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    WTB: Tesla Zero Emissions license plate card

    I have one; you still looking?
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    WTB: HPWC, preferably black

    Can you meet in Bakersfield? I have a signature edition, $460.
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    LOW VIN!!! Should I be concerned?

    I called Tesla's sales team with my VIN. She was able to get a manager to send me the Monroney sticker. Surprisingly, my delivery advisor was pretty clueless on what I meant by built date and year, and made no efforts to find out.
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    LOW VIN!!! Should I be concerned?

    Another data point. VIN for P3D+: 80,000s Built date: 9/2018. White interior, blue paint .
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    First 48 hours w/AWD (tl;dr: Blown Away!)

    Congrats @Gouldness! I love that color combo! I'm selling my 2017 Model X 75D to Vroom and buying an 3D or a P3D in that exact color combo! I just turned 28 last week and I agree with you on the millennial thing. I bought my own 2013 Model S when I turned 24 and felt like the coolest kid on the...
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    Buying a cpo Model X

    Are you looking to get something else?
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    Kids Radio Flyer Referral Code.

    I have an unused Radio Flyer code. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    Model 3 RC sightings

    Haha I see my photos from reddit and Imgur made it here (WATTLOL here). Let me know if you have any questions!
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    Model 3 RC sightings

    The seats looked like it was either leather or leatherette. The seats were one piece; the headrest and the seat were conjoined like the first gen seats on the Model S. Build quality of the seats looked similar to that of a BMW 3 series, but more crude in the fit and finish. No LED indicator...
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    Model 3 RC sightings

    @AssortedBread haha that's me! I'm WattLOL on Reddit. I posted all the photos on Reddit and Imgur already. Feast your eyes!
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    New CPO Warranty program - 2 years up to 100K miles

    I actually found the link through the Tesla pre-owned page earlier in the afternoon. I had clicked on the link from that page, and opened a new tab. What was interesting as at the time of my posting, the Tesla pre-owned page had taken down the listing. I had refreshed the tab I had left open...
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    New CPO Warranty program - 2 years up to 100K miles

    Not surprised! However, there still seems to be some lingering: 60 kWh Model S 5YJSA1CG2DFP14529 | Tesla. 60kWh based in LA for $34K. Get at it!
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    New CPO Warranty program - 2 years up to 100K miles

    Hmm did they suddenly remove all the sub-$40K Model S's?
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    After Purchase AP1, good idea?

    Holy cow, 42k miles on your Model X in less than one year?!
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    2014 vs 2015 P85D

    @Indpowr Just out of curiosity, what are you moving from to get the P85D? More and more CPO P85Ds are dipping below $80K, which seem to be a good deal.
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    Pricing on a 2013 Tesla Model S - 60 kWh?

    Thanks guys! @vernontwg haha yeah I did put my reservation at the Rocklin Tesla SC, but I didn't camp overnight. I did wake up at 3am on March 31 to line up, and I believe I was #88 in line. What a small world. Also, let's chat offline; I sent you a PM. @JPUConn A certified Tesla body repair...
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    Pricing on a 2013 Tesla Model S - 60 kWh?

    Hello TMC community, I'd like some of your guys' feedback on pricing my Model S to sell. I got a 60kWh 2013 Tesla Model S (VIN in the 11000s). This Tesla has bumper-to-bumper warranty up through May 14, 2019 or 78,588 miles. This car was purchased as a certified pre-owned from Tesla. Photos...
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    $9,300 off inventory Model S 75D - end of Q3 firesale

    Gah decisions, decisions! I'm totally getting the itch to get a Model S 75 or 75D now, but ultimately still want to see a Model X in my driveway! I emailed an OA and he was allowed to say that all showroom Model S's have been going through a "price adjustment" but did not elaborate further.
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    $9,300 off inventory Model S 75D - end of Q3 firesale

    Does anyone know if this fire sale is strictly for inventory Model S's or is this applicable for inventory Model X's as well?
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    Dilemma: put HOV stickers on or not?

    Hi Dan, I'm almost in the same boat as you. I don't think you should give the CHP officers a reason to pull you over, even though we all know Teslas qualify for the HOV lane. I've seen too many CHP officers around Sac (I'm around in Folsom and Elk Grove for work and go down to SF and Fremont...
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    Model S battery not charging all the way

    Hi everyone, thanks for your inputs! My local SC called and said their engineers reviewed the logs this past Sunday and saw the issue. The rep said that the engineers are working on a fix via a firmware update, but provided no timeframe on when it may roll out. I asked the rep if this was...
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    Model S: Overwhelmingly male and over 45 years old/Model 3 Don't Die

    Male. I was 24 years old when I bought my Model S. I'm 25 now and hopefully sometime before my 27th birthday, I'll have the Model X in my driveway! I also have a Model 3 on reservation. I'm a chemical engineer, or I've been told I'm just a glorified plumber.
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    Model S battery not charging all the way

    Hey everyone, I experienced something that was rather unique and worrisome on my end. I have a 60 kWh, and generally get 177 miles of range on a 90% charge. I was charging at a Supercharger late Sunday evening and the 90% charge only gave me 156 miles of range. I moved my charge limit to "trip"...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Derek, I'm in the same boat as you. Their CPO advisors are very non-responsive, even after calling or sending a second email to follow up. I've been emailing a Katherine K. in NorCal. Not too helpful.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Anyone else feel left out with all these updates/Easter eggs? No Mario Kart rainbow road, no 007 access code because of coil suspension. Oh wells. Keep saving until budget allows for a newer one :)
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    How will you pay for your new model 3?

    Anyone here selling their Model S to fund their Model 3? I have a "classic" 2013 60kWh that I plan to sell before delivery of the Model 3, hopefully the Performance version with the biggest battery pack.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Hmm I wonder if I should sell my classic Model S without Autopilot now (VIN 11XXX), or later with this weird CPO thing they have going on. Got an offer for ~$45K, ~52K miles. Your guys' wisdom on how that offer looks? I was kinda banking on a dual-motor car, but I can do without.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Thanks brantse, Douglas and No2DinosaurFuel for your inputs. I hate myself for wanting to sell my 60 kWh when I just got it back in May 2015, but I really want the Autopilot feature. Anyone also wanting to upgrade to one with AP as well? :P
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd get your guys' expert advice. I currently have the 60 kWh CPO purchased in May, VIN in the 11000s. Mileage is at 44K. There is a local Audi dealership offering $49,000, sight unseen. Of course, it would be contingent on seeing the car in person. What do you think...
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    Finally did it! sold my BMW...new to the forums, need advice!

    Welcome to Tesla, Don Ho! Relevant username on my end! :biggrin:
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    I guess that's one way of getting the word out

    Haha, I promise that isn't me. :tongue:
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    I guess that's one way of getting the word out

    Saw this billboard in SF. Interesting approach; I wonder how much money was paid for this billboard?
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    How long do you plan on keeping the Model S?

    Until my CPO warranty runs out, perhaps. Four and a half months and 11,500 miles later, I hope it doesn't come sooner rather than later. Or maybe when I see a CPO P85+ for $55k.
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    How The Model S is Made

    Yes, at least that was what I learned when I did the factory tour in Fremont, CA.
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    New to the Tesla MS Family with my P90D

    Awesome setup waynesworld! I wish one day I can afford the P90D. :D
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Hmm interesting observation. There's a P85+ in Vancouver for $66K USD and I think that's a total steal as well! Why is it that Canadian Teslas are considerably cheaper?
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    Youngest Model S Owner/First Car?

    If your friend rather sell, let me know! :D
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    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    2010 Nissan Sentra bought in 2012 from Hertz used cars for $12,200 before taxes for college. 2012 BMW 328i bought in 2014 for $24800 after landing an awesome job in the pharmaceutical industry. 2013 Tesla Model S, 60 kWh, which was more than twice the price of the BMW, purchased in May 2015...
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    Youngest Model S Owner/First Car?

    Geez at 18, I had a bus pass lol. I didn't get my first car until I was 21, which was a 2010 Nissan Sentra. Three years later at 24, I have my Tesla now! Congrats on yours!
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    98726 vin P90D in transit

    Congrats, USAFsparky! I might just bump into you, if you're in the NorCal area. :)
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    Cheapest S85 CPO yet?

    Oh how could I forget to include that?! The car's got 13K miles. But with the one P85 for $59.7k, I might wait a bit longer :)
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    Cheapest S85 CPO yet?

    What do you guys all think of a P85 for $65K exactly for these options? VIN is in the 07000s; 2013 model. This is a CPO that also has not "made it to the website." Black solid paint, glass pano roof, 21 inch silver turbines, black performance interior, carbon fiber decor and spoiler...
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    Tesla Trade in to Carmax Quotes

    I also brought my Tesla to a local Carmax. The appraiser had told me as soon as they get one, they auction the Tesla to local dealerships locally. The car HAS to be sold in 7 days, because Carmax salesmen/women are not trained to sell them and the mechanics are not trained to work on Teslas. The...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I'm 24 years old and also slightly under $100K/year gross salary manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Definitely would not have considered a new Tesla.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I've driven over 4000 miles since getting my Tesla on May 13th. I realized I could use an upgrade to a P85+. Haha! :tongue:
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    Insurance For Younger Driver

    Also 24 years old. One at-fault accident in my previous BMW. $3900 a year for AAA, two-way insurance. :(
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    CPO bonus or just a typo?

    Also, the CPO website states the 60 kWh Teslas have 362 hp. Is this a typo? I thought only the 85 kWhs have that HP.
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    CPO Order delay and general lack of urgency

    Detailing was pretty good, but not spectacular. There was pollen on the underside of the side mirrors, but everything else was great. Very clean, found a couple of nicks, but not bad at all! They did not let me keep the gigantic gift bow though. Oh wells :P
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    CPO Order delay and general lack of urgency

    Nope; I bought a gray S60. I had mine shipped from Seattle to the Fremont plant. Get some sleep, because as soon as you get the Tesla, you're not going to sleep!
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    CPO Order delay and general lack of urgency

    I picked up my CPO today from Fremont! :) The detailing job was okay; but I wasn't even complaining. And I've had the same issues as you uisynot; I had to call and had to follow up with everything myself. They might be dealing with high volumes of CPOs?

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