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  1. aelm

    Supercharger - Florence, SC (Buc-ee's)

    I’d avoid this one. Almost every spot is ICEd. It’s insanely packed because it’s so new and people get tired of circling the lot and are parking in the charging.
  2. aelm

    Changing gears while moving

    I've done this twice at an intersection and didn't realize it until the light turned green and I wouldn't move when I pressed the pedal. Took me a second to figure out what I'd done since it was unintentional. It's surprisingly easy to shift into neutral while canceling autopilot.
  3. aelm

    Unauthorized payments and auto-pay

    Last month Tesla Finance initiated a payment that was double my car payment. I didn't have auto-pay on so I called and spoke with a person who first said it was because I never paid my first month's payment, which was in the down payment and paid, so they then said they had no idea and would get...
  4. aelm

    Seat puncture from folding third row

    Agreed. I got kid seat protectors and if I fold them down I lower them down slowly myself. Don’t let them slam down on their own anymore.
  5. aelm

    Seat puncture from folding third row

    My Tesla Service Center replaced the third row under warranty since it happened less than a month after I got the car.
  6. aelm

    Help with die transfer from seatbelts in 3rd row to the seats.

    The seatbelt on mine actually punctured the seat within the first month after I got it. Tesla replaced the seat under warranty even though the warranty actually doesn't cover punctures. I've since bought child seat covers to absorb the impact when the seats fold down. So, that's also something...
  7. aelm

    Lane Change Unavailable since 2021.4.21.3

    Has anyone else with this update experienced features of FSD/Autopilot being unavailable? Lane change, which used to work for me every time I attempted it, will now do nothing and several seconds after I use the turn signal it'll tell me it's unavailable.
  8. aelm

    Survey: Is Full Self-Driving Capability worth the cost?

    My Model Y without FSD registration didn't come in so Tesla gave me a Model 3 with FSD to drive. I've had it for about a week now and am really grateful I didn't buy FSD. I don't know if they disable parts of FSD on loaners and don't tell you, but the system barely worked for me. Navigate on...
  9. aelm

    Wisconsin Registration Nightmare

    I'm in South Carolina and had a similar situation. I picked up the car in Georga since that's the closest store. I gave Tesla the paperwork two or three days after delivery and they didn't send it to the DMV until almost a month later it seems. My tag expired nine days ago, but Tesla gave me a...
  10. aelm

    Radarless Driving Report? Anyone?

    I never tried that since it said it has to be on. I'll have to try it out.
  11. aelm

    Radarless Driving Report? Anyone?

    Yes this is a problem. I find that Autopilot at night on the Interstate is basically unusable because the auto high beam just doesn't work there. I'm constantly having to exit Autopilot to turn off the high beams and eventually just stopped using it. And the constant on/off even when it does...
  12. aelm

    How long before delivery did you install wall charger ?

    I had mine installed about two weeks before what ultimately became my delivery date. I just went ahead and installed it when it came in because my date kept moving and I wanted to be able to charge it at home if it was one of the earlier dates that it would move to. And thinking about it now...
  13. aelm

    Sentry works when it wants.

    I also don't see any reasoning behind when it works. The other day it recorded 127 events in a two hour period of a tree shadow moving across an object it was parked next to, but didn't record someone scuffing the car door at a different location.
  14. aelm

    Seat puncture from folding third row

    I folded down the third row in my MY for the cargo space and drove around for a few days before pulling them back up. When I did I realized the seatbelt somehow punctured the seat. I’m not really sure how the belt did it, maybe the impact of the slam down. Has anyone experienced this? Is it...
  15. aelm

    2020.4.18.1 released - includes Cabin Camera Updates

    I'm on 4.18.2 as well and I swear the camera does almost nothing. The only time it ever alerts me is if I tilt my head down and look at my phone. If I turn to the side and look at the passenger or out the window for a while it never alerts me. I don't think the driver monitoring is that...
  16. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    Driver side still has it. Passenger only.
  17. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    Mine was a manual process. I didn't get any automated messages and I had to call and schedule because it turns out my SA was on vacation and apparently when an SA is on vacation their reservations aren't handled by someone else. But it took one day to get the car after the VIN because it was...
  18. aelm

    What are the cameras supposed to display on screen?

    I was wondering if the car is seeing it but not showing me or if it's just not seeing it. It just doesn't make me very confident for autopilot. I drove down the interstate and sometimes it doesn't render the cars it sees on screen and I just didn't know if that meant Autopilot didn't see it or...
  19. aelm

    What are the cameras supposed to display on screen?

    Got my Model Y last week and it’s my first Tesla so the Tesla Vision and all that is new to me. I’ve noticed as I drive through parking lots or in my driveway that it often doesn’t detect cars directly in front of me or to the side. Is it not supposed to show cars at slow speeds or when I’m...
  20. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    Anyone else who received a VIN having difficulty getting it delivered? I didn't get any of these automated messages I've read about here in the forum. No one reached out to me so I called. Someone answered the phone on the fifth try and scheduled me for tomorrow morning, but my account didn't...
  21. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    My SA is James. That's the problem I'm having. No one is answering the phone. It goes to voicemail. I may text and see if I have better luck.
  22. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    I did. Trying to get ahold of the SA because I'm leaving town tomorrow and the delivery window is now today through Sunday.
  23. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    Got my VIN as well. 189XXX. Ordered 4/18. White exterior/interior with seven seats.
  24. aelm

    3rd Row Floor Mats

    I've been looking as well as see some places say they're coming, but haven't shown up anywhere yet. I'm surprised Tesla doesn't offer any yet either.
  25. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    I’m also picking up in Savannah and after my delivery window disappeared entirely about a week ago I texted my advisor and they said May 23 to June 20. I ordered April 18. I’ll check in closer to the end of May and see if it changed.
  26. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    Most likely. I'm on the East Coast. It would make sense for them to wait until they can fill a train and push cars out at once. My sales guy told me it would deliver end of June when I test drove in April so when I saw the May timeline after ordering I was suspicious.
  27. aelm

    Current Delivery Times

    My sales guy said the cars are delivered quarterly so I'm not expecting anything until near the end of June. I ordered April 18 and my delivery window initially said May 5-May 22 and kept moving back by a day until it finally disappeared, which puts it in line with an end of quarter delivery.

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