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  1. EVFamilyGrins

    Outside mirrors misbehaving

    It sounds like you have either location based auto-folding or enabled the auto-fold option in Homelink. Easiest way to override the auto-fold when backing out is to unfold the mirrors AFTER you put it into reverse. If you want to fully disable here is the link to the manual...
  2. EVFamilyGrins

    can autopark park just as good as my wife or better for model x?

    Reports from YouTubers are that the vision based Autopark is much better than before, but it is still slow, does not always handle tight spaces and can be tricky to engage sometimes although it can now handle spaces without cars on either side. The latest version of Autopark is only available...
  3. EVFamilyGrins

    Wall Connector for M3 RWD and MYLR

    For your use case, 1 HPWC should be fine. Even if your wife has a very heavy usage, you have time to charge on the work from home days. Try it and if you find it is not working or your usage changes, you can always install a second charger. Discuss the option of expansion with your electrician...
  4. EVFamilyGrins

    What wrong and what i need to fix after accident [auctiion / salvage vehicle]

    Definitely contact Tesla Service Center. The BMS-a059 and HVP_w028 errors sound very serious and are linked to drive unit failure in this thread: 200 mile SR+ dead.. BMS_a059 VCFRONT_a192 HVP_w028 BMS_a158
  5. EVFamilyGrins

    Buying used Model 3, new model 3 or Kia EV6

    My wife has a 2018 M3 LR AWD and we are extremely happy with it. In the last 3 1/2 years, it has gone to Tesla service once to replace an upper control arm (covered under warranty). The only other maintenance was 1 set of tires, 1 set of windshield wipers and 4 gallons of windshield washer...
  6. EVFamilyGrins

    Friend ready to give up on FSD Beta Safety Score

    Hopefully now that 10.10.2 is rolling out, Tesla will start adding new FSD Beta users.
  7. EVFamilyGrins

    Car for 21 year old??

    Given the uncertainty of his charging situation, I would avoid an EV. Both my kids started out with Priuses and found them practical, dependable and affordable. My daughter switched to a Rogue and then switched back to Prius. My son traded his second Prius for a used Telsa. He has no home...
  8. EVFamilyGrins

    Black screen new Model 3 2021 model

    This is usually a software issue related to a recent release and is resolved when the next update comes out. A soft reboot usually resolves (You can do a soft reboot while driving). Press and hold both scroll wheels at the same time. Wait for the screen to turn off before you release. The...
  9. EVFamilyGrins

    Multiple phone keys on multiple cars

    1. Navigate to tesla.com website. Click TESLA ACCOUNT in upper right hand corner. Sign in to your Tesla account 2.Click the MANAGE button under the picture of your car 3. Next to the words CAR ACCESS click the little arrow that signifies there is a drop down menu 4. Click the small link that...
  10. EVFamilyGrins

    Am I crazy

  11. EVFamilyGrins

    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    Here is hoping the key part is "Feature will be restored with an upcoming software release". What FSD Beta version do you have? Sounds like 10.6 is starting to roll out, so maybe you will not be suspended very long.
  12. EVFamilyGrins

    Am I crazy

    We did a 7500 mile road trip in our MS last July at it was great. We took our two dogs (lab mixes) and added a kitten we found on day 1 at a late night charging stop in PA. The car was great. We found the car usually had more range than we did and as for charging stops the car was ready to go...
  13. EVFamilyGrins

    Your Maintenance experiences / Cost to own

    2018 LR AWD - 22K miles Only been serviced once for: Warranty - right front upper control arm $28 Drivers windshield wiper (SC replaced the passenger for free)
  14. EVFamilyGrins

    Raised Suspension not sticking

    The ride height reset to medium/standard after 100 ft/30 meters. It is a two step process to engage the option to keep until XX speed is reached, 1) select ride height High or Very High 2) touch "Keep" to enable ride height until XX speed is reached from manual: You can manually adjust the...
  15. EVFamilyGrins

    Can I park the wipers in up position?

    Pre-heating the car will de-freeze the windshield wipers, even under 10 inches of snow. While CT is not as harsh as OH, I have not had any issue using pre-heat to un-freeze wipers. Usually it also melts the hard scrabble on the windshield under the snow and most of the snow can be removed by...
  16. EVFamilyGrins

    Mt Rushmore

    There are Tesla HPWC/Destination chargers in the parking garage at Mt Rushmore.
  17. EVFamilyGrins

    Longetivity When Parked Issue

    You might also try turning off Cabin Overheat Protection.
  18. EVFamilyGrins

    Home Charging Installation Location Question

    We installed ours in the same spot. The only issue we have had is that the cord tended to hit the garage door sensor and knock it out of alignment so the door would not close. Had to build a small box to protect the sensor,
  19. EVFamilyGrins

    Another Model Y Accident

    Glad that everyone is safe and that it is fixable. Which body shop are you using?
  20. EVFamilyGrins

    Fuel/Maintenance Savings vs. reasonable expectations

    While the fuel cost savings are nice, don't overlook the value of not having to go fill the tank. With your commute, you're going to be saving ~20mins a week not going to the pump. Also, don't forget to include the cost of buying/installing your home charging solution as an offset to $$ savings.
  21. EVFamilyGrins

    Quirks with Easy Entry

    If it happens again, take note of the time and then schedule a service visit and include the time it happened. Then the techs can check the logs.
  22. EVFamilyGrins

    Any options that charge two cars at once?

    Do you really need to charge both EVs at the same time? What are the daily mileage driven for each car? We have a Model S and 3 and have no problem sharing a [email protected] We usually alternate charging days. On the rare days when we both need to charge the same night, the HPWC is fast enough...
  23. EVFamilyGrins

    Would you charge off-peak hours if Tesla offered a discounted rate?

    Tesla already does this in some places. I noticed this on a couple of road trips. The Plainview NY SC on Long Island has reduced charging rates at off peak hours and the Salt Lake City service center had 50% discount for off peak hours. I adjusted my charging schedule to to utilize both. I...
  24. EVFamilyGrins

    Which charging adapter(s) do I need to purchase for new LR model

    Check your route with abetterrouteplanner.com which will give you an idea if you need to supplement your charging with more than Superchargers, destination chargers and J1772 Level 2 chargers. Plugshare.com is a resource if you are looking for places to charge using NEMA 14-50.
  25. EVFamilyGrins

    If battery is drained to 0%, the will 12V need to be replaced. True or false?

    Depends on how long you leave your Tesla with a zero charge. If you run out of juice on a trip, you should be able to tow to a charger and recharge with no issues. The longer you leave it at zero and the older your 12 volt the greater the chance the 12 volt dies and possible damage to your HV...
  26. EVFamilyGrins

    Model 3 Tunein and USB ports

    Congrats on your M3 and welcome to the family. 1) Premium Connectivity - a data connection is needed for streaming or browsing. This can be either premium connectivity or you can use your phone as a hotspot. See this link for details. Connectivity 2) USD ports are in center console in front...
  27. EVFamilyGrins

    Plaid Horsepower and Torque

    Tesla is not under reporting HP. The Plaid was originally designed to use the new 4680 cells. The current 18650 packs just can't utilize the full specs of the motors. Once they get the 4680 cells going, maybe we'll get an updated Plaid+ with the full 1,200HP or the long awaited Roadster 2.0.
  28. EVFamilyGrins

    Supercharging once weekly - no home charger

    One other thing to consider is how busy the SC's are. My son can't charge at his apartment so uses 100% SC. His biggest complaints are the wait times can be over an hour and regularly over 15 mins (even late at night) and SC limits charge to 80% so he has to charge more often and can be a pain...
  29. EVFamilyGrins

    charging at detached garage - dedicated circuit or sub panel?

    Agree with Rocky_H, the panel gives more flexibility which I find pays for itself in the future. If your main panel will support it, I would have them price out cost of a 60A or 80A line/panel to the the garage and maybe 60A to HPWC. Depending on the cost, never hurts to have more options to...
  30. EVFamilyGrins

    Running battery down as shakedown test?

    Are you seeing something that indicates that the estimated range is a lot lower than expected? I would not expect a new Tesla to need to recalibrate the BMS as there has not been a significant amount of charge/discharge cycles which cause the cells to get slightly out of sync in expected...
  31. EVFamilyGrins

    Plaid Horsepower and Torque

    No one has been able to dyno a Plaid to confirm the hp. However, just because the motors are rated at 400hp each, does not mean the car is delivering enough current to get full hp out of motors. Tesla has to balance performance vs range and battery health. A 1/4 mile pass uses 3% and I wonder...
  32. EVFamilyGrins

    Two+ Model Y's...Why?

    Ours are garaged, but we have not seen any significant range loss while parked outside during the day, even on sub-zero days. Biggest issue to leaving outside in cold overnight is the drain to warm battery up when you leave and there is a noticeable drop in regen performance with a cold...
  33. EVFamilyGrins

    Two+ Model Y's...Why?

    FWIW - we have been all EV since 2018 with a M3 and MS. No issues at all with cold and both are great in the snow even with "all-season" tires. The ability to pre-warm car with the app is great in the winter!
  34. EVFamilyGrins

    Plaid Horsepower and Torque

    The Plaid's advantage is the new carbon fiber sleeves on the electric motor rotors. This allows the Plaid to have a near linear torque curve and have that full torque instantly available anytime. Tesla says peak horsepower happens at 80 mph and holds steady all the way to 200 mph (once Tesla...
  35. EVFamilyGrins

    Where's My Energy Graph?

    Energy screen is under the App launcher on the bottom of main screen.
  36. EVFamilyGrins

    Ever feel during test drives some have weaker regen?

    While the Model 3 and Y are share a lot of parts, they are different vehicles. Tesla may have set regen on the Y stronger to offset the heavy weight. Also, Telsa is constantly tweaking items, so there could be a difference between regen setting on a 2019 Model Y vs a 2021 Y/3. Be...
  37. EVFamilyGrins

    Disappearing software updates

    I believe an important part of the recent updates (particularly the minor bug fixes) are driven by data collection for FSD training. Tesla asks cars for videos of specific cases to train the Neural Network. This is why there has been an increase in “Minor Bug Fixes” releases recently as they...
  38. EVFamilyGrins

    Cancelling Tesla trade-in after accepting

    many people have found that Tesla will match offers from third parties like Vroom and Carmax. Contact your sales rep and ask if they will match.
  39. EVFamilyGrins

    Really? Is no one talking about the Chevy Bolt?

    Majority of automotive world doesn't even know the Bolt exists, so story doesn't generate eyeballs. Lack of perceived interest combined advertising dollars mean no story. BMW had a similar issue years ago with ICE cars catching fire when parked and media only mildly covered it. As unfair as...
  40. EVFamilyGrins

    Autopilot with Navigation needs a bit of work

    Autopilot and FSD can be great or horrible, depending on your expectations. FSD and Autopilot are “Beta” versions and a work in progress. You are not paying for a completed project, but purchasing (at a discount) the chance to be involved in the process and see how the proverbial sausage is...
  41. EVFamilyGrins

    Autopilot with Navigation needs a bit of work

    Not every exit is eligible for NOA. In the turn directions, exits that are NOA eligible will display a small autopilot icon next to the exit number
  42. EVFamilyGrins

    Unhappy with how trade in value decreased for unexplained reason

    Remember, Tesla is not a typical car dealer and does not sell used cars (other than Tesla's), so most of the trade ins get sold to dealers via auctions. So it makes sense to shop around and if you get a better offer, Generally Telsa will match an offer from Carmax/vroom. Some states...
  43. EVFamilyGrins

    Thinking about trading in my 2019 Subaru WRX, have some questions

    Another option is to sell the car to a private party. It is more work, but you are not in a rush to sell and you should get a better price. You can always go back to the Vroom/carmax route if selling privately doesn't work out for you.
  44. EVFamilyGrins

    How important is LTE?

    The biggest difference between Premium connectivity and using phone wifi hotspot is that navigation will not VISUALIZE traffic. Traffic patterns are still accounted for in route planning and ETA, just not displayed on screen. Using you phone as a hotspot is doable but not easy. Every time...
  45. EVFamilyGrins

    Which used model 3 would you choose?

    Some Facts: Prior to 2019 Telsa offered EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) which included TACC, Navigate on Autopilot, auto lane changes, summon and self parking. FSD was a separate option. In 2019, Tesla made TACC standard and bundled all the other EAP features into FSD. The Stealth Performance will...

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