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  1. Sirricardo

    2020.12.11.2 hitting M3

    So why dont they use the cars computing power and the IT resource to make the wipers work properly. Or to stop the phantom braking when you drive over a crest or when approaching a tree shadow or a light shining through trees or someone parked in a layby...thats just off the top of my head...
  2. Sirricardo

    2020.12.11.2 hitting M3

    Is the car better after this update? In my opinion on average the car gets worse after updates. Seems to me to be a constant addition of useless features like karaoke or games or AP gimmiks. I find they nibble some range, or reduce your power or mess up the AP or the wipers have still not been...
  3. Sirricardo

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    Same here. Wrinkled seats apparently meet the minimum standards for a brand new car....
  4. Sirricardo

    Acceleration Boost option gone?

    Does anyone think their LR has the promised 5% power increase compared to when new? Has anyone Dyno'ed it to check?
  5. Sirricardo

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    March 2020 Update. At 8k the cushion is showing signs of wear (like the paint is wearing thin) at the front probably due to me sliding my legs across it to get in and out. The wrinkles on the passenger side are looking more pronounced. They are gonna be horrible at 50k.
  6. Sirricardo

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    Im 14 stone and @ 7k miles my black seats are showing no signs of wear but I get in and out without sliding down the bolsters. The base of the seats were wrinked from new (within tesla manufactuing tolerance..grrrrr) but dont seem to have gotten any worse with me sitting in them.
  7. Sirricardo

    2020.4 Anything New?

    I Drive 33 miles to work every weekday using AP for about 50%. Seen an increase in phantom braking since the update, mostly at junctions. I think that i use more miles when using AP. Probably because it is poor at following another car. It seems to be constantly on and off the throttle. It needs...
  8. Sirricardo

    Hot Roasted Feet

    Hi Guys. I am finding when selecting feet with the temp set to 22 deg C, that my shoes and feet are getting incredibly hot. So hot that I have to turn it off after 10min. Heating seems to be flat out rather than regulated. Anyone else found that or do I have a problem? Cheers Rich.
  9. Sirricardo

    Front Seat Issues - Warranty

    I have been told the Seat warranty is 6 months so dont wait too long to report issues with them...
  10. Sirricardo

    Model 3 headlights too bright ?

    Yep the auto dipping is crap... In fact it is now worse than the auto wipers (not had update yet).
  11. Sirricardo

    Front Passenger Seat Wrinkles

    I would not accept that. It is not normal... Go onto autotrader and look at some photos of seats in similar cars for sale. See for yourself if it is 'normal'.
  12. Sirricardo

    Service Center

    I got a scuffed up 2015 P85 last time. What a beast! It was like silent nose heavy V8, loads of power but no traction. Drive shafts had some vibrations under power. Definitely felt like a dinosaur in comprison to the 3 but I warmed to it after a day. Efficiency of 315Wh/mile at 70mph I thought...
  13. Sirricardo

    spotify problems

    Mine is tons better since the last update. It can still drop out but clicking the wheel right usually gets it going again. The service guy said, as the USA now gets Spotify, he expects it to be integrated into the core system rathere than be a bolt on, so he thinks it will get further...
  14. Sirricardo

    Collection at WD

    Btw. If you are not happy with any aspect of the car, (wrinked seats, paint runs and other defects) make sure you get the name of the guy who tells you they will fix it. Better still, get them to email you the snaglist!
  15. Sirricardo

    How efficient is Auto Pilot..

    Mine is often accel or decel when following another car. It wants to follow at the exact distance set. My volvo had some spongyness and allowed the gap to vary slightly - more human like. I recon they need to add some damping to the control system when following. I think this is reasonable as...
  16. Sirricardo

    10,000 miles in a Model 3 (nearly) - Review

    Great review fella. The only voice command that has ever worked for me is 'cancel navigation'. Lol. I would be interested to know what else is supposed to work..... ;)
  17. Sirricardo

    UK Owners with v10?

    Unicorn is afraid of shadows. 2 phantom brake events driving over shadows both at around 40mph. I bet it scared the *sugar* out of the guys following me. Im not using it fttb.
  18. Sirricardo

    UK Owners with v10?

    Ap seems to be a little more cental in the lane after the update but I'm finding it is constantly wandering left to right. I recon it must be wasting a lot of battery power. Had a couple of phantom brakes in the rain and it couldnt work out to drive around some flooding in half the road but I...
  19. Sirricardo

    Connection issues with V10

    Mine stalled tonight after I plugged in the charger. I switched to aeroplane mode and back now all good!
  20. Sirricardo

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Yesterdays Story..... I got off the train at West drayton and it was only a 15min walk to the showroom. The very nice lady there took my details and arranged for my private plate to be made up (£40 ish). The delivery centre was partitioned off so you couldn't see the cars which added to the...
  21. Sirricardo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Unicorn collected yesterday from heathrow....It's Awesome!!!!
  22. Sirricardo

    West Drayton/Heathrow Sept month end pickups

    Picking up the Unicorn at 10:30 tomorrow. :D Say Hi if you see me. Description; Grey Goatee Beard, Black/White Glasses, Civilised Austrailan Accent. o_O Cheers Rich.
  23. Sirricardo

    Its rained and notice (heard) water in the boot lid?

    So is the problem the seal for the tail lights? I worked at a pre delivery center in the 90s and all the Jags had to have the tail lights removed and sillicone applied to stop water leaks into the boot and condensation in the lamps. Bodgery. Lol.
  24. Sirricardo

    West Drayton/Heathrow Sept month end pickups

    Yep... I have been pushed to Sat. Ill miss meeting you there Fullerene. Good luck.
  25. Sirricardo

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Doh. Delivery expected today cancelled. Logistical error WTH. Moved to Saturday grrr. Walk of shame at work today .... hey wernt you getting your car today.....I almost feel like staying at home.
  26. Sirricardo

    Alternative to Andersen EV Charger

    Canning the Tesla wall charger....... My consumer unit is in the garage and I want to have the option to charge inside and outside the garage, ruling out TT earthing. I have discovered the Tesla charger has no built in breakers, no dc fault protection or mains neutral/earth break sensing (TT...
  27. Sirricardo

    Homelink - UK

    When they called to confirm pickup and payment I mentioned the homelink should be fitted and they didnt put up a fight. Said they will add it to my notes that it needs to be fitted. There was obviously no time for them to do it this month. Cheers S.
  28. Sirricardo

    Tesla Wall Connector - Type B / Type A-EV RCD

    TWC in garage charging outside: I asked my electrician if I could have the tesla charger in the garage, but charge outside by running the cable under the door. He said that he was not sure this is possible as the earthing scheme required for an outdoor installation (using an earth rod for...
  29. Sirricardo

    Payment method

    I asked my bank to temporarily extend my daily limit and did a bill payment using account no. and sort code. Easy.
  30. Sirricardo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Delivery 26th Heathrow at 11:30. The unicorn is here... Lemme know if any of you guys will be there too... Hooray...so excited...gonna be a long 9 days...get to sleep fool....ok Ill try....got to see RJs latest post first...
  31. Sirricardo

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Hey Fella. I got 26th at 11:30 Heathrow on the wepage (no invoice tho)... So excited.... We can compare unicorns if thats close to your time and place :)
  32. Sirricardo

    Uk Homelink?

    So BJ....What happened?
  33. Sirricardo

    Mr Musk apparently looking into the customer service in UK

    I went into the Jag dealer in Poole about a year ago to discuss the Ipace. I wandered around looking at the cars, it was like a ghost-town. I didnt see anyone, no one came out of hiding to speak to me, not even a secretary. So I walked out. Lucky.....
  34. Sirricardo

    Car is amazing, and the ubiquitary quirk or two

    CCTV is required to catch the morons.
  35. Sirricardo

    UK Customer Service - Pre delivery

    I've been told that they can fit the private plates on delivery if the plates have not been used on another car, i.e. New numbers.
  36. Sirricardo

    19 Inch Sport Alloys and Tesla

    Stick a load of wheels in a container, ship to Zeb or UK, get tyres fitted, fit em to car. Change vin reg on database. Cant be that hard to arrange.... RJ sorry to hear your dissapointing story.....
  37. Sirricardo

    Mr Musk apparently looking into the customer service in UK

    Hi RJ. Feeling your anguish..... I really hope you collect it and it is as perfect as can be.. Cheers Fella.
  38. Sirricardo

    Uk Homelink?

    Good One Roy....We aint takin no shite from them.... I did not change my order so I expect it to be fitted.
  39. Sirricardo

    Dejected with customer service UK

    I sent it in by email soon after order as I was expecting to be able to add it on the app (which took a week to come active). And now they are telling me to do one...." we cant add it retrospectively". Shite service. Have appealed asking them to explain where I was supposed to add the code. They...
  40. Sirricardo

    Very Satisfied Customer

    Which parts r u referring to, the steel or aluminium parts?
  41. Sirricardo

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Hi RJ, Have a vin in source. Hooray. 4909xx. ;)
  42. Sirricardo

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Yeeeeesssssssss. I have a Vin. My birthday present is on its way. So cheery now. ;) Also very happy for you guys as well. Cheers S. 4909xx
  43. Sirricardo

    Front drive train oil leak

    Hard to see where the oil is in your picture. If its on the black part, it looks like your filter is leaking. Maybe it is loose. Probably worth giving it a twist to check it.
  44. Sirricardo

    Tesla Wall Connector - Type B / Type A-EV RCD

    Would you mind sharing a parts list and some pictures? I have the same setup to install shortly. Thanks S.
  45. Sirricardo

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Lucky dog... ;)
  46. Sirricardo

    Model 3 Std Range + Range

    I wonder if any of those 'stock' cars available for quick sale were damaged-and-repaired models from earlier shipments. There must be quite a few damaged ones as they come a long way. If I was allocating them, I wouldn't try to sell one to one of my 'loyal' reservation holders. ;)
  47. Sirricardo

    DIY PPF with Kit

    Whats the worst that can happen.... You muck it up and have to order a new piece. Or.....
  48. Sirricardo

    I should have posted this earlier, please be wary of Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

    Why do u guys think the car didn't see the pedestrian and try to avoid him?
  49. Sirricardo

    Model 3 collection - Paint issues / scratches / stone chips etc.. You have 100 miles to report.

    Thanks OP for highlighting the 100 mile sitation. Very helpful as I live in Dorset. Guys, a phone video with the flash ON at about 50cm on does a good job of highlighting the defects. Im gonna video the whole car based on whats been reported. IMHO the paint should be perfect on a 40-50k car!! I...
  50. Sirricardo

    Paint on my M3

    That's shocking. Can you upload it to youtube and post a link?

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