveG3

    Electrek/Fred Lambert comments (out of main)

    Fred acts as stenographer for VW (copy/pasting of press release, without critical thinking, while he takes a microscope/cynicism machine to nearly everything Tesla ever states). VW unveils production version of ID.3 electric car: starts under $33,000 with range up to 340 miles - Electrek seems...
  3. SteveG3

    2018 Red AWD 3, FSD, Priced off NEW Tesla Pricing Minus 20% 1YR Depreciation

    As you can verify on Tesla's website, my configuration, detailed below, is currently selling new for $58k (including the $1.2k destination/doc fee... I've rounded down to $58k). Red Dual Motor White Interior 18" Wheels FSD I picked the car up 9/1 of last year, but, I have put on 14.5k miles...
  4. SteveG3

    Solar city firings, allegations of discrimination (out of Market Action)

    Ex-SolarCity employees: We were fired after reporting millions in fake sales – Ars Technica and allegations from multiple people of discrimination, homophobic, and sexist activities :/
  5. SteveG3

    Let's Help Get TMC on Future Tesla Earnings Calls

    This idea has come up here before more than once... Galileo Russell has shown the time may be here. Great job Gali if you're out there! Thanks for blazing a well useful trail! Idea would be for a TMCer to be on the call with a list of crowd sourced questions from all of us, ready to keep...
  6. SteveG3

    Open Source Bear Narrative Rebuttals

    Generally there's a handful of bear narratives that are repeated, often for years, in the media. Thought it would be more efficient to share a few rebuttals on these common narratives that anyone can feel free to use without attribution in various comment sections of articles, social media...
  7. SteveG3

    Constructive Suggestions for Investor Response to Media Coverage Involving Tesla and Its Products

    I just counted 25 stories on Yahoo Finance re the 4-5 day pause in Model 3 production, and 6 articles there on China phasing out the requirement of a JV partner for foreign auto factories there. Both of these stories are out less than a day, the pause longer than the news from China. The...
  8. SteveG3

    Investor CONSTRUCTIVE Suggestions and/or Requests of Tesla

    Had one in mind today, I’m sure many of us do. Tesla might read the thread. fwiw, by emphasizing CONSTRUCTIVE in title, I’m indicating the intent of this thread not attempting to dictate what anyone posts outside this thread.
  9. SteveG3

    TM3 "Factory Mode" Accessed, Good Amount of New Data

    Tesla Model 3 gets hacked, reveals more details and great potential for dual motor/ performance versions The Electrek article is nice, but the top post in the comments section has most of the new information.
  10. SteveG3

    Video of launch with "Sabotage" soundtrack (edited out of other videos)

    Thought maybe I wasn't the only one who really enjoyed the moment as it happened, including the audio at the event, but had trouble finding a recording of it,
  11. SteveG3

    2018 New LR Model 3 EPA Filing Shows Changes, 130 MPGe Now vs. 126 MPGe for 2017

    Bozi Tatarevic on Twitter City MPGe up by 5, highway by 3. Tesla continues to use the lower 310 mile range figure than the higher range from actual test results. Year to year EPA filing also shows changes to, 240V charge time with a standard charger: from 12 hours to 10 hours Luggage...
  12. SteveG3

    Fingers Crossed for Tonight

    Motor Trend Car of the Year announcement is in LA tonight. Here's the list of eight finalists: Alfa Romeo Giulia Kia Rio Honda Accord Lexus LC Honda Civic Type R Porsche Panamera Kia Stinger Tesla Model 3 link to press release re tonight, MOTOR TREND Announces Its 2018 Awards Finalists
  13. SteveG3

    disappointed after M3 handover event? please consider this...

    Entry Level Model S 2013 .................................................... Today Price*...........................................$69,500 ................................................ $69,500 EPA Range ..................................218 miles...
  14. SteveG3

    What question would you like to see Tesla answer at Tuesday's annual meeting?

    I won't put odds on this being effective, but, Tesla has been known to scan through TMC some, and perhaps a member here going to the meeting will consider asking one of our questions as well... so what do you want to see Tesla answer on Tuesday?
  15. SteveG3

    Model 3 Design Speculation Thread

    Elon's tweets yesterday created a lot of conversation. Thought it would be useful to have one place for this discussion from an investor's perspective.
  16. SteveG3

    The Fractured Tipping Point Moat

    I see I’ve written something more along the lines of an essay than a comment to start a thread, but, I still hope it’s useful and starts a discussion. It appears very probable we have an enormous moat around the growth of Tesla’s vehicle business the market does not yet explicitly appreciate...
  17. SteveG3

    Will the global vehicle market (all automakers combined) be bigger or smaller in 2030 and why?

    last year global vehicle sales were roughly 85 million, and they are widely projected to be roughly 100 million in 2020. where will they be in 2030? outside of short-term shocks like the 2008 financial crisis, the trend has been upward for at least as far back as I could readily find data...
  18. SteveG3

    Could use some help before I visit repair shop re a nail in a tire

    I don't have a lot of experience with what's repairable vs. in need of replacement in these circumstances and could use a hand. attached is a photo of the nail in the tire. when I found it I called Tesla's 800 number and they told me their policy was strictly replacements, no repairs. I've...
  19. SteveG3

    financial media games with TSLA aside, constructive feedback on Autopilot

    we've all seen the flood of stories in the financial media about Tesla Autopilot. so much of the coverage is misleading, aggressive and speculative in nature. as investors, that mass of noise can seem like an outrageous attack. let's not let this media swirl about the company we're invested...
  20. SteveG3

    Dear Tesla, about this proposed acquisition,

    in the many, many interviews of Elon Musk I've seen, several times he has been asked what advice he would give to someone starting a new business. Elon typically responds with two points, one of them always being (paraphrasing), seek out honest feedback about your plans and...
  21. SteveG3

    Complete Owner's Manual Pack for Roadster 1.5

    looking for a complete set of the original manuals that came with 1.5 Roadsters, including the metallic binder that held them. if you are interested in selling yours, please private message me to try to work out a price.
  22. SteveG3

    How do Model X front seats compare to S original and next gen seats?

    maybe I missed an existing thread, but I was surprised that I did not find much on this topic after browsing through a few searches here.
  23. SteveG3

    how about a Headlines Only thread for 2016?

    up until September I scanned every post in the short-term thread (and it's predecessor) to keep an eye out for new material information on Tesla for years. alas, the volume on the thread got the best of me. I suspect I'm not alone in feeling overmatched by the number of posts on that thread...
  24. SteveG3

    Elon Musk Interview with a Danish Newspaper 9/23

    Eleven minutes long, Elon Musk - Autopilot available in 1 month - YouTube
  25. SteveG3

    Speculative Tesla owned Uber-like service impact on Tesla's Mission and Valuation?

    First, to be clear, this is speculative exploration. Elon did not say Tesla will create their own Uber-like service yesterday. I don't see it as a material catalyst for the stock at this point. That said, I've started thinking about how profitable such a service could be and how it could push...
  26. SteveG3

    What Question Would You Like to Hear at the Shareholder Meeting?

    Suggestion for Upcoming Shareholder Meeting The annual shareholder meeting is a little over three weeks away. I've always found live Q&As between Elon and Tesla and/or TSLA owners very entertaining and often quite revealing. Of course, at times, many of us are left wishing those who had the...
  27. SteveG3

    Elon T-shirts, Hats and Sweatshirts

    Stumbled across Elon University on the web. They're located in North Carolina, and sure enough their online bookstore has gear that simply says "Elon" I might actually get a hat or t-shirt. MenBookstore
  28. SteveG3

    Following Tesla's CPO Business

    Thought we might want a place to discuss the CPO business. Hank Lloyd Wright here at TMC has created a wonderful "consolidator" page that gives us a considerably further reaching view into the CPO business than Tesla's own CPO section on their website. His file pulls data from Tesla's CPO...
  29. SteveG3

    Bill Gates and Elon Musk 3/29/15

    This was a Q&A moderated by Baidu's Chairman, Robin Lee. Unfortunately, there's not much interaction between Elon and Bill, nor much of anything we've not heard before from Elon. The video has a Chinese translation going as they speak, but for now, this seems to be the only recording...
  30. SteveG3

    Elon Speaks with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang 3/17/2015

    Twenty minutes, mostly about autonomous driving, some discussion of AI. Huang has had 3 Tesla's and is quite enthusiastic about the OTA improvements Tesla has delivered. Don't be thrown by the "part 9" in the video title, this is the complete interview. GTC 2015: NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang...
  31. SteveG3

    LA Times "Sublime" P85D Review... Positive?

    Review: The sublime Tesla Model S P85D - LA Times I found this to be a puzzling review, and would be very interested to hear what P85D owners think of the review. While quite a positive tone, there were some points that just don't seem right, all in an unflattering direction on some...
  32. SteveG3

    What Would It Take for Tesla to Reach Apples' Market Cap in 2025?

    In Wednesday's earnings call, Elon suggested the scenario of Tesla growing to a market cap similar to where Apple's is today ($700 billion). His description implied revenues of about $350 billion per year in 2025. Elon explained that he envisions all this with little to no further capital...
  33. SteveG3

    Full Vanity Fair Summit Interview of Elon Musk 10/8/14 (by Walter Isaacson)

    Elon Musk Speaks About Tesla and SpaceX at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit - YouTube twenty minute interview followed by audience questions
  34. SteveG3

    Is There An Attractive Opportunity Selling Battery Packs/Drivetrains to Other MFGs?

    I think in the coming years Tesla will have several options for continued very high growth. I think it's easiest to see visibility in their growth in making their own vehicles, but at a minimum grid storage is another very large growth opportunity, even if not as easy to project what it will...
  35. SteveG3

    Yahoo Will Discontinue Displaying Seeking Alpha Headlines

    Cheer's to separating journalism from unedited blogging! as a "contributor" I received a lengthy Seeking Alpha email about this. here is the first sentence, "As of next Monday Yahoo Finance will no longer be displaying Seeking Alpha headlines on its website." Just a bit of background...
  36. SteveG3

    Article Suggests Panasonic to Sign a Contract this Month

    Asahi Shimbun (apparently one of Japan's five national newspaper's) wrote, "Panasonic is expected to sign a contract this month to help Tesla construct a plant and produce batteries for its vehicles. Initial operations at the plant are scheduled to commence in 2017 and become fully operational...
  37. SteveG3

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    thought it made sense to have a thread on the investor's forum looking at the EU climate re Tesla from an investor's perspective. I'm particularly hopeful some TMC members from the EU can share some of their observations on Tesla's public perception. obviously post whatever contribution you...
  38. SteveG3

    NPR Details History Behind Franchise System

    this is a piece from February, 2013 that gives some depth on how the franchise system came into effect. they describe the origins of the protections in place for dealers as Tesla has... to protect a franchisee from being pushed around from a manufacturer who granted the franchise (going into...
  39. SteveG3

    A CNBC article John Peterson Wouldn't Put His Name Onhttp://www.cnbc.com/id/101455878

    I think the errors in this CNBC article are both massive and nearly impossible to have been inadvertent. it is by a contributor in CNBC, and I have confidence that if CNBC itself was aware of the grossly flawed nature of the article they would retract it. I put this in a separate thread...
  40. SteveG3

    Why Tesla Could become the next Standard Oil

    I realize this is a ridiculously long post... but I put it in the comment section of a Seeking Alpha article, and seems like something worth having a discussion here... Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Looking Beyond Tesla As An Auto Company - Seeking Alpha TO BE CLEAR, WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY IS...
  41. SteveG3

    Elon "I think the stock price is probably about right"

    Was asked about comments earlier in the year on valuation and had that response. He did go on to say about right compared to other equities at this time, that equities overall are at a relatively high point. Not sure exactly when interview occurred but they did flash a $168+ price during the...
  42. SteveG3

    Blatant attempt at FUD from IBT?

    Unless I'm really misunderstanding how options work, this article seems like a blatant attempt to falsely imply that several Tesla executives used knowledge of Q4 delivery beat to their advantage. As I understand options, the price of these options were fixed months or more likely years...
  43. SteveG3

    Model X Reveal Not Likely at Detroit Auto Show

    Article mentions Elon is not at the show... unless there's a bit of gamesmanship going on, looks like we'll have to wait for a Model X reveal. Does not look like any change in launch timing. Better than average reporting, comments from Jerome Guillen and Diarmuid O'Connell. Detroit auto...
  44. SteveG3

    Elon Speaks to Concerns About Sustainability of EV Adoption

    Short but sweet 5 minute video where Elon makes his case for the underestimation of potential of solar power and the ample availability of raw materials for batteries. Elon Musk Thoughts on transitioning to 100% renewable energy - YouTube
  45. SteveG3

    Street.com Article Opinion on Media Negativity, Elon Tweets Appreciation

    Rocco Pendola's has posted a "mea culpa" video regarding an unfair article he wrote in the Spring, and goes on to say that recent Tesla coverage has been quite unfair, and offers his analysis of where the bashing comes from. Elon apparently saw this video and gave two big thumbs up. Elon Musk...

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