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  1. MJP.P3D-

    Model Y New Tires

  2. MJP.P3D-


    This “will it fit” chart supports your conjecture that placing the bag directly on the roof simply isn't a good idea…
  3. MJP.P3D-


    Glass load capacity isn’t an issue however the tie-downs, running through the cabin, definitely is. If you’re committed to the idea of a rooftop bag, perhaps buy some suction mounts to use as tie down points? I do this, for short distances, and it works well. For longer distances and/or...
  4. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    I think you win the prize for the largest increase in overall tire size from OEM — well done! Mine is much smoother as well although I’m sure your setup takes it to another level. Please post a pic (or two) if you’re able as I’d love to see the 275/40s on the front. Stay well. MJP
  5. MJP.P3D-

    Body shop said paints shouldn’t match??

    Take a look at your back bumper cover (presumably with factory paint) for comparison; the paint match on the newly painted front bumper cover (when compared to the surrounding body panels) should be no worse (and preferably a bit better).
  6. MJP.P3D-

    MYLR vs MYP, suspension and ride quality

    Upsize the tires on the MYP to something more reasonable and the ride becomes a 6.25 (using the scale above).
  7. MJP.P3D-

    Thinking about Rims!

    +1 EV04
  8. MJP.P3D-

    2021 MYP w/baller mods

  9. MJP.P3D-

    New 2022 MYP Completely Dead!

    This is unfortunate for sure, but sh*t happens; parts fail. Give Tesla a reasonable amount of time to diagnose/repair before undertaking alternate actions. Good luck and please let us know what happens….
  10. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    The tires will definitely fit (and will look really good in addition to other already discussed benefits) however a further ~1” drop of the suspension is *likely* to cause [considerable] rubbing. In my experience, the upsized tires are really all that is required: my MYP actually looks like it‘s...
  11. MJP.P3D-

    2021 MYP w/baller mods

    @1QYKMY — fellow MYP owner here and, while I’m not in the market for another, perhaps I could offer a piece of advice: the investment you’ve made in your ”baller mods” is considerable, likely approaching 50% of the original purchase price of the MYP, yet there are few photos of said upgrades. If...
  12. MJP.P3D-

    Suspension Clearances for Wider / Taller tires

    Not me — I sold the Pirelli’s as soon as they came off of the car. That said (er, written) — I have no plans to track my MYP. If I were to track the car, and if I had a great set of all-seasons on stock Ubers, then I would get a set of summer specific rubber on aftermarket 19” wheels that are...
  13. MJP.P3D-

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Rims Are Ready to Roll!...

    Great product, reasonably priced. Any chance of a spec that fits the MY (20”)? Good luck!
  14. MJP.P3D-

    Two Model Y Household?

    Clever plates!
  15. MJP.P3D-

    Two Model Y Household?

    The Mrs drives a LR; I have a P. No issues—we like what we like….
  16. MJP.P3D-

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Same. 😟
  17. MJP.P3D-

    License Plate Question

    https://everyamp.com/shop/snapplate-model-y/ Other options available as well (Bandit, etc).
  18. MJP.P3D-

    Optional tire size for my YLR.

    I run 265/40r21 on the fronts and 295/35r21 on the rears — looks great, handles great, rides great and is quieter than OEM (due purely to improved tire spec). Fits easily. No regrets.
  19. MJP.P3D-

    FS: Tires from 2022 Model Y Performance. Front Size: 255/35-21 Rear Size: 275/35-21 Less than 50 miles on tires Selling for $800

    FWIW — I’m sure the seller @joe202 would prefer to sell locally however the shipping process (for tires ONLY; no wheels) is fairly straightforward. I shipped my tires to a buyer in CA (from TX) and merely had the buyer provide FedEx labels and I handled the burden of shrink-wrapping the rubber...
  20. MJP.P3D-

    Are the wheels on the Uberturbine's really that easy to damage? (New England area)

    IMO the wheels are not the issue: the problem is the ridiculous spec that Tesla uses on the Uberturbines. The tires (255 front/275 rear) are simply too narrow for the 9.5”/10.5” wheels, respectively. Like many others on this forum, I had planned to immediately downsize the wheel on my MYP to...
  21. MJP.P3D-

    Model S LR, new matrix headlights, FSD for sale for $108k

    Dun Dun *credit to Mike Post
  22. MJP.P3D-

    Model S LR reservation available for $5k

    Dun Dun *credit to Mike Post
  23. MJP.P3D-

    I have the 19s, thinking about the 21s. Recommend?

    If you’re looking for an OEM look but better style, consider the 20” Model X wheels as IMO they are the “Goldilocks” size for the MS offering more wheel than the 19s, more sidewall than the the 21s, wider stance that fills the wheel wells and can be found for a reasonable price. Tire options...
  24. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    I have a mix of that which you listed above (265/40 up front and 295/35 out back) and have only a minimal range hit. So minimal, in fact, that I haven‘t officially measured it so I can’t provide definitive before/after metrics but my energy usage on my daily commute hasn’t materially changed. No...
  25. MJP.P3D-

    2021 Model Y long range for sale

    I’ll take a stab at it: New Jersey?!?
  26. MJP.P3D-

    2022 MXP White on white for sale

    OP is based in Canada—perhaps that $165k is in CAD not USD?? ;) GLWS
  27. MJP.P3D-


    When the rubber wears out, replace with something “meatier“ (is that a word?) and it looks even better!
  28. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    Cool! Any chance you could post a pic of the 295/40 rears? I have the same tires in 295/35 guise and would’ve gone larger if I was confident of fitment—glad to have a data point that supports this spec as I will likely upsize (even further) when the rears need replacement, which, ahem, may...
  29. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    Yes—the spacer may afford some added breathing room with respect to the steering knuckle however the greater overall diameter of the tire will undoubtedly cause rubbing on the fender liner during turning… With respect to your goals of a wider, square setup—I’ve seen tale of owners running 275s...
  30. MJP.P3D-

    Dilution of Performance Model?

    Had my OEM rears been delivered in all-season spec, I would have moved them forward resulting in the spec you’ve outlined above. As this wasn’t the case, I opted for the 265/40r21 spec on the front to more closely match both the overall diameter and sidewall height of the 295/35r21 rears. Either...
  31. MJP.P3D-

    Dilution of Performance Model?

    You’re spot on: had my MYP been delivered with the now standard Pilot All-Season 4 rubber, I would have moved the rears to the front and only purchased two new tires. Alas, mine was delivered with the summer-only PZeros so they all had to go…. One benefit, however, is my new setup has virtually...
  32. MJP.P3D-

    Dilution of Performance Model?

    F 265/40r21 R 295/35r21 38-39 psi Michelin Pilot All Season 4 (truly excellent) OEM are (were) PZeros. Tesla has now seemingly switched to the Michelins for at least some deliveries…
  33. MJP.P3D-

    Dilution of Performance Model?

    Well, as a current owner of both a YLR and YP, I’ll offer another perspective…. First, some color: our LR came first but was followed by the P a mere 4 days later after an unfortunate incident totaled my beloved Stealth3. Having found myself unexpectedly needing a car quickly, I ordered the...
  34. MJP.P3D-

    FS: Tires from 2022 Model Y Performance. Front Size: 255/35-21 Rear Size: 275/35-21 Less than 50 miles on tires Selling for $800

    @joe202 Hopefully with the weather turning you’ll find a willing/able buyer in the very near term. For those MYP owners running a stock setup, pick these up for a relative bargain @ ~half price from new, the MYP is known to eat through tires so you’ll need these soon! GLWS
  35. MJP.P3D-

    Suspension Clearances for Wider / Taller tires

    My setup exactly. And the same results. Although, when factoring in the greater diameter/circumference of the new rubber, the range hit isn't too bad. Overall, very happy.
  36. MJP.P3D-

    Plaid X: Can I flip it?

    Completely agree—just thought it was an interesting (and timely) data point. Good luck.
  37. MJP.P3D-

    Plaid X: Can I flip it?

    Here’s one going for ~$30k above purchase price, so….the answer seems to be “probably”, assuming you take delivery and find that the vehicle is not for you, as @glide has suggested. https://onlyusedtesla.com/listing/WH66U
  38. MJP.P3D-

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles

    Slightly off topic but would love to hear more about your impressions of/experience with the Öhlins coilovers…. Free Bump. GLWS.
  39. MJP.P3D-

    Why so many 21" Ubertines for sale?

    F: 265/40R21 R: 295/35R21
  40. MJP.P3D-

    Why so many 21" Ubertines for sale?

    The weight of the 21” Ubers is definitely unfortunate however the comparatively firm (jarring?) ride can be partially mitigated by upsizing the tires. Benefits of this approach are 1) less cost to replace tires only 2) greatly improved wheel gap 3) improved wheel protection using wider/taller...
  41. MJP.P3D-

    What does your customized license plate (tags) say? Especially Plaid

    Reasonable. I‘m a “take what’s assigned” type too….however, the topic was personalized plates and thus offered an alternative to the “NO GAS” ilk that, yes, required a bit of knowledge OR might trigger some thought/interaction AND that is non-confrontational. Still, this is not a space where I...
  42. MJP.P3D-

    What does your customized license plate (tags) say? Especially Plaid

    7DOT35 or 7M35S or …. (aka some reference to the fastest lap time ever set by an EV around the Nurburgring).
  43. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    Has it been confirmed that the 10.5” rear Uberturnines will fit on the front (sorry if I missed this)? To be truly “square” both the tires and the wheels should be identical.
  44. MJP.P3D-

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    You can use a Porsche Macan Turbo (Yuck) for the vehicle info, if helpful.
  45. MJP.P3D-

    2021 MYP w/baller mods

    Might want to correct your tire spec in the write up—tires show 275/40ZR19….GLWS
  46. MJP.P3D-

    TRADE: Tesla Model 3 Black Suede Headliner

    OMG! This is my dream….alas, my M3 was totaled and I now drive a MY — would‘ve snapped this up in a heartbeat otherwise. Get this before its gone! GLWS
  47. MJP.P3D-

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Interesting. The 295/35R21s that I run on my MYP don’t seem to have the same camber issue….all looks normal to my eye.

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