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    PPF installation - Cost & Time

    For those that have already done so, how long should it take from drop off to pickup for a full body ppf installation on an MX. I reached out to about 10 different installers and it seems 2-3 days is average, with some stating 5-7 days because "they don't want to rush" or use some along the...
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    Noob question: 20" and 22" tires

    Was thinking about purchasing a set of 22" for my new MX LR. For local/city driving, I figured 22"s would be fine and then for any long trips, swap them out. My question for swapping out, is it as easy as just putting my MX on a lift and just switching the tires out or is there anything...
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    Late Model (Nov) 2016 Tesla Model X

    Have to let my baby go, selling my late 2016 Tesla Model X. Importance of it being a late model as it had AP2 (upgraded last year to Hardware 3 w/ MCU2). I believe any build before Nov 2016 is only capable of AP1 (to include all 90Ds). So from a AP and camera perspective, this has the same...
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    2019 MX LR (Raven) vs 2020/21MX LR - Difference?

    I know 2019 was when the Raven was first released and the next upgrade is the Plaid ('21 models), but are there any differences between the 19 MX vs the 20 or 21 MX? Looking to purchase a 19 MX, but was wondering if it was woth paying 5-10k more for a 20 or 21 MX? For me, range is the most...
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    Good deal or not?

    I found a private listing in texas for a 2021 MX LR with 39k miles selling for $97k. Sounds like a great deal and I was ready to pull the trigger until i found out from the carfax that the vehicle had an accident reported. I asked the seller and they said the MX was rear ended and the front...
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    2017 75D vs 2018 100D - Range worth it?

    I currently have a Feb 2017 MX 75D and have been debating whether to upgrade to a 2018 or later MX 100D. I bought my 75D at 64k about 2 years ago and have about 2 years left on warranty. With this being my first Tesla, I didnt realize how much the range really bugged me, at a full charge, i...
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    Tesla Account - FUS

    Quick question for long time Tesla owners, i purchased my 16X in January and it didnt come with Free Unlimited Supercharging. I randomly logged into my Tesla account yesterday and saw that my car now has FUS. Does this mean that I now do have FUS or is this some admin error on Tesla and I will...
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    What to do: New 2016 MX

    Facing a dilemma right now with the latest announcement for the $2500 upgrade to MCU2. I just purchased my first Tesla last month for $65k which is a 12/16 build that has AP2/MCU1 I thought a got a great deal with this so called "unicorn" late build that has AP2/MCU1 throughTesla, thought I...
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    Actual range and battery degradation question

    Hello, I was able to get a good deal last month a used 2016 model x 75D with all the features and more importantly within my price range. Despite the good price, it had about 45k miles on it, but still qualified for the 4 year warranty. My question is around battery degradation and actual...
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    Home charging setup - Splitter advice

    Greetings everybody, Got a quick electrical question regarding my planned home charging setup. I have a 30amp outlet for my washer that is right next to my garage. Rather than installing a whole new 30 or 50 amp circuit in my garage, i figured I might as well and try to use my washer outlet to...
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    Non-Tesla dealership purchase

    Hello everybody. Need some advice, found a really good deal (local car dealership) for a 2018 MX with very low mileage and everything I am looking for, primarily it being a 6 seater. My question is that I know Tesla offers a 4 year/50k Warranty if you purchase through them for a used vehicle...
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    FSD Futureproofing on used MX?

    Hello, I am in the market and very close to purchasing a used model X from the tesla inventory. My dilemma is that I plan on keeping the car for 2-4 years and then potentially upgrading to a newer model. I am looking at 2016 models and wondering if I should purchase one with FSD or one with...
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    2016 Model X vs 2018 Model S

    Hello everyone, Looking for some general advice as from reading some of the posts in here, i think there are some that have or are going through the dilemma I am going thru right now. I recently just made the decision to go all-in and getting a Tesla. I have narrowed it down to either a used...

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