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    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    No issues, would definitely buy again
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    Overnight test drive 3 row Y

    Taking apart a car he does not own seems rather inappropriate, even if it is just small stuff.
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    If it isn't "range anxiety", how do I figure it out?

    Sounds reasonable, also depends on your interior temp. I usually assume 50% range in the winter to be safe. Heat pump will make little difference at 27 F. last night I was able to get to almost rated efficiency in 35 F doing the following: Drive the speed limit, which was between 55 and 65...
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    Y still does not qualify for $2500 MA rebate after the $3K price cut

    As much as I would like you to get into your new model Y... if the incentive is a critical part of your budgeting, I would not rely solely on the advisor. You can contact mor-ev directly at 866-900-4223 or [email protected] and they will be able to tell you with certainty. I have contacted...
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    Santa Mode

    I have EAP with original hardware, no FSD computer. Model y behavior seems inconsistent. I turned on Santa Mode while driving using hohoho and no music, no turning bells, no sleigh, just snow. When my son later the same day used hohoho in park, snow plus music. Still no sleigh. both cars...
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    Santa Mode

    For model 3 it used to be 3D sleigh while driving and top view when parked. Snow falling and cars rendered as reindeer. This was really only available for Christmas 2017 and 2018. With v10 and the new visualization, reindeer and 3D sleigh went away. Top view in park remained, as did the turning...
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    Very Dim Backup/Reverse Lights?

    I agree that it could be better
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    Tesla reduces price of FSD for EAP owners

    Yes, you would get the new hardware
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    Tesla reduces price of FSD for EAP owners

    Is it $1000 or $2000? I seem to remember seeing $7k after the latest increase, now $5k
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    Bizarre Mobile Service Appointment Today

    A bit off topic but might be helpful: assuming you have one of the more recent software versions installed, you can set it such that you get a notification when your door is open for an extended amount of time.
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    Thoughts on 2018 Model 3 LR RWD

    I have a 2018 LR with a 27xxx VIN. Really happy with it, 50k miles now. Used to have an SR+ also and just exchanged that for a Y. Given the choice I would go with the LR for added range,EAP, nicer interior lights, fog lights, and better audio. Please also keep in mind that SR+ charges slower...
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    2021 Models Building Soon?

    We plan to keep our MY for a while and we’re happy to have a 2020 VIN. The way vehicle tax are handled here in MA, a 2021 year would have been about $500 more over the next 8-10 years. Most likely some insurance savings also. Not sure how much the trade in difference will be in 10 years on a...
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    Tesla Website - Chat/No Chat

    Pop-up blocker?
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    Wow...Tesla service really is that bad....

    Sorry to hear about your experience. It does not match my experience with 2 model 3s and 1 model Y, which has been quite positive so far. All three of them had small issues to fix here and there, but alignment and paint has been pretty good. Always got a loaner when car had to stay overnight...
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    I am sorry you feel disappointed and I can relate to a certain degree. Probably most of us have bought something in the past just to see the price drop a week later. Similarly, most of us also have experienced the opposite where we “got lucky” and made a purchase before the price of an item went...
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    Full charge distance reduction?

    It will go up and down a bit each time, also depending on temperature. It might even go up after charging if you charge it in the cold and then it gets warmer during the day. Degradation will only show over time, statistically.
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    Last minute delivery location changes?!

    Sorry to hear this. How did the situation end? It is too late now but I would have recommended to just show up for your original appointment. That way it would likely be easier to connect with a real person. Good luck and enjoy the car once you get it!
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    Model Y White Interior & Full Self Driving option

    Had the white interior for a year now in a model 3. Got it again when we traded in the 3 for a Y. It is amazing and held up well with school age kids riding and snacking in it every day. Just keep baby wipes (store brand works fine) in the car to clean. Easy.
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    range boost for model Y likely?

    Sticker in the frunk says 74kWh, but that may be the physical size. Interesting though because I think model 3 has 75
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    White Color Mismatch Unacceptable

    Took delivery today, white on white and it looks beautiful. Vin 43xxx, made in August. Door trim was slightly misaligned but they fixed that within 10 mins. Gaps are good. Had to touch up a little corner where paint looked damaged, but it was basically inside the gap, so not visible unless you...
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    Repeat buyer perks

    Yes, referring yourself works. Last year it was also possible to get the 1000 miles for existing car and 2 years free supercharging for new car. I was hoping to get 2000 this year for upgrading to Y bit it sounds like it will be only 1000?
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    CarMax help please

    To add another data point, located in New England. I listed multiple numbers chronologically where I requested updated offers: Carvana: 32.7k - 31.7k - 30.9k CarMax: 34k Tesla: 32k (equivalent to 34.1k with trade in tax advantage) Vroom: 35k Local major OEM franchise dealer: about 37k. Sold it...
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    CarMax help please

    This must me strongly region dependent, or just not many blue cars available at carvana. They are offering me $30,900 for a white-white SR+ with less than 10k miles. Disappointing.
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    Model Y drive unit type “E” in vin

    Perfect, thank you!
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    Model Y drive unit type “E” in vin

    Sorry if this has been posted before, a quick search did not return any relevant results. My VIN has an E for drive unit, which is not included in the decoder at Teslarati. F is performance and B is Standard Dual motor. What is E? Could that be one of those cases where a performance motor is...
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    Driving Route 66 - in a model 3?

    Did that drive about 20 years ago (not in a Tesla, obviously). Wonderful experience, but much of the old road was already gone then. I think I read they took most of the signs down a few years back, so you might want to stick to highway for stretches and just pick your “old road” parts where you...
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    Chrome coming off door handle

    Updat: just picked up the car from SC and it’s all fixed. The first picture I submitted was taking in the dark and they replied “no defect” but after submitting it again with better pictures the appointment was confirmed and fixed in about an hour. No charge, despite the car officially being out...
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    Sold my '19 model 3

    Good trade-In value, still. I guess it depends on where you are located. Carvana is offering ~34 for my white SR+ with 9500 miles. Anybody know if there is a way to specify white interior on carvana? It did not ask me about that during the questionnaire.
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    Chrome coming off door handle

    Taking post back to original topic... Same here, noticed it end of August. 2018 27xxx VIN, also in the rear Passenger side but on top of handle. In touch with SC right now.

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