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  1. Bigtanuki

    Supercharger - Atascadero, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    SloDoCo is definitely the bomb. Some of the best donuts I've ever had. Living in Atown, it's really tough to drive by and not stop.
  2. Bigtanuki

    Long roadtrip route planning on MCU1 - Tesla vs ABRP

    I use ABRP while pre-planning the trip to work out the best routes for what we want to see and how far we want to drive in a day. Once I have all the addresses, I load them into the cars nav system one by one. That list then just resides in the list of recent destinations. Once we hit the road...
  3. Bigtanuki

    Brake stuck on during driving (!) after service

    make sure that Tesla verifies the brake discs are still true and not warped too. I had some disc warpage after an annual service. I suspect the wheels may have been tightened incorrectly. After some "discussion" the front discs were replaced under warranty. My car was at about 18k miles at the time.
  4. Bigtanuki

    Sentry Mode recording non-stop

    I had something similar. I found that sentry mode had recorded 217 1 minute sentry clips in my garage. It apparently stopped on its own so I just had to clear the files. While waiting for my wife to get vaccinated I started deleting them one by one up to about 20 or so and then I realized I...
  5. Bigtanuki

    Weak Headlights: Fact or Fiction?

    2017 MS here. Fully agree the lights are pretty poor for the country. I live out of town, no streetlights, VERY dark, lots of wildlife. A real recipe for success. I use he automatic high beams function which helps but what I've found most helpful is to run the fog lamps at all times. I've been...
  6. Bigtanuki

    Added Thermal Imaging Camera To My 2015 85D

    Wow, nicely done. I'll have to look at that. I live out of town a few miles and driving in the dark, even with high beams, leaves a lot to be desired with deer, turkeys and other critters running about in the dark.
  7. Bigtanuki

    MCU2 no longer attenuates music for navigation prompts?

    Agreed. The behavior changed after upgrade to MCU2. Hopefully, Tesla will address it.
  8. Bigtanuki

    Supercharger - Atascadero, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Atascadero local here, the SC does get pretty full on holidays and weekends but the new charger in Paso Robles about 20 minutes north is much larger (28 stalls, some V3) has taken off some of the pressure. The big advantage for A-town is the places to eat within walking distance and a quicker...
  9. Bigtanuki

    Software upgrade

    2017 MS here. Just did the upgrade to MCU2 and couldn't be happier. Now I have all the entertainment functionality but most importantly the responsiveness of the nav system if much faster. Web browser now is actually usable and new instrument cluster works well and shows all the new...
  10. Bigtanuki

    Newbie: 4kw + 1powerwall in progress

    I have a PV system of similar size with 3 PWs (bought 2 added one referral). Our annual usage is about the same as yours. AC use is limited to about 4 weeks total over the summer and fall. I agree with some of the posters here. I would go up in size for the system to allow for some growth in...
  11. Bigtanuki

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    I started seeing the same behavior a few weeks ago too. I didn't make the connection to charging until I saw your post. Hopefully will get fixed on a future update.
  12. Bigtanuki


    I think of this as "honey, the light's green" mode.
  13. Bigtanuki

    Is Tesla's UI intuitive or not? It is for digital natives

    Completely agree that the Tesla UI takes some getting used to. Old guy (67) here but I spent my working life split between old tech and new tech so not too hard to make the adjustment. I would like to address those reviewers who criticize the fact that the Tesla's controls are almost completely...
  14. Bigtanuki

    hotels with L2 or above charging

    Alternate Fuels Data Center has a good website: EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page The maps direct link is here: Alternative Fuels Data Center: Alternative Fueling Station Locator Good response with excellent filters for types of chargers and connectors available. Pop up links to...
  15. Bigtanuki

    Supercharger - Paso Robles, CA - Golden Hill Road (LIVE 4 Sep 2020, 28 V3 stalls)

    No pics but went by yesterday and a MX was charging. Only vehicle charging while Atascadero had 6 of 8 occupied. Sadly only a couple of food choices available within walking distance. Jack in the Box Subway The Slice - Pizza, Beer, arcade. Never been, can't offer an opinion. Google shows 4...
  16. Bigtanuki

    Supercharger - Paso Robles, CA - Golden Hill Road (LIVE 4 Sep 2020, 28 V3 stalls)

    Just stopped by after a visit to Lowe's. Making progress. This will be a great stop. Hopefully some additional restaurants will move in the shopping center. A couple of years ago the rumor was that a Sonic was going in but nothing happened on that front. Too bad.
  17. Bigtanuki

    PTO from PG&E - when do I have to pick TOU rate?

    Our system produces about 29kWh (max) on the summer solstice and about 12kWh (max) on the winter solstice. We live in Atascadero so it's pretty clear most of the summer with cloud cover being rare during the summer months. Your system performance is likely different based on orientation...
  18. Bigtanuki

    PTO from PG&E - when do I have to pick TOU rate?

    Having worked for PG&E for 28 years, I'm not surprised that your interconnect agreement shows no change. It's a huge bureaucracy and everything takes a LOT of time. That being said you would likely save money being on a TOU rate. You can change via a link on their website and that goes pretty...
  19. Bigtanuki

    Burned by Tesla on idle fees. Something to know

    I've been using that strategy since I got my 17 MS. Never been charged on any road trip.
  20. Bigtanuki

    So sick of "Service".

    Remember when Elon said all loaners would be Model S or X with Ludicrous mode?
  21. Bigtanuki

    So sick of "Service".

    Amen! Service is the next frontier that Tesla needs to fix. ASAP. I had the HW3 upgrade done on 6/9 to my 2017 MS90D. I requested to install the MCU2 upgrade at the same time (yes, I know it cost $). No feedback from Tesla service about my request for the MCU upgrade but the HW3 upgrade was...
  22. Bigtanuki

    Powerwall discharging while in 100% back-up mode

    When did you receive the latest firmware? I'm still on 1.43.3.
  23. Bigtanuki

    Powerwall discharging while in 100% back-up mode

    Ran into the same issue on 1.43.3. After doing some research online I found a post for someone who had been told by Tesla support to shut down the powerwalls for 6 hours then restart. Shut off both feeder breakers and the PWs themselves. Restarted after 6 hours and could finally change my...
  24. Bigtanuki

    Storm Watch not working

    With respect to modifying reserve limits. I've started modifying it based on long term forecasts forecasts in anticipation of lower solar generation. I'm fortunate here in having an extremely reliable localized forecast. I'm very confident in the information for the last couple of years since my...
  25. Bigtanuki

    Storm Watch not working

    Hey wait. I know this one...AI can do it! Plenty of data out there train with.
  26. Bigtanuki

    WTB: Driver side mirror glass, Euro version, Model S

    I think you'll find several Tesla owners here in the US wanting to upgrade mirrors and headlights to European spec items. Unfortunately, we in the US are subject to the NHTSA rules that are pretty archaic and possibly subject to lobbying to forestall the kinds of improvements in headlights and...
  27. Bigtanuki

    Lighting upgrade needed: AO vs. Taptes?

    Upgraded everything in my 2017 MS to Abstract Ocean units. I couldn't be happier. Much brighter lighting and easy to install. Puddle and door handle lights actually useful now too.
  28. Bigtanuki

    PG&E true up

    Just received my first true up with Powerwalls a few weeks ago. $7 + $135 in NBC. Better than 90% of car charging done at home. Woohoo! PG&E EV-A rate 4.1 kW solar 2 Powerwalls Model S90D If I'd needed validation for my decisions getting here I would have it now. Several folks in the...
  29. Bigtanuki

    Dead bear: what happened to automatic emergency braking?

    Had a wild boar run across the road in front of me a few months back while on AP at ~55 mph. We were on a two lane road between towns. Probably about 300 pounds on the hoof. Not a peep out the Tesla. Luckily I saw it starting to come out of the brush and braked to a stop (little skid) about 15...
  30. Bigtanuki

    "Public Safety Power Shutoff" and Powerwall

    Good idea but I doubt we'll get to the point that Tesla (or anyone else) will support this kind of pre-fire safety event by allowing grid charging. I'm pretty sure that the CPUC controls that sort of thing "on behalf of the customers". Perhaps with enough feature requests to both Tesla and the...
  31. Bigtanuki

    Supercharger - Atascadero, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Local Tesla owner here. A couple of other alternatives for food and drink within about a half mile. Malibu Brew (Yelp review) - by the park (north) across El Camino Real. Shaded patio. Doc Burnstein's ice cream (local favorite), smoothies, burritos. Park available for kids to burn off some...
  32. Bigtanuki

    SGIP Reporting Requirements

    Same as zanary here. PTO for 2 powerwalls May 2017, no requested reporting since. It was my impression reading the fine print (18 months ago) that Tesla would be sending them any information they would need. I don't think most folks can easily access the kind of numbers they (SGIP) wanted...
  33. Bigtanuki

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Found this nugget on one of the boards. If you just flick up from the menu icon at the bottom of the screen, the last thing that was up comes up. Since I use the backup camera most often that is what pops up. Very quick and easy.
  34. Bigtanuki

    Why get a Powerwall?

    Here are the reasons that I went with 2 Powerwalls installed about a year after install of a 4.1 kWp solar system. Should eventually get a third PW as a referral prize. 1 - Backup power. We do lose power at least a couple of times a year and brownouts perhaps another 2 or 3 times a year...
  35. Bigtanuki

    SRO as in nuclear? I had an SRO at Diablo Canyon.

    SRO as in nuclear? I had an SRO at Diablo Canyon.
  36. Bigtanuki

    Effect of store closings on SC

    With respect to the online presence, I agree 100% that Tesla could improve their online service and sales. Currently, their phone support really is pretty poor for a tech company with the exception that they don't offshore their support so you usually get someone that speaks english well and is...
  37. Bigtanuki

    off grid noob, please help

    Agreed. Still damn high prices for electricity.
  38. Bigtanuki

    off grid noob, please help

    Ahh, what I wouldn't give for $0.16/kWh peak rates. Our EV rate for this part of California is about $0.48/kWh (peak) and ~$0.12/kWh for off-peak. Yay California.
  39. Bigtanuki

    Storm watch active...

    Interesting post. I found out my neighbor (3 PW units) about a quarter mile away saw his units go into Storm Watch mode and charge from the grid before our last storm hit. Nothing here though. I'm thinking that something needs enabling from Tesla. Thoughts? By the way, has anyone had much...
  40. Bigtanuki

    Firmware 1.32.0

    1.32.0 here as well.
  41. Bigtanuki

    App version 3.8.0 - Notification of power outage

    Just noticed that the app now has a notification for grid down. Nice addition. Does anyone know when that happened? Hopefully this will allow me to prevent my worst case scenario where we lose the grid and the Model S starts charging and drains the battery before morning.
  42. Bigtanuki

    South vs East/West Orientation

    If you know a lawyer or have access to one for a reasonable price, have them send a letter to the municipality on letterhead stating that the it doesn't mean what they think it means. I've found over the last 5 decades that most bullies flinch when faced with someone else's lawyer. Of course...
  43. Bigtanuki


    Got it and installed. I like the additional info for the Powerwall. Nicely done!
  44. Bigtanuki


    Nice job. I got your latest installed on my windows pc. Any plans to expand the information from the powerwalls?
  45. Bigtanuki

    Tesla: we need more control over our PowerWalls

    I agree completely. My setup is almost identical to yours for equipment and power generated summer and winter. My experiments in getting the best out of the current TBC have led me to the conclusion that what works best is to manipulate the reserve. When I set my reserve at 65% or higher the...
  46. Bigtanuki

    Powerwall 2 - Issues with cooling

    The one with the fan blowing the hardest is the one with the failed (failing) pump. The fans maximize the cooling and will to some small extent induce some natural circulation to help with cooling. Since the system isn't likely designed to maximize natural circulation the battery management...
  47. Bigtanuki

    Long term feasibility of max exporting to the grid

    I have a 4.1kWp solar array facing S and W as well as 2 PW2 units and a 2017 Model S90D. Our setup has allowed us to access the PG&E EV-A rates and charge the cars solely from off peak power at ~.12c/kWh and using the output of the solar panels to run the house for the partial peak and peak...
  48. Bigtanuki

    Reduced Charge Rate Above 90% SoC

    Seeing similar behavior after 1.23.0 . I'm on TBC and I noted that since 1.23.0 I'm seeing discharge patterns changing also with discharge starting during partial-peak with SOC at 70% or above. Definitely not the behavior I want. Now on 1.24 with change. I've started running the units in...
  49. Bigtanuki

    Powerwall thrumming during charging

    Started to hear a thrumming noise during charging starting with 1.23 firmware. The sounds are only coming from one of my two units. The sounds go up and down not just a fixed pump sound like the other unit. My neighbor up the street has 3 PW2s and one of his is doing the same thing under hard...
  50. Bigtanuki

    CA drivers using PG&E's EV rates?

    That's good news. Be aware that the CPUC and the IOUs are moving to a rate system where everyone will be on TOU. It may not happen soon but will certainly happen. I suspect that rates which are good now will inevitably become too expensive to stay in as the rate cases get approved and the costs...

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