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  1. AC1K

    I have finally rid myself of all things Gasoline!

    i took the lazy way, got rid of grass all together :D, i figure the amount of water i saved not watering a lawn allows me to wash things here and there while keeping me under the average water usage. i have a 15A 18" wide snowjoe, and its been working okay as far as power goes, the durability...
  2. AC1K

    I have finally rid myself of all things Gasoline!

    Its been a long time coming but today 2019-05-09 is the day gasoline has been vanquished from my life. I sold the last gas burning device, a Karcher 5HP Honda Pressure Washer, loud AF, annoying, laggy, smelly, ridiculous all round, but cleans well (3000psi / 2.5 gpm / 7500 cu). Replaced it...
  3. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    yeah the Chinook store was temporary until they got a more permanent location, fairmount took a long time to finish signing papers and whatnot.
  4. AC1K

    Which tires? Help me choose!

    i know this post is too late but........ summer only = Michelin pilot super sport if you can find them for cheap OR Michelin pilot sport 4 (new model but expensive) All seasons = Continental Extreme Contact DWS (2nd highest rated tire on tire rack) or Pirelli Cinturato P7 (highest rated tire on...
  5. AC1K

    Glove box latch failure

    Wow im glad this thread helped so many people, i still have my car and its coming up to 4 years, ive never had an issue with the glove box in all that time. I open and close it quite often as i store my J1772 adapter in there. i guess if you close it using "normal" speed and force it shouldn't...
  6. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    21" Super sport tires at Costco until Nov, the price is actually quite good all things considering. too bad i wont need them until 2018.
  7. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    yeah we pay 5% tax instead of 13-14%
  8. AC1K

    [R+T] Electric Torque Is No Replacement for a High-Revving Engine

    what ever potato wrote that article doesnt seem to understand that the tesla is not at all motor constrained, tesla even said the rear motor can handle 500kW with no problems, its the battery and inverter that cant keep up. BTW 500kW is 670HP, the rear motor can rev past 16,000 RPM if properly...
  9. AC1K

    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    I put all my money on ultra capacitors for what the future decides on the best type of energy storage.
  10. AC1K


    Another thing to add, Soylent is by far the most efficient food period. Nothing comes anywhere close, Its also one of the cheapest. 10 minutes today per day to prep, eat and cleanup 1) dump a pouch into my blentec along with 1.5L of water 2) after mixing pour 1.5L into a nalgene bottle 3)...
  11. AC1K


    Ive been on soylent 95% since July 2015, ive never been in better physical condition than now. after i got laid off in sept all i do is sit infront of a computer all day trading stocks and after the market closes i have to research companies and financials. I should be a fat blob but im not, im...
  12. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    damn there is a lot of people editing that spreadsheet, ill forward it to the local EV group.
  13. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Its about time... should of had this done last year. Oh well better late than never. 23 panels, 5.87 kW total, in the 5 minutes it was running for testing i made 289 Wh (enough to drive 2km), only 1/4 of the DC optimizers checked it so it wasnt fully booted up yet. I cant "turn it on" until...
  14. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    they said for my setup and the amount of shading that panels + DC optimizer (per panel) + inverter was the best/most effective solution. my house is not optimal for solar due to the roof angles, im almost tempted to move and build a house specifically for solar. have a single 40° tilt curved...
  15. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    anything under 1MW is okay for residential, and no house to my knowledge is large enough for 1MW of generation, even at theoretical maximum harvest you cant make that much power off solar. the limit of solar is 1.36kW per M² (or the amount of power a regular 120v outlet provides). Enmax says...
  16. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    its a 5.4kW inverter for my new solar array (still being installed at the moment) since i live alone with a monthly usage of around 450-500kWh per month, my ~6kW array should effectively zero that energy usage.
  17. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    The Long Tail Pipe Argument............ Mines reaaaaaaaaaaally long Approx 150 Gigameters long. Starting at the car, to the outlet in the garage, up and around and down to the basement, then up to the roof of the house and all the way to the sun.
  18. AC1K

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    2010 Genesis Coupe V6 Prem - $34,600 2013 Tesla Model S Performance 85 - $121,663
  19. AC1K

    Best plate so far!

    i shamelessly copied him (or her)... but to my defense, Alberta is the Texas of Canada, someone had to do it,
  20. AC1K

    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    this was my car being delivered, it was also the first time ive ever seen a Model S
  21. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    not sure why i forgot this, the picture is aligned perfectly with N and S, my house is at a strange angle to the NW. as you can see, the majority of the system is not even facing south, its facing WSW.
  22. AC1K

    Powerwall Progress in Canada>

    Enmax doesnt like that, your system must shutdown within 2 seconds of failing grid power, or you go off grid.
  23. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    price below, no storage YET, one thing at a time, im a jobless bum right now, cant afford batteries. Although i do have a giant 85kWh battery in my garage, should look into hooking that up somehow :D (could you imagine if tesla allowed battery to grid through the car like nissan, i would be...
  24. AC1K

    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

  25. AC1K

    Dubuc SLC Tomahawk electric car

    only reason it would exist is if it were significantly cheaper than the Model S like $65K CDN
  26. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    im not going to bother waiting on this government, i just ordered a 5.8kW array from Skyfire, its possible to have up to 10kW on my roof so maybe later when i get a job again ill get more panels. enmax will install a bi-meter for free, any power you export they will credit you at the same rate...
  27. AC1K

    firearms storage

    the kangaroo pocket wouldnt be bad, he would have to fabricate a mount for the holster as its wobbly, the pocket is obviously not designed to handle that weight. The handgun is not in my way, this is a 4.5" barrel BTW, if he had something smaller like an M&P shield 9 or glock 26 (even a 19...
  28. AC1K

    firearms storage

    Springfield Armory XD? unfortunately the column holster is not recommended for a tesla because of the airbags, for the Tesla, anywhere there is an airbag, do not holster your gun there, that includes the sides of your seat, anywhere near the curtain airbag and by your knees. best place is...
  29. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    since i missed the meetup, ill for sure show up for a delivery.
  30. AC1K

    What does your dash display?

    Just drive how the hand book tells you to, ive noticed when others are driving they are ALWAYS flooring the car and not even noticing it or going fast and slow, fast and slow. When you accelerate, set off how the driving instructor tells you too (like in a corolla), just smooth, not slow not...
  31. AC1K

    Post your first picture of your Dash!

    i was going through some old photos and this one came up, forgot i had taken it. 33km on delivery!
  32. AC1K

    Nice and Clean fan made advertisement

  33. AC1K

    How to be sure, the car is connected by wifi ?

    nope, ipchicken indicates sometimes im going through AT&T (the Cell connection) or that im going through my home internet's gateway (Shaw cable canada)and when i connect using my cell phones wifi hotspot i get Telus mobility (which is correct) try it out and see, this is what i have observed...
  34. AC1K

    How much are you prepared to pay for connectivity?

    you forgot a bullet for the poll... i dont care what it costs as long as its HIGH SPEED (LTE Connectivity) if the only way i can get high speed connectivity is through a WIFI hotspot to LTE then ill use my own phone for that.
  35. AC1K

    Charging Rate at 120v (Nema 5-15) is better than advertised

    yeah it really depends on the voltage the plug provides, i get 6km/hr instead of 5km/hr on 12A, There is a really good plug near home depot (right beside the transformer) that allows me to draw 16A and i still get 119V
  36. AC1K

    Anyone Thinking of Blacking out the headlights?

    in the headlight assembly there is a lot of chrome that doesn't do anything really and its safe to paint black, i did it to the very first car ive own, and the next several cars already had blacked out lights from the factory. - - - Updated - - - here is another example off the internet
  37. AC1K

    POLL: What brand of car did your Tesla replace?

    wow thats going to be a big jump in power, you have 500% hp 300% more torque in the p85d
  38. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Coffee, its a hell of an addiction....
  39. AC1K

    POLL: What brand of car did your Tesla replace?

    No Hyundai as option? the Gen Coupe was replaced by the Tesla
  40. AC1K

    Got my wheels fixed! (Calgary)

    about 1.2 Hours for 3 wheels (1 was not mine), he was doing them in parallel so i guess 4 wheels shouldnt take more than 2. its best if you have the wheels off your car, cleaned as best you can, remove center cap, remove valve cap.
  41. AC1K

    What happens when you hit road debris without a Tesla

    Car runs over metal bumper, rupturing gas tank and causing deadly fire - YouTube Tesla doesn't look so bad now does it? the last guy that hit a tow hitch even recovered his papers from the glovebox.
  42. AC1K

    Got my wheels fixed! (Calgary)

    looks awesome! Price was $100 per wheel tax in (this was a home visit so this is very reasonable IMO since they have to haul that trailer and all the tire equipment around) Wheel Repair - Album on Imgur
  43. AC1K

    Why do People Mask their License Plates?

    technically nothing, but illegally they can find out where you live if they have access to the registry, but illegally you can get any info you want,
  44. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Another Meetup! this time in Red Deer (superchargers then R&R Grill)
  45. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    on the way back i got some crazy numbers for efficiency (Canmore supercharger to inside of my garage)
  46. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I too will aim for this time,
  47. AC1K

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    i will also try and be there, what time do you guys want to meet?
  48. AC1K

    Chart comparing CO2 footprint—for comment

    thanks for these 2 documents, im reading over it
  49. AC1K

    When will the Model S get LED headlights?

    i would hope the Model S gets it soon, even a base model corolla has LED headlights (yes a BASE MODEL!) my neighbor just got a corolla to boot around in to get rid of the dying X5 he had, there are quite a few things included as base that even high end cars do not have.

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