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  1. Kerios

    Broken Windshield Wiper Arm

    I replaced mine a few months ago with this upgraded one which has a greater pressure so actually clears almost the entire screen, I'm certain they ship to the US also: Wiper Arm & Blade | EliseParts
  2. Kerios

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Yes Tesla SC have them, takes about 5 days to get and cost around $20
  3. Kerios

    How many Roadster Owners are Electrical Engineers ?

    Robotics and Material engineer, though now I am mostly involved with rocket propulsion and spacecraft, with a bit of drone stuff on the side. Useful to have to state of the art cleanrooms in our spacecraft integration facility (not yet tested whether I can sneak the Roadster in for a PEM...
  4. Kerios


    Ditto here for a set, I'd arrange collection in the US rather than post international probably.
  5. Kerios

    Dare I even ask....

    Yes, it took six months in the UK, Tesla were not helpful. Autoglass tried for ages to find one from them, and in the end found me a VX220 screen instead, and I opted to have the colour tinting across the top (useful since I removed the pointlessly small sunvisors). So yes they exist, but not...
  6. Kerios

    Collective Roadster Album

    Here is EU 277, a 2011, R80 (3.0) Roadster Sport, just after a wrap in Deep Space Purple (flip colour), the location is the UK's rocket propulsion test establishment in Buckinghamshire, rather apt :cool:
  7. Kerios

    Roadster 3.0

    Just tried to input my data, but got an error "Unable to insert vehicle. The system administration has been notified. We aplogize for the inconvenience" ? My CAC continues as others have noted continues to drop, sitting now at 183 (dropped from 215 originally).
  8. Kerios

    Reverse Back Up Lights Not Working - Blown Fuse?

    XLR8's comment about being terrified about taking the car to the SC is something I and am sure others feel also. Using the PEM to control the reversing light seems a little crazy, however there could be an alternative work around - otherwise its going to be an insane cost to fix the reversing...
  9. Kerios

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    @petergrub , what would it take for you to design an after market battery pack, not necessarily of the capacity of the 3.0 pack, how far off do you think we are from having an third party sourced pack? I wonder how many folks out there would like to consider this in light of maintaining the...
  10. Kerios

    Roadster Forum Thread Reorganization

    Why not ? It would help catalog useful threads etc eg PEM based and make retrievalnof information easier especially for those folks who struggle to use the search function; I'm happy to help file those orphan threads if it helps
  11. Kerios

    Roadster Needs New Battery

    And whilst it does depend a little on the SC local to you, generally most folks are finding that it is taking on average a year plus to get a replacement. There are degradation issues with the replacement 3.0 programme which Tesla haven't resolved yet despite much talk, and the space part...
  12. Kerios

    Purchase 2011 Roadster -5YJRE1A37B1001297

    The other issue is the painting, the roadster has a high quantity of carbon fibre parts, if you paint these parts and stick them in a normal oven, you'll have horrible outgasing issues and possibly even damage the fibre. So I'd be budgeting for a respray for at least half the car, maybe the...
  13. Kerios

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

    Here is: SFZRE3B11A3000277, near Oxford: 1. complete VIN - as above. 2. 2.5 - but actually mixed specification 3. UK 4. Black leather / storm grey / but now wrapped in Deep Space (purple / green / gold 3M flip) 5. Oxford, UK 6. Me :) 7. R80 3.0 - pack replaced in May 2017, along with PEM (and...
  14. Kerios

    Roadsters in Surrey?

    Three of us up in Oxfordshire, two in fact regularly on the same campus (Harwell), if you're ever up this way.
  15. Kerios

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Ouch! Thats pretty pricy, you buy direct from the manufacturer in Italy or via their country representatives for about $180 dollars, with a three year warrenty; yes you do need to switch connector over, but frankly it's sensible to check prior to fitment anyway.
  16. Kerios

    Roadster buyer in Norway

    Though to add, it will be one of those cars which is a pleasure to drive. It's basically a bad ass go kart, which is relatively simple to maintain, inherently dumb from a perspective of modern electric cars and is every bit a drivers car; there isn't frankly anything else on the road which is as...
  17. Kerios

    PEM second failure

    Personally I think the parts which are more concerning are the vehicle ECU/management systems, bespoke control systems, heater controller and anything else which which controls essential functions e.g. dash instrument pod which we don't have the original code for to replace, the PEM because it...
  18. Kerios

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I'd suggest getting a new moulding for the rear defuser, modify it to include the new aperture (and preserve the original) and include slots for hinges to be added; it would be much neater and more robust, problem with the 3d printed parts is that most parts off consumer grade machines tend to...
  19. Kerios

    Reliability concerns

    Like XLR8 says if you maintain the car, are willing to do some servicing yourself and look after it, then it's pretty robust. I drive mine more or less as a daily driver, up to 89k on the clock now and the last 12 months have been completely error free. That said I am on PEM number 4, and had...
  20. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Agreed, and if the CAC drop off stablises that would be okay, if not great, but what bothers me and I'm sure it's true of everyone who has experienced the sudden drop of range from something useful e.g. 50miles to either 10 or 20, or in somes case to 0miles. This is a really good way to...
  21. Kerios

    Just ordered the new Bespoke51 taillights

    Agreed, I think the product does exist, and I'd be tempted to get a pair, however the fake touting that they were "bought" by the seller posing as a buyer just undermined the whole concept. I'd be delighted if a bona fide third party posted a review; this would bring some kudos to the product...
  22. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Yup, and it gets worse, I started off with 347 also last June and I’m now seeing range charging sub 302miles, a drop of 13% in 14 months. That sucks, and it drops further every time I drive the car; this isn’t about firmware, it’s about battery chemistry and sloppy engineering.
  23. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Did a range charges last night. Range shows now 302, that's a drop of 45 from the original 347, or 13% in 14 months. This sucks.
  24. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Its a good point, but I suspect we'd need to get identical cells to be certain and without cracking a 3.0 pack to get them that be difficiult. I wonder if anyone has a 3.0 Roadster which is offline / out of commission even written off perhaps from where we could get an actual example; that would...
  25. Kerios

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Umm not sure even where to start but take a look at this: LHD Roadster UK for Sale £80k - 2010 Brabus Tesla Roadster Sport 3.0 LHD Carbon pack | eBay Not sure where to even start, but it is says it’s a Brabus Roadster ???
  26. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Rumours of 3.0 taking at least 12 months now, I went for the 3.0 over the 2.0 replacement as part of my battery replacement agreement, it cost £5k ($6k) and to be honest has made the car significantly (for now) more usable. The three year warrenty also is a nice perk for resale purposes if desired.
  27. Kerios

    #1146 DMC Motor Fan Problem?

    You know what is really interesting in that data sheet is the the mechanical durability specification - it states “ Mate connectors up to {25 cycles for tin (non- noble) plating OR 100 cycles for gold (noble) plating} at a maximum rate of 10 cycles per minute without environmental tests.” That...
  28. Kerios

    PEM overheating, fans not running

    The fans whilst IP68 (sealed for water ingress) still leak, and eventually the bearings start to seize, I had one which seized sufficiently to gouge a channel in the inner casing, not great. If you can get the cover off underneath, then carefully rotate the fans by hand, you can feel whether...
  29. Kerios

    Alert #1146 Returns! {sigh}

    1146 errors suck. But as @dpeilow and I have significant experience of this, they can be rectified fairly easily. The problem as @petergrub indicates usually lies with the connector at the PEM end, long story short we know that the fans were switche from single to dual, the connection cable at...
  30. Kerios

    Roadster 3.0

    Interestingly I was at Williams Advanced Engineering manufacturing site today looking at their battery facility for Formula Electric, and they cells they are using still the standard 18650 configuration, packed in a battery box which is about half the size of the Roadsters battery box. We...
  31. Kerios

    EU version side repeater / blinker replacement

    Not possible to repair, the assembly is sealed at manufacturing level, the problem with most LED small light assemblies now is that they are literally a replace total unit job when they fail. I did try to see if it was possible to break the seal, but checking under a microscope showed that it's...
  32. Kerios

    EU version side repeater / blinker replacement

    Ah yes that fun saga :confused: I had my Roadster wrapped earlier this year, and on reattaching the side repeaters, one failed (guess LED early death or a potential brief short), got a similar warning stating the OS repeater needed replacing. I looked around as you did and found very little...
  33. Kerios

    Charge points in UK

    I noted that the Roadster chargers have all disappeared from both Plug Share and Zap Map, probably a conspiracy. The Type 2 will depending on the gauge of the cable (hint if it gets real hot, it probably isn't rated for that current...) charge off a variety of Type 2 charge points. For example...
  34. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Been there, or very close to it last year after getting my 3.0 pack fitted. Did a range charge, topped out about 329miles, drove to Manchester (UK) and back to Oxford, about 300 miles roundtrip, on the way back in range mode the car suddenly jumped from 45 miles remaining to can not calculate...
  35. Kerios

    Plain steel fasteners on Roadster bottom pans = Galvanic Corrosion

    My SC in Gatwick, UK, replace fasteners progressively during every annual service for my Roadster. As far as I can tell, they've now replaced almost all of the floor pan covers and rear fan fasteners with stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts where applicable; the service tech says it makes...
  36. Kerios

    Temperature gauge question

    Temps can be accessed via OVMS and via the diagnostic mode on the car, but as @gregd says best shared via PM, I'll be in touch shortly, the issue with this and what Tesla I think fairly doesn't like to broadcast is that you can easily screw up a bunch of settings, it's not like where you can...
  37. Kerios

    Boot rack

    Personally, I probably would avoid putting anything on the boot lid unless you have a spare boot lid! The problem with composities is that it's really hard to determine when damage has been done, any strain which is disproportionate the to the direction of the weave risks cracking or...
  38. Kerios


    Don't see why? It's not a 24v bus, it's 12v - it's a rare car which has a 24v secondary circuit, big trucks and buses etc operate at 24v, but the Tesla dual SPAL fan is 12v. The fan unit code from the Tesla one is: 014-AP74/LL-22-12V, I sourced one separately after mine had a bearing failure...
  39. Kerios

    Driver’s Door Button Stuck

    Sort of, but I'll write one as I did it recently to adjust for fitting a hardtop.:)
  40. Kerios

    DIY: Roadster 2.5 PEM cleaning - step by step

    Its easy to do both, to be honest you're going to have to take off the stablising bar (at least the mounts you can leave the drop links to the suspension in place), to get the fan unit out - well thats the dual unit but I'd assume similar o_O? Anyway it's dead simple to get the unit out...
  41. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    And if you remember that situation I had when the car went from showing about 48miles remaining to abruptly dropping to "cannot calcuate range" - you'll recall the data in my log file for that. That was distinctly terrifiyng and subsequently I almost never now use range mode in case I go below...
  42. Kerios

    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Obviously you know I’ll sign it too. Figure with the snow etc and little use over winter I’ll be seeing similar drops in CAC now to sub 199 after 9 months which sucks.
  43. Kerios

    2010 Roadster Sport

    It’s a great deal technically (see 3.0 battery thread though for comments), I bought my UK spec Roadster Sport in 2016 with the battery replacement plan, and then last year after going through two PEMS (replaced under the extended service warranty :-) ) opted for the third PEM to be replaced and...
  44. Kerios

    Braking issues ...

    I'm the second owner of my Roadster, the brakes were stock when I bought it. Original discs (rotors) and pads probably second set. I've replaced the pads with EBC Yellowstuff and left the discs for now, bled the system and replaced brake fluid. Roadster stops pretty good compared to other...
  45. Kerios

    ESS empty pix

    Well sure, folks do worry, that's the nature of being at the (semi) cutting edge :) However, the Plexiglas does look fantastic, its just the somewhat reduced protection that it affords - the sheet steel chassis for the battery is dependant on all sides of the box playing together, Plexiglas for...
  46. Kerios

    Tricking the Roadster to produce more power...

    I think that if you do this, the car will throw an error if you're lucky, and if not then may decide the as you say increase the current to match, the problem is that the PCB components (and probably the PCB) were designed to handle a calculated amount of power if you increase that by another...
  47. Kerios

    Fan Position 1

    Try some contact cleaner on the switch - you may need to remove the switch panel - but often the contacts between the pads on the switch accumlate grime which prevents a good electrical contact. If you do that switch, worth doing the others at the same time.
  48. Kerios

    another regen/brake light discussion

    You could always bypass in the control panel - introduce a secondary switch to turn power for the headlights, would be easy to interface with the main power cable to the headlights and introduce a relay to switch power off whilst using JdeMo charging - though for me (and not yet fitted the...
  49. Kerios

    Simplified Roadster Lift Adapters

    Ditto here
  50. Kerios

    Remote climate control

    Well you could, in a kinda steam punk motor driving the existing potentiometers which sit behind that panel, or you could just tap into the control circuitry and use a potentiometer etc to inject the respective values into the VMS to manage the climate control. Figure you could rig a small...

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