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  1. jlarmstr


    Installed 2020.4.1 and now no voice command works. Not a single one. All then old ones are also borked. Ap2/MCU1. Don’t think MCU1 is really up to the task.
  2. jlarmstr

    Annoying NEW beeping proximity chimes (after HW3 upgrade)

    How did you get the HW3 upgrade?
  3. jlarmstr

    Model X Squealing Brakes

    Many cars, not just Model X, can squeal/squeak brakes. ICE cars often will wear to a point that the sound goes away. It takes longer on an EV because the load on the brakes are so low they take much longer to break in. Mine Mx squealed for almost a year until it eventually went away.
  4. jlarmstr

    Why is Autopilot always trying to Kill me?

    Hmmmm. I have no problems. I use it daily. Practically drives me to work in the morning.
  5. jlarmstr

    V10 on MCU1

    Does anyone out there know how/where to spill coffee to hit the MCU1 board?
  6. jlarmstr

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Thanks!!!! Good to hear!
  7. jlarmstr

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    I don't give two shakes about FSD, I need HW3 for other features AP2 does not provide, specifically recording dash cam and sentry modes.
  8. jlarmstr

    Did they make v10 UI better for Model S?

    V10 retains that same utterly craptastic UI as V9..... keep V8.1 don't upgrade. V9/10 UI still sucks.
  9. jlarmstr

    Yellow Border

  10. jlarmstr

    Damaged Left side mirror -- need cheap Tesla replacement parts

    I did the same thing and it was cheaper than I expected, but unlike you I damaged the entire mirror assembly and broke the mirror (7 years bad luck I guess). To replace whole mirror assembly and get new cover and painted was 600 bucks, much cheaper than I was expecting, I think the cover and...
  11. jlarmstr

    Yellow Border

    I have a MX and MS, both yellowed. I took the MS in for it, they told me the same thing.... then got a call later that day and they said "We just got the new screens in with the verified yellow border fix", the replace the screen that day (this was about 2 months ago at the time of this post)...
  12. jlarmstr

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Same here, I have the MCU1 and voice recognition works well for me, I would say 98% success rate, rarely do I need to repeat, gets it right most all the time. I use it routinely, easily the best in-car voice recognition I have used to date.
  13. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Yes, I have MCU1/AP2.0 and got the new animation / graphics. I liked the zoomed in version of the pre-V9.0 quite a lot, was happy they brought it back, but now the icon looks more cartoonish .... headlights are really bright in the rendered avatar and looks less professional (for lack of a...
  14. jlarmstr

    2019 5.15 Autopilot hesitating on freeways

    Several months ago, Tesla release an update that was more than just a noticeable improvement in AP, I recall everyone raving about it, including me. It seems that this version has taken a major step backward. Weird.
  15. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    I could very well be wrong, I did a little more research, some articles allude to camera's detecting people... so I could be wrong.
  16. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    I am not sure, It is not clear, I personally understood sentry mode to be simply recording video if an intrusion was detected and that that cameras were not actually doing the detection (how could they? it would require some very sophisticated VP/AI to make the correct decision, I mean how do...
  17. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    That is not quite what I was going for, sentry mode is not part of actually triggering the alarm. All cars are alarmed, and with the motion detection upgrade available to all cars is more robust. It would be nice if they mimiced what a AP2.5 car would do even if it is an AP2.0 car (which lacks...
  18. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    It would be nice if Sentry mode activated at least the music/noise and the screen notice for AP2 and lower cars, even if they are not capable of recording Video. At first glance, an AP2 car looks exactly the same as an AP2.5 car, car burglars would not know the difference and It could help...
  19. jlarmstr

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    Gone with 2018.50.6 for me.
  20. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    Do you have camera's on the B pillar facing outward? Do you have cameras integrated into the silver blinker/Tesla badge embedded in the front left and right quarter panels? If no, then you likely have only AP1 if yes then you have at a minimum AP2.0.
  21. jlarmstr

    Broken Window Twice Within Two Weeks

    Singapore vs United States: Crime Facts and Stats Because they actually punish criminals. Burglaries 28X higher in US Robberies 7X higher in US Assaults 54X higher in US Singapore has some of the toughest and most severe penalties for crime. Hence, crime rate is lower, MUCH lower.
  22. jlarmstr

    Broken Window Twice Within Two Weeks

    Singapore would disagree... I suspect there is some regulation or such that requires them to provide this access for safety reasons.
  23. jlarmstr

    Broken Window Twice Within Two Weeks

    This .... since these types of crime are no longer punished in CA, criminals feel emboldened and they commit theft at will and without fear of repercussion. This type of behavior is set to spread across all major urban centers and metro areas within the next decade I suspect as similar lax...
  24. jlarmstr

    Recurring Loud Creaking Noise in Front Suspension / Steering Column

    Mine creaked for several months after I took delivery, but I recognized it as the suspension breaking in, after about 5-6 months it went away as I expected it would.
  25. jlarmstr

    Model S Battery Range only 251 miles. Normal?

    Yes, normal. Li ion batteries age and degrade over time, it is not linear. It is very rapid at first then levels off and goes down much more slowly. You can expect 5-15 more miles but it is estimated to last 500k miles or more.
  26. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    This is just the retarded way the controls work in V9 UI. Make about as much sense as a submarine with screen doors. To be fair, the defroster should actually turn on the A/C compressor while on defog as it will help dry the incoming air and this is ok. But it would feel more natural if...
  27. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    V9 appears to continue its slide further and further backwards in usability ... for MS/MX owners at least.
  28. jlarmstr

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    This issue is due to the implementation of persistent full screen nav/map and the intolerably weak SOC used in the MCUs (both versions). I have eliminated skipping and glitching in streamed music by “hiding” the nav/map. I believe the larger, higher pixel count 17” screen of the X and S is...
  29. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.46.x

    It has been there since V9 released, I suspected it has something to do with the extraordinarily weak Nvidia Tegra 3 processor in the MCU1 units, however, I have had people in other forums with MCU2 also complain of skipping, it is not a long skip, just a split second interruption (like a skip...
  30. jlarmstr

    FWD dumps water on passenger when opened

    This is not normal, we remain dry and drop free here in the rainiest part of the country. I have heard of cases like this and it usually involves a minor issue with the door gasket (sometime clogged and does not properly drain water away). Take it to an SC, should be an easy fix.
  31. jlarmstr

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    Yo -- due to backlash, Tesla made some attempts to appease their user base by putting the camera back on top of the music app. Your last configuration remains when you get back into the car and drive. I find it a strangely unsatisfying change because the behavior of the UI in general is still...
  32. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.46.x

    Yes, I can get rid of it by bringing up the doodle easter egg and leaving it, then put the camera and music app on top (see my avatar/profile picture). V9 UI is a complete disaster in my opinion, a massive step backwards in functionality and usability from the UI point of view.
  33. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.46.x

    It slows it down enough that it causes annoying skips and stutters in streamed music, to get rid of it I have to "hide" the maps with the doodle easter egg.... V9 UI continues to suck bad.
  34. jlarmstr

    Get back those dropped framerates with v9

    Well, I have used the doodle pad background trick for a week now and it most definitely helps with the music skipping/hiccups. I did several test to prove to myself that if the app is up then the maps do not render which lends support to the theory that the persistent maps and nav is stressing...
  35. jlarmstr

    Get back those dropped framerates with v9

    I tried that at lunch, made 30 mins of driving around without a skip possible, so at first attempt seems to make a difference. Not enough yet to be conclusive, but the hypothesis is holding up.
  36. jlarmstr

    Get back those dropped framerates with v9

    The choppy rendering was very pronounced to me after the upgrade and now the music skips randomly and often (about every other song there is a glitch or hiccup), and I question if the MCU is simply overwhelmed with the constant render of the full screen map in the background.
  37. jlarmstr

    Model S - V9 software downgrade, not what I purchased.

    I disagree, considering the backlash I think you see most people take good advantage of the rear camera. It gives me much better view of what is behind than that any of the rear view mirrors. I much prefer it.
  38. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    This ... I have the same problems. Icons too small, down low and need to take my glasses off to see them -- not very safe driving experience.... I ask -- what problem were they trying to solve (other than unify the M3 UI)?
  39. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    Glad you like it, for me the UI Utterly SUCKS. Icons are hard to see, the persistent nav/maps looks like crap with the floating windows. Perhaps this is the best way for a 15" landscape screen, but it does not work on a 17" portrait. I wish it would go back
  40. jlarmstr

    Navigate on Autopilot

    When I upgraded my MS, at first it was not a list option, then after driving around for a day or so, I got a pop up that said, "Camera calibration completed Navigation on Autopliot available in settings." Possible that it is still going through a calibration period?
  41. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    Agreed. It is 'better' but still looks like crap. Still can't close or remove Nav/Maps, it is annoying and distracting, icon/buttons are too small, with the bottom makes it makes them all harder to see, I still constantly fiddle with the interface to do what I want. I guess it is good that I...
  42. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    How does EAP handle the jerk behind you that speeds up and cuts you out of the lane change at the last minute? Has Elon manufactured an autonomous hand that pops out with middle finger appropriately extended?
  43. jlarmstr

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    On AP2 — get a few random stuttering and skipping events each time I drive somewhere. No USB drives connected.
  44. jlarmstr

    Tesla parts catalogs now available to the public

    How does one actually order parts? I would like to order a part today.
  45. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    WARNING: upgrades are permanent and once you take it you cannot go back. I begged and pleaded with the SC and they would not downgrade.
  46. jlarmstr

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    Calling the new V9 UI looney is being kind.
  47. jlarmstr

    A message to this forum about V9.

    V9 simply sucks. All your,other ramblings are irrelevant

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