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  1. moonfresh

    Software update required contact tesla service

    Update: they were able to reset it remotely, which means I just updated the software again. FSD/autopilot back to normal. Yeah! No charge. My 2018 LRRWD has 82k with HW3. Thanks everyone.
  2. moonfresh

    Software update required contact tesla service

    Hey Guys, I just got this problem. Mobile appointment on 11/18. Going to ask if it can be done via the air. Last, do they charge to reset/update the software? Thanks.
  3. moonfresh

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    Didn't Elon say we would be able to see it on our screens one day? Thought I saw a request on Twitter a while back.
  4. moonfresh

    Higher mileage Model 3's chime in

    90%...just got the new software update. Let's see if I get some more miles.
  5. moonfresh

    Higher mileage Model 3's chime in

    Got 58k on my M3 LR RWD. Charges to 305-307 miles. Would of had 80k by now if not for Covid. Plan on driving it till the wheels fall off...like my 2005 Prius with 456k (still going). What model do you have?
  6. moonfresh

    Double billing on Superchargers

    Good for you...I got 56k on my M3, so I've been around the block. Tip: always check your charges.
  7. moonfresh

    Double billing on Superchargers

    Hey Folks, Any of you get billed twice on the superchargers? This may be my 2nd time. The 1st time was identical price, kwh, and time. Emailed Tesla and they took care of it. I had to send in a screenshot because they somehow don't have the capabilites to look it up, even when the date/time is...
  8. moonfresh

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    It's now .27kwh. I normally try to come here near empty to take advantage of the 2 tier charging rate. But it is now gone. It was nice while it last.
  9. moonfresh

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    Hey guys, Did they just removed the 2 tier charging rates for the Primm? Looks like it. When was this? Charging is expensive now...and slow. Looks like it wants me to be here forever. Wtf?
  10. moonfresh

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Hey Buddy, are you saying those wires can be mistakenly installed? I thought all the wires only go in one way. My frunk power closes, but when I try to open it, it comes down right away--power opens for like a inch. Having read this thread since page 30, you're the closest one with my problem. I...
  11. moonfresh


    Thanks everyone. Tesla removed the service fee. Probably a glitch in their system.
  12. moonfresh


    Hey, is there a service fee of any kind for the upgrade? I already paid for my FSD last year. I am due for an upgrade next week, after I complained about some glitches. Today, they sent me a service bill, $96, and labor rates.
  13. moonfresh

    Primm Vegas Superchargers

    Hey everyone, Just to let you guys/gals know that you can still charge at the Primm resort. There are barriers blocking all entrances to the parking lot; however, you can still slide in between the barriers.
  14. moonfresh

    Just wrapped my OEM 19" wheels in some new rubber!

    Have 40k on my continentals. Treads still look great...70-80%. Only did 1 rotation at 10k. Hoping to get another 20k out of them.
  15. moonfresh

    Has Anyone Else Gone Anti-Stealth Model 3???

    Looks great! What are the specs on those lowering springs? Thanks.
  16. moonfresh

    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    My M3 is going crazy with this new update. It is ping ponging when changing lane on autopilot. Did a reset with the brakes and nipples. Hope it's better tomorrow.
  17. moonfresh

    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    Remind the service person about the TSB. Mine wasn't aware of it. The TSB is on this tread. Good luck.
  18. moonfresh

    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    If I understand you correctly, they replaced it with a brand new one which was exactly the same design. I've read that they improved on the design/material. So, I just sprayed flexseal on it to make it waterproof and more sturdy. I am trying to avoid Tesla service like the plague...they're very...
  19. moonfresh

    WTB: Set of 18" Aero Wheels $600

    Sounds good...got half the money already. Let's change numbers by Friday. Thanks Nick.
  20. moonfresh

    Cabin filters after 27k

    Yeah...desert like. These are OEM model 3 filters I picked up at the service center. Yes, it is yellow when new, too...
  21. moonfresh

    Cabin filters after 27k

    Checkout my cabin filters after 27k. Looks pretty good, huh? I couldn't tell the difference between new and used--no smell either. I replaced them myself because it was getting smelly; it worked. Only cost $39 for parts.
  22. moonfresh

    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    That sucks! But I am glad it would only cost around $200 bucks; I thought it would be at least $500. I am pretty sure I will be paying out of my pocket for the next one. BTW, Tesla replaced mine for free after 27k.
  23. moonfresh

    WTB: Set of 18" Aero Wheels $600

    Hey, I am very interested. Just to be sure, are there any curb damages? Some of the tires look like they have some curb rash--or maybe they're just dirty. Any chance I can get some pics of the thread? Also, I would have to wait until payday, which will be at the end of the month. I am off labor...
  24. moonfresh

    Decreased Distance with 28.8

    Damnnnnn...it was the upgrade. Fully charged, I would have 322 miles. Now it is 315. My LR RWD has 27k on it.
  25. moonfresh

    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    Damnnnnn...I must be old, 39, and you guys must be young. Some of these insurance premiums are high. I am in SoCal. My premium is $1050 every 6months. Full cover with 1k deductibles. This premium includes my M3LR, 96 BMW 850CI, 2005 Prius, and 1989 Dolphin RV. I guess the multi car discount...
  26. moonfresh

    Replacement for Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires

    Just get the same tires. You can easily, at least in CA, get a brand new set off craigslists for around $600-$800. I just picked up a brand new set with the rims and TMPS for $800. Plug and play baby...you just can't beat the price. I believe the tires alone are like 1k. Good luck.
  27. moonfresh

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    You guys are right: these wheels sets are relatively cheap...$600-$800 tops. But then again, I live in the Los Angeles (lots of Teslas) and there are a steady supply on craigslists and other local selling apps. Thanks for letting me know guys.
  28. moonfresh

    WTB: Set of 18" Aero Wheels $600

    Hey, WTB: A new set of Aero Wheels. Must have TPMS. Willing to pay $600 cash. Must be from the Los Angeles area. I'll pick them up. Thanks.
  29. moonfresh

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    Thanks a lot...but I have had 3 people who messaged me already offering to sell me their brand new set. Between $600-$800. The $600 is from the bay area. And 2 from the LA area. But I have to wait for the LA area people since they haven't received their cars. I am going to wait since I don't...
  30. moonfresh

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    I got $900 cash. I'll pick it up this weekend. Let me know.
  31. moonfresh

    Undercarriage hit roadside

    I got a new undercarriage, aero cover yesterday by the mobile technician. It took less than 30minutes. I was happy because it was no charge. There is a service bulletin for this (that's why I called them vs. looking to replace it myself--used covers on Ebay are like $300-$500). However, I was...
  32. moonfresh

    Man I’m happy the prices are coming down.

    I am happy, too. Glad to know that my next car, I already have a LR M3, can be the performance model for relatively less money. BTW, I came from a Prius with 452k...I reincarnated a few times...lol.
  33. moonfresh

    Undercarriage hit roadside

    The aero covers are made of some sort of fabric (really) and composite. There's a thread somewhere...type up: aero covers/undercarriage. Basically, these aero covers are susceptible to water, even a little puddle, from what I read. The covers will start to drag and eventually get wind damaged.
  34. moonfresh

    Undercarriage hit roadside

    Make sure your aero covers, front and back, are not damaged. The material is very cheap. Any damage where the wind can tear it up even more will result in a loud, scraping noise. I am waiting to get mine replaced this week. These aero covers are also prone to water damage.
  35. moonfresh

    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    Mine got torn off today. It's the front one. I found some used ones on ebay, and they seem to have damages on the corner, just like mine. Does anyone know if a Ranger can come and replace this specifically? Has anyone gotten this done via the TSB? Thanks.
  36. moonfresh

    What extra range?

    Hey, I get 324/325 miles all the time on my gauge when charged to full. I have 23k on my M3. I use the supercharger once/twice a week. And when I am at home, I charge like 10/12 miles an hour.
  37. moonfresh


    My car didn't ping-pong when changing lanes via the signal stalk. It usually ping-pongs during high noon when trying to change to the left lane via signal stalk. Hope it was the new software.
  38. moonfresh

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    My M3 replaced my 2005 Prius with 452k, which I still have and drive once in a blue moon.
  39. moonfresh

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    No AP3...I am going to try it again.
  40. moonfresh

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Got it...but it won't play the videos. Using Note 8 with the newest OS. What did I do wrong? Thanks.
  41. moonfresh

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Wow! Sounds kool. I am going to try it. Hey, anyway you can make it connect wirelessly? I'll pay for that.
  42. moonfresh

    offgrid house and M3

    Hey, I am off grid in Southern California. I have a 10.8kw solar array. Making about 40-50kw a day right now. My M3 gets about 25-30kw a day for my commute. I have a battery storage of 64kw--but about 55kw useable because I only charge it to 90percent. Will take picture tomorrow.
  43. moonfresh

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Wow! I thought sentry mode would have mitigated this...
  44. moonfresh

    Sentry Mode options will be:

    How about viewing the footage on screen with the ability to erase?
  45. moonfresh

    Wow! Vastly Improved Model 3 Charge Taper

    I wonder if the rates would stay the same for charging--specifically those locations that charge by time of use (Vegas). This would, theoretically, be cheaper to charge, right? I hope so...love charging at those places...200miles for like $7 bucks is awesome...
  46. moonfresh

    Finally Figured Out Blind Spot Chime! (It's Quite Literal)

    Shall we tweet Elon? I think it would be better that way...
  47. moonfresh

    Severe problem with Auto Lane Changes

    Yes...I saw someone posting on YouTube about driving while facing the sun/sun facing your back. EAP might have a hard time seeing the lanes at certain angles...sounds logical to me.
  48. moonfresh

    Owners who bought EAP in 2018: Did you buy FSD upgrade for 2k?

    Never mind guys...it just upgraded on the account...now let's hope FSD progresses just as fast...lol.
  49. moonfresh

    Owners who bought EAP in 2018: Did you buy FSD upgrade for 2k?

    Just did it guys...does anyone know, under vehicle detail tab, if anything will change? I can see EAP and premium seats right now. I would imagine that FSD would be added, right? Thanks.
  50. moonfresh

    Stress crack in rear windshield?

    Yeah...looks like a defective glass. There's know indication, according to the pics, that anything hit it, outside or inside. Whatever caused that would of left a mark, unless the glass was cracked from the edges during installation. If you can, get a pic of the glass when it is removed. Maybe...

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