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  1. DinoJuice

    SIGNATURE RED X LUDICROUS - Classic car in future?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. While the Roadster will certainly have a following, the Sig Red X is the car I would pick up if only I had space to store it. Some of the most collectable cars are the ones that were so far ahead of their times that they were quirky in the moment...
  2. DinoJuice

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    My X is in for its 2-year/25k miles service. In the notes for the appointment I said "Would also love the HW3 upgrade, but I know they're very limited supply." At drop off the service guy was looking through the notes then said "huh, looks like we were able to get you that HW3 kit for your...
  3. DinoJuice

    Service Center Wait Times - Post Your Results

    I bought the service contract when I bought the car. It says 12,500 miles or 1 Year. The girl who sold me the plan on day 1 was very clear that you can't come in at 12,501 and expect service so I made sure to get scheduled. A couple days before my appointment I get cryptic text message saying...
  4. DinoJuice

    19.8.3 Received

    Got the update as well (from 2018.50.7 IIRC). Anyone else notice Autosteer doing a much better job on curvy roads? I have two sections of hilly curves on my commute and although it's a bit scary, the car made it up/down without freaking out.
  5. DinoJuice

    New FSD details

    So if we're adding to the rumor mill, go pay attention to the very last Q&A on the now infamous "35k Model 3" call... Elon: "Will there be autopilot upgrades? umm. uhhh.yea umm uhh The only upgrade that's sort of happening in realtime is the HW3 autopilot computer -- but this is essentially...
  6. DinoJuice

    Hot Wheels Model X

    I picked up a silver “Tesla Energy” for my daughter this weekend. Nick
  7. DinoJuice

    Green line on screen when camera is on at dark

    Just saw this on mine a couple days ago - seemed to be a glitch that resolved on its own. Hmm...
  8. DinoJuice

    Model X - Officially Ordered (plus a Wheel Question!)

    I love the 22's and it doesn't hurt that they get a lot of complements. One thing I wish I would have known is that they tend to show up in the for sale forums from time to time at a significant discount. They're often received as a referral award and people either don't want or don't need...
  9. DinoJuice

    Windshield tint in one piece, possible?

    Can definitely be done - here's mine w/ PhotoSync. Even in WA with limited sun and low temps it makes a huge difference to the interior and I rarely use the sunshades anymore.
  10. DinoJuice

    Miraculous air conditioning

    Tinting with PhotoSync exceeded my expectations. I went from feeling like cooling was "just ok", to rarely setting the cabin below 70 even on 90+ days. I'm sure other high-end films perform similarly. Nick
  11. DinoJuice

    Chrome delete $2250?

    Seattle Tax + Tesla Tax... Besides if you're talking to NWAS and/or Metropolitan you're talking about two of the highest rated shops in the area. At any given time they have millions in customer cars under their care due to their reputations of doing great work. There is a Northwest Tesla...
  12. DinoJuice

    Picked up X100D Saturday, went to service Tuesday!

    Check out the initial launch video for the X and they explain they invented a new ultrasonic that works through metal. The same can be seen in patent filings. The “LikeTesla” YouTube channel also got a certified body shop to show the inside of the door including the proximity sensor in the...
  13. DinoJuice

    Picked up X100D Saturday, went to service Tuesday!

    Would also be curious to know if it's normal. One theory, could be that they intentionally put less paint on the doors (particularly the FWDs) due to the hidden sensors. We have pretty good evidence that Tesla is cautious against adding any thickness to those doors. Whether that be wraps...
  14. DinoJuice

    What will be the actual wait time for the 6/31 order?

    The wildcard here is that we can assume Tesla has surpassed the 200,000th delivery at this point and is going to prioritize US orders more than "usual" in order to maximize the tax credits. By historic trends you would expect any orders after ~June 15th to be delivered in mid-to-late September...
  15. DinoJuice

    How common is the Model X by you?

    Our neighborhood has 26 homes, at least three of us have Model Xs. Plus a few S’s.
  16. DinoJuice

    The option to purchase FSD disappeared in MyTesla

    Where do you see this option? I'm only a couple of days into owning my car, but I've never seen any areas in my account to trigger upgrades/etc. There are some restrictions that prevent Tesla from selling service contracts online in WA state - wonder if there are similar restrictions that...
  17. DinoJuice

    Tesla is finally going to start charging for Mobile Internet

    Bummer, ...but LTE for my Apple Watch costs more than this. Nick
  18. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Wahoo! Took delivery yesterday. Ordered 3/23, Delivered 6/22. The delivery experience was great, arguably better than my last BMW. They spent over 45 minutes walking us around the and through all of its features. I looked over a few of the major items from the checklist while at the store...
  19. DinoJuice

    No more "Model X" word on interior FWD?

    No surprise at this point, but I had delivery today and am missing the word mark too. It was one of my favorite little details on the car, I wonder if there was a reason to remove it? The cynical side of me assume's is a cost thing; the optimistic side hopes they enhanced something about the...
  20. DinoJuice

    The "Value X": Order Placed

    Mine isn't even here yet, and your config has me thinking that maybe we should consider a 2nd X...
  21. DinoJuice

    Anyone Ever Get a 'Bonus' for End of Quarter Purchase?

    The only gamble that might be worth considering is seeking an inventory car the first week of July. I imagine they're in the process of refreshing showroom cars with Graphite trim. They almost certainly won't unleash these on the public until post July-1st due to the tax credit, but they are...
  22. DinoJuice

    Car damaged during delivery

    I'd definitely request a new door, but not necessarily expect it. My last custom-ordered BMW showed up with a 1/2 inch paint gouge (down to metal) on the edge of one of the door. I threw a small fit and they committed to repair it "like new." I spent a bunch of time being angry and skeptical...
  23. DinoJuice

    PSA: You are exempt from WA state tax for EVSE (HPWC) installations - and for the HPWC itself!

    Definitely curious how this is panning out. I'm working on scheduling my electrician now and already procured a wall-charger from the online store. Nick
  24. DinoJuice

    Must wrap areas on MX

    I strongly agree with this, and yet I plan to do a full paint-protection wrap on my X. We have plenty of evidence that Tesla recommends against putting anything over the door sensors. They make it clear that even an extra layer of paint will cause the sensors to malfunction. These ppt films are...
  25. DinoJuice

    What goodies to expect with delivery?

    Wow! I've been following your posts quite a bit since you're getting a Blue X too. (and because I actually really like the new combo and almost wanted to switch to it). It's great to see that they're going out of their way to make it up to you. I'm certainly not expecting them to do this for...
  26. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Will be interesting to see this play out. I started lurking here in mid-March and watched the q1 cycle pretty closely. It certainly seemed like they delivered a *load of cars in the last 2 week’s of March. Heck, the new MCU didn’t happen until the last couple weeks of March. My OA was saying...
  27. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    I finally flipped to "In Production" this evening! Ordered 3/23, VIN on 4/28, and now In Production on 6/2. @powercube - As for where I live, I'm slightly northeast of Redmond towards Woodinville/Duvall area so not far. Nick
  28. DinoJuice

    Where is the enhanced autopilot?

    Until Elon's recent tweet I was sort of expecting that Blind Spot monitoring could be a nice use of the additional FSD cameras. Assuming the bar for enabling FSD is quite high -- I could imagine FSD cars getting an enhanced TACC that provides additional visual/audio feedback in cases where...
  29. DinoJuice

    All things tint: tinting windshield, factory tint levels, and tinting comparison

    Thanks for bringing this into a single thread. I definitely want to do the driver's side windows darker; and if it's going in I might just have tint done all around. 1) Do any of you do any tinting on the roof of the falcon doors? I'm going to have a kiddo (hopefully 2 someday) in carseats...
  30. DinoJuice

    Where is the enhanced autopilot?

    I guess it depends on how much they're using AI/NN to control driving. Elon has hinted in the past that as they're finding some "drivers" are better than others. I think this hints at something like a GAN having at least some control over driving inputs (perhaps with more traditional...
  31. DinoJuice

    Solid Black with Ultra White Interior

    I have a couple of co-workers with the white interior and kids. It seems to hold up fine in their experience. I really wanted to go with white but the one universal feedback online seemed to be color will transfer from blue jeans. Nick
  32. DinoJuice

    Thinking about Buying New Inventory Cars

    Agree that we probably won’t see inventory in June, but I’m curious about July. They have a whole fleet of showroom/test drive cars that don’t have graphite trim. I suspect they’ll swap out at least some with new production. As people can be pretty particular about their color choices. Nick
  33. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Checked in with my Delivery Advisor today and I'm further out than I was hoping for, she said it's still a couple weeks before I can expect to start production. Ordered 3/23, VIN 4/28. Here's to hoping they upgrade something random in the meantime. Maybe the charging system will get a boost...
  34. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Just stopped by Bellevue/Redmond. There are 3 trucks unloading at the same time. Two trucks full of 3’s, and the third has four X’s and two S’s to unload. Delivery is in full swing. Nick
  35. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Good Luck - I haven't heard anything recently either and I got my VIN 4/28 with a pretty similar config as yours. Purely conjecture, but right now Tesla is cranking out Model 3s for WA to get them delivered before the 31st (when the sales tax deal expires). I wouldn't be surprised if they...
  36. DinoJuice

    Anyone taken delivery of cream seats with oak decor?

    Thanks for sharing! I guess I am in the minority. If I had it to do over I think I might have switched to this. I hated the other wood options so I opted for CF, even though CF gets overdone... This is distinct while feeling modern. I suspect this combo will age well and still look fresh for...
  37. DinoJuice

    Better financing rates than via Tesla?

    Couple questions for you. 1) Did it ask how much you plan to put down? Or does it always default to ~100% financing. 2) Did the result give you any other options (lower rates for more down, or shorter terms)? 3) Does the Tesla finance loan include any extra features (ex: gap insurance) as...
  38. DinoJuice

    Anyone taken delivery of cream seats with oak decor?

    I suggest keeping a close eye on the S Delivery thread(s) as well. There are a couple of folks whose cars have arrived in Denver. It's yet to be seen if they're graphite inside or not, but I expect we'll get tons of threads as people start taking delivery. It looks like some of the S's went...
  39. DinoJuice

    Tesla VP Engineering takes leave of absence...

    This is just plain smart for anyone with less than 3 commas in their bank statements. The amount of long-term invested grants likely dwarf each quarterly vest and there’s little reason not to diversify no matter how much you like your employer. This is especially true at a hyper growth tech...
  40. DinoJuice

    Huge difference with chrome delete!

    Looks Nice! Are your windows tinted? I'm getting a Blue 100D w/ the Black Turbines and have been considering doing a chrome delete. Now that the dash is going to be de-chromed as well, it makes it an even more interesting choice. Nick
  41. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    We’re finally approaching the second half of the quarter so many of the international builds are done and heading for shipment. This gives Tesla the chance to switch to domestic builds. There is one line for S/X so it seems like they default to S first, probably based on higher demand. It’s...
  42. DinoJuice

    Model s and x refresh

    Hmm - so I printed the spec sheet from the updated configurator and compared it to the one from my Tesla account. The new version from the website has two lines "Black Premium $3300" and "Black Premium Interior (Included)". Whereas mine has only the "Black Premium" Line. I don't see any other...
  43. DinoJuice

    Model s and x refresh

    Can anyone decode this part: The main update is a darker graphite finish is now used on most interior accent trim pieces in those vehicles, which applies to all interior options. Anyone have a before/after, or know what accent trim they're talking about? I've got a DBM with Black Premium on...
  44. DinoJuice

    Model X delivery time in US

    West coast is always end of the quarter. Now, if you believe that they will push out some cars to maintain the tax credit there could be less of a crunch On the S/X line. I actually thought it was interesting in the ER that they expect S/X deliveries to be flat for Q2 and then ramp in Q3...
  45. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Anyone know how much actual overlap there is between the S and X assembly lines? I've read forum posts saying they're pretty intertwined but I'm not sure if they can only produce one or the other in any given day. Is it a single line? If so, there were 3 international-spec'd Model X's put...
  46. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    My VIN just showed up this morning! Delivery specialist still says build expected in May with delivery in June.
  47. DinoJuice

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Wasn't me... but it looks like the color corresponds to the order month. My guess is that it's someone with a June delivery who is trying to keep an eye on "How many orders in <month> have been issued VINs?" Peach? = Feb Order Yellow = March Order Cyan = April Order
  48. DinoJuice

    Model X delivery time in US

    Generally speaking, orders get bundled together and delivered in th US at end-of-quarter. In theory the S/X lines are currently building cars for the global markets now, so that there is enough time to get them on a boat and delivered before July 1 (Q3). As the quarter progresses they shift...
  49. DinoJuice

    Tesla Referral Program

    This helped push me into ordering now vs waiting to see if we get a q3 refresh of the X. If we do hit the 200k deliveries it’s going to be a mad dash to Sept no matter the referral program (or lack thereof). I also noticed supercharging through this offer is non-transferable. Has that been...

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