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    Going from 2017 Model S to 2022 M3P, any downsides?

    Hello. I'm currently considering selling my 2017 S75D, out of warranty, for a brand new 2022 M3P (available supposedly between June and August), for at least a year until my next car arrives. I know the model 3 is smaller and not hatchback like the S, but it will be considerably faster than my...
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    2 permanent magnet motors in the new LR refresh, source of the higher performance?

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but to me this is big news. This is mentioned on page 212 of the owner's manual. The previous S had a permanent magnet motor at front, and induction at the rear. Also I noticed the drive ratios are now 7.558:1 and 9.034:1, compared to 9.325:1 and...
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    Questions on HEPA filter upgrade.

    I was considering updating my 2017 Model S with the HEPA filter option and had a few (several!) questions: - for those of you who did the upgrade, do you consider worth it? - once you have the filter can you enable/disable it? or is it considered always on? - how long does the filter last...
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    Mcu Stuck In Reboot Loop. Is It Risky To Travel?

    I got my S75D back last Tuesday from the local SC in Montreal (some paint job had to be done). As I took the car and drove home I noticed the MCU was stuck in a reboot loop. The "T" would appear a few seconds, the it would go black screen, then "T", etc. I called the SC twice. The second...
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    Touch up paint for my 2017 model S Deep blue metallic, any recommendations?

    I have one tiny scratch on the edge of one door. After talking with my local service center they mentioned that they didn't have that paint (some explanation about the 3 layer paint, etc, etc). So I started searching on the net for it. I found sites like paintscratch and colorndrive But are...
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    UMC charging at no more than 26 amps (instead of 32) in the last couple of days.

    Had anyone experienced something similar? I observed this the first time a week ago when I plugged downtown into a public L2 charger. I could see 26/32 on the display, showing I was not going above 26 amps. I assumed at that point that the L2 charger has some limitations. But later, when...
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    Montreal-Hamilton road trip in a S75D. Yes it works!

    I just completed my first relatively long road trip, from Montreal QC to Hamilton ON and back last week, and wanted to write about it for people considering whether to go full EV or not. I left on a Tuesday afternoon, with nice weather (sunny, 22-23C). Car was charged at around 92%, showing...
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    Supercharger congestion with model 3 arrival?

    Hello. I recently did my first road trip in my S75D, a total of 1300km (round-trip), between Montreal, QC and Hamilton, Ontario. An amazing experience! I'll post another message about this. But one thing I noticed is on the way back when I stopped at the Port Hope supercharger, there were...
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    Where do your get your winter tires changed?

    Looks like Spring is finally here! And with it the tire change ritual (going from winter to all season) So I was curious to know where your guys are getting your tires changed. When I got my model S, in December, I asked the SC to do the install before delivery, but at 140$ I felt it was...
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    Police officer claim I didn't stop. Any data I can retrieve from my model S?

    Just got a fine two days ago. The officer claim I didn't do my stop. But I know very well I did it. I suspect he was not looking attentively, and since I usually accelerate quite fast (recent model S 75D) from stops, he must have seen me going quickly across the intersection. He claimed I...
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    Extensive review of Model S 75D (Dec 2017), including comparison to Volt 2013 and other cars.

    Introduction I just got my model S 75D a month ago, so I thought I would write a review now that I have accumulated already more than a 1,600 kms (1000 miles). This review is aimed at people who consider getting a model S and who might already be driving a Volt / Leaf / other EV. In fact I’ll...
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    Power meter on instrument panel graded at 200 on new 75D, is it normal?

    Hello. Just got my S75D a week ago. Performance is amazing. Beats any car I've owned before! One question however with respect to the power meter on the instrument panel: why is the highest number 200, considering the car can output easily over 300? I've read 320 or even as high as 355kw in...
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    Getting limited regen even after 1 hour of preheating, is it normal?

    I just got my S75D last week, in the coldest temps so far in Montreal this winter. I read about limited regen and experienced it, but I thought that by sufficiently preheating the car I would get full regen capability. But even with 1 hour of preheating I'm at about 30kw max regen. So the...
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    Good delivery experience in Montreal, and first driving impressions.

    Considering the number of posts about horror stories on delivery I thought I'd share mine, which was very positive overall. I arrived a few minutes early, last Wednesday, to get my S75D. After a few minutes my DS came with another person, who turned out to be the one really taking care of my...
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    What is the size (diameter) of the cable on the mobile connector.

    Question for actual owners, how big is the cable. The reason is my car will be in the driveway but my NEMA14-50 plug is in my garage (and garage too small to fit the car!). So I need to plan how the cable will go through. With my previous car (2013 Volt) the cable was small enough that it...
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    Delivery date just disappear, good news or bad news?

    Just like everybody who ordered I check my Tesla account page like 10 times a day! This morning I just noticed the delivery date, which was set for dec-early jan has disappeared. I still have the message "Your Tesla order has been confirmed and scheduled for production in our factory" however...
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    Question for people who got they model S/X through a custom order.

    Hello, I'm currently waiting for delivery of my S 75D, planned for December. Being in Canada (province of Quebec), winter tires are mandatory after Dec 15th. So obviously I asked my DS about how things work w/r to buying winter tires. Since I've gotten no replies after 3 emails and 2 phone...
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    Just ordered my 75D. Now 3 months before delivery?

    Hello, My order was confirmed on Oct 6th (Friday). And yes, I did use a friend's referal code. I was hoping for beginning of December for delivery, but on my account page it says "December - Early January". Is this normal? I live in Montreal btw. So maybe some Eastern Canada folks can post...
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    Question for Canadian owners who placed a custom order.

    Hello, I'm about to take the plunge and put a deposit on a 75D, via custom order, and I have two important questions for Canadian owners who did the same: - did the price of the model change between the time you ordered and the time it got delivered? given the wild fluctuations of the...
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    CPO, is it for real? What are your experiences?

    Hello all, I was curious as to how was the experience for people who went through the CPO to get a used Tesla. Because in my case it's been absolutely pathetic. Indeed two weeks ago I started wondering whether I should wait for model 3 or go for a used model S. I went to the website, looked...

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