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    Have some issues with a car after a sub-zero night

    Try a hard reset.
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    Action to petition to NHTSA to limit the use of beta FSD on Public Road

    How is that at all realistic? There are tons of people in cars that aren't driving. Also, there isn't one agency that is both desiring and capable of doing this.
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    Model 3 Trunk Lid Replacement Cost

    The unpainted trunk assembly cost $540 in 2019.
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    Model 3 will not shift to park

    Call roadside or take it straight to the SC as soon as you can if you need to use your car between now and your appointment.
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    Report: Tesla working with Samsung on 5nm FSD chip

    Why would Tesla need a custom infotainment system chip, instead of using something off the shelf?
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    Cooler air in late 2020 model 3?

    This is totally an anecdote, but I've only ever noticed my car blowing cold during the day and never when it is dark out. Suspect it has to do with the cabin getting too warm through solar radiation and the HVAC is trying to bring it back down to the set temp too quickly. But I'm not seeing this...
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    Phone unlocks door but key card needed to drive

    Always is not required. I have mine set as "While Using"
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    Tesla 2021 SR+ Won't drive (BMS_a151 BMS_a192 BMS_a035)

    Not only is this a new car, but OP's location is listed as Orange County. What winter?
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    They certainly do not. How do Lyft/Uber/Taxis operate right now?
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    Headlight, turn signal, wipers dead

    Why are people recommending scheduling an appointment? These are critical required safety features that are inoperable. Either take it directly to the service center without an appointment (if it is safe to do so, ie daytime/not raining), or call roadside.
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    2021 LR not getting 250 kw at V3?

    That is definitely not enough time to warm a battery. Probably need at least double that time.
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    Navigation Data NA-2020 48-12628

    I had online chat fix a stuck update earlier this year.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Tesla offered great deals to employees in 2018Q4 on the Model 3 in exchange for beta testing FSD. Something like free EAP+FSD.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    There’s no way. That’s basically saying robo taxi will be here in 1 year.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    I'd like to see that without the lead car.
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    Does Whole Mars Catalog hit the curb at 16:40?

    Absolutely does. The car jolts.
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    Discussion of A/C use in cold weather

    You act as if it is is always 20c+ around Palo Alto. It was 4c this morning, and during the winter, snow can be less than 30 mins away from the HQ. Also, plenty of people go skiing for the weekend.
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    2021 M3 SR+ & 82 kw battery

    Weight means basically nothing at highway speeds. The advantage is during acceleration and braking.
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    FSD 6k vs 10k

    NoA wasn't available until well after EAP was introduced as an option.
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    Waymo Says Its Self-Driving Tech Is More Advanced Than Tesla FSD, Others

    At this point, Waymo is completely correct. They have driverless cars on public streets. Tesla is currently nowhere close to that.
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    Can FSD Pull this off?

    That has little to do with OP's concern.
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    Pre-painted Parts Replacement / Bay Area, CA?

    Did you try the first party body repair center in San Jose? Body Shop Support
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    it does not take a large steering input to change lanes. I would in fact call that a minor steering input. A large steering input is something like one you use to take a u turn or switchback.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    I don't particularly care about green one way or another. However, it appears to me that you're throwing a lot of things out in this thread that seem somewhat misleading about his statements. What's his bias? That he feels Tesla is still a long way off to robo-taxis? Frankly, I agree. FSD beta...
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Take it up with green, not me. I do believe that it could be a valid point of view though, and that nothing he is saying is contradictory. I don't know why you are so worked up about green. It's been like a week and you're still at it.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Tesla showed a lot of this during autonomy day. What they haven't demonstrated is a hands-off/unattended drive, which is what Green appears to be focusing on.
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    Model 3 rear-ended by driver insured by Leader/Infinity/Kemper Insurance in GA

    That looks near identical to the damage I got from a full sized pickup truck, except I didn't have any quarter panel/pillar damage that a little touch up paint didn't fix. Not sure yours is actually any different for that panel. Cost $7500 at the first party Tesla Body Repair Center in San Jose...
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    I did read the thread. No, I don't believe he is saying all that much more than that, unless you're talking about the somewhat different topic of overnight NN/map updates. There's then some talk on how Green doesn't see this as a step change towards robo-taxis, which again, he is entitled to his...
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Green didn't say "that is not FSD rewrite". What he did say is that what was released to beta isn't what he is waiting for. There is a difference and people are trying to infer something that isn't reflected in this series of tweets. Why is this controversial for you? Green is entitled to his...
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    What's wrong with that? He seems to believe that there are more fundamental architecture changes coming.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Together with your previous posts in this thread, it is obvious that you have some kind of personal problem with green (among others in this thread). How is this relevant at all to the past few pages of discussion?
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    Interesting data on how weather affects your range

    It easily takes my car 30 miles/30 mins to get a full bar of regen in Bay Area winters, from sitting overnight. So I'm really surprised that you can get full regen in 12 minutes. Going into my 3rd winter.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    History of self-driving cars - Wikipedia
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    Wish I had dual visors

    They exist. Mercedes does it on some models.
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    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    You're showing instant range while doing 700+ wh/mi. That's not surprising.
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    POLL: Best Resale? White/White VS. White/Black

    I doubt it will make a big difference. You're definitely not going to earn back that $1k differential upon ordering.
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    What does the kWh used on the cards include?

    No...? What is the Model 3 SR+ battery size?
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    Total braking system failure?

    That's exactly what it would feel like. It is a lot hard than you would expect, nothing like a normal brake feel. IME, you'll need to pull against the steering wheel and/or put your back into it to get the right leverage.
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    Total braking system failure?

    I highly doubt it was a "total braking system failure," especially if the pedal was "locked." Sounds like the brake booster failed/was unpowered, but the system is still pressurized and will still work if you really lean into the pedal.
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    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    I said that ‘like-for-like, the newer car is going to be more desired.’ Are you really disputing that?
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    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    Logical or not, a one year “newer” car will have better resale value like-for-like. This is how the auto market has worked for decades.
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    Model 3 toy car at delivery?

    I never got one as a Day 0 reservation holder.
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    Speed limit detect disaster

    This is pretty basic OCR stuff though, and would be a totally expected result if it looked close enough to fool humans. Do note that the original "hack" was from 35 to 85 (and it didn't look like 85 to a human) with a single piece of straight tape, not 65 to 85. Not exactly the same thing we're...
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    Speed limit detect disaster

    There's no reason to believe that a sign which reads 85 to anybody driving by wouldn't also be read as 85 by AP2.0+.
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    Can someone help me understand how my battery is possibly 75 kWh?

    That has nothing to do with this conversation.
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    HELP! New 2020 SR+ versus used 2018 MR?

    mr is around 200kwh, not 170 Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range To Supercharge At Up To 200 kW
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    Facelift Model3 Teaser

    "LOOOOOOL" at this post. Not only does the Model 3 get out performed by other mainstream cars in the US, the OP that you're replying to is in the EU where it is well-established that headlight technology is far more advanced than what is used on US roads and US manufacturers..
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    Grumpy vehicle safety inspector

    Customer service is a two way street. You can’t good or reasonable service if you are unhelpful about it. What’s so hard about spending 1 min to give him the keycard and tell him how to operate the car?
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    Wonder why Toyota likes to do that

    Seems like you were the only one racing there..

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