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  1. Dolemite

    FS: Tesla Model 3 19” x 9.5” ForgeStar CF10 Wheels + Michelin PS4S (Seattle Area)

    Last remaining parts from my modified Model 3 I recently sold: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224846950363?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338790295&toolid=10001&customid= Leaving the city in <2 weeks so please contact me ASAP if interested. I'd be willing to do some reasonable...
  2. Dolemite

    FS: Tesla Model 3 19” x 9.5” ForgeStar CF10 Wheels + Michelin PS4S (Seattle Area) + FREE Eibach sway bars

    Leaving WA & need to get rid of these ASAP: Tesla Model 3 19” x 9.5” ForgeStar CF10 Wheels + Michelin PS4S (Seattle Area) | eBay Willing to throw in a set of Eibach sway bars for the full asking price. This is a screaming deal so please no lowballing. Wheels are mint.
  3. Dolemite

    How to get your Model 3 on jack stands without any special tools

    This is going to generate tons of debate. If you don't agree with what I've posted here, or think that modern cars are made of cheese, that's great. This method is not for you & feel free to move on. If you want to give this a shot, and you actually know what you're doing, go ahead. But you're...
  4. Dolemite

    Does Dr. ColorChip change color after application for anyone else?

    For those of you unaware... Tesla's touch-up paint kit is basically white-labeled Dr. ColorChip. With the company flush with cash, you'd think they'd now offer high-quality OEM touch-up paint vs. relying on a 3rd party. Has anyone else noticed that the color of this stuff completely changes...
  5. Dolemite

    Guys tracking/auto-xing Model 3s - what's your battery degradation like?

    Just wondering. Events/year & mileage might also help put things into perspective. Random anecdote - I've noticed that driving uphill sometimes seems to draw more energy than bouts of spirited driving.
  6. Dolemite

    Model S Plaid Nurburgring lap time

    Kindly requesting we leave this here as there aren't really any other track-oriented people or sub forums, as far as I know... Some valid thoughts on this front would be good to hear. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations, but I was hoping for a better time. Apparently the record was set by some...
  7. Dolemite

    Dialing up to 50 PSI for improved efficiency

    Just sharing an experience - I daily 19" Michelin PS4Ss in 265 all-around. Today I decided to crank all my pressures up to 50 PSI (maximum labeled on the sidewall) just to see if that would change anything. Efficiency improved dramatically. Average Wh/mi never went above 300, even with a few...
  8. Dolemite

    DIY PPF installers beware...

    I needed to replace some PPF on my wife's car. Bought some 3M Pro Series in bulk from an ebay seller by the name of "avatarkey." I've done my fair share of PPF and could immediately tell this felt thinner than usual when I pulled it out of the package. I had some old film laying around & took...
  9. Dolemite

    TPMS reading @ sea level vs. higher altitudes

    Let's assume TPMS is calibrated @ sea level (which I'm pretty sure it is), and you have a super-accurate handheld digital gauge. Target pressure is 42 PSI all-around. If you fill your tires to 42 at sea level, everything is in-sync: TPMS reads 42, and so does your handheld gauge. FYI - handheld...
  10. Dolemite

    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    I wonder if this guy will get shafted for an "unauthorized repair," especially on a lease. Coming from a 20 year-old BMW that I kept on the road at minimal expense, this is the kind of thing that scares the hell out of me with this car. Mechanically, Teslae are insanely simple and should be...
  11. Dolemite

    Resolved: GPS + Autopilot + cruise control + cameras not working. Bonus problem: rapid battery drain

    A bunch of problems appeared the other day on my 2019 M3P: GPS was stuck in one location No cameras worked Autopilot/cruise control stopped working The screen's day/night setting inexplicably wouldn't change over... Just a host of really weird stuff. Most concerning, though, was the fact that...
  12. Dolemite

    What happens if you disable HV + 12V battery and close everything?

    Does anyone know what happens if you disconnect the 12V battery, disable the high voltage battery, and shut the doors & hood? Does this mean you're SOL? I haven't managed to do this (yet). Not sure how the dead 12V + auxiliary frunk opening "works." I know you can only open the frunk when 12V...
  13. Dolemite

    Anybody want a broken NEMA 14-30 UMC adapter?

    Some frazzled guy ran over it during an auto-x event. Now the L-piece is a little loosey goosey, but I know these things have electronic gubbins in them that are valuable & would rather it not end up in a landfill. Just pay for shipping - PM me.
  14. Dolemite

    High speed acceleration - revisited

    A lot of us (including me) bemoan the highway-speed acceleration of our cars since it feels nowhere near as brutal as the off-the-line launch - mainly due to the fact that we have a fixed gear. I came across a video I'd missed from carwow that made me question whether it's really as "slow" as we...
  15. Dolemite

    High mileage check-in

    A lot of us are probably still lower than normal due to COVID, but let's give it a shot. Chime in if you feel like you've achieved a noteworthy mileage on your TM3... How is battery holding up? Issues? Google results are polluted with the same old BS. I'm at ~11,500 and zero "real" problems so...
  16. Dolemite

    Moving from a W2 to a 1099

    There's plenty on this subject out there, but I'm asking here in an attempt to hit on things I haven't considered, yet. I'm going remote full-time - moving to a state 3,000 miles away from my original state. Employer is giving me the option of making payroll/legal/HR doing the legwork of...
  17. Dolemite

    Why do some race cars run staggered wheels?

    We know that square setups are generally best for our cars & BMWs etc. from a performance perspective. Why do Formula 1 cars and some other race series run staggered setups?
  18. Dolemite

    Eibach updates rear TM3 sway bar with collars

    As some of you know, these had the tendency to walk like ~2”. Aside from clipping one side of the underbody cover when lifting the car, it didn’t create problems functionally. But it was kind of dumb. Guess this should solve that: If anybody wants my old bar and just wants to pay shipping -...
  19. Dolemite

    Improving brake "feel"

    This is a subjective question with no objective "answer," but I can confidently say that the brakes on my old BMW E46 felt awesome compared to the brakes in my P3D-. I would've done something about it by now were it not for regen. I've heard that pads are mostly what's responsible for brake...
  20. Dolemite

    Let's talk about weight.

    We're all constantly bitching about how much the dual-motor TM3 weighs, but can anybody think of a car of similar performance with AWD that weighs substantially less? I'm not saying it's OK because I personally won't be happy until Tesla releases an E46-sized car of TM3 capability that comes in...
  21. Dolemite

    The reason Tesla will overtake BMW

    Let's rage about BMW itt. There are a lot of BMW transplants on this subforum who share my disdain for what the brand has become, and although I typically find Doug DeMoron's videos pretty 'meh' - he absolutely nails it with this one: I can't quite explain it, but to me, Tesla today feels...
  22. Dolemite

    How much does the Model 3 Performance actually weigh?

    Has anyone actually put this thing on a scale or corner balanced? I could've sworn an earlier version of the owners manual said it was lighter, but now it says "maximum curb weight" 4,250 lbs, whatever that means. Found a "bjorn" video where he puts it on some scale that sort of coincides with...
  23. Dolemite

    Getting "older" parts for 2018 - 2020 Model 3s in the future?

    Let's say one of my headlights takes a dump 5 years from now. Am I going to be able to go to the service center and get the same "pre-update" headlight, or would I be cornered into getting the "updated" variant due to availability? Consequently having to buy two to avoid the car looking like a gimp?
  24. Dolemite

    Model 3 auto-x questions

    A few questions for you guys who are actively autocrossing your TM3s... How many runs do you typically get in for an entire day? I know "it depends" on the organization, number of people, etc. I haven't been in years, and it used to be borderline not worth it vaporizing an entire Saturday to...
  25. Dolemite

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    What would it be? Realistically. I'd love it if it could shed ~800 lbs.
  26. Dolemite

    P3D- Track Mode + Snow

  27. Dolemite

    Which wheels are doing the regen?

    I'm having a hell of a time finding a credible answer to this. Does anyone know for sure which wheels are doing the regenerative braking? I thought it was the rear, but lately I'm hearing the front also comes into play at lower speeds. Which is it?
  28. Dolemite

    Is this an appropriate device to monitor 12V on a model 3?

    I recently purchased one of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Z67MMGC?pf_rd_r=TP6RZ26FTRYNHBXQKB7K&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8 Today I pulled my 12V battery, let it rest for an hour, and tested. I set the tester to 650 CCA, which is what our OEM batteries are...
  29. Dolemite

    Most infuriating thing I've encountered on the TM3 yet: Removing the rear diffuser

    Just a heads-up for everyone who might have to do this. Long story short, I had to remove my rear diffuser (1135410-00-A). The bolts holding it in place are supposed to be tightened to 3 ft-lbs. For gadget freaks still in the "how dose tire work?" phase, that means a toddler could potentially...
  30. Dolemite

    Motor "vibration" at very low speeds - current going around stator?

    This isn't a problem - I just want to know if it's what I think it is. My driveway is on a slight incline. Whenever I'm pulling in, if I use the "throttle" to crawl *very* slowly, I can feel a faint vibration throughout the chassis. Is this sensation the current going around the motor...
  31. Dolemite

    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    Did anyone else's charging threshold change, unbeknownst to them? Loved seeing that the car was sitting at 95% for no reason last night.
  32. Dolemite

    Using a 12V battery tester to monitor 12V battery?

    I'm specifically wondering about using something like this to diagnose the health of our stupid 12V batteries...
  33. Dolemite

    How dumb are spacers?

    This past week, I briefly put on my OEM 18" wheels, which have been relegated to winter duty, after getting used to my ForgeStar CF10s over summer. Now, I wish the stance was a little more aggressive to match the character of the car... what to do? The easiest solution is to put on a set of...
  34. Dolemite

    This car needs a Sport mode

    Anyone else want something in-between full-blown Track Mode and OMG WE’RE GONNA DIE as far as stability control goes? I used to think my BMW was touchy, until this car. Taking ramps quickly often triggers the system, even though there’s nothing really intervention-worthy going on. I’ve seen...
  35. Dolemite

    Sasha Anis is a genius magician

    Add this to the multitude of threads already out there praising the MPP Sports Coilovers. Installed mine on my P3D- this weekend... what a difference. I'm starting at the recommended settings, and somehow the car rides more comfortably than it did on the OEM suspension. I can't explain it -...
  36. Dolemite

    Can cabin overheat protection/sentry mode leave you stranded?

    Say you go hiking ~100 miles away from the nearest supercharger. Is the car intelligent enough to know not to cool the car down to 20%?
  37. Dolemite

    QuickJack BL-5000SLX sale @ Costco

    Bundle includes the wall hangers + pinch weld blocks: https://www.costco.com/quickjack-5%2c000lb.-slx-capacity-portable-car-lift-bundle.product.100666851.html
  38. Dolemite

    Alignment before or after new tires?

    Unless your car has suspension components that are extremely worn, it never made sense to me why one should get an alignment only after installing new tires. Couldn't it be done before? I can't imagine the bushings etc. being influenced that much by the shape of a tire. I don't know if it's a...
  39. Dolemite

    Model 3 clicking noise from front/rear hub(s) - potential cause

    I'd posted this deep in another thread. I don't know whether people are experiencing different noises, but to clear the air of the staggering amount of misinformation floating out there and general sense of "wass goin on?" I figured I'd put this in its own thread in the hopes of getting closer...
  40. Dolemite

    Anyone noticed drive unit leaks?

    Welcome back, former German car owners: Noticed this on the rear drive unit when I was installing my sways. I touched these areas & they left a *tiny* bit of oil on my finger. Anyone who's owned a German car knows: if it's not leaving a spot on the shielding/road - leave it alone and move...
  41. Dolemite

    "Thump" under hard braking?

    I think this is normal... but would love it if someone could explain what's going on. Whenever I brake hard, I feel a slight "thump" reverberate throughout the car's chassis. It's almost like the car's doing something to shift the brake bias around? Much more pronounced in the rain.
  42. Dolemite

    Theory: People who baby their batteries experience more "degradation"

    From the light reading I've done on this subject on TMC & elsewhere, it seems to me that people who have "never done this" and "always done that" seem to experience more "degradation." As has been discussed ad infinitum, this throws off the BMS & the car simply begins reporting inaccurate range...
  43. Dolemite

    4x Safe Jack Rennstand + 4x Tesla/Porsche Jack Pads + 4x Pinch Weld Jack Pads

    Selling all four Rennstands + Tesla/Porsche adapters + universal pinch weld adapters. $500 local +$40 to ship Including the gorgeous bag that fits everything to impress all of your friends.
  44. Dolemite

    Good article on properly sizing tires for performance

    I think this guy's a professional driver: How to PROPERLY select and size TIRES for PERFORMANCE - MotoIQ Most interesting bit for me:
  45. Dolemite

    Yet Another Degradation Thread (YADT): Battery age vs. use?

    Probably an impossible/difficult question but... If one were to leave a Model 3 plugged in & sitting in a garage at room temperature, maintaining 50% charge, what would battery degradation look like in 10 or 20 years without any driving? Asked another way: What % of battery degradation does age...
  46. Dolemite

    Are you guys using E-Torx or E-Torx Plus sockets?

    I think this car's got a decent amount of e-torx plus bolts... I'm considering investing in a socket set, but I HATE specialized tools that are only for one car. But the other side of me wants to "use the right tool."
  47. Dolemite

    980 vs 990 motor settled

    I know there's been speculation on here that this was the case. Nothing definitive, because internet. But this "tuning" company figured it out: Ghost Upgrade - Why is it restricted to the 1120980 rear motor? The power electronics are superior in the 1120980 motor. Model 3 Performance models...
  48. Dolemite

    Don't understand Qi DC adapter <> Qi charger spec relationship

    This is my favorite forum to ask stupid questions. I tried to look this up myself but I'm too uninformed to even phrase it. So I recently bought a wireless iPhone charger.... The DC adapter says - Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A Max Output: DC5V/3.0A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A The actual Wireless...
  49. Dolemite

    New Monster Lug Nuts M14x1.50, Black - pack of 20

    Open package but brand-new. Will fit aftermarket wheels since they're smaller than OEM lug nuts. Includes 19 mm thin-walled socket. $60 shipped Mackin Industries » Monster Lug

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