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  1. J

    MY road noise?

    As for wind noise, it’s about the same as my all glass roof S had but tires are louder than my S
  2. J

    MY road noise?

    If you are a normal person, the Y will be awesome Mine (non-performance, 20 in wheels, LR AWD) feels more quiet than the 3 but less quiet than my last car, a nov 2016 S (totalled) it drives And handles far better than the X Build quality far better than my S. I do have a scratch on steering...
  3. J

    Anyone have a good idea how long the backup is to produce the ordered Y's?

    People are backing out of contracts. Maybe try talking to your local center and let them know you’re willing to jump now. That’s what I did.
  4. J

    Heated wheel not so hot after update

    Mine is also much less warm than in the past. Not sure if it varies with the temperature but I don’t think so
  5. J

    Depreciation on 3 year old Model S 90d

    Luckily, my S is special and has therefore probably appreciated over the years :p Seriously though, yikes Oh well,we 2016 buyers knew we were buying new tech which is always $$$ I remember a buddy who paid $7000 for one of the first 46 inch flat screen TVs Years later, we bought one for...
  6. J

    Stopped my MCU from leaking. Saved $$$.

    Although I applaud the ingenuity here, it also leaves me a bit frustrated I have zero tech, engineering, or construction skills and will never be able to learn them (work 80-90 hrs/week) But it seems one needs them to fix/prevent bubbling, yellow borders, and/or MCU failure We all knew...
  7. J

    Model S in the snow/cold

    I agree with others Snow tires all the way. The tires are the ONLY thing that contacts the roads As such, Only the tires can keep you on a road in slippery conditions (AWD does not keep you on the road. See all the SUVs in the ditches during blizzards) You’ll never miss the few hundred...
  8. J

    Winter Tires Recommendation

    Winter tires are a must in MN The S is dangerous on summer tires in winter. DO NOT DO IT the S is mediocre with all seasons With winter tires, it is a VERY good car (Not as good as an SUV due to low clearancewhich causes problems in deeper snow) I have Michelin X ice tires Bought from...
  9. J

    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    (Regarding my statement that I want a lift back car like the S, but the size of the 3) This is not true. The 3 and Y are lower end versions of the S and X I wish for one more model. Smaller (like 3 or Y) But better design like S and X Without falcon wing doors My next Tesla is likely to be...
  10. J

    The average Tesla owner and their knowledge of their car's features

    There are a ton of features that are hidden. Three I learned recently —you can turn climate on and off pushing scroll wheel (if scroll wheel controls temp). I found it clunky that air was always on before — swiping down on Navigate automatically navigates you home... but if you’re at home it...
  11. J

    Blank update window

    Yep. That’s what all my notes look like
  12. J

    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    As others have said, buy the car that works better for you. The 3 is a zippy agile little thing There are some cost cutting measures on it, but overall a great car that is loaded with minimalistic design. And boy is it fun. The S is a sports car beast with a lift back and tons of room But...
  13. J

    Blank update window

    Yes. Mine is blank as well. I’ve heard rebooting might work Others have said disabling real time traffic will work. Neither work for me I just hope this isn’t step one of MCU failure
  14. J

    Instrument Cluster Reboots Every Morning?

    This used to happen in my car. Super annoying Sometimes it would take 2 minutes and I’d think my car was dead I also had a yellow screen Brought to Tesla and service center fixed both issues. (Although yellow screen is back) FWIW Dec 2016 build. MCU 1. AP 2.0
  15. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Ruts are like these. But deeper, and ice. (Not snow]
  16. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    I tried the suggested hack, My flippers don’t flip up either. You just have to get out of the car every so often and run hands along wipers. Also, the wiper heating function does not appear to go on automatically. I have to remember to manually turn that on === My biggest issue as I said...
  17. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Cracking a window is not a bad idea. Toggling defroster with foot heater didn’t work amazingly in -20F temps. Luckily, in Sydney Australia now, and winter finally waning when I get back. (30s and 40s)
  18. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    You realize this is the Model S forum, right? Most of us spent far more than $70k on our cars I will take your advice. I leave for Sydney On Tuesday Regards.
  19. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    @Raechris Thank you for your “service wipers” suggestion I had not heard of that Thank you!
  20. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    @StealthP3D My other cars had issues in the winter too However, when the windows froze (and they did) they froze to the window frame Thus, you could still open the door by pulling on it hard Or by using alcohol and an ice pick and a scraper With the Frameless window, the window freezes to...
  21. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    “If an individual is "talented" enough, they can get any car stuck in four inches of snow. Either they did something really stupid or they didn't have winter tires (or both).” We are Minnesotans. We understand how to drive in winter. Read some of my historical posts about winter tires, and...
  22. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    @smuseby Ignore the people slamming you This forum is filled with people who defend Tesla and blame the consumer When I first joined I found it humorous when San Franciscans told Minnesotans that RWD was just fine in winter. While Inwatched my partners Tesla get stuck in 4 inches of snow...
  23. J

    Tesla S 100D Sooooo slow to start up

    Mine worked perfectly and then I got the yellow border Got that fixed and then had this boot up problem immediately after getting home At first it was 10-30 second delay, but sometimes it was 1-2+ minutes of just sitting there I was worried the dang car wouldn’t ever start Using Mobile...
  24. J

    Tesla V9 - please bring back the green free moving traffic lines

    Tesla has become grey obsessed What next, a completely grey screen? It’s silly to take away the green for the small number of color blind people I’ve now stopped using Tesla maps almost completely It’s a glorified interior light now. And not a very bright one at that
  25. J

    2018.24.1 broke my maps and navigation

    Thanks. My maps also don’t work as I posted in the other thread I’ll try the double or triple reset trick Thank you all!
  26. J

    App won't unlock doors....

    I’m happy you bumped this thread. I’ve noticed a yellow haze around the edges of my screen too. Looks like I just need to go to the SC for some deferred quality issues (My mirrors won’t retract, my maps no longer work, I have the yellow haze etc) Most of these I just ignore... who has time...
  27. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    Thanks all. I’ll reboot tomorrow and go to the SC if that fails. Sad to have an ugly, boring, hard to read, and useless map. Hopefully Tesla will allow people to choose color again on a future upgrade
  28. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    Question Am I the only one whose car maps barely work with the new grey maps? I have a sea of grey, with no traffic info I have to pinch and Unpinch and finally traffic info might display And often I get grey tiles with no map at all... It’s like the maps won’t load... or load super slowly...
  29. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    My car map loads super slowly now. it's a sea of grey, with some green/yellow/red lines where the roads are... and huge blank tiles. (I live in an area with a ton of parks and lakes) at least the Steering Wheel console is better. sigh. sounds like the Satellite View is the way to go. thanks...
  30. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    My map is loading far slower. That said, the turn by turn instructions in the steering wheel console is much better. Overall I guess an improvement A hideous improvement, but an improvement
  31. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    Hmm. I’ll check. I was driving around at 530am so not much traffic. Also why the grey was so grim. 530 am. Grey day. Grey screen. Our traffic has been a mess lately. So I’m sure on Monday it will be a blob of grey with dark maroon everywhere
  32. J

    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    I hate these new maps. Grey on grey on grey I liked that old maps had green for park or orange for commerce area etc. made it easier to know what you will be driving towards. Now... just a blob of grey with white lines I’d hate to live in grey Seattle with these maps! I wish they could...
  33. J

    Winter vs All season for my 19" wheels?

    I bought my car in Dec 2016, it came with stock all seasons. It took a week or two to get my Michelin IceX on the car At first the tires feel “squishy” and “marshmallow like” but you get used to it within an hour or so However, the Car drives MUCH better on the IceX in snow and ice. Going...
  34. J

    Minivan or MS... Can't decide!

    Hooray! Listen... you have a win win situation Do you stick with the tried and true dependable uber versatile and functional, but boring, minivan? Or the awesome cool slightly less functional electric sports car that comes with a steep price? Both are great options. I went from Lexus RX330...
  35. J

    Questions regarding Model S

    Caution about work charging. My hospital had 2 free charging spots. For years they were empty. Starting 6 months ago they are now filled nonstop I have left notes on the Teslas to leave the spot for the Leafs and i3 (I drive a Tesla of course) The lesson, Don't rely only on work charging...
  36. J

    Is there a Tesla Wave or hand sign?

    Given that Tesla is all about electricity, I do this
  37. J

    8.1 timing?

    Thanks! I'm clearly not a techie! :)
  38. J

    8.1 Easter Egg!

    I used to work in an ICU. It was GO GO GO. There are few jobs like it (maybe working in combat?). Most of the patients in my unit were literally in the process of dying. 24/7. so we were GO GO GO. So much so that once I had to open my scrubs and pee in a container at the patient's bedside...
  39. J

    8.1 timing?

    I got an update last night. I THINK It is 8.1. although my phone says I have version 17.11.3. Drove using AS/TACC for 20 minutes today at 70mph. Autosteer works better for me. I had one pretty big issue with a somewhat tight highway curve, but it seems much better now. Dancing lines are...
  40. J

    Very High Electric Bill

    Here's my bill. Minneapolis EV rate. I have a separate meter that only goes to my Car. $4.95 per month. 3.3 cents per kWh off-peak charge. (14.17 cents on peak... which is M-F 7am to 9pm) however there is a stupid "Fuel Cost Charge of 2.3 cents per kWh you can see all the fees, etc. so it...
  41. J

    Rough ride

    I, too, came from a Lexus (RX) to Tesla. I've also found the ride to be temperature dependent Below 20 F it's like a jackhammer Above 40 it's 100% better. Still stiff and sporty, but drivable. Between, it's between I actually avoid the stretch of I94 in downtown St Paul because it's so...
  42. J

    Windshield Washer Stream

    Why do washer nozzles and wipers never work on the DRIVER side? My washer nozzles shoot something between a stream and spray. My wipers then streak it across the driver side No matter what, the middle third of my windshield stays dry with streaks. Rest of the windshield... nice and clean...
  43. J

    Advice on must-haves & model year

    I'll be an outlier. If you can stretch just a bit... Consider a new model S with Subzero only. Subzero is MANDATORY in Denver. That's $72.3k. After tax credit you're at $64.8k, just above your $60k budget Only danger is you may end up adding more options:D Options I have are Subzero-...
  44. J

    Tesla VS Hybrids

    I took your survey. One thing, you should know many Americans have more than one car. Your survey only allows one answer Question choice also seemed odd
  45. J

    17.9.3 AP2 behavior

    Be fair. Tesla won tons of safety awards AP2 might try to kill you, but it'll maim you at worst
  46. J

    Model S 60 and 60D to be removed

    Doubtful from a marketing perspective Numbers going down looks like going backwards. People here might know about the "true" pack sizes but 99% of consumers don't. Most don't even know where you put the gas or how to change Teslas oil Imagine if Apple released the iPhone 5 next year Tesla...
  47. J

    17.9.3 AP2 behavior

    Although non-highway Autosteer works great for me: -my car is back to zooming and braking in stop/go traffic on highway. -it works BETTER in slow steady traffic that slows/speeds... like 20 to 50 mph on highway unfortunately: Last night my TACC was useless in the dark. (AS was off) I was...
  48. J

    17.9.3 AP2 behavior

    Ditto. Actually, mine never does this. However: My city streets are all straight (true grid)
  49. J

    8.1 timing?

    You misunderstand, and put a whole bunch of words into my mouth that I never said. I never said Musk needed to ask permission to run decision making by anybody. I never said he couldn't promise the stars to us. I said only that he needs to control his haphazard tweets, and set up a more...

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