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    Windsor & Surrounding Area for Tire Rotation

    Old post but I figure I'd update for anyone in the future, Kal Tire in Tecumseh does in fact do Teslas!
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    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    In my opinion, for the average person that could be searching this post in the future, it is definitely not necessary to PPF your Tesla. In the end it is a car - drive it, enjoy it, and don't worry about a scratch or paint chip here or there. They are unavoidable. I personally do not have PPF on...
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    Fender Bender

    When I got rear ended I sent them pictures, they ordered a new bumper, and scheduled an appointment. No delays other than getting the part and they installed it in less than two hours. Not sure if this is the same thing as yours but my experience was great with the SC.
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    Taking Delivery of a 2021 Tesla Model 3 LR – Good&Bad

    I'd love to see some pics of these so called "problems" you have listed with the car. People complain about the smallest, most meaningless things. It's misleading to future buyers cause they think their car may have some massive defect when in fact it probably won't. Also tried to get through...
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    Tesla Service Experience

    This! When I arrived, the service adviser was ready right away and immediately asked me how my day was going. I did not have to ask for the loaner Model X, he offered it to me right away. These little things matter in the overall customer experience.
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    Tesla Service Experience

    Many people come on here to complain about Tesla Service. Here is my recent experience with the SC in Kitchener, Ontario. About three weeks ago I was rear ended. Nothing bad, but it's a 6-week old Model 3, not my fault and I wanted it fixed. Immediately after being hit I took photos and...
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    Current TM3 build quality?

    1000000% agree.
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    Just got rear ended

    Thanks for your input. I spoke with my insurance broker and they said since it is not my fault, my insurance will not go up if I make a claim. I am going to go through Tesla to have it repaired. A bit of a pain since the nearest SC is 3 hours away but I would rather have them replace the bumper...
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    Just got rear ended

    I have the other persons info. They admitted fault. I left a message with their insurance company. If I am not at fault shouldn’t I have Tesla do it? Wouldn’t they know more about what to check for damage (sensors etc)? I booked a collision repair through the app at a service centre and they...
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    Just got rear ended

    Happy Saturday, I just got rear ended, wondering what the best course of action is? Never been in an accident before. Here are some pics
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    Free Premium Connectivity is back?

    2020 SR+ in Canada, nothing about it being free yet.
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    The Tesla Wave

    I used to think the wave on any car was dumb, however like many things, the model 3 has changed my opinion of this. The wave (or a casual peace sign) is a sign of mutual respect. Respect, and understanding that you are both driving the future, and promoting the progression to clean sustainable...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Just over one month since I got it!
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    Model 3 vs. model Y

    Model 3s hold their value pretty well. Purchase the 3 now, wait a year or two, and upgrade to the Y once the bugs have been worked out. That's my plan anyway lol
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    Wall Charger Installation Quote - Review

    Man some of these prices are nuts! A friend of mine is an electrician and he helped me install a NEMA outlet in my garage. My panel was on the other side of my house and I still had the entire job done for approx. $500cdn, so $380usd.
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    When Tesla Roadside Assistance ends for your vehicle

    Question (new owner) Does the tire have to be repaired by Tesla, or can any place do it? I live 400km from the nearest service centre.
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    Fan continually running

    I picked up my car on Saturday, my fan runs as well after I park. I figured it was normal.
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    Picking up M3 this week - a couple questions

    Awesome, thanks!
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    Picking up M3 this week - a couple questions

    Hi Guys, first of all is there any way to change your user name? I didn't notice mine auto corrected to "pension" lol. Anyways I pick up my Model 3 Standard Range Plus this week. My first question is about rust and if I should have the car wrapped or ceramic coated? I am not a "car guy" and I...

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