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  1. Mase408

    Semiconductor Shortage and Car Production

    New car mark-ups are only going up in the past few months. And no major auto Mfg has increased their capacity either.
  2. Mase408

    Semiconductor Shortage and Car Production

    100% correct. I also work in Semiconductor and the Auto industry is at the bottom of the pecking order for priority and allocation because of the low cost. Demand is filled for Asics, Memory, and FBGA's that drive higher margins. I think the Auto industry will get its share to keep minimum...
  3. Mase408

    X: What's your 90%?

    100% charge is now 270 on my 2019 Model X Long range with 26,000 mile on it
  4. Mase408

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    The takeaway from this 18 page thread, get rid of the car before the battery warranty is up.
  5. Mase408

    Battery Calibration 0-100% - does it make sense?

    I have tried this battery calibration recommendation, there was no change. I have Raven X (Not plus) that should get 328 miles. There is currently 20,000 miles and i only get 297 on a full charge. I assumed it was battery degradation (?).
  6. Mase408

    Supercharger - Santa Clara, CA (Live 17 Sep 2020, 18 urban stalls)

    Are these Superchargers up and running?
  7. Mase408

    Does v3 charger works on Model X?

    I have hit about 135/137kw on both Emeryville and Scotts Valley v3 superchargers. But i had about 100 miles to begin with. Maybe if I was down to 10/15% battery, I would achieve higher numbers.
  8. Mase408

    Model X Supercharging Speed Matrix?

    Thanks for sharing. I am hopeful of a future software release that will improve the charge times. Otherwise the V3 is pointless for X/S models.
  9. Mase408

    Charging my Raven Model X at a Version 3 supercharger

    Anyone in the Bay Area get better than 145kw on any of the SuperChargers?
  10. Mase408

    Model X Supercharging Speed Matrix?

    Does anybody have a chart or link to Model X supercharging speeds at V2 & V3 chargers? I want to see how this compares to the Model S and 3. Thanks
  11. Mase408

    TeslaBros vs NikolaPros chrome delete kit?

    Nikola Pro. Easy to do and great customer service.
  12. Mase408

    Model X OEM Raven 7 seat mats

    Selling the OEM carpet mats that came out of my Sept 19 Raven Model X, 7 Seat interior $60 pick up from contra costa area. Shipping will be extra
  13. Mase408

    New Demo Model S Performance 85k$ Boston msrp $107,990

    I am following you JPELKA ;) , due for a new car at the end of this year: Model S Performance
  14. Mase408

    WTB 90D/P90D or 100D/P100D in SoCal

    I guess these moved quick. I would be interested in a p100d s $57k
  15. Mase408

    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Finished most of the delete, got the back and front left to finish. I would say overall it is Intermediate level DIY. I would rate my finish 90% flawless. But overall , very happy with the finish. I definitely want to thank the Nikola team for their support during my install.
  16. Mase408

    OEM Tesla Model X 7 seater Floor Mats (Front and Back) $75

    Selling the OEM carpet mats that came out of my Sept 19 Raven Model X, 7 Seat interior. Pictures attached. Local pick up in Contra Costa county. Shipping will be additional cost.
  17. Mase408

    Model Y Launch/CoronaVirus/Likely Recession

    That's surprising. At the least, all office jobs in the Bay Area are on work from home. I understand Mfg will need to go on. I hope they have strict quarantine policy and counter measure if something were to happen in the factory.
  18. Mase408

    Model Y Launch/CoronaVirus/Likely Recession

    There maybe delays in Model Y. All of Bay area workforce is requested to work from home.
  19. Mase408

    3d Maxpider Mats for S/X *** WITHOUT THE EYESORE BADGING ***

    Thanks for confirming. I am looking for the complete set so the mats have a consistent look thru the car. I have Tesla Merc credit which expires soon so, I might use it for the mats
  20. Mase408

    3d Maxpider Mats for S/X *** WITHOUT THE EYESORE BADGING ***

    I am looking for a complete set for my 7 seat X. Is the $100 for fronts only?
  21. Mase408

    WTB: Tesla Model X 7 seat all weather floor mats (rubber)

    WTB: Tesla Model X 7 seat all weather floor mats (rubber)
  22. Mase408

    Lucid Air autonomous driving features?

    If this is the pricing then it is disappointed. I assumed the $60K price point was for the top model. I will be sticking to Tesla then.
  23. Mase408

    Electrify America, Volkswagen, Audi, and Lucid Motors

    Does anyone know how the Tesla Model S Plaid would be compared to the Lucid Air. I have never really considered any other EV outside of Tesla until Lucid Air. The Lucid Air is essentially offering Model S performance specs at a price of $60K. I know i wont be getting the supercharging...
  24. Mase408

    WTB: 2017 P100D 2.0 Model S $65K or less

    Prefer miles to be under 30K
  25. Mase408

    2016 Model S P100DL Midnight Silver Fully Loaded with Rear Facing Seats

    Here a listing on the Tesla website that will allow you to better price your car: 2016 Model S | Tesla
  26. Mase408

    351 Mile Range!

    I have a 5/19 build date with Rev E battery. Reading this thread, it doesn't look likely I will be getting the range boost (?).
  27. Mase408

    Supercharger - San Jose, CA - Holger Way (LIVE 7 Nov 2020, 14 urban stalls)

    I drove by them yesterday and the work looked complete. Any word of anticipated opening month?
  28. Mase408

    Pics of Midnight Silver w/ Black Chrome Delete?

    This is in process and its looking great. Coated the stock 20's in gloss black & applying the Chrome delete kit this Sunday.
  29. Mase408

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Finally pulled the trigger on the Satin black kit for the X. Probably shouldn't have waited due to the $20 increase :p I have gloss black wheels, hopefully this is good look with Satin
  30. Mase408

    DIY Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

    I didnt think about a 3rd screw. I ended up clamping the clips for a tighter fit, no movement anywhere on the flaps.
  31. Mase408

    DIY Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

    It's not to bad. After all, it is a family car aka grocery-getter.
  32. Mase408

    DIY Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

    I bought the same kit from Ebay. It took me an hour to install them without taking off the wheels.
  33. Mase408

    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Do you have pictures of all 3 colors installed to get a better understanding of how they look? I got my midnight grey stock wheels powder coated gloss black and want to know which will look best.
  34. Mase408

    WBT: Model X 100D

    Thanks, but I purchased new end of September last year. I dont know how to delete this thread.
  35. Mase408

    Seat Behavior Question for Post Oct 2019 Model X (7 seat) Owners

    I posted a similar thread on this for my 7 seat Raven (9/30/19 purchase date). The 2nd row bench pedestal does unlatch, but does not slide forward as shown in the youtube video you posted. 2nd row Pedestal Seat Unlatching issue I have to give the pedestal signifcant tug to move the seat...
  36. Mase408

    SiriusXM Flaky Then Failed

    No cure, same problem. Randomly stops working.
  37. Mase408

    Sirius XM Disconnect Issues

    Same problem. XM randomly stops working. I have tried all the tricks mentioned in this forum. No fix.
  38. Mase408

    WTB/WTS: 22” black turbine wheels. Have stock 20” for trade/swap

    i have the stock 20" slipstream wheels with approximately 5K miles on them. The wheels and tires are about 3 months old. X was purchased 9/30/2019. I prefer a swap or trade + cash Thanks
  39. Mase408

    Wheels and Tint

    I got a quote for $650.
  40. Mase408

    Wheels and Tint

    Thanks. I will look for one in Nor Cal.
  41. Mase408

    Wheels and Tint

    Beautiful car and modes. I had got my front sides tinted, but was a little hesitant on the top. Also most tint shops do not recommend the top because of the electrical wire/cover that comes down to the mirror. Did your tint work around the electrical cover or did they remove any of the parts...
  42. Mase408

    2nd row Pedestal Seat Unlatching issue

    I was advised that the pedestal seat is not suppose to completely latch forward, i would still require to give it some tug to move it forward. It's still an open case, but I don't see this going anywhere. Watch the youtube video below at 1:10. My seat does not do that.
  43. Mase408

    Trunk Liner

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't believe the Tesla mats provide coverage along the sides? This is the only one i found on eBay that has a complete liner around the trunk with the 3rd row seats folded down: 2015-2019 Tesla Model X Car Trunk Mat Cargo Back Covers Waterproof Pad Protector | eBay
  44. Mase408

    Trunk Liner

    What's the best Trunk liner and mats for a 7 seat interior? I notice the sidewalls are getting a lot of wear and tear. Thanks in advance.
  45. Mase408

    2nd row Pedestal Seat Unlatching issue

    I have a Raven 7 seat config purchased on 9/30. One of the problems identified at the time I took delivery was the 2nd row pedestal seat would not slide forward after unlatching. This was documented by the delivery associate. Currently I have to put some force to move it forward. I’ve brought...
  46. Mase408

    WTT: MX 20” Slipstreams powder coated in black (So Cal)

    I sent you DM with my cell #.
  47. Mase408

    WTT: MX 20” Slipstreams powder coated in black (So Cal)

    I am interested. Where you located? What about the tires? What is the exact black color (gloss, satin, ect) Can you share pictures of the wheels?

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