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  1. AC1K

    I have finally rid myself of all things Gasoline!

    Its been a long time coming but today 2019-05-09 is the day gasoline has been vanquished from my life. I sold the last gas burning device, a Karcher 5HP Honda Pressure Washer, loud AF, annoying, laggy, smelly, ridiculous all round, but cleans well (3000psi / 2.5 gpm / 7500 cu). Replaced it...
  2. AC1K

    Post your first picture of your Dash!

    i was going through some old photos and this one came up, forgot i had taken it. 33km on delivery!
  3. AC1K

    Nice and Clean fan made advertisement

  4. AC1K

    Anyone Thinking of Blacking out the headlights?

    in the headlight assembly there is a lot of chrome that doesn't do anything really and its safe to paint black, i did it to the very first car ive own, and the next several cars already had blacked out lights from the factory. - - - Updated - - - here is another example off the internet
  5. AC1K

    What happens when you hit road debris without a Tesla

    Car runs over metal bumper, rupturing gas tank and causing deadly fire - YouTube Tesla doesn't look so bad now does it? the last guy that hit a tow hitch even recovered his papers from the glovebox.
  6. AC1K

    Got my wheels fixed! (Calgary)

    looks awesome! Price was $100 per wheel tax in (this was a home visit so this is very reasonable IMO since they have to haul that trailer and all the tire equipment around) Wheel Repair - Album on Imgur
  7. AC1K

    Chart comparing CO2 footprint—for comment

    Full size version (Warning! Large!) >> http://i.imgur.com/sCewUP3.jpg please suggest any changes or additions. What i find interesting is that every stage of fuel production (gas/diesel) is that electric motors are used everywhere and are moving ridiculous volumes of various fluids or solids...
  8. AC1K

    Got an Alignment done, WOW it was super out of wack

    Long story short, rotated my tires, went WTF when i saw the tire wear, decided to get an alignment I highly recommend the shop above, that guy KNOWS what hes doing, hes basically seen every type of suspension setup known to man kind. Tesla definitely copied some German engineering for the...
  9. AC1K

    The Nay Sayers!

    Tesla Model S - HybridCars.com Tesla Motors is an Environmental Fail (and More!) Tesla CEO Says Model S Equivalent Cost to a $35,000 Gas Car: Does This Mean Volt Will be $21,000? The Tesla Model S Won't Be Real Unless Elon Musk Has a Few Hundred Million to Spare Tesla Will Go Hybrid...
  10. AC1K

    National Drive Electric Week Event - Calgary

    National Drive Electric Week for Calgary! We were able to book off Stephen Ave!!! Register here! National Drive Electric Week Event - Calgary More Info here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/yycEV/
  11. AC1K

    Tesla LIED to us! (I maxed out a dyno in my car)

    I was able to dyno my car! Tesla Official rated 416 HP at the Motor's Crank shaft Power at the wheels 436 HP! my battery was at 80% charge, 24ºC, Alt - 1158m (don't think altitude affects EVs tho) Video coming soon! just uploading it to YT some things need to be corrected, 1) the tech...
  12. AC1K

    Model S Wasted off the line!

  13. AC1K

    What is your next smartphone going to be?

    Title says it all, if you are getting a new smartphone this year what will it be? Personally, i have not found a better phone for GPS accuracy than the Galaxy Note 2, I've tried the S5, Z2, note 3, Z Ultra, HTC One m8 and nothing comes close, however all those phones are based on the...
  14. AC1K

    JUNE 19th 2014 14:00-18:00 Calgary Alberta: Solar/EV Enthusiast Summer Solstice BBQ

    Summer Solstice BBQ 2014 you will have to register, its located at the SkyFire Calgary office
  15. AC1K

    Post your most efficient trip to work

    I managed to get 174MPGe (1.2L/100km) one day, basically hit all the green lights, smooth cruising at 80kph (which is the speed limit)
  16. AC1K

    Ridiculous things you've done to save money?

    I’ll admit, I act like I’m super poor, these are just some crazy things I’ve done.... · for the last 12 years I’ve shaved my head with a regular clipper, $25 for the clipper with tons of attachments from Costco, 12 years of haircuts, ever 2 months at $35 each hair cut RESULT: money...
  17. AC1K

    BMW i3 versus Model S

    Highlights Bad for trips under 80 miles.... ??? (i dont get this one at all) Tesla is terrible for long trips not nearly as good for cornering compared to the i3 worse electronics package doesnt look at good from the front Tesla is not capable of being your only car (ive had my Tesla for over a...
  18. AC1K

    First Calgary Meetup! May 24th, Greenwood Hotel in NE 13:00

    Calgary Alberta Canada EV Meet (all EVs/Hybrids) [SAT May 24 2014 @ 13:00] Link to the EVent, hopefully it will be a good turnout
  19. AC1K

    Calgary Alberta Canada EV Meet (all EVs/Hybrids) [SAT May 24 2014 @ 13:00]

    I believe the organizer has a Leaf, ill be there myself, spread the word!
  20. AC1K

    Guess what electric Vehicles 100 years ago got in range?

    100 freaking miles of range in 1905 100 years of time for R&D, fast forward to 2014, I would bet the inventor of this car would be shaking his head. You would think most car companies with their billions could of at least doubled the range? no, only Tesla and a prototype Rimac have EVs that...
  21. AC1K

    Edmonton EV Show Jun 7 2014 @ NAIT

  22. AC1K

    a Real Head Turner

    I dont think there is another car that has turned so many heads, or gathered so many crowds as the Tesla has. each day on the way to work or driving home 1) are at least 4-5 "Tesla passes" >> cars quickly passing only to slam on the brakes and creep back for a second look 2) at least the same...
  23. AC1K

    Calgary/Edmonton/Alberta Meetup

    so this guy found me on plugshare and apparently he started a facebook group called yycEV https://www.facebook.com/groups/yycEV just in case anyone is interested in a meetup, you should join the group and vote for a day, most likely it will be last week of May.
  24. AC1K

    Garage Wiring Fire

    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-19/tesla-says-model-s-charger-didn-t-cause-california-garage-fire.html wasn't started by the car at all, it was something between the breaker box | in wall wiring | outlet | power connector The investigators immediately blamed Tesla lol
  25. AC1K

    I've finally had to pay the equivalent to a tank of gas!

    im locked in at 8¢/kWh where i am for the next 5 years. my old car had a 65L tank so it would cost approx $70 to fill it using regular. i could go approx 650km but that would be running to near vapor.
  26. AC1K

    Got a Flat, Here's a "how to"

    Step 1) Get a patch kit (its like $8) Step 2) take the wheel off the car, find the nail Step 3) Deflate the tire at least down to 15psi so when you pull the nail out its not explosive Step 4) cleanse the area, and push the file tool into the puncture, work it so the puncture is clean of...
  27. AC1K

    Changed Winter Tire

    i changed the tires today (While it was snowing :), what can i say i like to cut it close) i got these wheels from Tire rack and the tires are Pirrelli Winter carving edge (Studdable but i didnt get them studded as thats over kill where i am) decided not to get TPMS as i feel its useless, these...
  28. AC1K

    Doomsday Preppers?

    Have any of you watched the show? are any of you actually preppers? i watched both seasons 1 and 2 on the weekend. i'm not nearly as crazy as the people on the show with 1-2 years of food and underground bunkers but i do have a bug out bag for 72 hrs. i have higher hopes than most of the...
  29. AC1K

    Model S are selling faster in Norway than Tesla can make them!

    http://qz.com/133523/norwegians-are-now-paying-more-for-a-second-hand-tesla-model-s-than-a-new-one/ as a result, second hand cars are worth more than new ones.
  30. AC1K

    Lots of LEDs

    Im Suprised the leds are bright enough to light up an entire parking lot thats pitch black. if you set your lights to "Parking" the LED DRLs get twice as bright compared to headlight mode but you loose your turning LEDs. i pulled the fuse for the headlight to see if the DRLs are bright enough...
  31. AC1K

    Model S Dyno 428HP at the wheels

    http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1086994_tesla-model-s-cranks-out-428-horses-at-the-wheels-video sorry if this was already posted, if it was please delete.
  32. AC1K

    Waterproofed my keyfob (lots of pictures)

    So i was waiting for a huge disk restore to run at work, and i decided to waterproof my keyfob, I live in Calgary where it was flooded earlier this year, it could happen again and i dont feel like paying hundreds for a replacement fob. the unmodified aquapac was a little large, and that silica...
  33. AC1K

    Thoughts on hypermiling the Tesla

    Hypermiling the Tesla… Prep Tips: Lighten the weight of the car, pretty much remove everything ( junk in the trunk(s) ) Lighten yourself/be fit, but obviously don’t over do it, the best weight to be is already calculated by the “BMI” scale, im 5’8, the ideal weight is 130-150, so I usually...
  34. AC1K

    What sets Tesla apart from the rest

    After talking with a tech for 3 hours and getting a defective latch fixed on my P85 i learned there is 1 HUGE customer service point that sticks out in quality compared to other makes and dealers... Tesla will replace parts even if they have not failed on older or first run vehicles to be on...
  35. AC1K

    How To: Retrofit a Model S S85 into a P85

    Order a P off the internet shave off any excess plastic apply double sided tape and cut to shape cleanse the area test fit You now have a Performance 85! Just kidding, my P was falling off so i had to reapply it.
  36. AC1K

    The Real Mileage of a Tesla Model S

    Gasoline requires electricity to manufacture, this is often not included in calculations and debates about CO2 emissions and efficiency. By this Calculation 1 Gal worth of energy will get a BMW M5 20 Miles (hwy miles) 1 Gal worth of energy will get a Toyota Prius 55 Miles 1 Gal worth of...
  37. AC1K

    Should a Model S be able to rescue another Model S?

    Just like regular ICE vehicles can "Jump" another, should the Model S be able to partially charge another Model S? i don't think it would be complicated just like a Nissan Leaf is capable of powering a house in the event of a blackout. maybe a feature that allows you to set the "needed" kms...
  38. AC1K

    Covercraft Windshield UV Cover (Picture Warning)

    I really like the fitment, its as close as you are gonna get, you will have to move the rear view mirror for the driver side but this is because the fit is so precise there is no wiggle room. i would say these are pretty high quality, very study, they wont bend or fold at all. This...
  39. AC1K

    Lloyds RubberTite Mats (Picture warning, may be slow to load)

    These floor mats have a very noticeable rubber smell (possibly because they are rubber :rolleyes:), i dumped a ton of baking soda on them so ill see if that will remove the smell by tomorrow, if not ill have to mix up some kind of vinegar/ammonia/baking soda wash.
  40. AC1K

    Anyone miss going to the gas station to fill up?

    Sounds ridiculous but have any of you started heading to the gas station and then realizing you don't need gas (muscle memory / force of habit) for me i haven't actually left my house but i keep getting the feeling i'm supposed to be doing something with the car as plugging it in seems almost...
  41. AC1K

    Just a thought about EV Pollution and 48,891,000,000 kWh

    In 2005 this article was released on the energy usage of refineries (just refineries, not gas stations, offices, anything leading up or post gasoline production) 48,891,000,000 kWh of energy was used by ONLY the refineries...
  42. AC1K

    Momentary lapse of intelligence...

    Just found out what the round knobs do lol but i'm surprised the passenger has one too!
  43. AC1K

    Really need to re-size these columns...

    shrink the middle column, widen the song list so i can see the whole title, and make the quick jump column slightly larger
  44. AC1K

    Just a Comparison (maybe some features that should get consideration in future model)

    Hyundai Equus Ultimate Vs Model S Performance $72K CAD Vs $135KCAD Things Missing from the MS that the Equus has Heated, Cooled, massaging Front seats Heated, Cooled, massaging Rear Seats swiveling headlights reclining rear seats refrigerated compartments independent rear audio/visual...
  45. AC1K

    Turning LEDs instead of swiveling headlights?

    i was driving just now and noticed that i have LED's that come on after i turn the wheel more than 10°, the LED's have a wide range and light up any curb nearby. Im assuming the headlights must be on for this feature to work. does anyone else have this on the S85 and S60?
  46. AC1K

    Web Browser Issues

    not sure about the rest of you but the web browser is the worst crap ive ever used for a browser. forget about google docs (froze so bad i had to hard reset the entire panel) freezes on facebook freezes on ingress intel map (this one is a little extreme but even my old galaxy nexus could render...
  47. AC1K

    USB Keyboard?

    Just had a wild idea, the console is running Linux AFAIK, any Linux kernel auto recognizes USB HID, i wonder if a USB keyboard would work for typing in the browser the OSK is pretty bad, caps doesn't change the letters on the keys, there is no press and hold for alt characters, there is no...
  48. AC1K

    Suggestions for Improvement

    Ive had the car for a while now, these are just some thoughts for improvement Exterior: - Get rid of any incandescent lights (license plate lights and side indicators) its 2013 guys, incan’s are banned in some countries already. - Change Headlights and Fog lamps to LED and...
  49. AC1K

    Glossy or Matte Wrap?

    Since the Tesla factory armor is insufficient in regards to coverage, ive decided to do a full wrap at a local shop, the cost is $3500+ GST CAD (i think this is an ok price as it will take 4 days!, most of it is labor) the shop offers Xpel Ultimate and Xpel Stealth, Glossy and Matte...
  50. AC1K

    Safety Feature?

    So i needed to move my car slightly farther away from my house wall inside my garage to modify my license plate bulbs, i opened the driver door and left it open, put the car in N and let the car roll slightly, but all of a sudden the car went back into park. basically the car will not let you...

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