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  1. DDB

    Wanted: An Electric Runabout

    Tony, I know you pop in now and again on the forums--glad to see it. But considering a conversion? Say it ain't so. With all of the disaster stories of conversions, my bet is you'd be happier with a leaf and a gasser (even a Sky...whatever). My point is, you and me will one day own an EV...
  2. DDB

    Nissan Leaf

    I suppose everyone has their limits.
  3. DDB

    Nissan Leaf

    I'm sure most of you already heard, but Ghosn said that the Nissan already sold out of the Leafs: http://green.autoblog.com/2010/05/25/carlos-ghosn-2011-nissan-leaf-sold-out/ I'm not sure what to make of it other than $99 deposits are unreliable. However, I came within an inch of putting...
  4. DDB

    Nissan Leaf

    I concur with this quote. I haven't been on here for a while...but once I heard about the price of the LEAF, I thought the same thing...gamechanger. I'll throw this price at a POS just to try it out. Now I'm thinking I may put down my deposit just for the hell of it. I wish it were an...
  5. DDB

    08 Tesla Roadster for Sale

    Where do you live?
  6. DDB

    Chinese BYD EV

    Okay, we have a $40,000 price point (approx), range of 186 miles and speed of 99 mph which IMO is not bad considering what is on the market today, set for release in 2010. WHERE ARE THE TEST DRIVES? Warren, these should be all over the place :confused: I'm still in the "I'll believe it when I...
  7. DDB

    DDB has a 54 Vette?

    Oh no, it's close. Same year engine, same everything (except it supposedly came out of a truck). Blue flame something--I think I"ll sell it and keep it together then buy my Tesla. Although it's an interesting question if anyone with a donor car has tried to pick-up a Tesla part like an engine.
  8. DDB

    Opinions of value please

    Maybe it's just me, but I think location of the vehcile is important. For a buyer in the Midwest, shipping would be expensive... But availability of a used Roadster is nill. i think there are about 3 in Ohio.
  9. DDB

    DDB has a 54 Vette?

    It's a frame off restoration; pretty car. Non-matching engine though. Otherwise, everything is darn authentic. I've got pics back home...now if i knew how to post :rolleyes:
  10. DDB

    Nissan Drops the EV Bomb

    I think it'll be a little more complete than Chrysler's ENVI deal with the minivan, Jeep, and Circuit a while back. I'm excited and believe they may have something mainstream.
  11. DDB

    A Fundraising Effort for Tesla Should be Started

    Yep, and on that note, if it can't compete against the big boys, then it should probably fail. Sorry if this sounds political or ideological, but it's how our market [should] works.
  12. DDB

    GM Chevy Volt

    ha ha. Really, the article focuses solely on the economic argument and not on those that purchase vehicles for other reasons. Have people forgot about the environment, oil independence, and/or latest gizmo in technology? Picard should be more open-minded.
  13. DDB

    Toyota's PHEV/REEV Plans

    It's projected to be more expensive than the Volt! Interesting...
  14. DDB

    Fisker Karma

    Cobos, I think you nailed it with availabilty... I think Fisker is toast if they don't hit the market soon. It is a cool looking car, I admit, but for the price, I think I may just opt for a Volt AND Model S, you know?
  15. DDB

    Mitsubishi Motors i MiEV

    "to less than 2 million yen ($21,000)" That is a CHEAP car. I'd like to see them pull that off here... If they can, I'd say they won the EV for the masses race.
  16. DDB

    Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla Motors

    How about this poll... what will happen first: trial or Model S on the streets?:tongue: My vote is trial (at 15 months).
  17. DDB

    Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla Motors

    I suspect ME is more of one of those clients that have a bit of a reputation and dictate what "facts" are alleged in a complaint rather than what needs to be in there. There are any number of attorneys that would jump to help him. Rather than piss the client off, you simply add them...speaking...
  18. DDB

    Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla Motors

    If I'm advising Tesla, without reading the Complaint, I seriously contemplate making a settlement offer to Martin--I'd suspect money is not a main objective in this lawsuit (which is extremely unusual as Martin would only injure his baby because Tesla would likely have to indemnify Elon for all...
  19. DDB

    The 5 Companies That Will Survive The Electric Car Bust

    Quote: its Model S is 90% ready, though it will be pricey, might attract a decent population of buyers. That's quite a statement, which I'd like to believe but can't quite swallow. :rolleyes:
  20. DDB

    Electric car's of Sacrmamento

    Brits...always so proper.
  21. DDB

    Coda Automotive (formerly Miles Automotive Group)

    Cobos, I'm not sure what you are trying to say here is it the following? Maybe in short, this car was not projected to cost this much. I think if it did cost $20-25K USD, they may have a winner. Otherwise, I'd agree with all the other comments.
  22. DDB

    Production/Delivery Status

    That was a fantastic description! Most truthful so far.
  23. DDB

    Tesla in deal with Daimler (part zwei)

    If they can't make the Smart affordable...aren't we all screwed?:rolleyes:
  24. DDB

    Will Tesla accept Trade-Ins?

    Since Tesla is the only EV manufacturer...it makes sense they would take a Tesla. But there are no others on the market at present....or am I wrong? It may make good marketing sense but probably not good financial sense at the moment. Conversions? Wishful thinking, but how would Tesla know...
  25. DDB

    Ownership Question

    What will be interesting is when third-party knock-offs may enter the market. Not that there would be much of a market. But with the model-S or a "universal" charge-kit...who the hell knows.
  26. DDB

    Coda Automotive (formerly Miles Automotive Group)

    My God does Miles have anything done? Sounds a lot like Phoenix...delay delay...bankruptcy...And $45K is not going to fly at all with the Ford Focus EV and Volt for selling less than $45K (as well as Mitsu and others).
  27. DDB

    Volkswagen to reveal EV

    Does a Memorandum of Understanding imply that VW will form a joint venture of sorts with BYD technology? I'm not sure we can assume that... Maybe a concept with the intention of buying its drivetrain and batteries from BYD--I suppose that makes sense. Does anyone think this has to do with...
  28. DDB

    Bluestar in light of Daimler partnership

    Good point--but that's where Tesla made it work. They developed their vehicle on a shoestring budget. Give them another shot with blue star and then let Damler refine it along with economy of scale and now we're talking. Bluestar could be advanced quickly. Hell, they could even take the...
  29. DDB

    Tesla in deal with Daimler (part zwei)

    Speaking of viability...and government money...what about plans for a US PLANT???
  30. DDB

    Model S range options - would you pay for more than 160miles?

    I like the option of purchasing the pack I need....and no, I would not like to pay more for the additional range. Nice to have choice though. :biggrin:
  31. DDB

    Ford Focus EV = Model S competition ???!???

    We don't have a price point yet...hold your horses. If this thing comes in at the MiEV price, look out!
  32. DDB

    Coda Automotive (formerly Miles Automotive Group)

    And if history is any guide... Phoenix goes down and now Miles... does not bode well for start-ups with ambitious goals of quality low-cost highway capable EVs.
  33. DDB

    Phoenix Motorcars SUT/SUV

    too long. That'll take years. And then to market...longer.
  34. DDB

    Model S in NY

    AhhhahhHhhHaaa -- It would be cheaper than the going rate of 2 Roadsters and a Model S.
  35. DDB

    Phoenix Motorcars SUT/SUV

    Phoenix...up in flames Allegedly filed for Chapter 11. Sad. Phoenix Motorcars files for Chapter 11
  36. DDB

    Model S in NY

    Want to place bets it's the government funding and purchase of the Whitestar plant? What else would it be?
  37. DDB

    Roadster in Ohio!

    Well, answers my question. 3 in Ohio. I'll be driving through Hamilton Co. tomorrow--I'll be on the lookout for your Roadster W8MM.
  38. DDB

    Fisker Karma

  39. DDB

    Dodge Circuit EV (Lotus Europa conversion)

    If I calculated this right a conversion site, it's about $80,000 USD. That's reasonable to me!
  40. DDB

    Hyatt event, chargers being installed

    If any of the moderators are listening, maybe we should ad a new permanent thread about charging stations. Thoughts anyone?
  41. DDB

    stolen video

    We know, we're halfway joking around. If I took video I'd at least mention the source! You've got a new resume builder at the least :redface:
  42. DDB

    Charging Station standards

    Terrific explanation for us laymen. I don't much care to see a HD v. Blu-Ray battle especially when one would have to pay for a charging station of sorts...
  43. DDB

    Charging Station standards

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but I thought it was worth posting that, "GM notes at next week’s meeting of the Society of Automotive Eng inners, there is actually a Task Force that will convene to continue its work in trying to make SAE J1772 the industry standard." Does anyone know if...
  44. DDB

    stolen video

    Anyone can sue...but what are your damages? :confused: Of course, I don't know much about copyright violations...anyone here know IP? Sorry, I wouldn't take your case.
  45. DDB

    GM Chevy Volt

    WW, you get the feeling the Fed is planning on raising the gas tax anytime soon? :rolleyes:
  46. DDB

    Chinese BYD EV

    ...lot of impressive numbers, but has anyone reliable actually driven the thing for a reliable review?
  47. DDB

    Chinese BYD EV

    If BYD has only sold 80 of these things AND it's true that the 60 mile AER is limited to NEV speeds of about 31 mph, I think this vehicle is DOA: BYD FD3M, World’s First Mass Produced Electric Car, Not Catching on in China | GM-VOLT : Chevy Volt Electric Car Site And Doug, I agree...
  48. DDB

    Fisker Karma

    I think our definition of "reasonably close" is substantially different. Many people would jump to Tesla just because of the difference, regardless of technology--I'd bet. I may be one.
  49. DDB

    Puma GM Segway EV

    IMO it looks like a wheel chair on steroids. What is GM thinking when they are in dire straits?
  50. DDB

    Fisker Karma

    The VCs are great, but what is the end game? Is it in volume? The IPO? Closely held? Really, does anyone here know the promise of the VCs throwing the money in?

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