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    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I do remember missing out on the July 1st 2018 cut-off and I seem to remember knowing about this before I ordered and being a bit disappointed as the only reason I didn't order earlier was due to me moving house. But for people who didn't know about it and didn't see this info on the order page...
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    How are insurance companies at handling claims?

    I just went through a claim with TD, it was much like any other claim. They pushed for me to use their recommended body shops, but I chose one of Tesla's approved ones which had been recommended here a few times. They did the claim estimate with photos rather than in person, and their estimate...
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    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I ordered my Model 3 AWD on 5th July 2018, delivered November 7th 2018, I did not get free premium connectivity.
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    I was wondering if it would interpret it as a speed limit sign (since they're very similar) or just ignore it, which is what I suspect it will do (I mentioned this in my original post). I guess I will find out as and when I get the update.
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    I was wondering how this version of the software would handle it, since it's the topic of this thread.
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    I wonder if it will handle this kind of variable speed limit sign: Due to a school the normal limit on this street is 40 km/h, but around the school it's 30 km/h, however that limit only applies between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, between September and June. Presumably due to the smaller...
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    Afaik it's a pretty common issue if you park somewhere with no signal. Sometimes rebooting the MCU can help bring it back faster.
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    Getting Model 3 onto tow truck?

    Presumably it locked when you walked away from it, so maybe disabling walk-away lock and using the keycard to unlock would have prevented the alarm issue.
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    Similar for me, got a ticket over the winter and then had to get new insurance due to a change in circumstances this spring and the price more than doubled from $1100 to $2590 (2018 Dual Motor Model 3, in Montreal on the island). Honestly the quote was pretty shocking at the time, I'm sure there...
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    One pedal driving

    I've driven with hold mode and zero regen - cold-soaked battery from -30C/-22F weather - and hold mode still worked to come to a complete stop, even just after starting driving. So I would have to conclude that it does apply friction brakes, if necessary.
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    Good portable air compressor for the Model 3?

    I had one and the air compressor on it failed. I returned it for a refund, I did not get another one.
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    Bike rack and cargo box rec?

    For my road bike, I have the Yakima HighSpeed, with an optional T-Slot adapter kit (SmarT-Slot Kit 1) and some SKS Lock Cores to secure the bike and rack to the roof bars. I think there are 4 locking points, but the SKS lock cores are just wafer locks so it's not a great deal of security, but...
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    If there was a 100 mile range upgrade what would you be willing to pay?

    Winter range in Canada is a bit painful at -30C (-22F), so it would make a big difference for winter road trips. Maybe C$5k (US$3.7k)
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    Montreal store during Covid

    I went there for service recently, the store didn't seem open but I'm not 100% certain
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    Premium connectivity

    It works fine for me over LTE, I am subscribed to premium connectivity
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    HW3 Upgrade

    Model: 3 LR AWD Year/Month of Delivery: 2018/11 Location: Montreal Date of Upgrade: 08/05/2020 Comments: I made an appointment to replace a rear taillight cluster which was leaking and had condensation inside, I asked in the request if they could fit HW3 at the same time. The app originally...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I got upgraded today, I dropped the car off at 11:30am and was quickly signed in and offered a black model 3 long range RWD as a loaner, so I filled out the paperwork on the clipboard and left it in my car with the drivers key. I eventually got texted around 6pm as the car was and went to pick...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    It's due to snow here in Montreal on Friday, so I would say a strong chance of inclement weather :(
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I have an appointment this Friday 8th May in Montreal to replace a taillight cluster which is leaking and has condensation inside, I asked if they could fit HW3 at the same time. The app originally scheduled me for a mobile service appointment, but they called me up and asked to move to the...
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    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    I bought a Yakima bike rack, so I purchased their adapter kit: SmarT-Slot Kit 1
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    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    I'm in Montreal and have a model 3 with the roof rack, it has t-slots so I just ordered a bike rack from Amazon, and a t-slot adapter kit for it. You should be able to fit any accessories which work with t-slots.
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    Quebec Tesla Owners (Tax Receipt RL-27)

    If I recall correctly when I did my taxes last year I did not have to report this as an individual I think I based my decision on this post: Can't find Relevé 27 or TP1029.LR or TP-1-V. Anyon... - Community
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    Possible location - Renfrew, ON

    I can't see anything on the renfrew.ca website, if you Google site:renfrew.ca tesla you can still see the minutes from Feb 2018 where it was discussed but nothing else.
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    Glass roof toughness when removing ice?

    I have scraped thick ice off the roof glass without issue, glass seems to be as strong at the windshield
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    Rain = 173 sentry event in 6h ;)

    I had the same thing from the ice ran the other day, I haven't had a chance to review the footage yet
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    Tesla Mud Flaps / Paint Protection Kit

    I guess I will wait for the spring to do it myself then :eek:
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    Possible location - Renfrew, ON

    As Can37 mentioned in #34, there is no movement on this at the moment
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    Tesla Mud Flaps / Paint Protection Kit

    Got the same email, might have to head to the Montreal service center at some point.
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    Premium connectivity

    Same for me
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    best floor mat for winter and snow?

    I also have this in my Model 3, second winter and it's working great
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    The ‎Dash View for Tesla Cars app works without an extra power souce, I use my SD card with the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    The iUSB app was very unreliable for me when I tried it previously
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    Hold mode in cold weather

    I have the exact same issue as you
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    Who's at fault here? (Accident video inside)

    Maybe I don't understand the rules of the road here, but what is the white Honda in front of you doing? They're trying to give way to the state police vehicle? Seems crazy dangerous to need to stop like that in the outside lane
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    The app works well if I watch the video normally, but if I try to scroll through to a later point in the video it often ends up as a black screen
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    Amazing, I've been looking for something just like this - I already had the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader but I couldn't find an app that would work with it!
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    Windshield replacement near Montreal

    I had my rear glass replaced in Montreal under warrantly due to a stress fracture, smaller than yours but there seems to have been a defect in the glass, there are threads about this issue on the forum. Usually it cracks on the sides though not in the middle.
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    Window damaged trim because of cold weather, Tesla won't replace under warranty

    I live in Montreal, and had my Model 3 all last winter (delivered Nov 2018) and I park on the street and use public chargers. I had two instances of frozen windows before I applied silicon lubricant to the seals and after that I did not have any issues. I never had an issue gettting into the...
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    Window damaged trim because of cold weather, Tesla won't replace under warranty

    Tesla also released an update last winter to help with this issue - at low tempratures the window would lower slightly after closing compared to the normall fully sealed to attempt to allow the door to close without hitting the trim. I haven't seen this trigger yet this winter though.
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    Window damaged trim because of cold weather, Tesla won't replace under warranty

    I had this problem last winter and to fix it I use WD40 Silicone Lubricant on all the door and window seals like eddy0090. I didn't have any issues all winter after applying it to all the seals
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    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    Yeah same for me, I don't think it was there before but I can't be sure
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    Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km

    Mobile service coming this weekend to do mine, they're charging 175 for a total of 201.21 here in Quebec. They're also going to replace the Charge Port Insulator Pin Deadfronts, Charge Port Carrier Assembly and Latch Actuator (for ice build-up) at the same time under warranty. Not sure why they...
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    Tire change over to winter in Toronto area

    When I did mine last winter I recall that you might be able to have one passenger at a squeeze, but I don't think two would be possible. Even one passenger would be pretty tough due to the low height of the trunk roof.
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    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    I am in Quebec and I have YouTube and Netflix
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    How long after US release do we usually get updates in Canada

    I have FSD and I got 2019.32.11 this morning
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    Replika R187 wheels causing issues..

    Yes the official Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit fits the R187 perfectly. This is the exact winter setup I have.
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    Replacing Rear Glass after Stress Crack Formed

    I noticed the same crack as everyone else, had it replaced a few days ago by service, only had to wait a little over a week for an appointment
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    Let's talk winter tires for the 3

    I have these tyres too, but on R187 replika rims, I was very happy with them last winter
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    Guy Messing With My Charge Port

    Fortunately, he didn't unplug it as it continued charging for another few hours and it was still plugged in when I went to pick it up, it appears he was just messing with the charge port door.

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