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  1. JonB

    Insurance renewal tricks

    Churchill pulled a dirty trick on me just now. Sent an email saying they were not going to renew the insurance on my Lotus. So I went to see some meercats, and discovered Churchill would still insure me after all, but for another tenner on last year's price. This is how they and other insurers...
  2. JonB

    Bug with scheduled departure since latest 2021.44.30.8 update

    Last night I set the car to charge to 80% to be ready for a 0700 depature. It's the way I ensure that I'm not charging outside of Economy 7 hours, which end at 0730. The car calculates when to start charging, working backwards from 0700 and this has - up to the latest software update (30.8)...
  3. JonB

    Ceramic coating on matte black parts?

    Quick question. On a 2021 M3, should I avoid the black trim when applying ceramic coating? I’m keen to maintain the matte appearance. thanks jonb
  4. JonB

    The party may be over as regards resale values..

    Just for fun I've been on Cazoo and WBAC to see what my Dec 2021 M3LR is now worth. I expected it to be more than I paid due to the waiting lists and general used car madness that we are seeing, but no! For this car with 1100 miles and showroom condition, it is £47k from WBAC and - shock...
  5. JonB

    Off topic announcement to my UK Tesla friends

    Hey chaps Happy to say that with the help of the admin team I have been able to change my user name from "Gweilo" (an in joke) to "JonB" which I have used on many different forums over decades but it wasn't available when I started my TMC account. I will be changing my avatar presently, but...
  6. JonB

    Tesla driving telemetry and legal jurisdiction WRT local TeslaMate servers

    A hypothetical situation regarding use of TeslaMate on a local machine like a Pi 4. It records lots of Tesla vehicle telemetry, including speed and the locations where each speed recording was captured. This has me thinking. As I understand it, the data the car sends back to Tesla is stored...
  7. JonB

    M3 autosteer glitches, what fun (not!)

    (Cross posted from FB group) Had some Autopilot glitches yesterday in heavy rain, on a dual carriageway. In one incident, the car braked suddenly as there was a pedestrian walking along the side of the road (don't see that often!) and there were three instances of the autosteer trying to take...
  8. JonB

    Supercharger prices creeping up (unsurprisingly)

    During my recent (29th Dec) trip to the Gatwick Service Centre, I used their supercharger stalls to top the battery off at 33p / kWh. I had to go into my Tesla account to see this, and noticed that I'd charged there on the 8th Dec for 30p / kWh. So it looks to have gone up 10% in 3 weeks. It's...
  9. JonB

    Car is shorting my house out when it attempts to charge

    Well merry effing Xmas to me. Tried to put the car on charge today and it tripped the RCD in my fuse box. Tesla Service lady said it’s probably the UMC or cable. Now I’m worried because I have treated the unit and its cable like new born babies and it’s less than a month old, yet already it’s...
  10. JonB

    A hidden UI feature (set temperature)

    Quick hack. If you struggle to set the cockpit teperature when driving (left / right arrows too small), you can tap and hold the temperature value and drag laft to decrease, right to increase. Saves you having to go for the slider bar that pops up. Small, but useful.
  11. JonB

    Percentage battery charge is a percentage of what? (2021 MIC M3LR)

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search. Regarding the battery charge percentage as displayed in the Tesla App or car display - what is 100% in terms of KWh? Not as straightforward as it looks. For example, I read that Tesla keeps back some of the battery capacity to account for...
  12. JonB

    Charge scheduling (again... sorry!)

    Hi all, back with a bit of a rant... Like many people, I want to be able to tell my Model 3 to charge during off peak hours - let's say 0300 - 0700 inclusive. I can set a start time, but not an end time (in the app and car UI). I can set an "off peak end time" but that is only available if I am...
  13. JonB

    Top Gear EV caravanning episode

    Last night I watched the Top Gear EV / towing episode which I thought was quite amusing. I was impressed when Flintoff and Evans scoffed those chillies (if indeed they were real)! They tested three EVs towing "micro" caravans - an Audi e-Tron, Polestar 2 and Mercedes SUV (I forget the model)...
  14. JonB

    Where is the Southampton collection point, exactly?

    Hi I'm collecting my car from Southampton on the 4th Dec. Tesla says it is at Herbert Walker Avenue, but where, exactly? Reason I ask is I just looked at the map and that is one of the quayside roads, goes on a long distance and is likely to be busy so I'd like some sort of indication of where...
  15. JonB

    Tesla granny charger safety features

    Hi Does the Tesla UMC have open PEN protectionn or other safety features? Asking becasue I want to use it routinely until I get a proper charge point innstalled (probably in the next house at this rate). Cheers JonB

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