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    Tilting Monitor on S

    Yes, disappointing. Hoping for some retrofit.
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    Tilting Monitor on S

    My Model S was delivered last Wednesday (VIN476xxx) and doesn’t have this feature. Fingers crossed motors are there and a software upgrade to activate but more likely not.
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    High Pitched sound for 2022 Plaid

    I took delivery of a LR last Wednesday and have noticed a staggered whining with mild acceleration at 30-40 MPH. Neither the 2016 Model S I traded in nor our Model Y exhibit this. It’s not especially loud but noticeable and annoying. I’m somewhat relieved that it seems that it’s a common...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Yes, I got the new charge port/[email protected] lights.
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Congrats on your new car. I received mine on Wed after almost 11 months, red LR with a white interior. I agree that the build quality is quite good, the cabin is far quieter than the 2016 Model S 90D it replaced, and I was glad that the are still including mobile connectors. Missing is the...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Does anyone know definitively what the story is with the inclusion of mobile chargers? I’ve heard conflicting information and am wondering if anyone has accepted a recent delivery that did not include one. Also curious if its necessary to include the mobile charger when trading in one Tesla for...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I’ll post- I got my delivery date today on April 26. I ordered the car in June 2021 with RN1151. Interestingly things kicked into gear a few weeks ago when I updated my payment and trade in information which I had let lapse in anticipation of an early May-June EDD. About a week after that I...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Just curious- Does everyone who received VIN’s also have their payment and registration information updated and current? Has anyone who has received a VIN not had this information filled out? I had seen some speculation (nothing definitive) that not having this information up to date would...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    My order had some fresh progress today. My RN is 1151 ordered June 2022 with the most recent delivery window slotted for April 19- May 9 (moved up from May-June). Today I the EDD first narrowed to a one week slot in late April and then, just a short while ago, I had my VIN assigned. For...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I’m near Boston and my EDD moved forward from May 9-June 10 to mid April-May. I ordered June last year RN1151xxx and my original EDD was October 2021. No VIN yet but I don‘t think I’ve been this close to the delivery window since I ordered the car.
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I’m RN1151 having ordered June 2021 and have had no changes in my May 9-June 6 delivery date since the last bump in January. At that time the EOD was in late February, got pushed to early February, and then moved to the current May-June timeframe.
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I’m in the Boston area and ordered my car last June with EDD in October 2021 and RN 1151xxx. It bounced around a lot, back and forth. Now the EDD is in the May-June timeframe. Sidenote- Ordering the same vehicle today would cost 20k more. I ordered with FSD when it is at 10k so really...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    My Model S order is in the 1151 group and among the most recent updates to the delivery date has now been pushed back from February to the May-June timeframe. I originally ordered the car in June 2021 so if accurate this will be almost a year following the initial order. I’m not posting to...
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Red Model S L/R- Ordered in June for October delivery. Got switched around from late December to November, back to December and as of this morning now to March-April. I’m not stressed about it, just sharing the information for others who want to get a picture of what is going on with these...
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    SuperCharger- Chestnut Hill

    I was driving by at noon today (January 10) and it was closed again. The guys with the kayaks were there and they appeared to removing the asphalt. I didn’t speak with them so I don’t know what the problem is.
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    Unusual Numbers on the Charging Screen?

    Hi All, While charging today I noticed some unusual numbers that intermittently change on the charging screen. The numbers appear between the depiction of the battery pack and the “Set Limit” button. Not only do the values change but they also appear and disappear intermittently. I haven’t...
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    Diesel owner looking to convert

    Another factor to consider is the availability of charging at your destination. I have a 10 mile commute each way and top off every couple of days at either work or my gym not the way home, both of which have level 2 charging (~20 miles of range added per hour of charging time). I typically...
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    Apple Music Web Client Almost(!) on Tesla Web Browser

    I’ve posted this on other threads since I saw this yesterday on a few websites but thought I’d share it here for those who are interested. I also wanted to continue to draw attention to the increased desire to have Tesla open up audio (not video, just audio) support on the web browser to enable...
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    Apple Car Play?

    This is kind of related- In the absence of CarPlay it would be great if Tesla enabled audio play (not video, just audio) through the web browser. This would solve some of the media related restrictions and enable users to access other streaming music services. The reason this is related to...
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    The "GOOD IDEAS" thread

    Elon- Please enable audio on the browser. I don’t want video. Just audio. This seems like a simple thing to do (is it?) and if so would enable users to access the streaming music services of their choice such as Amazon or Pandora from the web player. Just today someone on Reddit set up...
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    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    I came this thread to post essentially what you've typed scottm, although what I was considering was a lot less elegant and laced with profanity. As you point out, screen aesthetics aside (which I personally dislike in the gray scale), the color on the map contained information. Some of this...
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    Seriously, what's the deal with text message integration?

    I purchased my Model S nearly two years ago just after Elon tweeted about screen mirroring. Having owned the car I had imagined some scenarios how what was being described might work. Aside from Carplay or Android integration through a native API Tesla may have a path to achieve this by...
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    HDMI interface to the touchscreen

    Great projects @artsci and @BearBu! Just curious as there’s an interest- is it possible to split the front and rear camera outputs to separate buffers for recording? I know there’s an interest in this, it’s a feature that Tesla has promised, and folks usually try to supplement with a...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    I agree. However I could see MCU2 being required for CarPlay or screen mirroring which would make it a more desireable upgrade. That’s speculation of course and I hope it’s not the case.
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    The "GOOD IDEAS" thread

    I’d like a summary screen on the center console. Essentially a combination of the battery graph, car status with tire pressure, doors, sunroof, lights, odometer and trip meter, etc all on one screen I can pair with with maps or multimedia.
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    BT Streaming Broken on 2018.14.2?

    I have the same problem, sporadically, with my iPhone X. The workaround is also what Gatorguy described.
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    No LTE connection in car

    Thanks for that. In MA here and no internet. I was going to call service but will wait and see since it seems widespread. My phone is on att so it seems like a Tesla issue? I hope it doesn’t take as long to fix as the internet throttling from last year.
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    Who made this Monstrosity

    It’s almost as hideous as Will.I.Ams Tesla.
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    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    I received the 2018.14.2 a88808e update yesterday overwriting the previous 14.2 release that I got last week. It did not come with the updated maps. However- got the maps this morning. Redrawing is really smooth in comparison to the old version. Good update!
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    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    I received an update this morning from 2018.14.2 4d25341 to 2018.14.2 a88808e. I have a 2016 Model S 90D with AP1. Seems like a bug fix of some kind.
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    Yup! Better touchscreen and browser is here!

    I just got new 19’ tires on Tuesday. A set of 4 cost $1100. NTB was charging $1300 for the same. I have about 20k on the odometer. Back on topic: I have a 2016 AP1 90D and was on .4 when I took the car in for the tire swap. I picked up the car and was still on the same firmware but .14 did...
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    How Much Would You Pay for MCU2 Retrofit?

    The MCU in and of itself is worthless to me. A snappier UI, while appealing, isn't something I want to pay for given the life of the car. What would be worthwhile to me, perhaps, is if new OS features were contingent upon the presence of the new MCU. For instance, if the long promised app...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Well looks like it’s going to happen. Elon tweeted that hardware upgrade will be offered: Tesla will offer MCU retrofits and a new software update is coming for old MCUs, says Elon Musk Edit: didn’t post this fast enough. Already noted in prior post.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    With the current state of the software I would not want to pay for an upgrade. I say this completely respectful to those who are frustrated with a comparatively sluggish UI. But what does concern me and where I think Tesla should offer a solution to legacy owners is if the transition from...
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    Waze Maps should be coming soon

    Having followed the discussions about Waze, app SDK’s, and app mirroring I’ve come to think that one likely, but not often discussed, option available to Tesla is what is the approach Alabata has taken with WebLink. What Elon tweeted about a year and a half ago, app mirroring, is a difficult...
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    interior accessories

    I purchased a drawer and have modified it into a phone holder so that my phone can be magnetically mounted and charged right under the center screen. I find the placement of the phone in the console to be useless. It wouldn’t be a problem if there was better integration between the phone and...
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    Apple Car Play?

    Yes, I agree that it isn’t ideal, but I can’t imagine Apple opening up iOS for Elon to enable his version of app mirroring. The closest thing Apple provides to that outside of Car Play is Airplay on the AppleTV, but that lacks touchscreen capability. I don’t know that Tesla would partner with...
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    Apple Car Play?

    It’s not clear that current Tesla models possess the hardware to be compliant with AirPlay. As has been pointed out above, Elon did suggest that screen mirroring was on the horizon nearly two years ago, something that was reiterated to me when I picked up my car in August 2015. But how would...
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    One annoyance I have is that I’m dissatisfied with is the location of the phone dock, particularly since streaming music directly from the console is a poor experience and we still haven’t seen any updates on the app mirroring that was suggested by Elon almost 2 years ago. The location of the...
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    Model S: Dash/front end rattle

    For what it’s worth I also have a very annoying rattle that seems to be emanating from the dash. In the case of my car it seems to originate on the passenger side and I can’t program myself to ignore it. I did identify some rattling coming from the seat belt base rubbing against the passenger...
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    Why doesn't Tesla's Bluetooth support AptX?

    I know this is isn’t a solution but a stopgap might be a Bluetooth transmitter receiver. It might be possible to plug the phones headphone jack into it and pair it to the car. I know that Tesla may not permit the pairing to occur so I wouldn’t suggest anyone buying one but if anyone has one it...
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    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    For what it’s worth, I’m in the Boston area and had the disminished data speed problem since November. I checked Fast.com this morning on my commute to work and this afternoon on the way home and experienced the low data speeds. However, sometime between 5 and 7 PM the problem resolved and...
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    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    I attributed it, without any supporting data, to the iPhone X release and suspected that AT&T had upgraded their towers with a patch that was incompatible with Tesla’s LTE modem.
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    Another plea for Apple car play / android equivalent

    I’m all for CarPlay or Android on the Tesla center console but think that it’s unlikely to occur anytime soon. I’d be glad to be surprised. My understanding is that CarPlay requires Apple certified Bluetooth in order to work so if it were introduced would it therefore require older cars to...
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    Worthless internet browser?

    What’s unfortunate is that the browser could have been a workable stopgap to some of the media player deficiencies. An updated browser with access to the audio system could enable Spotify/Pandora/Google Music/Amazon music through a web player. Apple would be a no go but at least some more...
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    Garage Door Opener Possibly sending Double Signal

    Interesting- I have the same issue but see the effect only when closing the garage. It closes for a few seconds and then opens again. Mine is set to automatic open/close.
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    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Just another data point- I’m in the Boston area and have experienced the same issues with slow Slacker downloads for about two weeks. From time to time whatever buffering is occurring in the Slacker app, presumably due to diminished wireless bandwidth, has resulted in center console crashes...
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    IOS App - Ideal vs Rated

    The original post is referring to the old version of the app. The new version doesn’t show that.
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    Here are some missing features that Tesla should have!!

    I’ve posted this elsewhere but thought I’d add it to this thread. As AP becomes more advanced and more Tesla’s hit the road that a possible feature would be a “slipstream,” “drafting” or “caravan” mode for highway driving. Essentially, Tesla’s on the highway would line up with one another...
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    What happened to the promised in-car apps?

    Right now I’m using one called Marvis that has a landscape mode. Here’s a link to the App Store: Marvis Music Player by Aditya Rajveer Marvis Music Player on the App Store

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