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    Interesting Software Bug

    When I push the "Push-to-talk" button (top right on the steering wheel of my Model S): nothing happens. When I honk the horn: the car internal speaker beeps and a little sign comes up encouraging me o give a verbal command. I have done a re-boot (two scroll wheels): no effect. The top-right...
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    This makes the wait easier to take....

    This link suddenly made me excited for the new Model S again, instead of being bored and frustrated by the wait. I wonder if the active aero is on a Plaid+?? https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-s-plaid-deliveries-testing-laguna-seca-spoiler/
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    Ouch! 280K for Plaid +!

    Whoa, big price rise for the Plaid+ Over 280k now. I'm hoping that they honour the old price! They did (despite crazy AUD / USD changes) back in 2015 , so hopefully this time too. At that price , it will push a few folks towards the Taycan , I suspect...
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    New batteries already driving vehicles

    Tesla's new 4680 battery cells have been deployed in working vehicles for months I wonder how far away consumer cars with 4680's are? End next year sounds like a long time!
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    New, Plaid, Model S

    So they have announced the Plaid Model S: 830km range. That’s enough for me. Not available to order on the Au site yet- towards the end of next year is perfect for me, so I’m just waiting for the button to appear before I click. Sub-2 second 0-60mph time is also nuts, but the extreme range makes...
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    New Suspension Updates

    I am really surprised that Tesla could further improve the suspension on my Model S Performance. The latest update, 2020.32.3, gives a (geek-heaven) readout of all the suspension parameters and allows you to adjust lots of them. I set the suspension to "Advanced" mode, dial up firmest and...
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    Cheetah Mode and 0-100 time Reproducibilty

    Teslarati showed some data from a Model S re-test, after the earlier tests showed a marked rise in 0-100km/h times when a Model S is forced to perform back-to-back sprints. I found the data interesting, but had not seen it referenced on this board, hence the link: Tesla Model S shows drastic...
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    Tesla or Hybrids Rental Tassie December

    Not easy to find a Tesla or Hybrid to rent in Tassie (8-15 December). Anyone able to help ? If you're in Sydney, you can borrow mine if we can sort insurance out safely...
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    Luxury Carpets?

    My first Tesla (Model S 2015 P85D) had the most lovely thick, soft floor mats. Recent Teslas have thinner, less luxurious floor mats. Anyone know a reliable source for good quality, luxurious ones?
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    Model S Price Rise

    So, after MUCH mucking around, despite the loss of my "Free Ludicrous" option, I made up my mind and went to ORDER a Raven Performance Model S this arvo. Clicked on order button- "There is an error" So I started again: Price has risen by about 4000 dollars since this morning. Almost all because...
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    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    Easy question- anybody?
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    Mobile Service in Sydney

    I had the Tesla Mobile Service out to my place this morning to replace my windscreen washer pump. I only booked a few days ago, so the timing was impressive. Arrived on time, fixed it in mins, checked the tyre pressures and had a quick chin wag about my first Tesla (P85DL he worked on) and...
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    Parking/charging at Kingsford-Smith

    Anyone have a way to park cheaply and charge @Sydney Kingsford-Smith? Just need a few nights while flying domestic... Any Tesla options there? Amex / Frequent Flyer / other way to find a spot to park and charge? Thanks for any clues!!
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    Does USB music have ANY Dolby content?

    When I listen to music off the USB stick, there is zero sound from the rear speakers in Dolby mode. Is this normal? I seem to remember it used to make some kind of noise, but none now???
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    Got sick of waiting for.42, so I reset the displays

    and bugger me, 30 minutes later, the phone tells me a new download is available. 2017.42 a88c8d5 installed in 30 minutes or so. I don’t know if the display-reset trick really works, but there has been a temporal association for me several times! So, off to drive for a bit and see what all the...
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    Brand New HPWC for sale Sydney

    Hi I'm aware of the "parts for sale" thread on the main forums, but I assumed that Australian sales would be swamped on that US-centric forum. So mods, move this if it seems differently to you. I have a brand new, in unopened box Wall Connector (TESLA PN: 1050067-01-E) for sale in Sydney. Aussie...
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    No more P90DL? P85DL faster?

    I note that the P90D no longer has the Ludicrous option on the Au Tesla website. So where does this leave a new car buyer? Is the P85DL faster than a (new battery generation) P90D? Sorry- I have searched the main forums but the search results are very diluted by older threads.... Many many...
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    Learn from my mistake: locked out

    I'm always telling my children (and junior colleagues, for that matter) about my previous errors, and try to help them learn from those errors. Tesla-wise: I parked outside the café where I always buy breakfast for the weekend staff. Left the car key in my bag in the back seat. I do this twice a...
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    Does your cable organiser fit?

    ok, I've had the Model S for some time now, but only had the HPWcharger installed in my garage for a short time. On the weekend I screwed the black bracket to the wall, went to plug the cable in and : it doesn't fit. I tried a few times- am I going mad? Does yours fit??? Here is a link to the...
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    Hello! Visiting East US in December- advice??

    Hello all, I've been a member for some time, super-happy to be driving my blue P85DL here in Sydney. So fast, so smooth, so quiet, and a fantastic commuter vehicle across the Sydney Harbour Bridge every day! I ordered it the day D -orders opened here in Australia, and not an ounce of regret...
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    Gigafactory Opening Event- Lottery

    Is anyone going to enter the lottery Tesla are opening to the current owners? They say they have reserved "a few" spots for us- wonder how many that is?? I'll be stuck in Sydney bug it would be great fun to go and see it- looks like a massive building, and the solar panel roof is amazing! Wonder...
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    Wall Charger Issues

    I have been getting by with a GPO (normal 10amp wall three pin plug) as my power source at home for the last six months of Tesla ownership- only once have I decided to use the (close-by) Supercharger to augment my charging rate. But eventually I got around to having the Tesla wall charger...
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    Tee-hee hee!

    Have you guys seen the Whirlpool Forums thread on the Model 3? It's gone totally nuts since the reveal, and it's full (mostly) of people suddenly trusting Tesla and ordering their cars. It used to be half crazy fanboys and half baselessly-virulent Tesla-haters. Also, just as predicted by one of...
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    Tesla Service in Australia

    I was getting some gardening done, and the skip left in my driveway made access to my charger at home impossible. So I went to Artarmon for free juice. While Tesla Swift was on the Supercharger, I asked if a tech could do the seatbelt check. Yes, all done in 2 minutes. "while you're here" I said...
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    Sydney-Tamworth fast chargers??

    I've seen a good thread for Syd-Brisbane, but are there any fast (-ish) charging opportunities on the New England? The Newcastle SCharger can't come fast enough!!
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    My charge port just opened....

    .... for the first time ever. Clicked the button on the charge cable, and there it went: pop! Just thought I'd share.
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    Rated Range dropped by 10km on 7.1

    Hi guys My 90% on the P85D was regularly (and I'm a boring predictable person with a boring predictable driving pattern) 362km. Since 7.1 it has said 352 both mornings. Anyone else noted same? I'm infused, sure it hasn't ACTUALLY changed anything, just thought it odd.
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    Tesla App Notifications

    I would like to be able to review all the "Your Tesla started / Stopped charging at xxxxhours with the battery at xxxkms" statements that I receive as notifications. I thought it might be interesting to collate that data over time. Is it stored anywhere, or once it's gone, it's gone??
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    Ludicrous upgrade will cost AU$8275.

    Just got the call.... A pleasant chap from Tesla Germany (!!!!) called and told me the price for the Ludicrous upgrade for my P85D. He asked if I was still interested: I told him that I'd like to know more details about what changes I could expect in the car- he said he'll get that information...
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    Can the Model S read texts from my phone?

    I'm surprised no one else seems to have mentioned this? My old car used to do it- very useful! But not the Tesla???
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    What Electricity Scheme? Solar on the Roof?

    As I'm feeling all electric these days, I'm contemplating putting a solar system on the roof. Has anyone in Sydney done this and is happy with the outcome? I would love your advice. Also, if I'm going to be buying electrons for the Tesla, I wonder if anyone has strong advice about best...
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    Tracking Production- possible once it starts??

    Is the car in a Black Box while being built, or can you follow its progress eg what bit they are currently sticking on it? And if I can't watch the CCTV of my car's production, then I want to know why!!!! (sorry, just excited about the build beginning. I am very, very boring and stable at work...

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