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    Newer Teslas range vs 2018 100D

    Today the model S is advertised with much more range than the former 100D. Has a real independent benchmark been done to check what the real range gain is ?
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    Dashcam & Sentry stopped working recently

    I use dashcam & sentry recording on a 64GB Samsung USB for a while. It worked (quite) well on MCU1. I recently upgraded to MCU2, it still worked fine, and I used the embedded video player a few times. A few days ago, the recording icons disappeared. I tried rebooting, unplugging/replugging, and...
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    Red light stopping

    Hi, We just received an update (2020.36.11) which enables automatic red light stop in Europe, in Autosteer mode. Does it alert and/or automatically brake without Autosteer, if one is trespassing the red light? Thanks!
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    Tesla iOS app widget & car wakeup

    I have tested the iOS app widget this week. I have read in an old post that the widget should not wake up the car in any way as opening the app does. However, every time I swipe left the phone screen to the widgets page, it first shows the previous range (with a « X minutes ago » tag), then...
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    MCU2 upgrade in Europe

    Hi, Is the upgrade available somewhere in Europe, or is there any schedule for availability? Thanks!
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    Awful regen since 2020.8

    Hi, A lot of people complained of bad regen with late 2019 and 2020.4 firmwares, while mine was perfectly ok even by mildly cold weather. Then I upgraded to 2020.8 last week and got this! (Pictures attached) 14°C is approx 57°F. This lasts about 20 minutes... Am I alone? Why are these regen...
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    Alternative to FM with retrofitted MCU2

    Hey Tesla developers, if you read this, why not adding streamed radios to the audio sources? This would allow getting all FM stations, plus many others.
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    Adaptateur CCS

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai essayé l'adaptateur CCS sur mon Model S dans les stations Unity, et ça marche bien. Par contre, j'ai déja testé trois bornes départementales différentes, et à chaque fois la charge échoue. J'ai tout essayé : l'adaptateur sur la voiture en premier, l'adaptateur sur la prise...
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    CCS charge on Model S with the adapter

    Hi, I recently had my 2018 MS retrofitted for CCS. It seems to work well on Ionity chargers, but not on the smaller 50kW DC chargers that are spread in country towns (in France). The car says that charge failed, and the charger's display says that the car abandoned the charge. Had someone...
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    Reversible heat pump in newer Model S?

    I know that my pre raven Model S heats the cabin (and battery?) with a 6kW resistor (you see the power consumption clearly with the Remote S app when turning heat on), and AFAIK the Model 3 uses a reversible heat pump for both heating and cooling, potentially dividing the power use by 3 for...
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    Is sentry recording a joke?

    The feature was highly advertised when it was released. On my 2018 MS, it records 50% of the time, side camera videos are often half black or stop after 5 seconds, when it works files are huge and quality is awful with compression artifacts, it doesn’t send notifications and there is no way to...
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    CCS retrofit / Ionity test

    I just tried to charge on a Ionity station with a newly retrofitted Model S. It works great! 134kW @ 25%
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    Just triggered AEB for a pedestrian on the side

    I was sneaking carefully at less than 10km/h between two pedestrians on a narrow street. The AEB triggered, immediately stopping the car and freaking them out. Stupidly I forgot to save the dash cam video, I suppose it has been overwritten now. Be careful when you pass close by pedestrians, even...
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    Are there any features not included in former "EAP" option?

    I have the older "Enhanced AutoPilot" option, which included already features like NoA, which is now sold in the FSD package. Do I miss anything now with 2019.40.2 / MS / HW2.5 if I do not have FSD?
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    Frunk plastic cover doesn't clip properly since BDM upgrade

    I had the BDM/HEPA filter upgrade done on my 2018 Model S, and quickly after I noticed "plonk" noises from the frunk every time I passed a speed bump. So I opened the frunk and noticed the plastic cover between the storage and the windshield wasn't clipped. I tried to reclip it, and it doesn't...
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    Will it be stealth to speed cameras?

    It looks like a F-117. We can hope it’s undetectable by radar based speed cams. And if we mirror polish the steel plate, it may be invisible to lasers as well. Detailing will take another dimension :)
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    Dream Case

    I sleep in my car occasionally, and this occurs when I need a good sleep and no other options are available (such as camping with heavy snorers). I have used an inflatable air mattress, it was not too bad, but after trying several ones I had to pick a thick one, which eats a lot of available...
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    I have the best battery in the world

    I tend to be quite cautious with my battery health, preferring charging more often by small amounts, staying around 50%, and avoiding 0-100% as much as possible. This was worth the efforts : after 30000km, my 100D now has 104kWh capacity, as shown on the screenshot. More seriously : why is the...
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    Floor mats

    Hi, My driver side floor mat is in poor condition, which is a shame for only 27000km / 18 months... Nevertheless, I would like to get a new one. I have looked at Oedro premium mats, but they require to drill an attachement system inside the car floor, I'm not a big fan of this. Ultimats seem...
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    Multiple issues...

    My 100D is 17 months old and has about 16k miles. It sleeps in a cool garage and only leaves for weekends and holidays. I had my windshield replaced due to strong clicking. My 12V battery died in a stinky bomb smell attack. I have slight acceleration rattle, and the yellow border started to...
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    Spotify/slacker audio glitches

    I have a lot of audio glitches when using Spotify. I did a lot of tests to try reducing them. It seems that disabling traffic, switching to satellite or stopping nav helps, but this is not perfect. However, fully hiding the music window is very effective. So it seems than displaying the music...
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    I opened my car without the key...

    I’m on a vacation site and today I let the car at the destination charger at 300m from the lodge. After 2h30 I went back with the kids, and pressed a door handle which raised, and let me open the car. I locked the first kid in its seat, closed it’s door, and then, impossible to open any door...
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    List of v9 bugs

    One year passed since the introduction of the v9 firmware. It introduced a lot of bugs and glitches, which were never fixed in the following updates. The quality level is totally unacceptable for a car in that price range, and would even not be acceptable for an economy car. Please post your...
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    Found a solution to fix music glitches!

    I found a way to make audio glitches disappear in 2019.16! All you need to do is only listen to dubstep music, such as Skrillex. You won't notice the glitches anymore.
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    2019.16 bug!

    Today, I drove 150kms. I got font corruption at startup and needed to reboot. Then I had one music glitch every minute for half an hour. Then, I got corrupted sat map in navigation (see picture) Dear Tesla, please stop having your software developed by interns. I am available to review and...
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    Rim Pro Tec removal

    I have installed these rim protection bands on my new Model S in march, I believe these are the same as what evannex sells. So far, they were outstanding : no adherence issue (the tape is very strong), and I hit a curb once when turning left, and it saved the rim, which doesn't have a scratch...
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    Ski trip, need your advice

    Dear all, I have a model S 100D in France on the west coast, where it almost never freezes, and stays between 5°C (41F) 10°C(50F) during winter days. So I never had the need for winter tires. I plan a 1 week ski trip in the mountains. By the past, I have driven economy ICE cars there multiple...
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    Coût de remplacement borne de recharge sous garantie

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai fait installer à l'automne une borne de recharge Tesla dans mon garage. Trois mois après, elle tombe en panne. Tesla m'en renvoie une neuve, mais n'assure pas le remplacement. J'ai un devis d'électricien de 150€ pour effectuer le remplacement... D'après l'électricien, il y...
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    Firmware v9

    J'ai pu avoir un upgrade v9 en début de mois dans un service center, sur ma S100D (AP2.5, MCU1) Après avoir un peu roulé, je trouve la nouvelle interface vraiment bien. Et l'autopilot a encore fait un bond en avant. Le changement de voie sur clignottant est maintenant très propre.
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    Disable the seat belt warning?

    Dear all, I have a child seat attached with Isofix/Latch which has its own harness (so no seat belt required). When the kid is in its seat, the pressure on the seat is just at the threshold of the butt detector, hence triggering the seat belt warning at every acceleration, making a lot of beeps...
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    Rotten egg smell until car dies

    Hi, I'm posting the weekend story in case it happens to someone else... There are a few stories of rotten egg smell in Tesla, but none ended up in serious trouble. And the road assistance was of no help... Saturday, we were on a trip and it started to slightly rotten eggs inside. This was...
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    Poor GPS range estimation since update

    I have received my Model S in 03/2018, with the firmware 2018.12. The battery level at destination was outstanding, I always arrived very close to it. I upgraded from 2018.12 to 2018.26 recently (no updates in between, because the OTA updates had been left disabled when I received the car...
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    Le soleil tape dûr en ce moment... Le Week-End dernier, j'ai du laisser ma Model S toute neuve en plein soleil, et ça chauffe, surtout sur les sièges noirs... J'ai mis le mode anti surchauffe en route, qui empêche de dépasser 40°C, mais je préfèrerais soigner au maximum l'intérieur et éviter son...
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    Auto lane change working when it wants

    Hi, I'm a new S100D owner, with 2000 miles so far. I have used the autosteer a lot on the highway, and the lane change was working great. Yesterday, I drove 75 miles the morning and 75 miles the afternoon, mostly on the highway. The autosteer was working well, but lane change never had any...
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    Problème de recharge sur une borne publique

    Bonjour à tous, J'avais jusque ici essayé quelques bornes de recharges installées par les collectivités locales, en Type 2, avec succès. L'autre jour, j'ai testé celle de Saint-Aignan dans le Loir et Cher, gérée par la SIDELC. Impossible de charger, j'avais le message "Veuillez vérifier la...
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    Cruise control and speed limit warning

    Dear all, In the car parameters, I can enable a sound warning when driving faster than the speed limit known by the car. And to avoid repetitive beeps when driving just 1kph above the limit, I can set a tolerance, such as 5kph. That's good! But : setting the tolerance above zero also seems to...
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    Wifi issues

    Dear all, I have a brand new model S. My garage being underground with a poor cellular level, I have set up a TP-Link CPL Wifi access point in the garage, in order to have a good connection to the app when the car is there. The wifi It works flawlessly with phones & an iPad, all bars are there...

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