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  1. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    I have heard nothing official from Tesla so take everything in this discussion with a grain of salt. Numbers would suggest that yes the wheels “should” be safe.
  2. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Like these views?
  3. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Pirelli Scorpion 265/40/21 front and 275/40/21 rear
  4. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Load rating stamped on the inner aspect of each wheel: 650kg front and 750kg rear. Would be underspec if you used it to tow but just good enough using it as a car.
  5. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Definitely looking into spacers.
  6. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    The main goal is to have something less boring then the 20” air streams but just as efficient as far as energy. Don’t like the idea of losing 10% or more in range!! Will monitor the energy usage with these wheels. If it doesn’t work, will wear the tires out and move on to something new.
  7. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Yeah. GAWR is significantly higher in the X for towing. If you use those numbers to see if the wheel will work, then the wheels will be under rated. But I don’t think it’s a good measure to see if a wheel would work for a certain car. Each front wheel is rated at 650kg and each rear is rated at...
  8. leh22a

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    Wondering if GAWR is more important when you’re trying to tow. Numbers seem to be safe if you’re simply using it as a car.
  9. leh22a

    Explanation for the windshield double vision?!?!

    Not yet but lemme go look this weekend. My brother claims that it happens in his X and he's just as tall (or as short) as me so I'll see if I can't see it. We have identical configurations except for rims and seat colors. VINs very close. (If that matters)
  10. leh22a

    Explanation for the windshield double vision?!?!

    Has there been a good explanation for some of those who experience double vision in the X's windshield?!?! I luckily do not have this problem in mine. But I have noticed it somewhere else. The LED screen on my rear view mirror dash cam! I have an after market dash cam that displays the video...
  11. leh22a

    360 interior view of the X

    BTW. Open I an actual YouTube app on your phone for the true effect.
  12. leh22a

    360 interior view of the X

    Thanks to JHPhotographyonline.com for the cool video. Pretty neat for those who just wanna take a look around the inside of the X
  13. leh22a

    2nd and 3rd row seating for car seats and real people

    Agree with @Mark. I've sat in the 3rd row multiple times and enough room when you move the seats forward. I'm also only 5'7". The seats can be moved forward after they have "locked" into their position. The car will let you know if the seat is not locked via alerts on the main screen. I have...
  14. leh22a

    My Story: 3 kids, a Model S, cancelling my Model X, and a...Volvo?

    Funny. I personally saw the XC90 at the auto show lately and was extremely disappointed in the 3rd row seats. I sat in the rear seats and thought the X was significantly roomier. It may appear claustrophobic since there are less Windows for light and less head and shoulder room, but the actual...
  15. leh22a

    Random Model X sightings

    Near Venice beach by LA, Cali? My brother and his kid spotted it! Nice color!!
  16. leh22a

    Model X a look at the little things

    This is my bulky Combi double stroller. Fits in the rear trunk but not the front.
  17. leh22a

    Model X a look at the little things

    No mention from Tesla about a front trunk cushion or lining that I'm aware of. Have seen other Xs and they don't have them either.
  18. leh22a

    Model X a look at the little things

    Tesla Model X - The Little Things - YouTube Put this video together mainly for those who already know about the X, want it, but just wanna know a bit more about the little things. These little details were the things I wanted to know when I could not see the X in person. Special thanks to...
  19. leh22a

    Tesla Model X vs Model S P90D, world record, Husband vs Wife Shootout....

    So awesome that a person who has never dragged before can pull something like this off consistently. That's what I think is so cool with Teslas. You don't have to be perfect every time to hit those numbers. With the ICE cars, the factory specs are probably achieved by professional drivers...
  20. leh22a

    Will MX fit in my garage?

    This is my X parked backwards in a "standard" garage. Ceiling is 9 feet. Doors wouldn't be able to fully open if I parked nose in.
  21. leh22a

    Picked up my Model X Sig today

    Wonder if hackers will be able to jail break the X or S in the future and unlock this feature for free?!?! since its just a program no?
  22. leh22a

    "Meet Model X: Exclusive Viewing"

    The $15,500 for the 90kWh upgrade is erroneous on that sheet. Base of $80k + $35.5k for the performance upgrade includes the 90kWh upgrade.
  23. leh22a

    Third Row Comfort/Spaciousness

    Saw a local sigX and the access to the third row is so good I'm thinking about putting my 4 yr old and 2 yr old back there into car seats. Then our new born and mommy can be in the middle row together. I guess the point is - this is the first 3 row SUV that allows enough accessibility that you...
  24. leh22a

    Delay in model X launch?

    Excellent insite!! I can't wait to get my X to see how easy it is to get my 4yr old, 2year old and new born on the way out of the back!! Right now, getting them out of the S is hard! Car roof gets in the way right at my face level, best place to stand while getting them in or out is the exact...
  25. leh22a

    Model X independent testing?

    Agreed! Looks very much like a mule. Those look like MS front seats in that second row.
  26. leh22a

    My first Model X encounter

    Much thanks to Tricia Wade of Houston for allowing complete strangers to sit and touch her beautiful X!! Much thanks to JHPhotographyonline.com for putting the video together. Tesla Signature Model X - YouTube
  27. leh22a

    X vs. S (Infotainment Screen Resolution)

    Courtesy of J Horn Godwin from Facebook! Thanks Jennie. So...id this better or the same as the S?
  28. leh22a

    Dual charging

    Single charger. Either a 48Amp or 72Amp.
  29. leh22a

    Sig 303, Vin 731 Delivered 12/31/2015

    Wow!! Can't express how awesome and amazing it is of you to share!! More rep points then I could ever add!!
  30. leh22a

    Received our Sig X on New Years Eve!

    Man!!! Awesome pictures!! Keeping sharing!!!
  31. leh22a

    Sig 303, Vin 731 Delivered 12/31/2015

    Man!! Nice video review!! Very informative and focused on the actual interior and door mechanisms!! Awesome!! Very jelly!!
  32. leh22a

    Merry Model X-mas

    Wonder if they would ever allow us to download that particular program into our personal Xs. You know, like another Easter egg. Seems just programming involved without added hardware no? Although I do wonder how they got the falcon doors to open so high?!?!
  33. leh22a

    Model X Factory Santa's Sleigh

  34. leh22a

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Much congrats! Again thanks to @Bonnie for being so generous as to allow people to check out the car so soon after delivery...so it can relayed to the rest of us! Just awesome.
  35. leh22a

    Photos of Model X details

    Wow!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for the pics!! And million thanks to @Bonnie for allowing us to scope out her car so soon after delivery! Truly generous!
  36. leh22a

    Signature #1 delivered today

    So AWESOME!!!
  37. leh22a

    Signature delivery now mid/late January

    Jelly! Super jelly!
  38. leh22a

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    I saw that! Bonnie is famous!!!
  39. leh22a

    Model X Tally

    Interesting article released today: Tesla Q3 Ahead: Model X Is For Expenses, S For Sales - Investors.com If I'm reading it right, they indicate that X reservations are weak after the launch. I wonder how accurate it is regarding the model X reservations? And if it is true, does this mean the...
  40. leh22a

    How Many Miles On The Vehicle Your Model X Will Replace

    2006 Honda Accord with 130k miles. Estimate 25 mi/gal x ~$3.5/gal = ~$18000-$20000 over 9 years! That's more then the price of the car new!! sheesh
  41. leh22a

    Mark Templeton Model X Unboxing Preview

    LoL!! Even the dog is grinning!!
  42. leh22a

    Test drive impressions?

    second row AC vents?!?! And I saw a picture with 3rd row AC vents?!? I think?!? Important in Texas!!
  43. leh22a

    Model X First Reviews

    Pffff! Car And Driver, even in praise with a positive review, they dwell on the negatives and come across resentful! Such a dinosaur of a magazine that hates on such great things for whatever reason. Like all things, if they cannot evolve with the times, they will perish. They're just Jelly!! Lol!
  44. leh22a

    Key Fob Design for Model X

    I wonder how it functions. Will it just unlock when pressing the top or will the falcon wing doors open? Will they both open or will they be able to open independently? You know...similar to minivans opening its doors remotely and independently
  45. leh22a

    Pictures from the X event

    Don't you mean Jelly? Be Jelly!!!!!!!
  46. leh22a

    Twas the Night Before Xmas II

  47. leh22a

    Embarrassed By Falcon Wings Doors?

    In Cali perhaps. Lots of people here in TX don't really know what a Tesla is yet. And since the S isn't so glaringly showy, it glides under the radar. I'm gonna assume the same for the X, until the doors open that is!

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