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  1. wraithnot

    Stardew Valley Crashing

    My kids and I started playing Stardew Valley in my wife's model 3 and I have to say it's far more engaging than I thought it would be. But once we made it to level 50 in the mines, the game would freeze every time we would try to take the ladder to level 51. It didn't matter what we did before...
  2. wraithnot

    Tesla Model 5 seater to 7 upgrade

    I didn't realize Tesla eventually allowed the bumper reinforcement to be added later. At least when the car first came out, they didn't offer this and I remember it caused a bit of a stir . . . There is talk of an announcement on 8/1
  3. wraithnot

    Tesla Model 5 seater to 7 upgrade

    At least based on past Tesla vehicles, it is very unlikely you can add additional seats after you purchase the car. The original model S had optional rear-facing kids seats in the back. But you couldn't add these after the purchase because Tesla strengthened the rear bumper to protect...
  4. wraithnot

    NorCal PG&E blackouts

    This is essentially what I did today. I switched into backup-only mode once PG&E changed their mind about shutting the power off in our neighborhood in San Rafael. I didn’t have storm watch on because I had some trouble with the powerwall when it was first installed in April and I didn’t want...
  5. wraithnot

    Strategies for Powerwalls and Utility Demand Plans

    Got it. I have the same power company (PG&E) as the Tesla mothership so I'm not surprised that they configured things to work perfectly for my situation and not for people in other areas. When I was trying to get my powerwall to behave, I came across this article Powerwall2 update –...
  6. wraithnot

    Strategies for Powerwalls and Utility Demand Plans

    We had a powerwall installed three weeks ago and I had all sorts of software issues for the first couple of weeks. One thing I didn't realize was that it takes an hour or two for a setting entered into the app to make it to the powerwall. I didn't figure this out until I used a computer to...
  7. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    Thanks for the tip. I love the supercharger lounge at Kettleman City and have stopped there a total of four times. From the initial news coverage I thought the station at Baker was just as slick: Tesla is about to bring online its biggest Supercharger stations in the US – first look at new...
  8. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    Before I bought the Model S, I waited in line for gas several times (15-20 min wait each time) while traveling on interstate 5 right before and right after thanksgiving. This didn't stop me from making the same trip in subsequent years so I assume moderate waits for fuel won't dissuade most...
  9. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    We hit Quartzsite today on the return trip and we drug ourselves out of bed earlier than normal to try and make it before an epic line formed. That was a good decision because we got a spot without a wait and a line formed within a few minutes after we arrived. I kept tabs on the available...
  10. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    This is a great point- a software change in the nav system could really help in these sorts of situations. Improving the real time status to show approximate wait times if all stations are full would be a good next step. Of course at some point you either have to build more stations or build...
  11. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    Depends on your car. Evtripplaner puts the drive from Indio to Buckeye at 247 rated miles for my car. I have a 2013 S85 with 120,000 miles that gets about 238 miles on a full charge now. But perhaps I can convince enough people with newer cars to skip Quartzsite so I don’t get stuck in an...
  12. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    I agree that this sort of thing is mainly limited to peak holiday travel days. And I agree that Tesla has done a pretty good job of adding capacity every time one of these epic lines occurs (Gilroy, Tejon Ranch, and Barstow all come to mind). And I still remember Tesla’s response when a power...
  13. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    The Quartzsite supercharger is becoming a bottleneck for interstate travel between LA and Phoenix. We making that drive yesterday and I was watching the supercharger occupancy on the nav system and getting more and more worried about both Indio and Quartzsite. We lucked out at Indio and got a...
  14. wraithnot

    V9 Dashcam, have you made it work?

    After successfully recording one short trip, it was back to the gray x. Here is what the command prompt had to say about things after the laptop tried to repair the file system: D:\>dir Volume in drive D is DASHY Volume Serial Number is 10E9-19FF Directory of D:\ 10/17/2018 02:38 AM...
  15. wraithnot

    V9 39.7 - Dashcam not working

    After two complete failures, I was at least able to record a 20 minute drive to and from the UPS store. Using a newer, high capacity USB stick seems to help: V9 Dashcam, have you made it work?
  16. wraithnot

    V9 Dashcam, have you made it work?

    edit: This was done with my wife's 2018 Model 3, although I imagine things will be pretty similar on a newer Model S. My 2013 Model S doesn't the hardware for the dashcam. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Third time's the charm. First attempt used a five...
  17. wraithnot

    Has anyone called Tesla asking for a rollback to V8?

    Lots of Model S owners are unhappy with v9. But so far I haven't heard of anyone being allowed to rollback to v8 (I was told it wasn't possible). The most encouraging information I was able to find is in this post: Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI...
  18. wraithnot

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    Nathanael Nerode Tesla Model S owner since 2013 Despite the fact v9 caused nothing but pain on my 2013 Model S, after a bit of research I finally convinced my wife to upgrade her 2018 Model 3 to v9. And I’ve got to admit it’s a pretty awesome upgrade on her Model 3. But now I’m even more...
  19. wraithnot

    Dashcam paused, won’t un-pause

    I played with the dash cam feature on my wife’s model 3 and it worked for a bit, but then I got the gray x instead of red record light. Deleting all the files didn’t fix the issue. But reformatting the USB drive did the trick. When I was first playing with the feature, I tapped the dash cam...
  20. wraithnot

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    One more thing to add to this discussion- it looks like Tesla salespeople have been touting the ability to display the rear camera view while driving (presumably on the top of the screen) as a feature and saying that a lot of people do this: "The guy doing our Model S drive did the same thing...
  21. wraithnot

    Version 9 Broke My Executive Rear Seats

    As a general rule I completely agree. But when it comes to Model S owners unhappy with the v9 software update, the polite approach hasn’t elicited any sort of meaningful response from Tesla.
  22. wraithnot

    Version 9 Broke My Executive Rear Seats

    Go to www.tesla.com, log into your Tesla Account, click the "MANAGE" button next to your car, and then scroll down to the box labelled "Support". Find the drop down menu and select "Escalate this concern for executitve review", type in a message that best expresses your feelings, and then click...
  23. wraithnot

    v9, how to move camera to the upper part of the screen for safety

    I figured out a way to get the camera view to the top of the screen while driving in v9: Triple App Screen on v9! The two big caveats are that it is a royal pain and you need a finger (or a finger substitute) contacting the touchscreen once you get the camera window to the top of the screen or...
  24. wraithnot

    Triple App Screen on v9!

    I just got a software update. Maybe it's already too late . . . :eek:
  25. wraithnot

    Triple App Screen on v9!

    With a completely impractical level of effort and then holding two fingers on the touchscreen, I was able to get the camera view on top of the screen and the music app on the bottom of the screen with v9 ;) : I noticed that you can drag the camera image up a little bit, but then it snaps back...
  26. wraithnot

    Blog Bollinger Motors to Unveil All-Electric Sport Utility Truck

    I agree that using a giant pickup truck as an urban commuter vehicle is really inefficient. But I was really surprised how essential a truck is once you get outside of the city. As an example, we bought a vacation home on 5 acres a couple of years ago and through an odd set of circumstances...
  27. wraithnot

    Blog Bollinger Motors to Unveil All-Electric Sport Utility Truck

    We recently had to buy an ICE pickup truck (F150 crew cab with 6.5 ft bed and 5.4L V8) because hauling two adults, two kids, two dogs, various pieces of furniture, and things like wood chippers and wheelbarrows to our rural vacation home in our Model S wasn't working very well (things would be...
  28. wraithnot

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    My wife and I are also really unhappy with the V9 software update. Yesterday I sent an email to [email protected], used the escalate feature on the support page for my Model S on the Tesla webpage, and tweeted Elon and Tesla requesting to either revert to the previous version of the...
  29. wraithnot

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    For me at least, all I want is the rear camera view at the top of the screen while driving. This happens when the car is in reverse on v9 so I can't imagine it would be very difficult to make the rear camera view appear on the same part of the display in both cases instead of the current...
  30. wraithnot

    Holy moly! NonP AWD is fast!!!

    We recently upgraded from a Model 3 Long Range to a Model 3 Dual Motor/AWD and I am really impressed with how much faster the AWD model 3 feels. The Model 3 Long Range is definitely not a slow car, but I find the AWD substantially faster from 0-30 mph and noticeably faster above 60 mph. The...
  31. wraithnot

    GAH! Help! I'm all set to buy a 3, and then I found a used S!

    If you want a nimble car with steering that feels alive, like a superb audio system, and don't mind a sporty suspension then the Model 3 wins hands down. If you need lots of cargo space, a hatch back, don't park in small spaces, like a really smooth ride, and want to fit a rear-facing child...
  32. wraithnot

    M3: First Impressions

    Leaving the rear camera on while you drive is a great way to tell if anyone is behind you. I also find it helpful for figuring out how close cars in adjacent lanes are to the back of my car when changing lanes. I have been told having the rear camera on while driving forward makes some people...
  33. wraithnot

    Selling Tesla Model 3 LR to Vroom.com after upgrading to AWD

    Vroom has now dropped the price from $53,880 to $49,980: Used 2017 Tesla Model 3 For Sale ($49,980) | Vroom They've got two other Model 3s with fewer miles, but no autopilot listed as sale pending at $48,980: Used Tesla Model 3s for Sale: Buy Online + Home Delivery | Vroom This should give...
  34. wraithnot

    2018 Model 3. Pristine Condition!

    Vroom.com just paid me $44,000 for a model 3 with the identical configuration, 8k miles, curb rash on three wheels, and a slight door ding. And they have a Model 3 without autopilot listed as sale pending for $48,980 with only slightly fewer miles than the OPs car. So Model 3’s seem to be...
  35. wraithnot

    Incorrect Mulroney sticker

    When we got our first model 3 in January, the Monroney sticker was printed on the standard glossy window sticker paper. But the AWD Model 3 we picked up two weeks ago had the Monroney sticker printed on thin matte paper (like standard copy paper, but the size of a standard window sticker). So...
  36. wraithnot

    Selling Tesla Model 3 LR to Vroom.com after upgrading to AWD

    I was trying to estimate how much market value the car lost while we owned it- that seems more useful for others since not everyone lives in California. But you're definitely right that California sales tax and DMV fees should be included in what it cost us to own the car for 8 months. The...
  37. wraithnot

    Selling Tesla Model 3 LR to Vroom.com after upgrading to AWD

    I'm surprised that they didn't turn off remote access on the car when they were cleaning it up. But I thought they treated me pretty well so it would be poor form to honk the horn, turn on the heater to wear the battery down, or otherwise screw with them through the app. And thanks for...
  38. wraithnot

    Selling Tesla Model 3 LR to Vroom.com after upgrading to AWD

    My wife and I originally wanted a Model 3 AWD. But once Tesla announced how much longer the wait would be for the AWD version we decided to get a Model 3 Long Range first, keep the mileage low, get a Model 3 AWD as soon as they were available and then sell the Model 3 LR. This ended up working...
  39. wraithnot

    On the fence: AWD or RWD

    We just upgraded to a Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range (delivered September 9th - reserved in July of 2017 after Tesla announced the long delay vs. the LR) from our Model 3 Long Range (delivered Jan 10th). The Model 3 LR was already really fun to drive, but the Dual Motor is even better :-) I...
  40. wraithnot

    Model S 100D 2017 switch to Model 3 performance

    My 2013 Model S is my daily driver and my wife got a Model 3 in January that we recently upgraded to a dual motor. We also bought a used F150 crew cab pickup truck since hauling two adults, two small children, two dogs, and large objects to our vacation home in Mariposa was getting really...
  41. wraithnot

    Newbie asks: What is the current status of self-driving?

    The only thing that is currently available on any Tesla vehicle is enhanced autopilot. This can maintain a constant distance behind the car in front of you, recognize lane markings, autosteer to stay within your lane, change lanes on the driver's prompt, and follow the car in front of you if...
  42. wraithnot

    Model 3 vs BMW i3

    We leased a 2014 BMW i3 BEV for three years while we waited for our Model 3. Overall I actually kind of liked the i3 (at least from the inside) but it did feel a little unstable when you turned sharply and there was a portion of the freeway on-ramp on my way to work that was a little bumpy and...
  43. wraithnot

    Model 3 Software Updates

    Liuping already posted a photo of what it looks like when the wipers are on. But here is a photo of the interface when the wipers are off (note that my screen is in night mode). The lower menu also goes to the wiper menu if you push the button on the left steering wheel stalk that swipes the...
  44. wraithnot

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    If it's just me in the car then I'll usually choose the Model 3 because it's so much fun to drive, the sound system is superb, and the glass roof is stunning. But things got a little cramped in the Model 3 when my wife, our three-year-old, our one-year-old went, and his folding stroller went...
  45. wraithnot

    For owners of the 3. How many miles do you currently have? (and how many problems?)

    We have 871 wonderful miles on our Model 3 :) Overall we're really happy with the car, but there were a couple of minor glitches we encountered shortly after we picked up the car on January 10th. The frunk latch actuator failed two days after we got the car (although the service visit went...
  46. wraithnot

    Non-PUP Glass Roof

    What if the most expensive part of the glass roof isn't the glass, but the IR reflective and tinted coating on the glass? If you cover the underside of the glass with headliner then there is no need to apply the potentially expensive coating to the glass. And no need to repeat the crash tests...
  47. wraithnot

    Why does Model 3 charge at 32 amps and not 40 like my S?

    There is also an option for a "corded mobile connector" with a fixed NEMA 14-50 plug: Model S/X Corded Mobile Connector It mentions the "integrated 240 volt 50 amp rated plug for high power output" so I assume it can charge continuously at 40 amps. It's listed as "Model S/X Corded Mobile...
  48. wraithnot

    My first few days with the 3...

    The range displayed after charging finishes depends in part on the battery temperature. I tried a full charge in the morning a few days ago and got less than 310 miles so I waited until it warmed up a bit and tried again. This time I got 311 miles when the charging completed. Your battery...
  49. wraithnot

    Frunk no longer opens

    The ultimate fix was a visit to Tesla service in San Rafael and some replacement parts. . But service really seems to have upped their game since some of my previous visits. Making the appointment was painless, they had something available within a few days, they had a Model S loaner...
  50. wraithnot

    Quick impression of Model 3 after 2 weeks

    Depends on the type of car seat. I'm 6'1" and our 3-year-old in his front facing seat (Peg Perego Primo Viaggio) fits behind me just fine in our new Model 3. But I have to move my seat up a bit to fit our 11-month-old in his rear facing car seat (Chicco key fit 30). My wife is 5'8" and both...

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