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  1. dskid

    Model X Reliability

    Our 3 we had mostly delivery issues, but also headlights and taillights and turn stalk replaced. Our X... she's been a bit more high maintenance. No showstoppers, but about 25 service appointments since we got her in 2019. And there's still issues they haven't fixed...sigh. My wife loves it...
  2. dskid

    Subframe Bolt Came Out; Tesla Says My Fault??

    What was the resolution to this? (if any)
  3. dskid

    "New" Versus "Old" 2020 Continental Model X Tires – Lessons Learned from Recent Tire Purchases

    Our X is running the exact "old" tire but not the T0 version. Not sure what other differences but it doesn't have the foam as I saw that was missing when they were mounting them.
  4. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Just an update to this, it's been into Tesla 5 times now and they can't seem to find anything wrong. Aside from the banked road drift issue which is normal, the wheel tension persists at random. Strangely, one section of road it happens exactly the same every time. Can't say its the banking or...
  5. dskid

    FWDs have a mind of their own: Opening and closing at their leisure and at all hours.

    Just FYI, the FOB was defective. Replaced the FOB, the problem went away.
  6. dskid

    Reduced torque after half shaft and clevis mount replacement to fix acceleration judder/rattle?

    You know that McDonald’s coffee issue was a lot more complex that you think. The main issue was that after 800+ burn incidents from their coffee at 180F (20F hotter than home brew coffee) they had refused to do anything. The “caution hot” on the cups is purely because the coffee is hotter than...
  7. dskid

    FWDs have a mind of their own: Opening and closing at their leisure and at all hours.

    No, both have been affected, although one at a time.
  8. dskid

    FWDs have a mind of their own: Opening and closing at their leisure and at all hours.

    So we have come into a perplexing problem - not sure if it's FOB related, but our experience lately suggests it's not us. And for the record, we've booked a Service Appointment. So occasionally we've come out to our X and one of the FWDs has been wide open...sometimes all night. It happened...
  9. dskid

    Electric Pickup Truck Poll

    It's a bit silly Rivian isn't on there!
  10. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    If this happens for you during turns, you may need a new steering column. There is a known issue that can eventually seize the steering column. In fact, they assumed I was having the same problem initially and had ordered a steering column in case it was that issue. It was not. My issue is...
  11. dskid

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Awesome, thanks! Our 19' is set up with the Fastway E2 trunion WDH so I'll leave it as-is. Oh I just noticed @ohmman listed his 2020 Model X hitch for sale, so it seems he's got himself a Raven update and went straight to the Draw-tite hitch again. Nice. My 2019 X 100D is pre-raven by a month. I...
  12. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    So just an update. I drove the same route in my 3, and the road banking has the same effect on it. So it seems holding the steering wheel is part of the normal operation of a motor vehicle. hah. The bumps while they do move the wheel of the 3 slightly, is not as dramatic as the X. However, the X...
  13. dskid

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    @ohmman Are you still using weight distribution with the Drawtite? I noticed on e-trailer it's now listed as not rated for weight distribution (or perhaps it always was and I didn't notice). We just swapped over as the Bosal had enough of our camp trailer. This season will be the first...
  14. dskid

    Blog Harley-Davidson Launching LiveWire EV Brand

    This makes more sense, really. Harley's are renown for being loud, so a mostly silent bike was an interesting direction to take. Livewire will probably do better as it's own entity.
  15. dskid

    Unable to drive - Authentication required alerts every hour/two hours?

    Yeesh that'd give me anxiety and I'm not an anxious type.
  16. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Okay, so the issue isn't quite as egregious in these videos. Not sure if that's the wheel/tire change or different roads. Things I did discover: 1.) The vehicle wants to follow the bank of the road. Most roads are slightly banked to the right, so the car always wants to go right. I have 30...
  17. dskid

    Unable to drive - Authentication required alerts every hour/two hours?

    Dude, you might want to get that checked out. If my power gets interrupted I do not get the "Vehicle may not restart" error. it seems like the BMS is faulting and stopping the charging, not a problem with the power.
  18. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Well that's certainly something I never considered. Noted.
  19. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Interesting. They did an alignment as part of the assumed causes and it only had one value out, and not by much(according to their specs).
  20. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Interesting. We just swapped to summer tires (well, all-seasons anyway) so I'm curious if the issue still exists. The winters are the Tesla supplied Pirelli Scorpions. I will be heading out to do an updated video this afternoon.
  21. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Yes I will make a new video that doesn’t involve me incriminating myself. Hah. It’s the only reason I didn’t post the one I have.
  22. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Not grooved highways, not dished out indentations. Tires have 15,000km on them. Not sure about a tie-rod or steering joint, but it’s been in the SC 3x for this same issue and they can’t find anything wrong.
  23. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Yes, but all those lane keeping/warning system are turned off (intentionally so we knew it wasn’t them). And AP when engaged works fine so either it’s not having the issue while on AP (leading to it being software somehow) or that it’s just automatically compensating for it.
  24. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    It happens everywhere, all the time. Practically all roads that are straight. It’s not AP, AP, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Assist, are all off.
  25. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    We have a 2019 X 100D (pre-Raven). It’s developed a strange issue that Tesla has not been able to diagnose. When driving straight, the car will randomly “tug” to the left or the right. You can feel the tension on the wheel and it’s as if the car is fighting you. It can always be overcome, but...
  26. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    I think you are right about planning. But sometimes you are so far out there that you either have to decide to not go there or live with this type of solution. One campground had zero services (not even 120V) was 30 minutes out of cellular service and we arrived there with barely enough battery...
  27. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    You likely haven’t seen an EU7000is in person. They are monstrous. Honestly though, the force the exhaust shoots out, nothing is in the car. Worst case I could get a silicone exhaust extender to pipe it away from the car. Remember, the point is not to have the generator running constantly. It’s...
  28. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    It’s actually not that bad. Exhaust comes straight out the back along with the hot air from the fan. I make sure to leave the lift gate open until the heat has dissipated. Now the axle in the subfloor cover is another story.
  29. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    We had to take the wheels off to get it into the trunk so it stays there full time now, running or not. We leave a Falcon door and the trunk itself open while running and obviously not with anybody inside the car. We also let it cool down after running for a good 10-15 minutes before closing the...
  30. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    Well, considering our trip from the dealer to the campsite resulted in 27.7% efficiency, I’d say it’s a good backup plan.
  31. dskid

    Feels like Blasphemy: Off Grid Charging

    We’re going camping a lot this year towing a 19’ Travel Trailer. We’re not expecting to get much more than 200KM while towing and most of our stays will be at somewhat remote off-grid campgrounds. Charging infrastructure will be limited at best and at worst, non-existant. We have the adaptors to...
  32. dskid

    Official Tesla trailer video...oops?

    Especially since they also "forgot" to attach the chains. o_O (Well they did attach them, just it wasn't a step in the process.)
  33. dskid

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    Bosal pulled out of the North American Market according this: https://www.etrailer.com/question-82942.html Could that be unrelated or the fact that we pull larger trailers here and the hitch simply isn't designed for it?
  34. dskid

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    Yes, just for setting up the WD hitch, not for driving around.
  35. dskid

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    Well, after reading through all this and discovering the trailer we want has a loaded weight that will likely exceed(or get uncomfortably close) to the 500lb tongue/hitch weight rating of the Bosal, we've ordered the Draw-tite as then we have a 750lb tongue weight rating which gives us the...
  36. dskid

    Brake Pads/Rotors seized at 45k miles. Warranty?

    We service our brakes yearly as recommend by the local SC and Tesla. Doubly important because of regen. "Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km for cars in cold weather regions." From: Car Maintenance
  37. dskid

    Does anyone regret their purchase?

    The service manager at my local Tesla SC suggested the newer the X you can get the better. It was groundbreaking in a lot of ways but that also came with a lot of learning along the way. Even my 2019 X 100D had(has) it's issues. Mostly minor nitpicky stuff but a few more involved issues. Most...
  38. dskid

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Oh that's pretty cool! Learn something new every day...
  39. dskid

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    You mean the dashcam save icon? It doesn't report anything to Tesla...(unless something changed in the last update).
  40. dskid

    So, got a random recall text from Tesla service yesterday...

    They just did the harness on my 2019 Model X 100D.
  41. dskid

    Returning Tesla M3P after month, possible?

    To be honest here, these are fairly minor issues that are easily addressable (some paint issues perhaps a wildcard due to a month of driving). Most of us have had to deal with our own batch of issues, some are a bit nitpicky, but hey to each their own. And many of us do paint correction and...
  42. dskid

    Tesla Disappoints Again...

    Heck my Amazon orders that were put in before Christmas won’t get there until Jan. Give the darn delivery team a break. They get destroyed EOQ and barely get a Christmas holiday at that. Next time plan your purchase a little better so you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment.
  43. dskid

    Unfortunate fatality in Model 3

    The other thing is that the fire truck stopped at what appears to be an angle in the lane. So the impact seems to be in the corner of the truck which would have caused it to progress further into the car compared to if it was hit square. And on that note, why at this point is there not some...
  44. dskid

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    They *should* have gone with sealed parts because it’s obviously a problem. I’ve had two headlights and taillights replaced due to large water droplets inside. Fog lights just have the fine mist so not replaceable according to Tesla. Taillights are fogging up again.
  45. dskid

    2020 model year 3D Maxpider

    Check Costco. I got the MAXpider set for $169 CAD.
  46. dskid

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    My 3 has this ghosting but it’s far less apparent in our 2019 X. The 2016 X loaner was brutal. I don’t know how anyone drove with it like that.
  47. dskid

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    The fundamental issue is radar. In theory, vision will have a better time identifying but I don’t believe it’s actually in use as of yet. Still fully reliant on radar, which has, and always will have the issue with stationary objects due to the way radar detects objects. Should the system be...
  48. dskid

    Tesla scrutinized by the NHTSA over Model 3 safety claims

    Incredibly, tests have scores measured primarily as a percentage which means that some A's are better than others! Some might be 86% and some might be 100%! They are all A's but not all A's are equal. Just like all 5-star safety ratings aren't equal; there's an underlying measurement system that...
  49. dskid

    No referral rewards for BC residents now

    My 1500 just vanished too. Ugh. I thought *FINALLY* got something. I did manage to get a few KM of charging the other day...
  50. dskid

    Scratched my Front Bumper

    Why would damage be covered under warranty? Warranty covers manufacturer/installation defects. This is neither. PFF will likely need to be redone as well as paint work if you want to do it correctly. There's a some cheap ways to do it but only a re-paint will make it look new again.

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