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    2017 MODEL X P100D LUDICROUS-PERFECT-FSD, MCU2, AP3.0 $95,000

    Hummer EV is not exactly a liberal look...
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    2017 MODEL X P100D LUDICROUS-PERFECT-FSD, MCU2, AP3.0 $95,000

    Why not a fan of Elon (I'm not a fan of the narcissist either) and what other EV are you transitioning to?
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    Model S Plaid Reservation For Sale

    Hi, what markup are you looking for?
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    2022 MXP White on white for sale

    Same here in FL. Nothing unique about it.
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    Waiting Room: Model X Plaid Only

    Do you think it makes a difference in regards to EDD if you fill out all the details in the order form? I ordered and paid my deposit in early December and only recently added all the additional information (driver's license, payment method, etc.). My EDD prior was Sept and not it' still showing...
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    Waiting Room: Model X Plaid Only

    Nice. I ordered on 12/5, basically upgraded everything including FSD (hoping it would improve my EDD), and still waiting with an EDD of September. Hope that changes soon.
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    Tesla X reservation for sale

    Specs and price?
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    FS: Model X PLAID reservation Red/Black interior 22'' wheels FSD VIN ASSIGNED

    Do you know if they can change delivery to South Florida?
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    2021 MS Plaid Midnight Metallic Silver FSD

    There's a brand new one available for $145,990: Inventory | Tesla
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    Ordered Plaid before inevitable? price increase

    What estimated delivery date did they quote you? I'm seeing July!
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    Nah, I'm kinda bummed I didn't. I was just too scared to take a shot at paying the $500 non-refundable deposit plus the $1K to ship the car here only to find it had too many imperfections. Lesson learned because I don't see another that's even close to this price, and that had all the options...
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    What type of damage and wear did you find on the Y's you considered?
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    Thanks for the feedback. What would you consider a good deal for a similarly spec'd vehicle and do you have an example?
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    Sorry about that. Here you go: Deep Blue Metallic Paint 21’’ Überturbine Wheels All Black Premium Interior Full Self-Driving Capability Performance Upgrade Five Seat Interior Carbon Fiber Spoiler Performance Pedals Performance Brakes
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    Good points. I agree, recent PP asks are in the $67K range which based on these listings, are disconnected from reality. Do you know if Tesla would send detailed pics of any imperfections before they ship and you commit?
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    A brand new similarly spec'd mode is $72K not including the destination fee. I'm looking for apples-apples feedback.
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    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    Hi Folks, I am in the market for a Model Y Performance with FSD and 21" UT wheels. I came across this listing on Tesla's inventory. Is this a good deal? What are factors and warning signs I should be vigilant of? I also see similarly spec'd "New" 2020 Demo models being listed for around $65K...
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    evcpo cars dissapear

    I use the feature on evcpo.com to get notified when a new Model Y is listed and almost every time I click the link to be taken to the listing on Tesla's site, I get an error that the car was recently sold. I click the link almost immediately after receiving the alert. Are others experiencing...
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    I would really like to see percentage of how many of used cars are sold privately here

    This is true. If you do a search on Autotrader or Cars.com you will find a few private party listings but all are asking above what is being offered via Tesla's new car inventory (albeit 2020 editions). Tesla's inventory has the advantage of the car being warrantied for the full 4 years from...
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    I'm seeing big drops across the board on Tesla used inventory. Must be the scare of the impending economic crisis.
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    2017 100D On Autotrader

    I saw that p100d and it was waaay too good to be true
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    FS 2019 Raven Model X

    What's your motivation for switching to a Y from an X?
  23. M


    I believe you also need to make structural modifications in order to install the rear-facing seats. In other words it's not just a drop-in.
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    Here's a 2017 in the low 70's that you can probably negotiate into the 60's. Only issue for me is the mileage putting it out of the warranty range. Autotrader - page
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    I agree. That's been my rationale for being patient. I'm starting to see a lot more coming online with FSD, which means build dates post 8/2016.
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    If this was on the East coast I'd seriously be considering it. Any thoughts? 2016 Model X | Tesla
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    It's interesting they would increase the price rather than continue to decrease till someone bites. They must think they are creating value by increasing it and starting the price drops all over again. Tools like yours uncover the BS in their pricing games by plotting the price history.
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    I don't actually click on the listing on the Tesla website. I use EV-CPO to curate the cars I want to check on. Rarely do I click through.
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    I'm checking it daily. Seems a bit schizophrenic with prices for the same cars going up and down daily.
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    Looking to buy a P100D Model X with low miles

    Let us know how it goes. I'm also in the market but would be content with a late 2016 model with higher miles.
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    Looks like they must've had a pricing glitch because almost all of the P100's that spiked have corrected. Xenoilphobe, my heart is set on a P version, unfortunately for my pocket book.
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a P100D MX. I've been monitoring the Tesla used inventory for a couple weeks and just noticed that 5 of the P100D's increased prices around an average of $1K today. Is this normal? I'm used to seeing them drop prices but not increase. Also, with leases continually...
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    Buying Local

    You can ask the seller to take it in for you and you pay the seller the service fee
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Thanks for the heads-up jacqueusi. I'll check with them. mjmiron, isn't the battery warrantied for 8 years?
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Looks like it was such a good deal that someone bought it!
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    WTB: 2016/2017 Model X w/jump seats

    I believe only Tesla can add jump seats since they also need to reinforce the bumper.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Hi Folks, first post here. I'm in the market for a used Model X. My primary requirement is that it be a performance model -- Ludicrous is icing on the cake. I found this model on the Tesla website. It appears to be a great deal, especially when factoring in the extended warranty. Can you all...

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