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    Long Beach CA Powerpacks

    Moderator note: Thread title updated to reflect actual equipment seen. So, as I was leaving Long Beach Grand Prix today, I saw a whole bunch of Tesla power equipment on the side of a parking structure. But nothing on the map for a supercharger. And nothing on supercharge.info about a future...
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    65 miles driven - 40% battery loss - Car says 21% battery use

    I have a 2018 Tesla Model S, 100D. I have MCU2, and AP3. So my dash says I've driven 63.4 miles, and used 21.3 kWh since last charge. However my battery is at 51% and I charged to 90%. I have TeslaFi logging, and the numbers are accurate. (Adding one trip that was not in the photo.) Over 40...
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    Thousand Oaks Supercharger - closed for many weeks?

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Thousand Oaks (East) supercharger? It's been closed for a few weeks. Tape around it, but no activity...
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    Tesla Bike Rack Lock

    I bought a used Tesla Bike Rack, with no manual. There seems to be a pull-out cable lock, but I cannot figure out how it works. Can anyone help?
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    Tesla OEM TRUNK & FRUNK mats.

    Model S OEM Trunk and Frunk mats. Brand new, never used, in original Tesla Shipping box. Retail for $200 (rear) and $70 (front.) Currently out of stock on Tesla Website. This is a set of three mats: Front Trunk (Dual Motor) Rear Trunk Rear Lower Trunk. These are the rubber mats that you put...
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    FS: ModelS 19" Gray Slipstream wheels (factory) - $100 each, $325 for all.

    I curbed one of my wheels, and it was too expensive to repair. I bought a replacement set of wheels (used) and was going to replace the bad one. Then my wife bought me new wheels for Christmas... So, selling these wheels. They are the standard factory silver slipstream wheels. 19", no TMPS, no...
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    Tesla Wireless charger with iPhone 12 Max & Case???

    I have been offered an iPhone 12 max as a gift. I currently have a Google phone, and it is a tight squeeze into the Tesla wireless charger - when it has the case on. Does anyone have the iPhone 12 Max with the apple case, and does it fit into the Tesla wireless charger?
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    FS: 4 Silver Slipstream rims - $125 each, $400 for all.

    These are 19" Model S factory standard wheels. After I curbed my wheel, I found a set of inexpensive replacements. Before I got around to replacing the bad rim, my wife bought me the Sonic Carbon ones for Christmas. So, I have 4x Silver Slipstream rims for sale. No TPMS. They were a take-off...
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    Reset TPMS

    So, I have my wife's 2020 Model X, with v2020.48.26 I also have my 2018 Model S, with v2020.48.12.1 My Model S has a "reset TMPS" option. My wife's Model X does not have that option. Am I missing it because of the software update? Or was it never there because it's a newer/different car? Thanks.
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    WTB PowerWall.

    Hey All. Looking for someone who has one of those PowerWall referral bonuses and want to sell it. Single powerwall with Gateway type thing. Thanks, Nick.
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    Ceramic Tint - Los Angeles

    Any recommendations for Ceramic Tint in LA area (SFV preferred). Thanks.
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    Big Bear - where to charge?

    So, taking the family to Big Bear in February for a week. Really want to take the Tesla... But, where to charge? I have figured out I can use the SuperCharger at the bottom of the mountain, and can make it to the top with 65% remaining. But for a week in BB, that will not last, so I will...
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    Moving TPMS from one car too another?

    I have a spare set of wheels for my Model S that came with TPMS. I want to move the TPMS over to a set of snow tires/wheels that I'm putting on my wife's Model X. Do the TPMS need to be programmed, or do they just work?
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    How to get FSD?

    I bought my car 2 years ago. I paid for EAP ($5k) and FSD ($3k) After I bought my car, Elon said (March 2019) anyone who paid for the $5k EAP would be given FSD for free. He said that anyone who paid for the $3K FSD would be enrolled in the Early Access Program (EAP). So, where's my FSD beta?
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    SoCal charging $$

    Can someone tell me how much it is to charge your Model Y in So California? I have unlimited on my Model S, and my buddy is looking to buy a Y and wants to know. I was estimating $25 for a full charge, for 300 miles - is that accurate? Thanks.
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    MX Hitch?

    I got the wife a 2020 Model X. It comes with a tow-hitch thing in a foam box/bag in the trunk... It does not come with a tow-ball. What do I need to get to be able to tow a trailer?
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    Dumb question about wheels & TPMS

    So, I currently have stock 19" silver slipstream wheels. I much prefer the ride on 19" wheels vs 21" wheels/tires. I am in the market for some new wheels, probably just the Gray/Carbon Tesla wheels. Question. If I find some Tesla wheels that come with TPMS do I just install them and they all...
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    SpaceX charger in Hawthorne - open?

    Does anyone know if the SpaceX charger in Hawthorne is open? I'm trying to meet up with buddies over the weekend, and don't know if they're open, or if non-Tesla cars can get in there? (I heard there was a guard.)
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    Automatic Doors - disable for one driver?

    My wife has a model X. She loves that she has automatic doors. I drive her X from time to time (when allowed) and always have her key in my pocket (just like she has my keys in her purse.) However, when i go outside, to take the trash out, or something like that, her door opens. Is there any...
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    My is my Model S missing these features?

    I have a 2018 MS 100D with MCU2 and HW2.5. I do not have the option to save dashcam video by honking my horn. I do not have the option to confirm that my car is locked (on walking away) with the car making a beep. My friend's ModelX has these. I thought the MCU was essentially the same...
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    Delivery yesterday. Careless?

    So, we got a new Model X yesterday. Showed up 15 minutes early, and checked in. We were given a paperwork folder. We wondered into the delivery area (Marina Del Rey) where they had an apple-store type video wall setup showing how to use your car - we did not watch. We spent 10 minutes...
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    Spotify - Library - Stations

    Hey Guys. I have a couple of really dumb questions.. Firstly, why does the Spotify logo on the Telsa center console have an umlaut over the O? I haven't seen it on any other Spotify artwork anywhere... Okay, real question now. Under Spotify / Your Library / Stations it makes stations for the...
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    Custom T logo for MX?

    Looking to replace the T Logos on the front and rear on my ModelX. Want to get custom painted ones. I would prefer painted to wrapped. Any suggestions?
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    10% battery loss almost left me stranded.

    I went on a road trip. I left on a trip on Thursday night, SoCal area, with my ModelS, 100D. I left at 8pm @84% and got to my first supercharger at 49% (1:16hrs, 90 miles) I charged for 20 minutes, and was back to 77%. I left at 945pm and got to the next supercharger at 28% (1:27hrs, 115...
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    License Plate Wrap with customer StickerKnight PPF film.

    So, I finally got around to mounting my front license plate from License Plate Wrap. This is a California legal front license plate that's vinyl instead of metal; so it sticks to the bumper. Instead of sticking it to the bumper, I got a custom PPF sticker from StickerKnight, stuck the license...
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    Finally got my Blackvue mounted and working.

    So, it took a few months, because I'm lazy. I got the BlackVue mounted, wired and installed. After Pics: https://i.imgur.com/63F1rb9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/aRS0LzJ.jpg Parts. BlackVue 900 with rear camera. Custom Mounting Bracket for Front: MOOVIKA Mount Bracket TESLA S AP2 Blackvue DR900S...
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    Worst Supercharger Parking

    https://i.imgur.com/EOiIz6F.jpg I came across this. Basically 2 Hour Limit, unless you are charging (which takes LESS than 2 hours). And all bets are off for 16 hours a day (8pm until 12 noon) when anyone can park there. Luckily, I needed to charge, and mostly everyone left the spaces empty...
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    Tesla Repair in SoCal - thank you Avio in Van Nuys

    Avio Coach Craft Inc. - Auto Body Repair | Avio Coach Craft Inc. I got into a minor accident. I have a few issues finding a local repair shop, but was finally referred to AVIO Coach Craft in Van Nuys. Mitch was the service advisor, and his humor and communication helped me through the entire...
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    Anyone else feel unsafe using NOA on HOV lanes?

    I hate how the AutoSteer hugs the left side of the HOV lane. Especially when there is a concrete barrier two feet to my left. Even worse when there is a road sign, and all of a sudden the concrete barrier is only 1 foot away. If I look out of the rear camera, it is easy to see that the car is...
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    AutoPilot slams on the brakes in car pool lane every day.

    I have an issue with EAP driving in the HOV lane ever day. On the 118 freeway, westbound, in the HOV lane at ~75mph, as I pass DeSoto and approach Topanga, it suddenly slows down the car as if I were on an offramp. It is REALLY scary - especially if I have other cars behind me. I now cover the...
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    MAP issue - address does not pull up correctly.

    I have a customer at 6355 Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hils, CA. When I tell the navigation to "Navigate to 6355 topanga canyon woodland hills" it comes up with a destination about 1 or 2 miles north of there. How do i address this with Tesla to get this fixed?
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    Issues since FW

    On 5/3 I got 2019.12. on 5/4 I got 2019.12.1.2 I have a MS100D, with AP2.5 and MCU2. Manufactured in July 2018. EAP & FSD. When TelsaCam was released, i got a 128GB USB drive. SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ43-128G-GAM46 I formatted it FAT32 and used it. it worked great...
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    UK Rental.

    Hey Guys. Ex Pat here, and bringing the family to UK this summer. We live in California (yes, it is sunny 366+ days ever year) and we have a Model S. I need a vehicle to transport 6 people while in the UK. I would love to get hold of a Model X, but that is probably out of my price range. We...
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    Better directions for Superchargers.

    There HAS to be a better way for Tesla to give directions to superchargers... I needed to charge at the weekend, and was in Glendale, CA. The directions took me to an 8-story car park. There was NO notification as to where the SuperChargers were in the notes on the screen. They ended up...
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    Frustrated with multiple keyfobs

    I have a Tesla Model S (2018). I have keyfob 1, my wife has keyfob 2. The keyfobs are linked to our driver profiles. We both carry our keyfob at all times. I get so frustrated when I take the wife out to dinner; she sits in the passenger seat first (I hold the door for her) and then I'm unable...
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    Trip Report: LA (SFV) to Vegas and back in 2 days (CES)

    Got up on Tuesday and left the house (near San Fernando Valley) for a quick 2-day trip to Vegas. Instead of taking the 210 to the 15, I opted to go North on the 14, and then Pearblossom across. My MS-100D was in the shop, and a I had a loaner MS-75D (without EAP.) I left the house at 100%...
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    Glove Box Power?

    Does anyone have any idea how to get a switched power connector to the glove box. By switched I mean is always on when the car is on, but can turn off when the car is not driving. I like to keep a flashlight in the car, and would like to connect it to a charger, so that it's charged at all...
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    Supercharger Question: Corning to Mt Shasta

    Planning a trip up to Washington, from SoCal. When I look at trip planners (A Better Routeplanner), going north on the 5, we charge at Corning, and then take a detour around the mountains to Mt Shasta. The trip is 162 miles, and 3 hours. Google has me drive straight up the 5. 108 miles, and 1...
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    Buying a used Model X, 3rd party, advice needed.

    Hey Guys. I have a MS, and one of my best friends is looking at a Model X, probably 3rd party, not CPO. Are there VIN numbers to avoid (like the first 10K)? Around when did they come out with AP2.0 - approx VIN range wanted here. He's looking for a dark exterior, with 6 seats. Any additional...
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    EAP - I don't understand the initial "speed" setting.

    I'm confused by the EAP settings on various roads... Sometimes, I'm on the freeway doing 45 in traffic, and I pull the EAP stalk, and it sets my speed to 65. Sometimes, my friend is driving on the same freeway at 73 and when he pulls the EAP stalk, it goes to 73. When I press the brake to...
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    Noob interface questions...

    Hey guys, looking for some noob tips here. I had to post about the TPMS stuff, as I had not figured out you can press/hold the scroll wheels to display different stuff in the main display. Felt dumb, but cool to find that out. I have just picked up a new Model S, and am wondering about some...
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    Tire pressure

    Is there a way to see what my current tire pressures are? I had low pressures the other morning, and it showed me what they were. I inflated the tires correctly, and the message went away. I cant find the pressures on the screen any more...
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    Trunk Open - what's the easiest way.

    I drop by son off at school in the morning, and he has his sports gear in the trunk. I have to put it in park, hit Controls, and then trunk. Is there a better way? Is there a way to get the open/close/lock page to automatically open when I put the car in park (like the door handles...
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    Pixel 2 & Call history.

    So, I have a Pixel2, and my call history is not up to date. It shows calls from yesterday morning, but nothing from yesterday afternoon/evening or today. Any suggestions? Latest firmware on car & phone.
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    limited A/C and battery cooling

    Just picked up my MS 100D today. Got it at 60% charge, with no electrician until next week (and HPWC out of stock everywhere.) Went to a mall for dinner, and they have a supercharger (the flat ones without the hole in the middle, up to 72kW.) There was a sign about 30 minute general parking...
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    What is the latest firmware, and how do I check it.

    I'm picking up a car. How do I check the firmware? What is the latest firmware as of 9/22/18?
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    California Trips - anyone done these drives?

    So, looking to buy a MS, but really torn (range anxiety) on the 75 vs 100. We like to do trips. We live in SoCal, Santa Clarita is our closest SuperCharger. So, looking at trips we have done in the past, and would like to take the kids on. KINGS CANYON (Sequoia National Forrest) It seems...
  48. S


    Hey Guys. I'm getting financing options from 3.5% to 4.9%. What companies did you get quotes from? Thanks.
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    I cannot find New Inventory online...

    When I go to Tesla.com and search on New Inventory. When I go to EV-CPO, and search on ModelS, New, USA, I get zero inventory. When I go to teslainventory and search on ModelS Refresh, I get 4 CPO's in the results. However, others are able search and find inventory models, and then post the...
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    Dumb range question.

    So I was clicking around and i accidentally got onto the UK Tesla site. Looking at the Model S, 75D, the range in the UK was 304 MILES vs 259 MILES. UK: Order a Model S US: Order a Model S I know the units are the same, are the measurement stadards really that different? 17% more range seems...

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